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Killua nodded, acknowledging their stories. "So you're all just trapped spirits then?"
Pakunoda shrugged a little, "I guess you could say that. Though, it can be fun spooking the locals... so I don't know if I'd say [i trapped].." She looked to the others for their opinions on the subject.
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"I'm not a mischief maker... you see, Ace and I died in a war and now we're here." Machina said. "Things always disappear in war." Ace said. "I tend to agree with that although it was the berries that killed me." Yukine said.
  Machina (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 30d 11h 45s
The two vaguely reminded Killua of him and Gon, where his mind always seemed to be wandering. He tried to shake the thoughts away. Gon was doing his own thing. He’d have to accept that. Rather, he responded to Kurapika, “Yeah... they are.”
Pakunoda chimes in as well, “They can be. Until they team with Yukine and Shalnark and wreak havoc.”
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"ACE CALL ME MACHINA FOR THE LAST TIME!" Machina yelled out. "MACHY MACHY!" Ace yelled out before he jumped onto Machina and hugged him. "Those two are adorable together." Kurapika said.
  Machina (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 30d 11h 13m 46s
Killua was tacken aback at the sudden outburst of the oncoming spirit. Pakunoda replied, “Quite the handful...” she shook her head at the mention of Machy. The four would cause quite the problem.
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"YOU KNOW THAT MACHY AND I LIKE TO TICKLE PEOPLE TOO!" The spirit yelled out. "How much of a handful?" Kurapika asked Pakunoda.
  Ace (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 31d 4h 13s
Pakunoda echoed Kurapika’s ‘oh brother’ at the sight of the newcomer. She turned to Killua and Kurapika, and warned, “These three can be a handful.”
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The source of the voice was a spirit with short blonde hair and blue eyes. "That's him alright." Yukine and Shalnark said. "Oh brother." Kurapika said.
  Catlover33 / 32d 16h 52m 4s
Both Killua and Pakunoda turned toward the voice’s source. Pakunoda knew most of the spirits, and wasn’t shocked at who she saw.
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"We'll get them next time Yuki!" Shalnark said. "For the last time... my name is Yukine." The other spirit said. "Jeez... I was not expecting to be tickled today. I wonder if they're always like this." Kurapika said. "GUYS YOU TICKLED SOMEONE WITHOUT ME!" Another voice yelled out.
  Catlover33 / 33d 5h 12m 6s
Killua nodded, instinctually looking around as if he was going to see some more spirits or sight some of the berries nearby.

Pakunoda added onto Kurapika's comment, "Yes, do warn people. That's the second time I've caught you two tickle teaming someone!" She smiled for a moment, recalling the previous person they'd caught and tickled a few months back.
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"There are a lot of us here and whatever you do... don't eat the berries. Most of them are poisonous and maybe even deadly." Shalnark said. "Next time, warn me about the tickle monsters." Kurapika said.
  Catlover33 / 33d 13h 35m 28s
Killua took his place by Kurapika’s side again, helping him to dust off some. He then turned to the three spirits, asking them all the open question, “So... how many of you spirits are in here?” He motioned to the forest.
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"THANK GOD YOU SAID THAT! NOW GET HIM OFF OF ME!" Kurapika yelled out. Shalnark and the other spirit sighed. "We tried." They said. "Damn... they really knocked me to the floor." Kurapika said.
  Catlover33 / 34d 22h 33m 14s
Killua took a few steps forward to assist Kurapika, but stopped again when Pakunoda said, “That’s enough. Clearly he isn’t ticklish.”
  . / HedwigNerd / 34d 22h 35m 32s

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