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Liz coughed a bit as she walked out of her room. She began to hum quietly to herself as she walked. Her wings still fluttered a bit. ''Thank you for listening to my rambling,'' Liz told Angela. She scratched her neck slightly but there was a big red spot on her neck from where she scratched all the time.

Blake had ended up falling asleep well he was thinking to himself. He ended up bolting awake after some time. He looked around the room groggily. Blake sighed as he wondered if he would ever even see his roommate.

Mariah smiled some as she had begun transforming to her wolf form.
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 3d 12h 51m 35s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

The smile stayed on her face as she hopped up, “I’ve been meaning to take a look around.” She took a few steps forward and turned to face her, “And it’s no problem. I’m always here.” Angela was definitely the type to listen to others, so she made a point to say so.

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

He found that the school was huge, and even contained a whole lake behind it. Of course, that was the first place he went to check out. As he approached the water, he noticed a large cabana type of structure by its side, along with a large dock. Getting even closer, he spotted that there were multiple cabanas surrounding the whole border of the lake, and about 10 docks reaching from different places on the shore. He kept walking until he made it to the end of the nearest dock, then sat down, looking at the water.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

She nodded enthusiastically, “Yeah!!” She pulled her knees up to her chest and watched Mariah carefully, anticipating some kind of magical transformation.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 4d 21h 4m 43s
Liz sighed ''I'm gonna go explore a bit. If you want you can come with me.'' Liz told Angela as she stood up. She didn't bother hiding her wing again. ''And thank you'' She said smiling a bit.

Blake laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling for a bit just thinking about his family.

''So, you said you wanted to see me shift?'' She asked Kara.
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 6d 14h 30m 27s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

Angela kept her comforting hand on her back, her eyes hovering on Liz’s fluttering wings. When she spoke again, Angela returned eye contact and responded with, “Of course I would.” An empathetic smile ceacked on her face.

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

Jason tossed around in his sleep, unable to get comfortable. He couldn’t tell if it was the bed or himself. Maybe both. Either way, he couldn’t get good rest, so he just got up and left his dorm, going to take a look around.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

Kara had finished around the same time as the other girl, and sat down on her own bed, mirroring the smile.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 4d 21h 9m 27s
Liz stopped talking at this point. She was to work up so she just stayed quiet as she stared at the door. Her wings fluttered slowly. ''S-so uhh.. would you like to hang out at lunch??..'' Liz Asked her quietly as she calmed down a bit.

Blake sighed as he finished unpacking his things. He semi wished he hadn't started a fight on the first day of school. But some of what he said was true. The girl had started the fight in the first place.

Mariah smiled as she finished up a little bit later. After she finished she sat down on her bed.
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 8d 8h 40m 16s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

Angela listened, but at a certain point she sympathized too much with the girl’s story and hyperventilating. She stood up, and went to sit beside her, placing a comforting hand on her back. She half-whispered, “I’m sorry.” In consolation for what she’d been through.

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

Jason fell asleep, thinking about what he could do to resolve whatever it was he got himself into.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

Kara nodded enthusiastically, “Okay!” She then looked to her own stuff, which still had a few items unpacked, and continued with her own tiny box. “You said before you were hidden before now, why’s that?” She paused in placing a little dream catcher by her bed, looking to Mariah again.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 8d 21h 23m 11s
meant to say wolf not fox sorry

Liz shook her head. ''It wasn't even my fault I got banish I was just so stupid back then... And on that account, my mother disowned me as she did to my father after everything had happened..'' Liz was too worked up and she could hardly breathe at this point.

Blake sat down on his bed. ''Of course, this is the first thing that happens at a new school..'' Blake had just shrugged ''Its nothing new.. I have always been like this..'' He muttered to himself as he unpacked his stuff.

''Maybe a bit later'' Mariah said ''I want to finish unpacking my thing first. so I don't get distracted''
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 10d 7h 23m 23s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

Angela nodded, listening to her account. She heard the suppressed tears in Liz’s voice, and looked over to her, to notice her rubbing her eyes. She tossed in her own comment, “If.. if you don’t wanna talk about, I won’t bug you about it...” she wasn’t sure if Liz would insist on continuing or if she would stop before she ended up crying.

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

Jason plopped onto his bed, closing his eyes slightly. The school year had just begun, and he was already in this mess. He’d come here for an escape, to learn what to do with his power, not to brawl over protecting girls.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

“A shifter! That’s so cool! Can you show me?” Despite being a Supernatural herself, she didn’t entirely understand other species, so she had no clue that if Mariah transformed, it would drain a lot of her energy.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 10d 9h 40m 49s
Liz nodded silently as she closed her eyes just ready to go to bed and start a new day. ''Well, all I'm gonna say that I was banished from my home at quite a young age..'' She said as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was on the verge of crying.

Blake shook his head as he headed to his dorm as well. He muttered random think angrily to himself as he got to his dorm. He opened the door and set his bags down.

''Hmm.. nice to know!'' Mariah said nodding. ''I'm a shifter I shift to an Artic fox'' Mariah told Kara. ''I was hidden up until now so I guess its nice to be out.''

The Co-worker nodded and put it down i the notes of what he needed to do today. As he went to do things as well.
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 11d 6h 31m 40s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

She could tell Liz was trying to.. or at least somewhat wanted to open up. She slunk back to her own bed, sitting down on it and glancing at Liz, “No, it’s fine. I’d actually like to get to know about your past... if you want to talk about it, that is. I want to get to know me room mate, you know?”

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

Jason overheard Blake’s comment, but didn’t press it. Both of the two were ticked off, and a little comment to the other might be enough to set off another bomb of anger. He began climbing the stairs back to room 642 where he’d previously dropped off his stuff.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

“Ooh! Me too! Well, kinda. I came to learn about how to use my magic.” She paused a moment, then added, “I’m an elf,” as if she needed to clarify. Easily distracted, Kara pointed to one of the things Mariah was placing, “I like that! Adds some [i pop] to the room!”

[+grey {Whew, Kara is high energy and it half exhausts me just writing her like that haha!}]

[center [size20 [i Mr Bane]]]

“After lunch should work, thank you. Let’s give her a little time to settle.” He set down the cloth he used to wipe his face, and went for the door, turning back, “I’ve some things to do, but I’ll be back by then. Thanks again.” He then dipped out of the room to perform his own Back-To-School tasks.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 11d 21h 30m 51s
Liz sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. ''Its become more frequent that me snapping like that happens...'' She looked at the ground ''I miss when I was pure and kind..'' She shook her head ''Sorry.. i'll stop rambling about my past..'' She was trying to make friends and open up more to others.

Blake shrugged as he stood up and went to his dorm as well. ''Everyone here is so stupid..'' He muttered as he left the principal's office. ''At least the girl will be talked to. Hopefully, she will be the one who will get in trouble.''

''I came to learn with people like me'' Mariah smiled as she grabbed her bag and begun to decorate her side of the room. ''I'm so glad that I have a roommate that won't bug me about being rich..'' she said to herself. Just glad to be treated like a normal person.

''Yes sir! i'll take note of it'' The coworker said as he took some note of it ''Its there a certain time i should go get her?'' He asked Mr. Bane
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 12d 9h 1m 16s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

Angela turned toward the apology, and was surprised to see Liz’s wings. She hadn’t been sure beforehand what she was exactly, so she’d assumed she was a witch like herself. Seeing she was a fallen angel, things began making sense. “That’s- that’s fine.” She responded, her hand slipping off the doorknob.

[center [size20 Jason Woods]]

Jason attempted to match Blake’s glare, but suddenly lost it when Blake was so open to Mr. Bane chatting with the girl. Rather than glaring, for the first time he looked a little scared. He knew that there was a chance talking to the girl could somehow pose Blake as the victim, and himself as the criminal. Another story meant another perspective, and another chance to be found guilty. He shook away the thought, hoping that if it came to it he would be seen as the defender rather than the perpetrator. He got up, saying a quick thank you and quickly leaving for his dorm.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

Her smile only grew at the kind response. She jumped and fell onto her bed, rolling around to look back at Mariah, asking a rather straightforward question, “So, what brings you to Supernatural High?”

[center [size20 [i Mr Bane]]]

Mr. Bane sighed, then turned to one of his coworkers. “Would you do me the favor of bringing me the girl sometime later? I need a little break for now, but I’ll give her a chat some time to see what this is all about.” He stood up, grabbing a cloth and wiping his reddened face.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 12d 11h 42m 59s
''I-i'm sorry for snapping like that..'' Liz said quietly as she sighed as she let her wings down. It being too painful for her to keep them hidden for so long.

Blake just glared at Jason. ''Alright then go ahead and talk to the girl,'' Blake said shrugging ''She was the one that had started this whole thing'' He didn't really care about getting in trouble.

''My name is Mariah'' She said as she came into the room and set her bags down on her bed. ''It's nice to meet you as well Kara'' Mariah smiled warmly
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 12d 14h 54m 3s
[center [size20 Angela Porter]]

Angela jumped a bit at the sudden outburst, finally catching on that she was being a hoverbug. She cleared her throat, and in a quiet voice, “Sorry.. I just- I guess you just need alone time, huh? That was an interesting experience.. especially on the first day.” She got up out of her seat, and went over to the door. She then opened her mouth, but closed it again, assuming it was best not to ramble.

[size20 [center Jason Woods]]

Jason rolled his eyes at the excuse Blake was giving, and jumped in, “I was defending the girl. He pinned her against a wall, and got violent.” He cast a glance at the vampire, hoping his evident pursuasion skills wouldn’t get in the way.

[center [size20 Kara Morgan]]

Kara held out her hand in greeting, “The name’s Kara. Nice to meet you. I already set up my side of the room..” she moved to the side to let her enter, and then followed her inside, “..ooh, I’m just so excited to finally have a room mate!” Kara hadn’t noticed that Mariah’s belongings practically screamed ‘rich girl’, and frankly she wasn’t one to mind about price tags. She was just excited to finally meet someone at the school.

[center [size20 [i Mr. Bane]]]

The principal narrowed his eyes, “Whatever the case, you two were the ones fighting. I might talk to the girl later about her side of the story... but for now both of you will be let off with a warning.. if I see any more rule breaking it could lead to detention or being [i expelled]. I expect you two to behave. Now off to your dorms.” He waved his hands in dismissal.
  Supernatural / HedwigNerd / 12d 21h 55m 1s
Liz looked at the ceiling and nodded agreeing with Angela a bit. When she had picked back up her coddling Liz had snapped a bit. "I TOLD YOU I WAS FINE!!'' She yelled.

Blake growled as he was being drugged to the office. ''Things just got out of hand sir..'' He told Mr. Bane. ''I wasn't even me who started it. the girl did she slapped me and i got upset then I started being attacked.'' Blake was pulling the 'oh poor me card'.

Mariah smiled as her roommate opened the door. ''Hello there!'' Mariah said with a big smile on her face. it was nice to be treated as an equal here inted of some stuck up snob.
  Liz / Sf_Pappy / 13d 23h 52m 34s

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