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Muse A meets Muse B by chance when they jump into the same cab together during the morning rush. They quickly decide to share the cab and engage in small talk on the way to their destinations, which happen to be on the same side of town. Conversation flows easily and there is a definite physical attraction between the two strangers. When the ride is over for Muse A, Muse B generously offers to pay the whole fare. In exchange and somewhat on a whim, Muse A offers Muse B their phone number and the pair make plans to meet up sometime soon.
Despite their age difference, Muse A and Muse B have a whirlwind courtship. They laugh over the things they don’t have in common and eagerly introduce each other to what’s popular for their generation: Atari vs Xbox Vinyls vs Ipods. They spend every possible moment they can spare with one another. After several weeks, Muse A and Muse B make their relationship official. Muse A invites Muse B to a special dinner at which Muse B will be introduced to Muse A’s parents. When Muse B arrives and Muse A’s mother/father turns around to greet them, they’re stunned to come face-to-face with their same-age business associate/boss.


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Elijah could tell that Alexandria was into him and he didn’t think that she was being too forward. In fact, she was bold and it was that very quirk of hers that he found to make her more attractive. Though, he didn’t want to move things too quickly. He couldn’t say this would be a long term relationship so far, but he was attracted to her and he didn’t want to lead her on. Elijah wanted to get to know her. What if it could become something more? Yet, the age difference was something he still considered. She was young and beautiful and while he wasn’t that much older, he still felt she deserved the chance to explore her options. That said, it didn’t stop him from the brief moments of physical interactions: his hand brushing against her back or her hip. He would lean in a bit closer, despite knowing he could hear her, just to get a closer look into her eyes and to smell the sweet scent of hers. It lingered on his clothing and when they reached her apartment, he had been so enamored that he dare invite her back to his place. Though, he had to factor in his daughter of course. She was a tease but one that only encouraged him to keep her in his thoughts and he was grateful, if anything, for the kiss she gave him.

When he got home, Gabriella was asleep. He paid Michelle for the night and made sure to text Alex that he got home. He headed straight to his room where after a shower, he got into bed. It was odd to have a woman still on his mind and yet he couldn’t stop thinking about his night with Alex. Every now and then they would text and he would think about when was the best time to ask her for a second date. Work was taking over as well, but eventually it seemed they both had enough of not seeing one another as she had messaged him actually.

[I That sounds wonderful. How about seven?] Elijah messaged her back. He was excited and when the time for their casual date came, he couldn’t contain the sense of joy he had. He dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a grey sweater, the sleeves pushed up as it wasn’t that cold outside. He’d driven this time. Elijah sent her a text to let her know he had arrived at the complex.
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Alexandria shivered as she felt Elijahs hand on her back as he opened the cab door for her. [b “Thank you.”] she mumbled before she ducked into the backseat. This was all new to her. She had dated anyone since before she left California, and he had been her age. Not that Elijah was drastically older than her, but you could tell there was a gap. [b “I’m really glad you called me this afternoon... But I’m ever more glad that you agreed to more drinks.”] she said as she noticed his eyes trailing her legs. [b “I-.”] she blushed as she studied his face. The way his eyes narrowed when he was studying something.. something, the way he tilted his head just a bit while looking, or the way his lips looked completely kissable in that moment. She wasn’t sure if it was the liquid courage or the attraction, but she desperately wanted to kiss him. But at the same time, she didn’t want to seem to forward.

The rooftop was busy for a Thursday. But if course they lived in the city that truly never slept. People partied twenty four-seven. She ordered a salty dog cocktail to nurse for a bit. After they found a quit corner she looked up at him and smiled slightly before looking back at the view of the city. [b “Check, check, check and check?”] she answered to his question. [b “I wouldn’t mind being... tied down. I guess I just never jumped into the right mans cab.”] she said. What was she doing? She was never this... bold. [b “I still can’t believe you’re single. We were able to hold a conversation, you kept me laughing and I could literally just [i melt] when you look at me with that little head tilt and eyes narrowing thing you do.”]

To no surprise, Elijah has another black car pick them up at the rooftop bar. This time, he rode with her. She was dropped off right in front of her door. While she didn’t want this night to end, she understood that Elijah had an early morning ahead of him. [b “I.. I had a great time tonight. Text me when you get home so I know you got there safe.. please.”] she said before she leaned over the middle seat and quickly placed a soft kiss against his lips before all but jumping out of the car and running into her apartment complex.

The weekend was pretty boring. She went shopping again, more options for her new position and she had her hair touched up. She was keeping it darker, but had just went a shade darker than normal so it wouldn’t fade as much with her natural color.

Monday and Tuesday were a bore. While she was thankful to have the job at McKinney, she already felt that her talents were being completely wasted by just fetching coffee, answering the phones and ordering lunch. Though she knew she had to start somewhere. She had been thinking about about Elijah. They had talked on the phone Saturday night, but hadn’t made plans again.. She was just going to have to make the move this time. [i “I know this is last minute, but my room mate is out of town until Sunday.. What do you say about dinner and possibly dessert tonight? My place. Dress causal. Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I’m a pretty decent cook.. toot toot.”] she texted Elijah. She wanted to call, just so she could hear his voice, but she was sure he was busy, and her boss would probably make a fool of her if he caught her with her cellphone up to her ear.

[ dinner]
[ salad]
[ dessert]
[ outfit]
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Dinner went well, though he didn’t expect any different. Elijah enjoyed his conversation with Alex. Even with her being so young, she carried herself well and despite the obvious differences in their age, they still managed to find something to talk about. Maybe it was the fact that they had those differences that allowed them to never fall into anything too boring to discuss. she was fun, she was definitely flirty and Elijah had no qualms about that. For the first time in a while it felt like he had found someone on an even playing field which was certainly different than what he was used to when it came to dates. the waiter had soon returned to take their meals, to which he of course made the move to pay. While they waited for the process of payment, he tried to find a way to suggest they keep the night going. Alex was a step ahead of him of course.

He thought then, should they go out. He knew he had work and he didn’t want to get home too late. Still, Elijah was enjoying his night with Alex. Why end early?
“Drinks sound good. Its not every day I go out like this in the city anyways.” He said with a smile. As he was getting older of course Elijah preferred the more intimate small gathering than clubs or bars as frequently as he did in his youth. He soon called them a car out front before they were leaving the restaurant, Elijah’s hand on the small of her back as he opened the door for her. In the back seat of the car now, he did wonder what would be considered too forward. His eyes fell on her legs, slowly trailing up.

As expected it was fairly busy at the bar and especially so the rooftop, but they were able to get in before the limit had been reached. Elijah ordered his drink, a bourbon with no ice and found a small corner for them to conversate in. The view was spectacular and Alex made it just as better.
“So, gorgeous, smart and interesting and still single?” He teased.
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Alexandria had been ultimately surprised that Elijah had asked her out. He was mature, well mannered, obviously not bad to look at, and he must’ve been family oriented. [b Oh I definitely think you made the right choice.”] she said with a grin as she seen Elijahs wink. [b “But I think you have the right to be picky. It’s not just your life, it’s also your daughters. Granted I’m sure she doesn’t meet all your girlfriends or dates, but you at least want to see they have the potential with children right?”] she asked. [b “Like when you told me about your daughter, I was surprised. But I love children. But I’m sure had I acted like you having a daughter was such a disgrace, we wouldn’t still be sitting here.”]

Their night was full of great food and lots of laughter and good conversation. And she honestly didn’t want it to end. After the waiter had came back to take their empty trays of food and hand them their bill, she knew she would need to make another move soon. [b “There is this rooftop bar in Manhattan.. It’s a little more public, but they have amazing drinks and the view is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before..”] she told him. [b “Would you like to continue this night there? My treat.”] He probably needed to get back home with his daughter, and she would understand that. [b “I know you’re a very busy man and I’m sure you have an early morning and a very busy Friday ahead of you, but..”]
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Of course with Alex giving her input it did make Elijah consider their difference in age. She was obviously younger, not too young where he would definitely catch attention from others should they walk arm and arm in the real world. Though, he knew there would be some differences between he both of them when it came to certain situations. In some way, he knew that his daughter would maybe appreciate that, should they ever meet. He felt a bit disconnected from the world of today. He had caught on to technology and the internet o problem, but there was still so much about now that had changed from the time that Elijah had grew up in.

“Every day is a challenge,” Elijah said with a smile. Investing did get to be a headache and it was a risk, btu he was smart and he took things slow. He never invested in anything he knew wouldn’t succeed and so far heh was doing a good job in picking the winners. Maybe that was why his boss in some sense revered him so much. This wasn’t something he just walked into though. He risked a lot when he finally decided to become an investor and he lost a lot. The apartment he and his daughter lived in was probably one of the most expensive places they had ever lived and to be able to give her the education she deserved was more than he could ask for. though Elijah knew too well those days his ex would steal from him to the point he had to close his account and get a new one.

“I think I would’ve remembered someone like you as well,” Elijah said then with smirk. Elijah ordered a variety of different rolls and sashimi, figuring that she would like something that was provided on the platter. He’d always been adventurous, whether it be women or food. So, when she asked him why he was out searching for someone to date instead of being a happily married man, he wasn’t thrown off by her inquiry.
“Well, I guess I’m somewhat picky. I just saw you and something told me to take a chance. You’re beautiful, ambitious and single; I think I made the right choice.” Elijah winked in her direction. Soon the waiter returned with their food and also freshening their drinks. As he watched her he was growing more attracted and something seemed to click that he had not been wrong in asking Alex on a date. As the night wore on he became more and more attracted to her, their conversation seamless and upon finishing their meal he knew he didn’t want their night to end.
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[b “Oh I remember that age.”] she said with a grin. [b “I thought I knew everything and no one could tell me any different.”] she told him [b “I’m sure you’re in for a treat. But you seem like you have a good reasonable head on your shoulders.. I think she’ll be in good hands.”] she told him. She took the moment of silence to look at the menu. She had never been here before, but everything sounded so good. She didn’t know how she was going to choose.

[b “I hope so. I basically told my new boss to pile it on me. Nothing was too much. I want to succeed. The sooner I prove to my Father that I can make it to the business world, the sooner he’ll cut me some slack so I can go back to writing more.. Hopefully.”] She couldn’t help but smirk as she seen his eyes fall to her lips.

[b “Oh that’s amazing.”] she said, hearing that his boss planned on handing him the reins to his office once he retired. [b “The business world can be very tricky from what I’ve learned so far, but again, you seemed like you have a good head.”] she said. [b “So you’re in the investment side of things? I bet that’s interesting, getting to talk to a different company almost everyday.”]

She quickly nodded to his question about her living in the city, he had caught her in the middle of taking a sip of her wine. [b “My Fathers company started in Jersey, but we moved to New York when I was around ten.”] she told him. [b “I’m sure we have crossed paths once or twice before. Though I think I would remember someone that looked like you.”] She couldn’t help but giggle when he questioned her about a potential boyfriend showing up. [b “I promise. No boyfriends will show up to ruin this date.”]

She looked up when the waiter came over. Soon it was her turn to order. [b “You know, I can’t decide so I thinking I’m just going to take one of what Mr. McClendon orders if that’s ok.”] After the waiter had left, she turned her attention back to Elijah. [b “I’m going to be bold and ask why such a handsome, obviously successful businessman is single. I half suspected that you were a married man just looking for some fun with a young eager businesswoman.”]
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Elijah could tell that Alex must have been trying to hide her shocked expression in regards to him mentioning he had a daughter. He appreciated her trying at least and hoped that it wouldn’t make her think differently of him. If anything he suspected it would show that there was a caring and nurturing side to Elijah and of course a protective side. Being a single father wasn’t easy, in fact there were days that Gabriella reminded him so much of her mother, that he wasn’t sure he knew what to do with her. she was getting closer into her teenage years and that was terrifying enough. He wanted to eb there for her in every way he could, but at the end of the day he was her father and we figured there were some things you just need a mother figure for.

“Gabby will be thirteen in two months, which she refuses to let me forget,” he said with a chuckle. He took a sip of his drink then, enjoying that slight citrusy taste from the orange. He took a look at the menu then, before knowing what he wanted and placing it to the side to give his attention to Alexandria who was pleased at knowing she had got the job. He suspected with her beauty came brains, though Alex seemed to believe her father also played a hand in the position. That had to mean he was a man of power which made Elijah interested to know more about her and her family.
“Well, maybe this position will give you a chance to prove him wrong.” Elijah suggested. He cocked his head just. Little, his eyes falling on her lips as she crooned his name. Alex surely was sexy and without trying.

“My day went fine. As expected, very busy and lots of phone calls and the likes. Investing is a bit of a headache but it surely is profitable and I like to think I’m doing well. At least my boss seems to think so, he keeps telling me when he retires that his office is as good as mine.” Elijah shook his head, he had doubts that Mr. Jones would ever retire. “So, have you lived in the city your whole life. I'd imagine we would’ve ran in each other’s circles at least once?” She seemed like the type to be involved in his world: upper-class, businessmen and women, people that lived in penthouses and had personal drivers If her father had as much pull as she insinuated, he wondered if he had ever come across him. “And please tell me that I don’t have to worry about some boyfriend or someone interrupting what I find to be a great date so far.” He joked.

The waiter had soon returned to take their orders and menus away.
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As Alexandria sat at the booth alone, the nerves started to sink in. She was meeting a man, whom she had spoke with for a good thirty minutes for dinner and drinks, at some hole in the wall sushi place, that smelled AMAZING. Who was this person? She would’ve never done this before. It was new, different and exciting. [b “Please don’t be standing next up.”] she whispered to herself.

Her head snapped to the side when she heard [i “Wow.”] she was half expecting it to be some wanna be play boy, but her heart rate quickly increased when she realized it was Elijah. She blushed slightly with the half compliment that she had just received. [b “Hi... You actually don’t look so bad yourself.”] She watched as he ducked in the booth seat across from her. [b “Oh you don’t have to apologize. I’m sure you’re a very busy man”.] she said as she shook her head, waving off the apology.

[i “Did he just say daughter?”] she thought to herself as she stopped herself from using one of her famous [i “What the fuck”] facial expressions. Why was this surprising? He was obviously older than her. Children were common. He was gorgeous. Hell, she would have his babies. After taking a deep breathe, she remembered that she loved children. While her career goal was to be a journalist, nothing would top being a mother one day. She truly believed that children were the best blessing you could receive. [b “Well I hope she wasn’t too upset about you going out tonight. How old is she?”] It was good that he was letting her know of his responsibilities up front, that didn’t mean she would be apart of it. She had to act right.

She couldn’t hold back a smile when he asked about her job interview. [b “I did get it. I start Monday.”] she said [b “Were going to say I got it because I kicked ass in that interview, but I’m sure my Father made a call at some point.”] she explained. [b “He doesn’t believe that I can do anything on my own.... But we definitely did not meet tonight to talk about my Father. How was your day? [i Mr. McClendon]?”]
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Of course Elijah was a very important businessman and he had done well to quickly climb the ranks in his job. His boss treated his employees well, company cars, yearly bonuses, and a company card. There was nothing that Elijah felt like he couldn’t get exactly, but he had always prided himself on being. Aman who always worked for what he wanted. Was that what he was doing now? Of course. He was attracted to Alexandria and this date was just a way for him to pick her brain and see how much of a chance he had with her; why not lay the charm on thick by getting fancy car to pick her up and maybe in the future even more ways he could think of to impress her. He had finally reached the restaurant, entering to find that Alex had already been seated.

Elijah was soon led toward their booth where his eyes were first drawn to the peak of skin under the table, Alex’s leg peeking from what he could tell was an olive green dress. It complemented her skin well and the dark brown curls completed the soft and romantic look she had.
“Wow,” he said a bit unimpressed with his vocabulary, but he was incredibly shocked and actually in some sense speechless at how beautiful she looked. “Sorry I’m late,” he told her. He figured it would be best to eb honest and get his [I secret] out of the way. “I had to pick up my daughter.”

Bringing up Gabriella could always go both ways. Some women didn’t mind and others made it clear they were not the motherly type. Elijah didn’t really matter as in the end, they both usually got what they wanted that night and would just go their separate ways. The waiter had returned with Alex’s drunk and of course as a regular had brought an old fashioned out for Elijah to accompany the glass of lemon water. He soon left to give them some time to go over the menu. Elijah looked up from the menu then to Alex.
“So, how’d your interview go? I assume you got the job,” he suggested with a smile.
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[b “I’m going out with friends! I’ll be home later. Don’t wait up.”] she told her brother as she walked through their apartment. [b “Celebrating my new job.”] Her brother was a tad bit over protective, but wasn’t that what brothers were for? She didn’t have the best relationship with their father so it was her brothers way of making up for that.

She took a deep breathe as she watched a black SUV pull up beside her apartment, in the designated spot for taxis. [i “Miss Alexandria?”] said the man who rolled down his window. [b “That’s me. Thank you.”] she said as the man hopped out and opened the door for her. She found herself getting nervous in the backseat. While this wasn’t her first date, this was her first date in a while. She hadn’t dated since she had been in LA and she was afraid that she might come off just a tad bit rusty. The drive was pretty non-eventful. She was texting one of her girlfriend, letting her know that she was going on a date and she also shared her location. One could never be too careful. [i “Miss Alexandria, Mr. McClendon isn’t here yet, his car is stuck in traffic. If you’ll let me escort you to your booth.”] she heard as the car came to a stop.

[i “He better not be standing me up.”] she thought as her door was opened. [b “That would be great. Thank you so much.”] She followed the man inside and she couldn’t help but realize he had a demeanor about him. She wondered if this man was on Elijahs payroll. Did Elijah have personal drivers? She took a seat in the secluded dim light booth before the man turned on his heels and headed out. [b “Water and a glass of white please.”] she said a little later when a waitress came up.

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Eight o clock worked perfectly, which he told he before they exchanged pleasantries and got off the phone. Elijah looked down at the phone then. He couldn’t believe he was actually going through with a date with a stranger. Though, maybe she would be a stranger no more if things went well. He was compelled to ask her out and he felt for good reason; something about that brief chat on the car ride had interested him in Alexandria and her beauty of course further encouraged him to do something spontaneous for once. Though she did seem younger than him, he wanted to make it clear that he didn’t want them to eb pressured into something so serious so fast. After tying up a few last business deals, he left the office and began toward his daughter’s school to pick her up. She’d already changed back into her normal clothes.

Elijah knew he had to play this carefully as Gabriella would question him more and more if he told her fully about his date tonight. He tried to play it coy, when it came time for him to introduce Alex, if he and her ever got to that point, he knew he would tell Gabriella everything before they met so she wouldn’t be caught off guard. After all, she was his number one lady in his life at this moment.
“So, I have a business meeting tonight.” Here said. She groaned and rolled her eyes.
“Dad, you’re supposed to help me with my homework tonight, you know I suck at math.”
“I know I know, and I promise next time I will definitely not put work over this. It’s just a very important deal that could affect our future.” He said, as he looked over briefly toward her. “Plus I know how much you love Michelle, she’ll be coming over to keep an eye on you.” Gabriella quickly turned her frown upside down. Michele was their neighbor and the two had grown pretty close. For the most part the only females in Gabby’s life had been friends from school but with how her mother had been in the early years, it made it hard for Gabriella to have meaningful and long lasting friendships; people she could invite over at that.

Once they were at the apartment, he made sure Gabriella got started on her homework before heading upstairs to his bedroom. He showered, the towel now draped around his waist as he scoured his closet. He didn’t want to come off too professional, it was a date after all, but he did want to appear that he had put a lot of thought into his ensemble. Finally, he selected on a nice white dress shirt, short sleeved to keep it somewhat casual. He found a pair of dark blue jeans and some dark brown boots. His hair had just started drying, to which he allowed the naturally wavy texture to form on its own. After putting on his gold watch, He grabbed his keys and wallet and headed downstairs. Michelle had just arrived and Elijah already sent a car to the address Alex provided. He kissed Gabriella on the forehead goodbye and soon made his way to his own awaiting car. It would take them to a sushi place downtown. It had a very casual feel and as he mentioned was low key; he had ins with the owner, which meant he could get them a booth away from prying eyes.

Elijah was excited to see what this night would bring.
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Alexandria couldn’t believe that Elijah had actually called her for a date. He seemed older, more mature, he just seemed to have a certain way about him. He was the type of man her Father would want to her get involved with right? [i “Oh No. Stop that.”] she told herself. [i “We aren’t to get ahead of ourselves. This is just the first date.”] She took a breath before she spoke.

Low-Key. Yes. They definitely needed something low-key. She was sure he wouldn’t want too many people seeing them together; Rumors were a big thing in their world. But then again, she didn’t need any of her brothers friends running back and blabbing on her. [b “That would be perfect! Does Eight o’clock work for you? I feel like you’re probably a very busy man. Being a businessman and all.”] she said with a flirty tone. [b “I hope you have a good rest of your day, Elijah. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.”]

After their goodbyes, she quickly jumped up and headed into her closet. One just couldn’t wear any old thing on a first date with an Older Businessman. It never once crossed her mind that Elijah might very well be a business acquaintance of her Father.

[ outfit]
[ makeup]
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Love. Was Elijah beyond the idea of finding it? Of course no. He had a daughter, a daughter who he watched grow from a fascination in Disney princesses finding true love and eventually into a boy crazy girl fantasizing over band members. Not that he wanted her to date, he knew it was a rite of passage as a father for their child to eventually be given away. He didn’t want his daughter to suffer through the idea that there was no way she could ever have a happy and safe relationship despite how tumultuous his had been with her mother. Elijah longed for that connection, but was he in a rush? No.

“Well I’m glad you answered,” he said with a chuckle. He could hear the restrained excitement in her voice. She was trying to play coy and yet he couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t just as happy to find she had accepted his offer. “I was thinking a restaurant on 15th and Columbus. It’s a nice place, low key.” He knew that a man like him wasn’t exactly a celebrity, but he was well known. He had come a long way surely and with age came status. Being seen with a man like him would of course cause a few whisperings and with Alex being young he wanted to be cautious. Though there was certainly something about her he liked.

“I can have a car drop by your place to pick you up?” He suggested. He knew he had to pick up his daughter soon and with his schedule, he tried to spend as much time with her as possible. Though, he was sure she would be happy to know he would be out of the house finally and this time not for work. He tried to keep his affairs as secret as possible though, not yet having that discussion with his daughter about him dating and how she felt about it.
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[b “Hey, Elijah.”] she said shortly. [b “Glad you called.”] Alexandria felt like a school girl again, hearing Elijah say her name sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t let him realize that she had all been waiting by her phone though , she didn’t want him to think her easy.

She internally squealed when she heard him ask her out for dinner and drinks... THAT NIGHT. He wanted to see her so quickly! [b “Dinner and Drinks tonight sound perfect, actually.”] she told him. She wondered if he would want to pick her up or if she would be meeting him at wherever they were dining, of course there was only one way to find out. [b “Where are you thinking? Should I meet you there or?”] she asked into the phone.

She wondered what her brother would think if he found out she was going out to dinner with a man, an older man at that. Though it wasn’t necessarily a dinner date, right? It was just dinner with an acquaintance, unless it wasn’t.
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Elijah had to admit to himself that he usually didn’t go about these kind of situations with women. He usually picked up girls in bars or would frequent certain social media sites. Sometimes his friends would even try to set him up with someone. The times he shared with the women were fun, but they just never actually worked out and usually it had to do with his schedule conflicting with theirs or them just wanting to move onto something serious too fast. Elijah of course dreamed of having that life, but with his daughter, he had to be careful with who he let in. Not everyone was read to become a parent so suddenly and certainly not to a teenager. Sometimes Elijah even felt unprepared.

Hearing her voice, he couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. He leaned back in his chair then, turning to face the window which gave a beautiful view of the it.
“Hey, Alex it’s Elijah. Glad you picked up,” he joked. He wondered if she had actually expected for him to call. “Listen, I don’t want to keep you long of course, but I was hoping if you were free we could maybe have a little dinner tonight? Get some drinks?” Elijah wondered if maybe he had been too soon in requesting a date from her. There were all these ever changing rules on dating, and as he got older he felt like it was hard to stay in the loop. Besides, Alex seemed a bit younger than him. He hoped he wasn’t coming off too strong.

He knew he couldn’t linger at work all day. He had to pick up his daughter from her soccer practice and get her home. Not to mention, if he did go out with Alex, he’d have to find a last minute sitter which he knew Gabriella was probably not going to be happy about.
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