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[Center [Font "PT Serif" A writer who is mature, I will not be placing an age limit; this piece will be a dark, and romantic piece, full of haunted creatures, some witchcraft and souls. I'd love to have some fun with this thread and want to find someone whose invested in writing a story with me.]]

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She howled and screamed as they attempted once again to shove her into the awaiting container to take her away, managing to kick one of the men in the face and biting the other. Victoria broke free of her restraints and made a mad dash back into the building. [#fca1e6 “ABEL! ABEL! WHERE ARE YOU! THEY CAN’T TAKE ME AWAY FROM YOU! ABEL DARLING! COME ON OUT!”] she shoved and pushed anyone who tried to get in her way either into an awaiting room or down the stairs.

The two men who had been tasked with taking her away to be ‘wiped’ were now chasing after the wayward less than stable female. Abel had barely entered his room when he heard the commotion, leaning out of the room for just a moment. He immediately regretted it. Victoria made a full sprint dash towards him. He barely had the door shut by the time she slammed into it, her fists flying as she howled and screamed at him to open the door for her. [#1EC404 [I Please just take her away someone]] her eyes were livid and she howled again. [#46EB7D “Speaking to you would be much easier if you could just stop howling. They are still chasing after you. If you want me to let you in. You’re going to have to shut up.”]

This caught Victoria off guard and she immediately piped down, the surrounding rooms and their occupants having been curious for a moment were now returning to their rooms - the screaming was gone, that meant the excitement was gone. Thus they didn’t have to care. [#fca1e6 “You’ll let me in? Really?”] [#46EB7D “Yes if you promise to hide under my bed until those fucking coats leave.”] she nodded, Abel thought she looked somewhat like a bobblehead.

As she slid under his bed and he threw the covers over, he went to lie on the bed as the guards came towards his room, turning to face the wall he feigned sleep. When they unlocked his room and inspected it - minus picking him up and checking under the bed. They left empty handed and more annoyed than anything. [#46EB7D “This is the last time I’ll save your neck Victoria. You ought to forget about me and move the fuck on.”] the only response he got was Victoria squawking [#1EC404 [I Would it kill you to use your words rather than sounding like a drowning chicken]]

It was not a moment too soon that he was out of his room - minus Victoria and heading once again back in the direction of Kyla; he made sure to take the long route - just in case Victoria decided to stalk him down again like he was some turkey to be stuffed and roasted for thanksgiving. Knocking on Kyla’s door he cleared his throat. [#46EB7D “Hey. I’m back. You can come out now. They’re gone. I think perhaps we should talk and I should properly explain things no?”] he waited for her to respond.
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So Kyla was now even more terrified than she was a few moments ago. Why would she need to be wiped? Has Abel been wiped? What the hell do they do to you? Her eyes looked up at Austin when he said he was closing the library and leaving for a few days. What? Why? [+Red “Okay..”] She spoke softly, looking at Abel who was arguing for Austin to stay. And now he was warning her about medications. She never took them in the first place so that was an easy rule to follow. But she was scared what was going to come for her if she slipped up. Her eyes looked at Austin who walked into the orange light way. It was pretty. Her eyes looked back into Abels’, searching them until she looked down at his hand. He was being so nice to her. And for what? Before she knew it her hand was moving towards his and the feeling of skin on skin made her feel like electricity was coursing through her veins. It felt nice.

As they moved through the halls her grip tightened on his hand, the men in red walking by and nodding towards them. She was terrified of them. Once they got to her room, her hand was still firm in Abels’. She didn’t want to let go. She turned to look at him, slowly letting his hand go and sighing. [+Red “After..the medicine round I’ll see you?”] She asked softly, gulping. [+Red “And don’t take the medicine..they treat us like mice..”] She repeated, nodding and opening the door to her room. [+Red “You’ll come get me or I’ll find you.”] And with that she closed the door, walking to the bed and sitting on it.

There was nothing to do in these rooms. Stare at a wall, talk with your soul and ask why you’re here. Nothing. And it was so quiet until you could hear screaming down the hall and such. She begged not to hear screaming again. She tucked her knees to her chest, laying her chin on her knees. And she waited. Waited for Abel to come for her. Mike was afloat around the place, avoiding Kyla so that she didn’t get in trouble and waited to see her. Mike was worried sick that she was not going to make it here. Hopefully Abel could be there for her since he really can’t.
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[#8EF1FA "Oldest ghost in residence if that's what you're wondering. Well right now it's modern day right I've been here since uhhh the start of this century or at least halfway through the last century."] Blanche had to refrain from smiling at Mike who seemed to move towards her before being pulled back at Kyla. [#8EF1FA "Being ghost is a tiresome and lonely life and sure I could move onto heaven but what's the point of that? The people here need me and the ghosts definitely."] she gave Abel a gentle almost nurturing look.

[#8EF1FA "It's my job. Just like one day it'll be your job to let go.... you can't lead the living into heaven only those who are like us can."] She meant dead but she didn't say it out loud, it seemed obvious enough. [#fcb68d "Well the library will be closed for the next week or so. I need to return to my world and get stuff. So do try to survive without the library."]

[#46EB7D "What the hell are we supposed to do then? This is our only escape from those freaks we seem to call doctors and nurses. Word of advice Kyla. Don't swallow anything they give you because trust me this place... sure we're supposed to be care for medically but in reality this place? More like a experimental house for the wicked and all of us are just it's mice."] [#8EF1FA "But you certainly don't want to complain unless you want the eyes to be on you. Then you'll never be alone."]

Austin ushered them out of the library, giving them an encouraging look before shutting up the library and sighing, they had held back from explaining being wiped but it was going to be sooner or later that Kyla would come close to the risk and the trauma of being wiped. He swallowed the bile in his throat and straightened his back. Snapping his fingers the flickering of the candle light, the fire all went out. Making sure the library's enchantments were up to task in keeping things concealed. It was only a moment later he stepped into the glowing orange vortex and was whisked off.

[#46EB7D "I'll walk you back to your room I'll see you later after the medicine round"] he offered Kyla his hand.
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Kyla looked up when Austin began to talk, tilting her head slightly when he mentioned people being sent off to be wiped. Her eyes basically spoke for her almost all of the time. [+Red "Wiped? What does that mean..?"] She asked, her eyes growing a little panicky and Mike began to shake his head quickly at Austin and Abel to keep their mouths shut and to not make Kyla freak out. Being wiped sounded horrible. What did it mean? Could it happen to her? I mean it sounded so scary. Kyla looked over at Mike and he looked at her with soft eyes, continuing to shake his head. [+Blue "Don't worry about it.."] Mike said and Kyla slowly nodded, listening to Abel when he began to say stuff about him. So Abel was in the same situation but his parents died. She jumped when Blanche came in and Mike smirked over at her, humming. [+Blue "You been here long, darling?"] he asked, going to move to her but Kyla grabbed onto his hand. Or tried to but her hand went through his. [+red 'Stay..'] She said in her mind, giving him soft eyes. Mike nodded, sitting back again and Kyla relaxed again, looking back at Abel.
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[#46EB7D “Ahh so you heard it as well? That screaming came from a female named Victoria. How she hasn’t been taken away by the inspectors beats me. She has an obsession with me and sees me the man she wishes to marry. I however have no interest in her. Just avoid her where you can.”] he chose not to offer her a hug, he stepped back and allowed her to step out of her room. He followed after her, it was only mere moments later they were both inside the library again where he noticed that Kyla started to relax. He was glad.

[#fcb68d “I saw them round up seventeen individuals. they’re off to be wiped. One of them is a five year old child. It’s such a shame. The child has her mother’s ghost with her; they’ve been separated. Expect a bit of supernatural anger to come out of being separated from her child perhaps permanently.”] [#46EB7D “Isn’t there something that Blanche or you could do?”] Austin gave him no response and he supposed that was Blanche’s view on the matter as he picked up one of the leather bound books that sat on the shelves collecting dust. Did anyone actually read any of these books? Or were they just here for show?

He had certainly never seen Austin bother to pick up a book to read. The guy usually sat at his desk drinking and if not drinking he was standing by the fire staring into the flames. He didn’t seem all that witchy; if Abel had to be honest Austin pretty seemed like a regular male. [#1EC404 [I Does Kyla like Austin or myself more? She’s beautiful and I would love if more than anything…]] his thoughts trailed off as Mike remerged from the ceiling and went to sit down. He found it rather humorous that Mike thought he? They? - including Austin were handsome. He cleared his throat as he sat down almost adjacent to Mike and listened to the question that the newly made male ghost posed.

[#46EB7D “I’ve been coming here on and off since I was a kid. My mother died when I was young and I witnessed it. My family is rather wealthy/. My father thinks it’s a rather big shame that I won’t take my medication and just move on from my mother’s death. Her soul never became a ghost she went straight to wherever ghosts after they decide they can’t be bothered to stick around. This particular asylum is considered the last resort and I’ve been here on and off for about seven months because they can’t exactly keep me here if I act like any sane person.”] Blanche appeared from through the walls. [#8EF1FA “He means seven months on and off in terms of his current treatment plan. In reality I have known Abel since he was eight.”]
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Kyla was covering her ears and whimpering when she heard screaming in the hallway. Why was someone screaming? Are they okay? Why was she so /afraid/? Her eyes looked up at the door when she heard some knocks, walking to it and opening the door slowly. Abel. Thank God. [+Red "I'm doing okay..thanks. What was the screaming all about? It sounded like someone was being taken.."] She spoke softly, walking out of her room and closing the door. She wanted to find Mike fast. She missed him and now she felt sort of safe with Abel being around. He seemed to know what he was doing and he has been at this asylum for a while. She assumed. Once they were back in the library, Kyla let all her stress run off her chest. [+Red Mike?] She asked in her mind, Mikes' head coming down from the ceiling. [+Blue "Yes my dear?"] He called out, flying down and appearing in front of Kyla. A small smile came to her face and she looked back at Abel. [+Red "Found him.."] She murmured, looking back at Mike who was now walking to a chair and plopping down. [+Blue "Come on, Ky! Get a load off! Talk with this very handsome man and tell him what's up.."] Mike said, wiggling his eyebrows at Kyla and she rolled her eyes. [+Red Shut up, Mike. I will ignore you, Mr.] She though, Mike snorting. [+Blue "So, long have yeh been here? Kyla here has been in some sort of Asylum for seven years. She won't say it but that's why I'm here.."]
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They came as quickly as they went, he got to his feet making sure the hole in the wall was sealed before approaching the door. [#1EC404 [I Blanche you there?]] he waited until he saw her hand appear from the floor he bent down as she lifted her head through the floor. [#8EF1FA “Close call huh? Kyla is scared. I went past. The inspectors. My god. They have a ghastly looking white cat, all bones with red eyes. That stupid thing spotted me. But I got away.”] [#1EC404 [I A cat?]] he waited till the inspectors were out of his hall before leaving his room and following Blanche’s ghostly form towards the female quarters. There was shrill screaming, he covered his ears. [#46EB7D “Who on Earth?”] [#8EF1FA “Victoria.”]

He walked through the female quarters, looking through the slots in the door, for any signs of Kyla. Blanche continued on her way down the hall ahead; she’d likely spot Kyla faster than Abel, the screaming got to a point where Abel wished he could rip Victoria’s vocal cords out. The sounds of someone running caught his attention, and it was barely a moment later - she was toppled over him. Victoria.

[#fca1e6 “Abel! ABEL! You’re here! Oh thank god! You’re here! I thought that ghost had gotten to you too!”] he shoved her off him and she pouted, he shook his head and two male nurses who had been chasing after Victoria quickly grasped a hold of her before dragging her back to whatever area of the building she had been stuck in. How she wasn’t dead? He didn’t know. [#1EC404 [I Why haven’t they killed her yet?]] [#8EF1FA “Found her. She’s in here. The door is unlocked.”]

He knocked and waited for Kyla to respond, most of the time the patients in this place could wander about as long as they didn’t cause any trouble and many of the male nurses seemed to take advantage of any of the wandering female patients who were a little more insane than the rest, including Victoria. As the door swung open he cleared his throat. [#46EB7D “Hey are you ok? They are gone. At least from this area of the building. We’ll find out from Fleur whose been taken. I’m heading back to.”] he trailed off, he hoped she knew where he was referring to. [#46EB7D “We can go find Mike.”]
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Kyla was so confused when they had to get out of the library. She quickly made her way to her room, making it just in time and sitting in the small corner of the room. Mike had left long ago and she hated being alone. Footsteps were heard echoing in the halls and Kyla hugged her knees close, hiding her face in her knees and shaking. Why was she scared? She jumped when she heard the door open and she looked up when a man in a red suite come in. He smiled at her, leaning back against the door and looking down at his notepad. [+Blue "Name?"] He asked and Kyla looked up at him, gulping. [+Red "K-Kyla Withers.."][+Blue "Age?"] What was this about? Why was he so quick to ask her these questions. Was something going to happen to her? [+Red "Nineteen."] She responded quickly, watching as he flipped through some pages and write things down. [+Blue "What are you in here for, Kyla?"] He asked and gave her these intense eyes. Like if she answered wrong she would be punished horribly. [+Red "I was told I'm not like others.."]

The man looked down at her and smiled, nodding his head. [+Blue "You are not like others at all. Not normal. That's why you're here.."] He simply replied, opening the door and walking out. Now she was alone. She wanted Mike here. Mike or Abel. [+Red Mike? I'm really scared..] She thought, her bottom lip beginning to tremble. Why was she wanting to cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

[+Purple "Don't cry, sweetheart..I know you don't understand that Grandma is gone..she's in heaven.."] Kylas' mother whispered, holding seven year old Kyla in her arms. Kyla was in tears. Not because he Grandmother died. But because her Grandmother appeared in her room with a blank stare and she talked to her. But had no expression. It scared the shit out of Kyla and she didn't know what to do at seven years old. So when she explained it to her mom, her mom said it was just her imagination. But when Kyla predicted the next door neighbors dog was going to die in two days and that dog did, her parents sent her to a mental hospital. Then by the age of twelve she was in an insane asylum. So she's been here for a while now. But everything else was terrifying. Even now. She was terrified what this place would do to her.
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[#8EF1FA “Death is difficult at the best of times, and so unexpected. I am sure you hadn’t meant to die the way you did Mike. We all have a tale. I was murdered by my mother, I was the heiress to an entire mining empire but I refused to marry the man they had slotted me in with. His name was Alfred Weatherbys and because I refused his hand my mother pushed me down the stairs and forced my head underwater. When I refused to die that first time. I was taken whilst I was asleep and forced into a pool of boiling water, the shock itself was enough then the burning sensation of my skin being boiled. Before I drowned. Funnily enough you’d think it’d be impossible to drown in hot water.”] she then tilted her head at Kyla’s comment [#8EF1FA “Death is never our fault dear. It just happens.”] she could empathise with Kyla’s position for being responsible for her friend’s death. But Mike was not going to be alone anymore he had company in the halls and walls of this place.

[#ca84fb “INSPECTORS. HURRY. OUT OF THE LIBRARY TO THE ROOMS!”] that was all the warning that Abel needed to stand and wipe his lips of the ember liquid that had just passed through his lips, Fleur had always been their canary. He looked up at Kyla. [#46EB7D “It’s time to go. Mike find Kyla later. You do not want to be caught by the inspectors. Remember no one mentions the library that’s here.”] he didn’t bother to turn back to see if she would follow him as he slipped out the library doorway, checked both ways and then ran back to where he was usually kept in his cushioned white cell.

As he sat in his cell looking up at the wall, he barely noticed the men in red open his cell door to check on him and any ‘oddities’ that could be the in the room, he gave them a vague smile and a wave before going back to staring at the ceiling. [I “What are you in for?”] [#46EB7D “Refusal to take my medication and manic visions sir.”] that was his usual line and it usually kept them away. It did and they shut his cell door before going on to examine the next room. Once the coast was clear he pushed against his cell at a weak spot and also a well placed hidden spot away from the cameras. Forming almost into a small see through hole he looked through it and whispered to the inhabitant next door - some patient by the name of Archibald if anyone had moved into the room next to him. Archibald was quick to respond that no one had and the hole was covered over by the man’s shoulder as the inspectors came to see him next.

[#1EC404 [I I hope you heeded my advice Kyla. I hope you made it back to your room in time for the inspectors to see you. Please just do your best to lie before they figure you out and take you away to be blinded and made ‘new’]] he shuttered at the thought of Kyla being put through such a process. He was going to leave Austin to explain what it meant. Abel could barely the stomach himself of having to explain it - he had heard it from Blanche and that was enough for him to never speak of the whole ordeal.
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Kyla followed Mike to the chairs and sat in the one closest to her deceased friend. But her eyes could't help drinking in the old library. It was honestly amazing how many books they could fit in here alone. She liked the thought of coming in here to hide away and read. It was nice to have people who obviously understood exactly what you were going through. Kyla looked over at Blaunche when she floated into the room, seeing Mike smile a little. He finally had some people like him. This was honestly exciting for the young ghost. [+Red "I've been able to see ghosts as long as I can remember. As a toddler I always thought I just had imaginary friends and that they were just figments of my imagination. But when I was 7, my grandmother passed away after a horrible car accident. And when I heard the news, she appeared almost instantly to tell me that she loved me and to never be afraid because she would always be there with me. In my heart. And ever since I've always known I could see dead people..."] She murmured, looking over at Mike who was giggling. [+Blue "Not only can she see us! But when her next door neighbors dog died of cancer, he instantly went over to Kylas' hous and greeted her hi before disappearing into the night. I was there when she told me she saw the poor little thing. And soon after, I began to see ghosts as well. But sadly, I got shot in the head not too long ago.."] Mike explained and Kyla nodded, shaking her head.

She still felt horrible about what happened to Mike. He was her best friend and she lost him to some fucking workers who thought it was okay to shoot him for trying to escape. They weren't crazy! They just had special abilities and apparently people don't understand that. So stupid. [+Red "I'm still really sorry about that. It was my fault.."] She said, looking at Mike with sad eyes. Mikes' eyes softened and he shook his head for her to stop and gave her a reassuring smile. [+Blue "I said it was okay..and it wasn't your fault, Ky. But anyways we'll talk more late. We have people who actually want to talk to us!"] Mike said happily. Kyla rolled her eyes at that. For the first time in forever, right?
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Austin understood the fear that gripped Kyla, and he gave her a soft smile. He understood the pain of losing a loved one and that loved one coming back to haunt you as a ghost… well not always did the ghost haunt but perhaps became a companion for the individual. [#fcb68d “There’s no need for you to be afraid.”]

[#fcb68d “No one can hurt you, this library is hidden those who cannot see those who are no longer with us.”] he bowed his head towards Mike; he gestured to his library [#fcb68d “Welcome to my library. Where you are safe to speak and be who you are. I am it’s librarian and it’s owner.”] he then returned to behind his desk. [#fcb68d “Here you are safe from the staff members outside, they cannot come into the library. In fact they think this segment of the building is broken down and too damaged to be safe. The Asylum however is too underfunded to demolish this wing so we stay.”]

He gestured to the chairs [#fcb68d “Make yourself comfortable tell us your tale. The only thing we ask is what is said here, stays here. Do not mention the library to anyone but those within this room. It’d be a shame if I have to leave and leave all of you without a place to be free”] course he already knew the reason a whole Asylum’s worth of patients and even ghosts had arrived but he kept his mouth shut and a soft grin on whenever he did open his mouth.

[#46EB7D “I mean you’re the first visible ghost and person whose been to see ghosts in a while. I mean I guess we should all do a round of proper introductions. You know about me, Blanche… Fleur.”] [#fcb68d “And I suppose you seem to know everything there is to know about me. Though I am a witch I should add. My ancestors have always worked in this library and protected it from the forces outside. I mean… I guess you could say that we’re all here because of Fleur’s mother who used to own the building.”] [#8EF1FA “One hella crazy lady too I might add.”] Blanche snorted as she drifted into the room and sat atop one of the second storey lounge chairs. [#8EF1FA “But hey. I’m here now to haunt and protect the place from any unwanted ghost hunters. Speaking of which. How long have you been able to see ghosts. Normally you’re born able to. Rarely do you suddenly start seeing us.”]
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Kyla was very overwhelmed with everything going on. This guy, Abel came over to their table and began to talk to them and soon ghosts started appearing everywhere. So Mike wasn't the only one she could see. And there were children? That poor lunch lady. She couldn't help her eyes when they looked over at Lauren. Her eyes softened, smiling softly when Lauren waved at her. But she became shy when Abel continued to talk to her, not knowing exactly what to say. She was silent towards him this whole time. [+Blue "Nice to meet you fellow ghosts! I actually have friends on the other side, Ky! I can hang with them instead of bothering you all day!"] He said and Kylas' eyes widened when he said such nonsense. Before she knew it she was shaking her head quickly when Mike mentioned leaving her. [+Red Don't be ridiculous..] She thought, looking up when Abel got up. Nodding at him as he left, picking at her food. She didn't end up eating at all. Like always. [+Blue "Let's go see what that Austin guy? In the library?"] Mike offered.

But Kyla was too busy thinking about what Blanche said. They'll kill you if they spot you talking to nothing? What bullshit? [+Blue "I can hear your thoughts, Ky. Stop thinking about it. Just take the guys advice please and lets' go to the library..] Kyla looked up at Mike with irritated eyes, crossing her arms. [+Red Lead the way! Since you know this place so well!] [+Blue "One moment.."] He said, floating up a few floors to look where the library was. His head peeked up out of the floor and smiled when he found it. [+Blue "A few floors up.."] He said once he got back to Kyla. He led her up to the library, feeling her nervousness and how afraid she was. Why did they need to go up to the library to meet Austin? Once there, her eyes looked over at Austin when he talked to Mike and herself. Oh lord. And Abel was here. Her eyes looked over at Mike and she tried her best to get behind him to hide her shyness. [+Blue "Hello there Austin. We come here in peace and please don't mind her. She is fairly afraid of new people because of her past.."] He explained and Kyla stared down at the ground, nibbling on her bottom lip. She was very afraid of what was in store.
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By the time, dinner was ready and the doors opened Abel thought they'd forgotten about him again. As he got to his feet he stretched his limbs out of being so still; at least he had managed to get some amount of sleep. Blanche hadn't come back to see him yet, was something the matter?

[Right [Pic]]

He made his way down to the dining hall and noticed immediately that all of the new patients from the other place were in black rather his own white and he wondered if that was to keep them apart and easily managed? As he roamed his eyes over the crowds he noticed that in particular there was a ghost following a girl. They seemed to be close from how she was barely hiding the fact that she was speaking to him; he decided that was where he would start. [#1EC404 [i Nice to meet you, new ghost. Name's Abel. Blanche and maybe Fleur will be around shortly]] he then approached one of the cooks who was handing out labelled trays. [#46EB7D "Abel Smith."] he was handed a tray as soon as his surname was out of his mouth. He thanked the cook silently before making his way towards where the new ghost and the girl sat. He however chose to sit not directly opposite but to her right.

It seemed that the newbies were all going to be served the same thing until their own plans were sorted out with the staff of this asylum. For long time patients like Abel he was used to eating off a set meal plan that was enjoyable enough. [#46EB7D "So you're new here? Nice to meet you. I'm Abel."] he then looked at her tray [#46EB7D "Oh nice! I remember getting that when I was here the first time. Don't worry after a day or so they'll have your meal plan sorted. The pudding... is especially good. The pastry chef here, Lauren. She's a whizz. She's lovely though you might be a little startled with"] he lowered his voice [#46EB7D "How many child Ghosts follow her around... poor lady lost all of her kids in a house fire."] speaking of the devil one of the children... Fleur tapped his shoulder.

[Center ~]

It never felt normal or natural being touched by a ghost, it was as if someone was breathing on you a little close for comfort. [#ca84fb "You know you should be careful not to speak about us when we can hear you."] her voice in the ears of Abel sounded far different to the aged one of Blanche. Fleur's voice sounded full of life and her expressions were childlike for a girl of fourteen. [#ca84fb "You must be the new residents. A new Ghost too! We haven't had a new one for a while. I'm Fleur."] [#8EF1FA "A baby ghost at that, three or four days old from the looks of it."]

[Left [Pic]]

Abel nearly jumped, Blanche was definitely too good at sneaking up on people, even if they had been friends forever Blanche was still too good at scaring him and any of the other ghosts who surrounded themselves around certain patients. Blanche offered the male ghost her hand [#8EF1FA "Blanche. I'm the oldest and head ghost here, from the looks of it you have no clue what is to be done about concealing the fact your person can see you and speak to you. Remember this, if they notice..."] Blanche waved to the staff members [#8EF1FA "They'll kill you. Thus speak to your ghost through your thoughts. We hear your thoughts much easier than that of spoken speech. Try also not to act like you can see their reactions."] [#1EC404 [i Do you have to sound so harsh?]] Blanche gave him no response as Fleur skipped off to speak to another patient.

Blanche sighed internally, it was important that ghosts knew how to keep the humans they had attached to themselves safe, especially from the doctors and nurses of this place. Blanche couldn't bare the thought of any humans dying needlessly and joining the ranks of ghosts that she had to watch over... in hopes that they'd hurry off to the afterlife anyway. She examined the new male ghost with interest; it looked as though he had died unexpectedly in a time or moment of joy. She chewed on her lip and thought for a moment [#068CFA [i they'll need to see Austin]] as much as it was a joy to be able to listen to human thoughts, humans could not do the same with Ghosts; giving ghosts like her and this new one some level of privacy.

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic]]

Austin had been dusting another round of books on the top shelf when his witch's third eye opened... he watched almost in horror as two individuals were fiddling with a lock frantically, and how happy they had been when the lock finally came free... how quickly the male of the two figures was shot between the eyes... where his third eye would have been if he he was a witch. [#e05a0b [i Christ]] he nearly toppled off of the ladder he had been propped up against.

Rubbing his forehead and telling his third eye that it needed to close off so he could think straight; there was a small creaking noise as the libraries oak doors were passed through by none other than a ghost. [#e05a0b [i Fleur. What can I do for you?]] he had grown fond of the small ghost child, and her siblings.

Though none of the child like ghosts ever separated from their mother out of fear they'd lose sight of her and be bound to these walls forever. [#ca84fb "Have you seen them?"] [#e05a0b [i I have. I also know what happened but that is their tale to tell to the others. Where are they now?]] [#ca84fb "In the dining hall. Shall you be heading there?"] [#e05a0b [i No. I'll let Blanche lead them here if they'll listen. Something tells me that the still alive one will attempt to escape here as quickly as she arrived.]]

[Center ~]

Abel picked at this apple pie, it was usually the thing he ate first, but he had no appetite for his pie as Blanche stood behind him watching the other patients; though none seemed to provide any interest for the ancient female ghost. [#8EF1FA "If you are both done here. If we're all done here. We should head to the library. You both need to meet Austin. I mean evidently the choice is yours. To follow or not, but if you want answers you'll need to go to the library. Though I suspect he's already been alerted of your presence and why you've arrived here. He always does."]

Blanche then went off on her own, she floated up and through the ceiling and landed on the female ward, the only patient not downstairs eating was Victoria; she was tied to the bed with straps her eyes were delirious and she half squawked and screamed at the sight of Blanche; this was the usual reaction; and neither of them liked the other very much; the only; reason Victoria hadn't been burnt at the stake or executed by bullet was because of her status as a daughter of a noble. Victoria if not for the fact she could see ghosts would have well and truly gotten her title as Countess of York. Alas; Blanche crossed her arms as Victoria continued to scream; seeing as everyone was downstairs - staff included no one could hear that Victoria needed help. [#068CFA [i the fact that you are back here suggests you're trying to chase after Abel again. God you're helpless. Even if he did love you, you would be separated by the fact that you are a noble]] [#b00787 [i GET AWAY FROM ME FOUL SPIRIT]]

[Center ~]

[#46EB7D "I am so sorry. I know that all of this... all of what just happened must have been a bit much even for me. Blanche can be a little over bearing but she's really just trying to help... and I mean sure the choice is yours to follow me... but asides the library or your designated walks in the garden you'll have to return to your room... and that can be bloody boring. No forms of entertainment in the rooms. Even with"] he looked at the male ghost [#46EB7D "But I'll see you around... if you can't find me just call out to Blanche or Fleur and they'll be sure to tell you."] he then got up, picked his tray up and walked towards the cooks again, handing them his tray he thanked them again for his meal before heading towards the library.

Austin was sitting at his desk, a glass of bourbon in his hand when Abel entered. The male witch was a good friend of Abel's and he had sworn on his life never to reveal Austin's magical abilities to the world; besides he was the only one that Abel could talk to that the staff members wouldn't; Austin harboured the secrets of any and all who entered his library. [#fcb68d "You look like you need a drink?"] Austin stood and turned to where his drink cabinet was; Abel watched as Austin picked one of the many bottles of various liquids; pouring him a glass before setting it down on the desk for Abel to take.

[#46EB7D "Thanks"] [#fcb68d "No problem. I see you've met the new girl and her ghost."] [#46EB7D "You can tell?"] [#fcb68d "Course I can. I'm a witch am I not? A weaver at that. I can see the strands of everything and how the world is made up of them... knots and all. When you're around someone I can their strands just barely intermixing with yours."] [#1EC404 [I If that's not creepy I don't know what is.]]

Austin gave him a curt smile before clearing his throat [#fcb68d "You know, you can come in. Welcome to my library."]
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[+Red "Shut up, Mike! We're almost out of here!"] Kyla hissed, their bare feet quiet against the tile floor. Mike followed behind her, looking back just to make sure they weren't being followed. They ran up to a huge metal door with a lock hanging from a chain. The exit. Bingo. Kyla took out her bobby pin in her hair and kneeled down to pick at the lock, the chains rustling as she worked on the lock. [+Blue "Smart cookie..I always wondered why you did your hair because we are literally stuck in an insane asylum.."] He joked and Kyla rolled her eyes at his remark. He thought he was worldwide funny guy. Sometimes she wanted to punch his gut out. [+Red "I said shut up, Mikey...seriously..focus."] Finally, after a few minutes of working on the lock, it opened up with a small tug. A smile came to her face, nodding at Mike to open it as she backed up. Finally. Freedom. But after those few seconds of him opening the door, everything went wrong. All she could remember was running. The gun shots and then the screams that came from her when she saw Mikes' dead body.

A day later the guy who shot Mike was arrested. But he didn't get the death penalty. That was bullshit. But when they began to escort everyone out to a bus and the rumors came around to them relocating, that was scary.

Kyla was afraid of what this asylum had coming. The one they were currently in had to be shut down. Her friend Mike got shot in the head three days prior to them moving. Heartbroken and pissed, they moved her to this new place. And luckily they had a swarm of males for them. Kyla was one of the 15 girls in that hell hole. And there were 78 boys. Pathetic. Kylas' eyes stayed forward as she walked, Mike following beside her with his hands in his pockets. [+Blue "Alright! New asylum! Hell yeah! So what are we gonna do this time to escape? I had an idea with a spoon and the floor so we're going to have to sneak a spoon past the guards after dinner.."] He explained, Kyla bluntly ignoring him as he spoke. Kyla was too scared to talk right now. This place was huge. Huge gates, huge doors, huge rooms. Why was she so nervous? Because of the possibility of death. Her hazel eyes scanned around the front room then moved over to the people stopping mid walk to get a good look at them. Kyla instinctively grabbed onto Mikes' hand but her hand went through his. Of course. Ghost duh. The staff members led them to their rooms and once Kyla was in her room, she began to form a plan. This place wasn't going to hold her in. She had to finish what her and Mike started.

The bell for dinner rang throughout the empty halls, the doors automatically opening on their own. That was new. She slowly stepped out of the room, her fox socks snug on her feet before making her way to the dining room. And it was huge. Would there be the same glop they always got or is this place different. [+Blue "It smells good..I did some snooping around and some of the guys here are definitely your type. Make friends, Ky.."] Beside her stood Mike now. Kyla used to jump when he would come around out of nowhere but now she was used to it. Mike was always there by her side and him being a ghost didn't bother her much. [+Red "You need to stop with the friends thing. I don't need friends. And in that case I don't need a boyfriend.."] She murmured, moving her way around people to sit down at an empty table. Perfect. [+Blue "I just want you to be happy. I know you miss my skin. And my arms around you?"] He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Kyla smiled softly, shaking her head as Staff passed around food. This place better have good food. Or Kyla would be out by tonight.
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[Left [Pic]]

[#068CFA [i Living as I am now, in a place that is both full of life and death. I don't so much mind the sacrifice I have paid to be here... though I forget sometimes why I made such a horrid choice to haunt these halls. Suppose it is to act as a reminder? Or perhaps a warning to those who can see me... a shame really that I wasted my chance at another life in order to haunt these dreaded halls.]]

She stands atop the stairs, both patients and staff members avoid her, as if the air she takes up is bad air... she doesn't so much mind it; just means that her ghostly powers still remain and as such she is still needed in such a dreadfully dilapidated place; once upon a time she would have gladly called this mansion home; before it was an Asylum for the well and truly insane... well insane is a harsh word. No one is insane. Not really; just means they're different... just means they can see her and access the world that she is trapped in.

[#8EF1FA "It's too bad none of you can hear me. I would love to be able to talk to one of you... Alas, if you can see me then that really means you must be insane."] she skips down the stairs, as a ghost she could technically glide down but instead she chooses to do things the human way, that includes using the stairs as humans would.

Not all humans can see ghosts, only witches and those who are close to death...the only exceptions are those with sight, and those are few and far between; been here three hundred years, only ever met one individual with sight... he was burned at the stake the next day.

Blanche finally stopped at the front door as a carriage started to pull towards the door, why was there a carriage? Why not one of those fancy new cars? She bit her lip and watched as a male in a straight jacket was dragged into the facility. She recognised him... Abel. [#8EF1FA "What are you doing here?"]

[Center ~]

[Right [Pic]]

Obviously he wasn't going to respond, but she knew he could see her. He had been close to death numerous times and so was constantly seeing Blanche, they had become friends... well she had hoped that was the case. She sighed and followed after him and his two escorts.

[#1EC404 [i Good to see you're still here Blanche]] that's the thing about ghosts, they could hear your thoughts. He was lifted up the stairs, he hadn't bothered to attack the men holding him; the heir to an industrial empire, Mr Abel Smith. That was him always in limbo; always close to death. He had been seeing ghosts since the day his mother died of Typhoid fever. No one really knew how in modern day English; how she had even contracted the disease nor why she wasn't treated with antibiotics... which brought Abel to his current predicament.

He was deemed insane by the state; well 'insane' in that he refused to take his medication. [#1EC404 [i anything happen since I was last here?]] He asks his ghostly companion. [#8EF1FA "The usual. You know... patients, death me haunting you know that kinda thing. No one with sight. No witches either. I mean they say another 'asylum' closed a week or so ago and that all the patients and staff there are coming here."][#1EC404 [i How many?]] [#8EF1FA "Dunno. But I hope it'll be less females. This place is already pack to the brim. I mean Vicky is back.. so be careful."]

He thanks Blanche for that rather valuable snippet of information as he is taken out of his straight jacket and put into the Asylum's usual white cotton clothing, as he is 'insane' he realises that they've placed him in one of their fully cushioned rooms. At least it minimises the chances of him crashing or 'self-harming'. As he sits in one of the corners of the room he watches as Blanche slips through the wall and sits beside him. There are no cameras in the room, though he knows it's bugged for audio.

[#1EC404 [i How have you been? Coping? I mean I know the last ghost to leave was Frederick. He was here last time but I don't sense him any longer.]] [#8EF1FA "Oh yeah, he left. His sister Marjorie finally passed away last Friday. They both passed onto to the afterlife. Besides I'm not too alone. I am here to make sure those who pass on without family have someone to talk to. It's my job as this place's primary ghost."]

[Center ~]

She wants to stay longer but she can hear the gates of the place begin to open again, weren't the patients and the carers meant to be arriving within the next month? She stood up and gave Abel a soft smile as she shuts his eyes, slipping through the walls she approaches the front door of the place and watches as several white vans come to a halt and men and women step out in black leather coats; they look intimidating...and she finds herself shivering, she never shivers. [#068CFA [i this doesn't feel right... who and where are these patients coming from and why do their doctors and nurses look like they're from hell?]] she shakes her nerve away and takes a deep breath, if anything this is her best chance to see who and can't see her; if any.
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