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Killua nearly cracked a smile at the nice gesture, but suddenly he heard Chrollo’s name shouted from within the forest. He pivoted back around, his mouth hanging slightly open. He suppressed instinct to light up with electricity at the mention of a Phantom Troupe member, recalling that they were tame. Though he still got goosebumps. What if the sight of Kurapika triggered something within the spirit?
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"W-what is with the hug? I-I don't understand why a spirit would hug me." Kurapika said. "It's kind of like a comfort measure for me." The spirit said. "CHROLLO GET BACK HERE! YOU'LL TRAUMATIZE THE NEWCOMERS!" A voice yelled out.
  Catlover33 / 39d 8h 19m 19s
Killua was even more shocked at the sensitivity and sympathy the spirit displayed. He’d expected some kind of evil being wishing to kill them both. He swiveled around with his hands in his pockets to watch the spirit give Kurapika a hug. He was speechless.
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"I'm glad that I didn't do something wrong. If I did something wrong then I would have cried myself to sleep." The spirit said before walking over to Kurapika and hugging him. Kurapika ended up flinching at first but soon calmed down.
  Catlover33 / 39d 12h 58m 17s
It was almost as if the spirit was reading his thoughts, confirming his words were true. Killua said, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I guess I’m just... shocked.” He paused as Kurapika denied the facts, and nodded to affirm he believed the same.
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"Umm... d-did I do something wrong? If I did then I didn't mean to. I sometimes don't know why I say things and what I just said is true... Also yes... the other spirits managed to keep those rascals under control." The spirit said. "Nononono. That is too scary to believe." Kurapika said when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
  Catlover33 / 40d 14h 24m 33s
Killua paused. Was it really that simple? A friendly conversation? Thus far, the spirit hadn’t lied so he decided to reluctantly believe him. Upon hearing of the Phantom Troupe, his ears pricked again. He felt Kurapika shudder behind him, and rightfully so. “The Phantom Troupe?” He echoed.
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"Unfortunately I don't know that for sure but maybe try having a friendly conversation. I managed to tame Chrollo Lucifer when he arrived here so basically he kind of forgot about Kurapika and the Kurta Clan entirely. The other spirits did the same for the rest of the Phantom Troupe." The spirit said. Kurapika shuddered in a slight fear for a moment before he calmed down.
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To be honest, Killua was kind of scared. He went in half expecting all of the ghost stories to be just that... stories. As soon as this being popped out, for some reason he wanted to rid of it. He couldn’t tell if it was from his fear or adrenaline for the adventure. Whatever it was, he decided to trust Kurapika, and calmed himself, his glow fading. He took a moment to recollect himself, then turned to look at the spirit again, “If you aren’t gonna hurt us, then explain to me how we get the other spirits to do the same.” He continued prodding for information, despite the boy explaining that he couldn’t give him any more.
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"Calm down for once would ya. I don't want to hurt you or your friend." The spirit said. "Please calm down, Killua. I don't know why you are so riled up but please calm down." Kurapika said before placing his hand on Killua's shoulder.
  Catlover33 / 41d 12h 32m 47s
Killua’s glowing didn’t stop. He was angered by the “ethereal being”, and desperately wanted to attack it. He grunted to Kurapika, “Then what are we supposed to do about [i him].” His glare fell back on the strange spirit.
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"You can't harm a spirit, Killua. They're ethereal beings that can't be harmed physically." Kurapika said. "He's right... It's because we're ethereal beings." The spirit said.
  Catlover33 / 42d 2h 50m 1s
Killua bgan glowing even more. The spirit had run out of info fast, so he was ready to get rid of him. For the first time since he passed out, Killua looked towards Kurapika, as if asking if he wanted to do the honors.

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"That's all that I'm allowed to say... the other spirits would get angry if I told you more information. They don't trust the living and that is why they kill all those that enter here alive." The spirit said.
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Killua began to glow with electricity, “Neither of us are interested.” The spirit kid was feeding them information on the forest, so he decided to hold off on trying to shock him. But as soon as he had run out of information, or tried to harm him or Killua, he would strike.
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