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Jeff accepted the help and invited him in showing him where to place the boxes. Britt was still drinking her vervain tea as she watched her boyfriend and Jordan putting boxes in. She went to the kitchen as she got the money down knowing the pizza should be there any minute.

"right here is good" Jeff said
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 3d 2h 19m 37s
He watched as Jeff went to talk to Britt, then popped his head back out and agreed to let him carry some. A smile crossed his face and he said, “Ah, great! I’m glad I could help you guys!” He reaches over into the truck and pulled out a somewhat heavy box, something that wasn’t hard for him to carry, of course. He took a few steps toward the house, then waited for Jeff to take the lead, hoping there would be more of a chance of an invite that way.
  HedwigNerd / 4d 12h 57m 28s
"It would take some time and with how late it is I need to get some food in my girl before thinking about these boxes." Jeff said, he knew Britt was a believer of the unknown. Britt was drinking more of her vervain tea as she walked to the doorway of the house "Jeff what's taking you so long?" Britt asked, "Sorry, talking with someone who offered to help bring in the boxes. Can't have you lifting any of them with your buzz state of mind." Jeff said and looked at Jordan "I guess it couldn't hurt with a couple of boxes." Jeff said
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 5d 20h 44m 38s
Jordan nodded, “Yeah, I live in a house on the other side of town.” After the man mentioned drinking with a local, he remembered taking her to the bar, but didn’t say much. He also pieced together parts of the conversation he heard beforehand while following them to the house. He didn’t dwell on it, though.

“This looks like a lot of boxes,” he drew the conversation away from himself and back to the moving van, “are you sure I can’t bring a few in for you?” He then made a point to glance at the darkening sky, as if trying to point out that it would get dark soon.
  HedwigNerd / 6d 19h 49m 21s
Britt had switched what her boyfriend gave her for tea with vervain in it. She liked the taste of the mix but she was the only one who would drink it as she was in the kitchen. "Damon seemed interesting to talk to." Britt said as she finished up her cup powering a bit more. "Stupid Jeff, always ruining my fun with everything."

Jeff was finishing digging in the van when he heard Jordan "Most of what we need tonight is inside. I would move more but my girl kinda was drinking with one of the locals here in town and she's probably having her 'special' tea now." Jeff said, "You live around here?"
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 8d 1h 46m 1s
[size20 [center [+red EDITED]]]

As Elena and Stefan predicted, Jordan was still hovering the area. He watched as Britt left, and Damon shortly after. He followed behind, staying as far away as he could without losing them so he didn’t seem too suspicious. While there were so many locals, he supposed killing one would cause more of a commotion than killing someone that hardly anyone knew yet.

From his distance, he could still hear the conversation the two were having... something about Britt drinking. The couple finally turned into their complex, and Jordan turned into a little nearby alleyway. After a few moments, Britt’s boyfriend came out of the complex, messing around with the moving truck. Jordan took the opportunity to slip around, getting in close range with the man rustling in the truck. First things first, he would have him allow him into the house. Then he could go for a two in one.

Trying to act casual, he sauntered up to the man, “Hey! Saw you two just got here! Need any help with carrying things?” He motioned to a few heavy boxes, offering to assist.
  Jordan Jarvis / HedwigNerd / 4d 13h 1m 58s
Jeff took her inside and made her drink something to kill the buzz she was feeling. Britt put a hand on her head and she looked seeing Jeff. "I could have handled myself." Britt said and Jeff shook his head as he went ahead calling a pizza to be delivered. "Stay here and don't move." Jeff said as he went out to the moving van to get a few things. He had no idea that they'd moved to a town where vampires exist.

Elena and Stefan had just watched Damon before he left and they figured he'd give up go for someone more local for whatever he had planned. Stefan had a feeling the other vampire wouldn't give up so easily.
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 11d 10m 21s
When she finished explaining, he opened his mouth to invite her to come with him, but was interrupted by the arrival of someone who appeared to be her boyfriend. He watched the two bicker for a moment, slightly amused. When the man directed a statement.. or threat... at Damon, he lightly scoffed, “Posessive much?” Then watched as she was taken away. He chugged the last bits of his drink and finished what Britt had left, then swiveled around on the chair, facing Stefan and Elena. He cleared his throat, and raised his eyebrows slightly, then was out of the bar and on his way back to his own house, hoping to catch a snack on the way back since his first plan didn’t seem to work out.
  Jordan Jarvis / HedwigNerd / 11d 13h 43m 10s
Britt was interested "I haven't seen the whole town, I made it down the street from my new place when I accidentally ran into Jordan. He pointed out the school and then showed me how to get here." Britt said as she took another stip of her drink. She knew it wasn't everyday she would get to see a house but before she could answer she heard her boyfriends voice. "Britt what are you doing?!" Jeff said as he walked over. Britt looked at him "What does it matter, I'm just talking." Britt said but Jeff smelled the alcohol on her breath. "We're going now." Jeff said as he grabbed her arm and made her get up and looked at Damon "Stay away from my girl." Jeff told him as he led Britt out of there taking her home.
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 12d 2h 9m 16s
He nodded, “I’m sure it’ll work out alright.” He then paused, casting a little glance at Stefan and Elena to see if they were watching. He looked back to Britt, and said, “Suppose you’ve already been around town? I’d be happy to show you the Salvatore house.” He didn’t mention that it was [i his] house. He found it more enticing to just throw a name out, and one she might recognize at that. Even though the drink was taking the edge away, he could use a snack... or a play thing to keep him interested.
  Jordan Jarvis / HedwigNerd / 12d 14h 8m 45s
Britt took a sip of the drink ignoring the fact of what people thought. "Yes, we're living together for the first time in two years. I hope it won't be a mistake on my part to move so far away from home." Britt said as she knew that it wasn't ideal to move so far with someone and not have a plan B. "
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 15d 5h 35m 20s
He chuckled when she was surprised at his guess, responding, “Let’s just say there’s just about two reasons someone might move to Mystic Falls... and one of those is probably a bad hometown.” He took a sip of his drink. “So you and your boyfriend are living together, huh?” He bounced off her explanation, using the chance to change the topic to her current affiliations.
  Jordan Jarvis / HedwigNerd / 15d 12h 23m 5s
"that seems to be the question of the day." Britt said recalling Jordan had asked her the same thing. When he said bad home town she looked surprised hearing those words."Is it that obvious? Well, that was part of the reason. The other part was my boyfriend offered me a fresh start with his transfer in town." Britt said.
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 17d 53m 42s
Damon’s smirk grew into a smile when he got his way. He followed her to the bar, and sat down. He waved over a bartender and ordered two drinks, and when the bartender shot a curious look at Britt, he cleared his throat and waved him off. While waiting for drinks, he turned to Britt and asked he the same question Jordan had, “So, what brings you to Mystic Falls? Bad home town?” He shot off the second part as a half-guess, half-assumption.

Within just a few moments, their drinks arrived. He thanked the bartender, then muttered something Britt couldn’t hear, and the bartender walked away. He slid the second drink to Britt and held out his glass for cheers, “Welcome to Mystic Falls, Britt.”
  Jordan Jarvis / HedwigNerd / 17d 14h 3m 12s
"that's actually not that bad of an idea. It was a long trip to get to Mystic falls." Britt said as she walked with Damon before they could talk her out of it. She didn't mind meeting new people but she definitely liked the time away from her boyfriend. She knew she didn't have an ID to show for a drink though so she probably would have to just get some time. Elena didn't like it and neither did Stefan but they kept watch
  Britt Leto / BrittStalin / 18d 21h 38m 29s

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