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[center [i War; it is a monster breed by such simple things. Hatred, greed, jealousy, lust, all such things feed into the ever growing monster which gladly consumes and spits out the bones of those devour. Throughout the Universe entire Galaxies have fought against one another; seeking our planets to inhabit in search for other races. And this is time, this war is no different. Within the vastness of the Universe exist a mercenary Galaxy made up of twenty planets. They whole purpose for existing is Genocide and enslavement.] ]

[center [b Led by the flagship, this galaxy has been fear for constantly spreading death whether it may go. Thousands upon thousands of planets have fallen to this galaxy. There have no allegiance but to the highest bidder and there is nothing they won't do. For the right price they will wipe out entire species, capture planets, and enslave inhabitants so that all might be right in the world.] ]

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[center [i It was by accident that Earth was discovered by a foreign entity. Some planets are barren wastelands and to some Galaxies water is used as currency to pay for things; such is the rarity of it. So upon discovering a world were water is seemingly abundant an entity as sought out the Galaxy known for it's military prowess to capture Earth. This is the story of things to come.] ]

[h3 [center Hello and thank you for taking interest in my role-play.] ]
[b Since this role-play is apart of a bigger story; this will be a quick role-play. I'm expecting this role-play to be done within ten post; so if you're interested in joining please understand that this is part of a bigger story me and other role-players are working on!]
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[h3 Characters]
username: Thelastman
Character name: Zi Teu
Age; 90
gender: Male
planet: Caxi
General/captain/pilot/crew/slave: General
short bio: He was bred for violence and war. His Galaxy was known for piracy and warfare so he had no say in the Matter. Working his way up the ladder he found himself now calling the shots.
three worlds to describe your character: Cold, Cruel, Violent.
profile pic: [pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/a7/d0/a5/a7d0a507cf010387bfb5e4fa790176bb.jpg]

Username: Renegade
Name of character: Kaervik
Age: 40's
Gender: Male
General/captain/pilot/crew/slave General
Planet: Abolela Minor
Brief bio: "Born" wasn't really a word for the Abollites, as they were a race of clones as a way of population and resource control. Kaervik was decanted on Abolela Minor, the lowest planet of the Abollites, and in to the Warrior Caste. However, despite being created to be an indentured warrior servant, Kaervik rebelled, seizing control of the Warrior Caste and moved to do the same to the rest of the System. This resulted in its destruction and Kaervik became a pirate with his fleet of warrior clones. Not long after he found himself in the employ of Zi Teu, having a mutual understanding and similar motivations.
Three words to describe him/her: Calculating, Pragmatic, Ruthless
Character pic: [pic https://i.imgur.com/vOCxeWJ.jpg?1]

Username: NortherWolves
Character name: Vri Natek
Age: 44
Gender: Female
Planet: Nakira
General/captain/pilot/crew/slave: Pilot and Ambassador
Short bio: After barely surviving the brutal, grinding fighting of the last war, Vri initially found herself as part of the planetary defense force while Nakira crawlingly initiated an economic and military recover. The toll being heavy meant that for awhile progress sluggishly chugged on. It was during the end part of this slow chug that Vri was transferred as a government aide, eventually becoming an ambassador to rekindle alliances with the surrounding planets.
Three words to describe your character: Articulate, Knowledgeable, Outspoken
Character pic: [pic https://pic8.co/sh/TH0iTc.jpeg]

Username: Renegade
Name of character: Dash Bravanac
Age: In his late 100's
Gender: Male
Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilian: Commander and Pilot
Planet: Rulara, of the Rularian System
Brief bio: Dash is a decorated and proud Commander of the Rularian Security Corps, his system's military and protection service. His home System and those under his Command mean everything to him, and he will do anything for them and their survival.
Three words to describe him/her: Resilient, Bold, Perceptive
Character pic: [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6ICB7v.jpg]

Character name: Luna Sabroc
Age; 80s
gender: Female
planet: Rulara
General/captain/pilot/crew/slave: pilot
short bio: Luna is the second in Command of Dash and has been by side for the better half of a decade. She has completely trust in him and his vision
three worlds to describe your character:Religious, fierce, hopeful.
profile pic [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/74/4e/92/744e92cd68c17d6e059ae7bb3ccbf1b8--sean-opry-fan-art.jpg]

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[i “Father! Mother! Don’t abandon me!” Don’t leave for the war! Don’t leave for the war!”]

They said that dreams were premonition of things to come. Shifting and struggling in his bed the young male felt as if he were a young child again. His family had come from wealth and both of his parents served in the military despite them having the option of living a leisure life. It had started over things which the male was to young to understand. Than again, did war even have to have meaning for it to spiral out of control? Out in the emptiness of space his parents led the charge against the encroaching army of Uranus. In the depths of space the two had fought and done battle and on the planet below known as Jupiter all the child could do was watch and pray that those he’d love would be brought back to him safely. It was a prayer which he’d hope wouldn’t fall upon deaf ears but one never knew for certain how or when something would turn out. All that person could do was hope and pray for the best outcome.

Waking up in a cold sweat, the now 29 year old reached for a nearby glass of water and closed his eyes. Jupiter was the biggest planet in the solar system. Arguably it was the biggest planet in the entire Milky Way. 90 different species inhabitant the planet and lived in peace and harmony. It was a no easy task and the council of ninety was instrumental in keeping the peace around them. Staring out across the darken sky, his eyes adjusted to it before he moved to dress himself for what his duties as Ambassador were something which he’d taken seriously in doing so. All the while he turned on the news and saw how once more they were talking about foreign entities which had been spotted upon the fringes of there solar system.

It seemed like months ago the communication to Planet Rulara had suddenly been snuff out. It came suddenly and it felt as if dark forces had been responsible for such a thing. However without proper speculation and ability to asset what happen it was unwise to attack. Still, Jupiter had sent out an aircraft carrier to investigate what had happen and they’d not heard from them in a month. Another bad sign that things were starting to heat up. As he sat on his bed watching the news a knock upon his door alerted him to a guess. Inviting him in, he watched as one of the council men was led into his room by a servant of his late Father. Staring at the Earthen/Jupiter half-ling the man slowly stared out across the window behind the male and spoke. “Lantu. We’ve gotten reports of foreign ships heading towards our planet. We’re currently dispatching the Egyptian unit; your unit. We’d like you to investigate what is happening out there. The other five planets have cast there votes to assemble the war council and the ITF are currently sending out invitation to foreign planets to come and vote for whether or not Earth will get involve. We need you to lead an assault and asset these invading forces.”

Glaring at the man Odysseus let out a sigh. Violence. He had worked hard to distance himself from it yet he was gifted with the ability to carry out acts of violence easily. He never hesitates to attack and eliminate those who were a threat to him. His skill as a pilot was legendary already and he was still considerably young. If anything, he was considered to be recruit to become a part of the ITF Military; but a career in the military wasn’t his first, second, or third choice. He was glad to stay an ambassador and live that simple life for as long as those simple days would allow him to do so.

His hands shook and tremble as he landed his mech back on his home planet. For a moment he felt the need to throw up but he contained it as best as he could. The battle had been intense and he’d had killed several of the foreign scouting parties since they’d force his hands. Leaving his mech he reached for some water and quickly drunk to steady his nerves and calm his heart as he went to face the council of ninety to deliver his brief speech on what had happen.

[b [#b95e22 “Council of Ninety; I stand before you on behalf of the planet of Jupiter… No, of the Milky way when it comes to casting Jupiter’s vote to go to war against the foreign entity.”] ] As spoke one of the council men let out a whistle before he stood up and interjected. [i “Explain yourself when you say? Do you think all of our galaxy is in trouble?”]

[b [#b95e22 “I do. A month ago the Rularian communication systems went down. Being the biggest planet in the solar System, Jupiter has tried to send aid to many planets to help them out when we believed that it was necessary to do so. When we suspect that the planet Rulara had been attack by some foreign force we instantly sent aid. I believe that the aid we sent was destroyed. And the scouting party I’ve encounter.. they were not just some random pirates or rogues who wondered aimless into our sector of the universe. They were actively searching for something; we’d intercepted them on the way to Triton. To the those unfamiliar with the our milky way System Triton can be mistaken for Earth. As they’re both abundant with water. As soon as they spotted us they wasted no time attack. There aim is to kill. I, therefore using all my wisdom, believe that this foreign entity is after Earth.] ]

[b [#b95e22 Earth is a planet filled with extremely valuable resources that every planet has uses for. It would make sense that some rogue pirating Galaxy would want to come all this way to accommodate it, and if the first system they come across is the Rularian I don’t see why they’d hesitate to attack it. The asteroids there are perfect for fracking and can make an excellent fuel spot for entire space fleets that have come a long way. Once they’ve gotten a foot hole in this galaxy the next logical thing is to send out scouts to find the easy way to attack. Jupiter is by no means the closest planet to Earth; however we are the largest near it and to the enemy we might pose a threat. If they could someone take one of our moons hostage it would be a disastrous blow. It would also serve as a great distraction to try and keep us from coming to the aid of Earth.] ]

[b [#b95e22 Earth is the crown jewel of our galaxy. While many of the solar systems planets have already cast their votes to go to war. I believe that we, Jupiter, should vote to mobilize the ITF and head to face this encroaching army head on. They’re general isn’t just a typical pirate; he is extremely intelligent. My father Studied under Dash and called him one of the top three greatest Pilots in our entire Galaxy. If this enemy was able to outsmart Dash and inflict heavy lost on him. Than imagine what he’d do to us if we refused to join forces. We’d stand no chance we would face obliteration.] ]

[b [#b95e22 With that being said, Earth cannot be allow to go to war. Earth is the main target of our enemy; I can feel it within my inner being. My father always told me to never doubt my gut instinct. We must devote all of Earth’s resources in keeping her safe. To do anything other than that is foolish. With the deployment of the ITF, Jupiter would divide its fleet and put up a protective wall around Earth making it even hard to penetrate and attack to foreign invaders discouraging them from acting recklessly.] ]

[b [#b95e22 I believe that this is the best choice we have. We must stand together or be destroyed completely by ourselves.”] ] Odysseus Lantu didn’t know what to expect. The silence was soon shattered by the applause of the entire chamber rising. A part of him had thought that he’d had to fight fiercely to defend his stance. However, it seemed as if the council agreed unanimously and saw no flaw in his plan. But of course, this was not because of his own merit. This was once again because of the status of his parents and how they were hailed as the great heroes of the war two decades already passed. Normally this would put a damper on his mood but instead he bit his nail and used it to his advantage.
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 2d 8h 54m 52s
They had wiped out the entire battalion off the face of the universe. No survivors. Turned to space dust. The other two fleets of Rularians began to flee back in to the System once they saw their comrades completely annihilated, and Kaervik would have like to have given chase, but it seemed Zi Teu had other things in mind. It was probably for the best; with this System in utter disarray, it would likely collapse on itself, and they wouldn't be hearing from them ever again. It was just Kaervik's bloodthirsty nature that he was bred for that mad him want to grind them in to nothing. Fortunately Zi Teu could reign him in.

A scouting party to Earth to learn more and determine their proper course of action was more of a sound plan. He wanted to crush this System, but sometimes that wasn't always possible... Well, it [i was] possible, even now, but it had become a costly endeavour, and there was no telling how much more costly it could get when the Rularians [i truly] became desperate. Zi Teu was thinking about their fleet, Kaervik was thinking about the enemy.

[b “I'll make that happen, Captain.”] He says and begins ordering and delegating. On their way to an uninhabited world, Kaervik put together a small scouting unit to send to Earth, and if necessary, engage them so they might ascertain Earth's defenses and military tactics. A similar endeavour that they had put together for Nakira.

As the men around him scrambled to do as they were ordered, Kaervik found himself alone in a long corridor that fed partially outside the ship, giving him a view of space. They were moving somewhere else now, the Rularian System shrinking from sight in to the black abyss of space. [b “Soon the Earth will be ours.”] He echoed Zi Teu's words.
  Kaervik / Renegade / 3d 20h 24m 25s
The battle was over before it begun. If War was like a game of chess then Kaervik was the queen able to move freely whilst Zi Teu was the king lying in wait for the final trap to be sprung. Of course those who were the most blood-thirsty went with his second in command while the most experience sat back and waited for the commander to come to him. Onboard his ship Zi Teu was something close to a God and he had promise his boys that all of their waiting would pay off and come in handy. And it truly did because eventually the male ended up falling into his trap and that was when all hell broke loose for him.

He had ordered his men to show no mercy and to take out as many ships as they came. There was to be nothing left but space dust and the emptiness of space. As Kaervik turned around and informed him that all had been slaughter and informed him of his loses the male paused. He was confident that it’d be easy to further advance and gather intel. Yet, the problem arose of the fact that this had been a costly endeavor. So now he was face with wiping out the planet Rulara or continuing the plan in the run long of feeding false information to the enemy and having them bicker and fight amongst themselves when it came to how dangerous and big a threat his armada truly was. Sitting back on his chair he closed his eyes. No; he had no idea what the ITF was. He had a feeling that there numbers were rather huge and with his crew tired from this battle he figured that there were other things that needed to be done. So instead he stood up and stretched out his stiff body.

“Put together a scouting party to scout out this Planet called Earth. I want as much information as we can.” He spoke. “Meanwhile I say we give the crew some rest. Let’s refuel our ships and find a nearby galaxy with a hospitable planet to make our own. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a long and tiresome war. In the End Earth, however, will be ours.”
  Zi Teu / thelastman / 5d 9h 6m 11s
Always the schemer Zi Teu. Something he admired of the man. After coming in to contact and then the employ of Zi Teu, Kaervik's savagery was refined and became more focused. It used to be chaotic, abhorrent, and he'd lose as many soldiers as they themselves killed. But now, with the cold and ruthless focus of Zi Teu, his own edge has been refined in to a fine dagger, capable of killing his enemies with the same kind of precision. Of course, there were times when acting as a hand grenade was necessary, but not now. For now they would play it safe.

Upon Zi Teu's command, they implemented the plan. They sent some of their forces to Nakira. To die. Half to Sector Z, and the other half—Zi Teu and his half—to the Rularian System. They also brought along the fuel barge ship so they could fill up on the System and keep the fuel stores topped up. As they got closer to the System, it was discovered that their asteroid belts were abundant in rich resources, but they had many outside scanners and defences. But despite the size of Zi Teu's fleet, they were able to fly under the radar with their steal tech, fanning out within the asteroids like deadly debris, and studied the Rularian's, their defenses and their military. It appeared they were a militaristic race of canine and feline bipeds, but they were also a proud and self-sufficient people; for how long they had observed them, there were very little transports coming in and out of the System, and none of them were foreign. Good, that meant that they would have to contend with minimal outside opposition.

It became a very brief discussion, but once Zi Teu made up his ind, Kaervik went and told a squadron of their stealth interceptors to take out the Rularian Deep Space Communication Array. They had many arrays, but one acted like the brain, which they could exploit. The Rularians were strong and self-sufficient, but that was the very thing that would be their downfall. [b “Wait for my command.”] He orders them. They were getting the barges in position so they could begin utilizing the fracking stations the Rularians so [i helpfully] left for them the second they took out the communications arrays. Once those were destroyed, their presence would be known and the beautiful destruction of this system could begin.

More interceptors and then ground crews were deployed to the fracking stations, killing all the Rularians inside so they couldn't signal to the military as the barge got in to position. And once they did...

[b “Fire.”]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6ICB7v.jpg] ]

Despite the fact that it hit an asteroid, the air shook just as the alarms went off. And when it did, they all moved smooth and quickly, like they were trained for this. Dash didn't even have to give a command as everyone began moving to their designated battle-stations.

They were on Rularia-2's main military base for a scheduled inspection. There had been rumblings of Fringe System's being assaulted by an unknown entity, and they had decided—being a Fringe System themselves—that they should prepare for the eventuality... Although, Dash didn't know why he thought they would have more time.

Getting to the helm of his flagship, he's immediately being assaulted over the radio by the Admiral, telling them that the Deep Space Communication Array had been disabled, and had everyone begin mobilizing. They were getting in to defensive positions for the planets, the moons, and to attack the enemies head on as they flooded in to the system. Once his flagship was in the air and headed out of the atmosphere, it seemed his most trusted was being proactive. They had discussed at length that if the rumours of this rogue galaxy were true, then they were extremely dangerous, judging by the amount of them that were coming up on the radar, it seemed that assessment was true. By taking out the communications array, they effectively crippled their ability to receive outside help. Normally they wouldn't need it... But this enemy was [i different].

“Commander Bravanac!” Appearing on the holographic screen was Admiral Samo. “Our communications array has been cut, we need you to-”

[b “I already have my top soldier on it.”] It was something him and Lieutenant-Commander Luna Sabroc discussed, as it seemed like the most appropriate thing to target first, that and ordnance depots. They just didn't expect them to bypass the Solar System's external sensors before they could adequately defend it. Clearly they underestimated the opposition, but he was confidant that they could still win the day. It would just take everything they had.

[i “Commander Dash, this is Luna Sabroc. I’m heading to fix our Deep space communicator! As soon as my squad is done-“] Communications blurred out, and Dash began to try and raise the comms on his end.

[b “Lieutenant-Commander! Lieutenant-Commander Sabroc! Luna!”] Their battalion mobilized, but they stayed in their own defensive perimeter of Rularia-2. But that didn't stop Dash from ordering a few other pilots to suit up to take out their mechs and go assist Luna and her squad. However, just as they were about to be deployed, Luna's signature appeared on the scanners, and immediately he had his men clear the flagship hangar, as she was coming in hot. Once she landed, Dash was the first to meet with her, first making she was okay and then receiving her tactical report. It seemed they had their own versions of mobile suits, and they were fearless, and didn't fear death, outnumbering Luna as she was unable to get to the array to repair it. From the detailed account, it seemed that it was a miracle Luna made it out alive, the rest of her squad having perished in the attack... These were no ordinary foes.

“Commander!” One of the techs came rushing towards them with a datapad. “Admiral Samo has activated the reserve units.”

[b “And Captain Setter's fleet?”]

“Destroyed before he could get to his post, sir.” And Dash's eyes widen. If Captain Setter and his fleet had been destroyed, that means there wasn't a defensive blockade around the moon Yuter, the reserve base.

[b “Get us to Yuter, now!”] He commands.

“B-but, what about Rularia-2? We're stationed here as part of the defensive perimeter.”

[b “The other Commanders can handle it. The reserve units are nothing more than armed civilians with minimal training. We can't leave the moon undefended!”] Not to mention there were civilian cities on the moon that wouldn't be discriminated against. When no one moved, Dash growls. [b “That's an order!”] And just like that everyone animated and began getting to their stations, some getting in to their mechs to perform overwatch. He had the engineers run diagnostics and repairs on Luna's mech; normally he'd say she was done in the field for now, but he had a sinking feeling that they would need everyone and everything they had against this enemy.

Like clockwork once Dash was back at the helm, Admiral Samo's projection came online. “What is the meaning of this Commander Bravanac?” He demands.

[b “You activated the reserve units, Admiral, they're going to be pinged on the enemies radar as combatants and wiped out without proper support.”] The Admiral seems to chew on that for a minute. They didn't always see eye to eye, but Dash was a respected and decorated Commander, known for his forward thinking and effective combat strategies. He was also known for carrying out operations with minimum casualties.

“Then you better hurry, Commander.” And the screen goes blank.

The fleet shifts in to turbo, and they head towards the large moon Yuter, Dash sending ahead a few Mech companies to get on the ground and evacuate those that could be evacuated, as well as speeding up the process of getting the reserve troops mobilized. The reports they were getting were good, and just as Dash and the rest of the battalion arrived-

[b “Oh no.”] Dash whispers. There was no horizon in space, but with the amount of the enemy there might as well be one, but they... They weren't advancing toward Yuter. For a moment they were just floating there menacingly. And then just like that, the formed line opened and a large cruiser began charging towards the moon. [b “Analysis!”] Dash shouts.

After a couple of seconds of one of the techs scrambling on their holographic computers, he turns to Dash. “No life signs on the vessel, sir. Probably manned by an AI.”

Dash doesn't waste any time raising the comms. [b “All units, this is Commander Bravanac; evacuate the planet now. Grab as many people as you can and evacuate yourself immediately.”] He turns and points at the techs manning the propulsion systems. [b “Fire us back and signal the rest of the battalion to do the same! Give us a cold zone!”]

It seemed he was right to be worried, as the unmanned vessel began picking up more and more speed towards Yuter. [b “Once its in range, fire our forward cannons on it! Try to slow it down or destroy it!”] But it was no use, from its size and the speed it had picked up was nearing warp speed, their weapons becoming useless, and it was all they could do but watch as it lanced in to the moon. There was an explosion on the opposite side of the moon, before magma fissures and cracks formed all along the surface. It cracked some more before blowing apart in one of the most sickening displays Dash had ever seen, the force of the exploding moon rocking the flagship despite its safe distance and spewing debris and large rocks, destroying those too slow to have made it out of the danger zone.

When the light finally faded, in front of them was the destroyed moon of Yuter, split in to pieces like a blown apart asteroid. He turns his head to look at the horizon of enemy units, but it seemed they had retreated for the time being. It wouldn't be the last they saw of them; this was only the beginning.

“H-how many did we save?” One of the Bridge Cadets asks. Dash rests his face in his hand, and closes his eyes, a single tear shed for all the lives lost on Yuter, wiped out in an instant.

[b “Not enough.”]

[center ~*~]

After that, it was a long few months. The Rularian defenses held, but barely as the enemy would employ hit and run tactics, slowly whittling down their numbers and resources. They had effectively blockaded the System, and anyone trying to get out was immediately blown to space dust, their numbers and firepower superior to theirs. They didn't respond to hails or messages either, killing seemingly indiscriminately. In the last few weeks, they lost Rularia-9 and Rularia-10, their outer most planets. The planets weren't destroyed, but it caused the RSC to lose some of its footing and retreat back. Rularia-7 and 8 weren't civilian planets, but wildlife and farming worlds, and they were doing their absolute best to keep those from falling in to enemy hands. The Rularian's supplies were steady, but if they lost those two planets then they would be in a lot more trouble in this war of attrition.

“We can't just sit here, we have to act!” The Admiral slams his fist on to the table. They were on Rularia, in the main military encampment, the Captains, Commanders, and some of their Seconds were present, Dash and Luna included.

“I agree. We've kept our planets safe for the most part, but we can't keep up with these glancing attacks. Two night ago they took out Captain Manx and her fleet, and this morning they took out Commander Grey.” Commander Shepard had said. Normally a level headed and calculating soldier, Shepard was only recently promoted to Commander after the former Commander of his battalion had been killed in one of the hit-and-run attacks. He was stressed, exhausted, and scared just like the rest of them.

[b “So what are you suggesting? We break rank and attack the enemy head on?”] Dash asks, and Shepard growls at him.

“Accurate if a little inelegant. Yes. I don't think they would expect an assault head on from us all at once.”

Dash motions to Luna who steps up to the table. [+blue “That's exactly what they're expecting from us. We've done some reconnaissance-”]

“You what?!” And Dash holds up his hand to let her finish.

[+blue “And we believe they are waiting for an ambush. There are some ships we've seen that haven't been seen for a while, and with the blockade, there's no real way to assess their real positions, not to mention we can't get proper reads from all the space debris and asteroids; they're using it as cover and to their advantage.”]

[b “We've always known they have number superiority over us, and this is no different. A direct attack is the swiftest way for them to annihilate us and then take the undefended planets.”]

“Then its what I've been saying!” Captain Devon Rex interjects. “We need to break the blockade! We need the assistance of another system or some way to signal the ITF!”

“Anything bigger than a mech will be seen almost immediately and destroyed. And even if we somehow broke the blockade that way, a mech doesn't have enough fuel or life support to make it within comms range of another System or even one of the Way Stations.”

The room grows silent for a moment, Dash getting thoughtful as he looks to Luna. There had been [i another] option they had been discussing, but they weren't sure how well it would be received. He tilts his head a little to Luna and she shakes her head, but Dash was already going for it. [b “There may be another way.”]

[+blue “Dash!”]

The Admiral turns and looks at Dash, and he stands there, his arms behind his back as he looks at the Admiral. “And what might that be pray tell?”

[b “Its something my officers and I have been discussing, almost a marriage of everything we've been discussing. I would only need three Commanders and their battalions including myself.”] He taps the war table and Rularia-8 comes up. [b “We believe with the death and destruction of Commander Grey and his battalion, they're going to attempt to take the world since it only has one and a half a battalion still defending it. They suspect that we're too spread thin to assist so they'll begin to slowly encroach on us from Rularia-8 and on. So we take myself, Captain Devon Rex, and Commander Shepard to assist Rularia-8. They'll have underestimated our numbers, so either we destroy them or they retreat to bring more.”]

“And what does that accomplish?”

[b “We make for the blockade. My ship is still Anubian Class, so we can set charges on the reactor to destabilize the crystals. Once that happens, the ship will explode with enough force to blow open a segment of the blockade so the rest of my battalion can get through. Then we can get in range to the Thraxian Way Station to signal for help.”] Another silence consumed the room as everyone mulled it over, but the first one to speak was the Admiral.

“We can't spare the resources. Your plan is suicide.”

[b “With all due respect, Admiral, doing nothing is suicide.”] He counters and the Admiral growls at him.

“The answer is no, Bravanac. For the time being we will continue to hold out until we can, its the best option we have for all of our survival. Dismissed.” And the room begins to move as everyone starts to leave to head back to their ships and posts. Luna leans in.

[+blue “I told you he wouldn't listen.”] She chides.

[b “It wasn't him I wanted to listen.”] He tells her, nodding his head towards the other side of the round table. Captain Devon Rex and Commander Shepard stood there silently, and then they nodded their head at the two before leaving for their posts.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/aCJT7tF.png?1]

A few days later, it happened just as Dash had predicted: the attack of Rularia-8. But Dash, the Captain, and other Commander had conveniently kept themselves in range, so when it happened, they were there almost immediately.

Dash had taken to his mech, [i The Damocles], and soared in, unsheathing the mech's sword and killing their enemies. The other two followed suit, their battalion's ships and mechs coming in range to rain down hellfire on their enemies. It felt good to be on the front lines again, and despite this being small, it felt like a victory they had just accomplished. It had run smoothly with minimum casualties, and the Commander currently holding the line for Rularia-8 was grateful for their assistance.

It took slightly longer than he anticipated, the enemy not retreating so they had to kill every last one of them, but it was fortunate for them they only sent just enough to take Rularia-8. They were preserving resources as well, it would seem. [b “Lets move forward. Are you ready, Luna?”]

[+blue “Ready!”] Perfect. They advanced towards one of the fracking stations in the belt, and once they got in range, the rogue galaxy began firing on them. There was less than they had expected, but not by much; they were blockading the System, so their numbers would be spread out, after all.

[b “Spread out! Don't let them concentrate on the flagship!”] He commands over comms, and they do as they're told. They were still getting shredded, but this was their only shot to break the line. So once there was enough space between blasts; [b “Now!”]

[+blue “Sending her in!”] The flagship was unmanned, but rigged up similarly to the vessel that destroyed Yuter, coming in fast.

“Dash, what the hell are you doing?” the Admiral's voice came on over comms. “I order you back right this instant.”

[b “I can't do that Admiral. This is the way.”]

“I'll have you court martialed, Commander! You can't do this!”

[b “This is a one way trip, Admiral. Its been an honour serving with you.”] And Dash closes the Admiral's channel as they continue on fighting. Once they ship finally starting hurtling towards the belt, the enemy began concentrating fire as predicted, but that gave the battalions ample opportunity to take pot-shots at them and take out as many of them as possible.

Soon enough, the ship was crashing in to the belt, and he didn't even need to give the command. His vision was filled with white as the ship's core exploded incinerating a segment of the belt and all of the enemies within it. And it set off a chain reaction as well, heating the contained gases in the asteroids and fracking station, causing a more massive explosion and smaller ones for a brief period. And after that, there was just silence, pleasant silence as a large gaping maw in to the empty expanse of space lay before them.

[b “Move out, people! Captain Devon Rex and Commander Shepard, keep our flanks covered... And thank you for your assistance.”] The rest of Dash's battalion began to move through the maw and out towards the expanse of space. He was about to get [i The Damocles] on to Luna's ship when-

[+blue Commander, look!”] It appeared on radar first, but coming out of the warp was a ship, bigger than the other ones they had previously encountered. [i Their flagship]. [+blue “Commander, get aboard so we can make the jump. We can get passed them.”] And he didn't know what possessed him to say it as he looked at the flagship all by its lonesome.

[b “No.”] He tells her. [b “We end this here and now.”] They could easily outmanoeuvre that and take it by its lonesome. Then they would continue as planned.

[+blue “Are you sure, Dash? We can still make the jump.”]

It gave him a second to think it over, but he was still convinced this was the way. [b “No. Attack!”] And they began advancing on the flagship, too many of them for the one ship to handle, but-

He didn't know what it was at first, but after a second, he knew what it was. And he knew he just made a grave mistake. Over the comms came laughter before a voice spoke slowly and menacingly. [+red “Nice try, Doggy.”] And his radar began to blow up, as more ships came seemingly out of nowhere to engage them. Lasers fire and ion torpedoes tore through their ranks and cut off their escape in to space. Their only viable option was to turn back. Curses! How could he have been so foolish?! They baited him and it worked!

A large laser incinerates [i The Damocles'] arm and sends Dash hurtling back in to the asteroid field. He begins to recover, but not before he sees his battalion being torn to shreds, and... Luna still trying to make the jump out of the system!

[b “Luna, turn back! That's an order!”] He commands in to the comms. He begins to fly off the asteroids, but there was substantial damage to his fuselage and other systems. His entire screen was nearly filled to the brim with flashing red warnings, one being his escape pod being rendered inoperable... So this was [i really] a one way trip.

[+blue “I can make it, Commander! I can make it!”] And he sees her engines begin to glow, space and time warping around the ship, and then-

[i An explosion.] Luna's ship vaporized to atoms by a barrage of ion torpedoes. [b “NO!”] He shouts and then howls in to the comms. But that was the only reaction he could muster as a barrage of ion torpedoes came his way as well, striking the asteroids surrounding him and engulfing him in a violent white light...

[center ~*~]

[b “That's the last of them, Captain.”] Kaervik tells Zi Teu, the last enemy signature on the radar disappearing. [b “A hardier people than I had expected, but the result was still the same.”] They had managed to take out some of their forces, but not as a significant amount as they might've thought. If this were really a problem they would've signalled to the rest of their armada. However, he garnered some respect for the Rularians, specifically the Commander Bravanac. Through some intelligence gathering, he learned the good Commander was quite the sword fighter and would've relished the challenge in duelling him one on one. Alas, this was the nature of the business, and you couldn't duel someone after you atomized them.

[b “Other than the two we just lost, the Fuelling Barges have been replenished and we're ready to move on... That is unless you would like to take the rest of this System before we depart?”] But he had a feeling they had bigger fish to fry.
  Kaervik / Renegade / 3d 21h 45m 40s
Kaervik was the man’s second hand-well claw. He’d never once steer the pirate captain astray and as he laid out his plan for the coming battle ahead the man grinned. It truly enjoy the idea of surveying the outer fringes of the milky-way before going heads first into capture Earth. Turning towards the man he slowly spoke up to him as if to add to the plan. There was a Galaxy closer to Milky way. It was known as Sector Z. It had no planets and it was nothing more but asteroids and stars. A barren wasteland where most of his fleet would be able to lie and wait till the reconnaissance was done. Zi Teu didn’t feel it wise to waste money sending his whole entire fleet so he decided that he’d spread himself as thin as possible. To Nakira, he’d seen his most inexperience pilots and to Rularian system he and his Kaervik would go. As for the rest of the crew they would spend there time collecting fuel from local systems before and resting and supplying before they’d launch a full on attack once more. Zi Teu knew that this invasion would take over a year to accomplish. A long year it would be but he still had faith that those in his crew would reap the benefit and all would be satisfied.

[i “I’ll add one more adjustment to the plan. Sector Z is where we’ll send the rest of our ships. We’ll only use half of our fleet to attack the Rularian system. We shall be like a ghost and make them bicker amongst themselves debating on how serious a threat we are. Once there confusion is high we will strike with all we have and Take Earth!”] His command was final and he’d hear no more interjections when it came to it. Stalking off to his ship he stretched his hands and slowly yawned. When the fighting come he would not sleep. He’d not sleep for months on end he was sure. So while they were travelling to Earth he would sleep for weeks on end and only awaken to attack a planet or two for fuel supply and resources before sleeping once more and resting his tired and aching bones.

The first Galaxy they attack saw them coming from nowhere. He’d taken them by surprise and started the extermination every planet that wasn’t useful. Some Planets had fuel which would come in handy. Along with slaves which would be need to keep the crew happy and satisfied. Grinning to himself the male found himself taking satisfaction in keeping a few slaves himself to test his every weapon he found when conquering new planets and taking what valuables they had. Grabbing a young lad by his hair, the captain lifted him up and plunge his sword through his body. Pulling it out he dropped the boy before hacking his corpse to pieces and flinging the blood of the sword.

One of the Planets in the solar system had good materials for swords. And so he had his blacksmiths extract the said material from the planet and forge weapons for his captain, generals, and his crew. Another planet had crystals that were very valuable to powering the cannons. Not only that, but there planet where the crystals were had very, exotic beauties.

At this point the men had been traveling the emptiness of space of nearly five months. Earth was still a month away and the Zi Teu felt like it would boost the morale of his crew if they enjoyed such pleasantries. Normally, they’d take women and put them on their slave ships. Out of the thousands of ships which made up the pirate fleet, the ten in the middle were filled of slaves to be used by the crew.

Each ship was roughly the size of Earth’s moon and was spherical and had many, many levels to choose from. Once the slaves were broken in those ships departed from the fleet and were sent off to planets where slaves were auction off. That was how they continuously were able to have money funnel into such operations. That was how Zi Teu worked.

Grabbing ahold of one such fine specimen, he grinned as he dragged her off. Pausing he turned to one of his generals and grinned. “Make sure ya harvest all the crystals.” He spoke before he brought the girl and threw her down on the ground.

“I ain’t gonna rape ya.” He snarled out as the creature coward in fear. Looking up at him she asked him what it was he wanted and he grinned. “Tell me bout the milky way Ya’ galaxy mighty close and we came a long, long way.”

Looking up at her she closed her eyes and asked what would happen if she’d refuse. And to that, the pirate captain undid his pants and grinned. “Than I guess I’ll be taking ya after all.” That was all it took for the girl to break down and started telling him about her travels to the Milky Way. As she talked about the ITF, the Rularian system and how they had intergalactic conversations and more the pirate captain grinned. Once she was done talking she looked up at him and asked if she was free to go. Stroking his beard the male paused before reaching for a crystal on a ground. Placing it within his gun, he grinned as he saw the way he lit it up and then he tested it on the girl killing her and laughing about it.

Back upon the ship the male stalked over towards his second in command and stroke his beard. [b “Before we launch an attack, there’s something we need to do..”]

[right [pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/74/4e/92/744e92cd68c17d6e059ae7bb3ccbf1b8--sean-opry-fan-art.jpg] ]

The feline was following behind Commander Dash as she the alarms sounded throughout their home world. It didn’t make any sense what had been happening; there was no indication that a foreign entity had enter their solar system yet there upon the horizon where hundred upon hundreds of ships arriving and arriving fast. Luna was a cool headed and level pilot that had seen combat before. Reaching towards the necklace around her neck she quickly said a prayer before she headed to their ship which would soon be taking off to combat these advancing forces. For some reason; there communication to the other systems was down and no one knew how or why.

Her mission was simply, to reach the deep space communicator which was located on an asteroid and fix it before rejoining the battle and following Dash into combat against the invading force. Heading into her Mech, she held her breath as she felt the suite slowly cling to her body. The suit was heavy and suffocating. Pilots had to undergo great training in order to even wear the suite. Wrong one move and the body would be crush but as she wasn’t concern with that. As soon as she was on line, she jumped up and started to fly out towards the asteroid belt.

[i “Commander Dash, this is Luna Sabroc. I’m heading to fix our Deep space communicator! As soon as my squad is done-“]

They came from nowhere. In an instant lasers were fired and it was all she could do to dodge and swerve away from the fire. On the horizon several dozen mech suites were heading towards her squad.
Giving the signal, she told her mine to fire at them and as several mech suites explode within the darkness of space more and more kept on coming and coming. It was as if death didn’t faze them. Heading directly into enemy fire was suicide and they knew it and were more than happy about it. Letting out a screech, she engage the enemy and withdrew her saber from her mech-suit and instantly fought for all she was worth.

But despite how hard and how long she battled reaching the Deep space Communicator was impossible and at the end she was the only one who was left alive in her squad. Falling back she retreated to the main ship and upon board she rushed to tell her Commanding officer Dash about what had happen and what she’d witness.

[left [pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/swgc/images/0/01/Sith_Pureblood_Race_zpsqiodvgy1.png/revision/latest/window-crop/width/200/x-offset/0/y-offset/0/window-width/501/window-height/500?cb=20190607122046] ]

The mission to Nakira was a suicidal one. Captain Jazbric knew full where that his mission was to die. His fleet number only ten but in the long goal it would spread misinformation the enemy. And that. In turn, would lead to the demise of the ITF and the capture of planet Earth. Once the planet was in full view he gave the signal to attack an instantly, as expect, their fleet was descended upon by the planet of Nakira. And a beautiful hailing of light filled the darkness and the galaxy seem to shake.

Pressing buttons into his chair, he commanded his fleet to never surrender and charge forward. He fed them lies that Nakira was filled with beautiful women and that the planet would easily be taken. All they needed to do was break through the defenses of the planet. That’s all they had to do but try as they might they would not prevail. Captain Kaervik had given them the order. Before hand the commander of the entire fleet, Zi Teu, had let them enjoy themselves for weeks on end on the slave ships enjoying wine and food. Now, now, Jazbric saw why. Because there was nothing beyond the grave. No Honor. No pleasure. Nothing but darkness and nonexistence.

Going out in a full blaze of Gory Glory, Jazbric ordered his ship to fire upon a nearby Nakira ship. To hit as many ships as they could only to have there fire returned upon and destroyed. Smiling, he lifted his head to the emptiness of space and grinned. A good soldier always went down with his ship. He’d been a slave before Zi Teu found him and he’d begged him to let him join his crew. He had no regrets, the past two years had been fun.

The battle lasted less than ten minutes and the entire fleet had been decimated by Nakira.
  Zi Teu / thelastman / 8d 7h 41m 32s
He was there for the negotiations, although 'negotiations' would be an overstatement of the affair. These people were desperate for what the Milky Way and for what Earth had. It made it an easy weakness for Zi Teu to exploit for their gain. The Caxian was motivated, he'd give him that, but for the Abollite with him? Money was not as much of a concern. Enough to keep the armada together and the men happy. No, what he craved more than anything was violence. To dominate. To be feared. And with Zi Teu and his fleet, he's done that and more.

The alien which had called them, once finished with Zi Teu spared the Abollite a glance, and he sneered back. He was a Warrior Caste Abollite, so as a result his skin was ashen grey, but to distinguish himself from his brethren during the Abollite Slave Uprising he adorned himself with with black tattoos and spiked piercings all over his body. Upon his genetically and cybernetically hardened body was a form-fitting exo-suit to enhance his already profound warrior qualities. And unlike the other Abollites that followed him, he had a name: [i Kaervik]. A name that struck cold fear in to hearts of many... Yet his name still paled in comparison to Zi Teu, but not for much longer, not after this score. After this, Kaervik would take over the fleet and every galaxy would know his name. And they would bend to his might or perish.

Kaervik follows Zi Teu to give the commands to the fleet that they would be departing to the Milky Way Galaxy. It was a long way from this galaxy, but as Zi Teu had told the alien, they would stop to refuel in different System's, turning them in to nickles and dimes along the way. A fleet this size, one that could subjugate entire galaxies, was very expensive to maintain, fuel, and finance, so taking planets and slaves along the way was not uncommon for them; they'd sell them off to pirates or rival dignitaries. Many of them were of the same mind or weren't motivated beyond the money lining their pockets. That suited him just fine; it meant there were no mutinies.

Once in the command bridge, they waste no time pulling up the star charts. The Milky Way was exceptionally documented, so it wasn't hard for them to figure out which way they would be coming from and to devise where they should hit first. Obviously the Fringe System's would come first, not only would it provide them with precious resources, but there were many places that would be advantageous footholds so they could encroach on Earth. Earth itself wasn't a Fringe World, so they couldn't just take their armada right to it without proper preparations first. It had been his first instinct to suggest that, but he quickly stopped himself. Kaervik knew better after working with Zi Teu and studying his tactics. They still didn't have all the information or detailed accounts of Earth's defences, allies that might come to their aid, or the limits of their military. But they had ways of divining that information...

[b “Zi Teu.”] Kaervik approaches him on the command bridge. With a wave of his hand, a holographic projection comes up before them. It was of two solar systems, one was closer than the other, but they were both rich in resources they could use as fuel. [b “Nakira and the Rularian System, both abundant in resources ripe for the taking. Our firepower and numbers are superior to theirs so we will have no problem taking what we need.”] He splits two fingers and both system's separates with their own separate bits of information. Since Nakira was closer, they had more information on it in the visual spectrum, but the Rularian System was further off and they had minimal information about them at the moment. With another wave, a third holographic projection appears showing them their fleet and resource and fuel stores.

This was still a point of contention, but Kaervik liked to prove himself, so he would make his suggestion. [b “I suggest we divide our armada, the ones with the lowest fuel going to Nakira while we go to the Rularian System. Our fuel stores will last the journey til then, and once we are done we may move on throughout the galaxy without concern for fuel while we gain more intelligence.”] There were other Fringe Systems they could hit as well for more resources and slaves when the fleets formed back together, and even more still as they moved further in to the Milky Way.
  Kaervik / Renegade / 8d 16h 48m 46s
It was raining.
Here on Planet Caxi it always rained. But not the refreshing water which quench the soul and filled one with life. Here it rained down acid scalding and burning. Its painful touch was something the people of this world learned to live with. Their skin was slimy and grotesque. Pain became something which was as common as breathing air and suffering was embraced and shared towards those whom were enemies. This was one of many docks which the great Pirate fleet stopped out. No one wanted this planet and no one cared for it. However, to the leader of the fleet, he’d called it home. He knew it by another name and referred to it affectionately. Each droplet of acid which burnt his skin made him into whom he was today. A fighter who never surrender and never retreated. That was how money was made; he’d amass a fortune beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. In the heart of there Galaxy was a planet where all their treasure was stored. Golden coin, diamonds, rubies, it was something completely beautiful and awe-dropping. In truth, the man was thinking of retiring soon. For he’d lived the life of a space pirate for several decades and since he was approaching ninety in years he’d figure it was time for him to go home and rest a wealthy man. Not on his planet, heaven’s no. But on another planet in another galaxy which knew no bloodshed and peace and pleasure.

As one of his tentacles reached for his pipe, he sat back on his ship and smoked lit it. They one beautiful thing about this Planet was that the rain erodes the rock and turned it into a perfect fuel spot. Instead of wasting money paying for fuel they’d used this world to travel the entire galaxy. Leaning back against his chair he closed his eyes. After this he’d stop by their middle planet and then head out to the Starry Realm. It was an absolute beautiful Galaxy with a planet entirely dedicated to lavish living. He’d imagine that with all his wealth he’d amassed he’d be able to live there like royalty till the end of his days. Lighting up his pipe, he grinned as he smoked it and took pleasure in the taste of his favorite pipe. That was when the buzzing went off and his eyes open to picture of a man whom was a foreign alien. It was quite clear that he was from another Galaxy and hadn’t heard that the legendary pirate Captain was retiring after almost sixty years of warring and spreading death and enslaving entire planets.

Still, Zi Teu hardly refused a job when offered. That was simply good business. He figured he also set up the rest of his crew for life. Being as this would be his finally job he’d wouldn’t take any of the share in it but instead give it all to those whom had served him the longest. His generals and captains. Lifting his pipe the male exhale the smoke as he stared at the man whom was sending him is coordinates now. His Galaxy was just one warp-drive away and the male was sure that the boys were itching for one more adventure with there captain. Finishing his smoke he gave orders to head out once all the ships were done refueling. Something within him had a feeling that this was going to be a rather interesting job to do. Of course, he’d figured that all would be fine as soon as he headed out towards the person’s whom had request him for the job.

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg] ]
[i “Captain Zi Teu”]
The man which stood before him was an aliened life-form completely different from Zi-Teu. His skin was that of rock and his eyes hard and bitter. As he greeted the captain, he handed him a little disk and upon pressing a button the picture of a water-filled Blue planet emerges. [i “This is why I’ve called you.”] The captain had heard tells of this universe being deprived of water. Indeed, the sun here was massive and water evaporated at quite a rapid rate. None of the planets on in this Galaxy had water and thus they desperately needed help from other galaxies to replenish they water supply or else they’d not survive. Though most races, like this one, had adapted. Still, the captain could see why this planet was valuable and a beauty.

Standing firm the male paused as he got out his piped and slowly set to work on lighting it once more. He’d seen plenty of planets where water was abundant. Afterall such was his job as one which sold planets for a living. As he handed the disk back he placed his medical herbs into his pipe before using another of his tentacles to light it and watch as the smoke rose and slither like a snake performer dancing on stage. Closing his eyes he slowly walked away from the man and looked out across the vastness of space. Even now the heat from the sun could be felt through this galaxy. It’s heat was almost stifling and he felt a sense of understanding as to why they were so desperate for water here. [b “That’s one mighty fine planet. If I remember, it’s called Earth. We’ve had plenty o’ people ask us to seize it. But they couldn’t match the price we’d ask to do such a task.”]

[i “Name your price.”] The male spoke as he sat stood firm and the captain paused before smoking his pipe once more. [b “1 octillion”]

Pausing the figure hesitated before shifting to one foot to another. There were entire galaxies that never saw that much wealth. That was nearly one trillion times a zillion. However, luckily for the man, his galaxy was rich in precious materials that equal that amount if not more. They had all the money in the world, a seemingly infinite amount. But without water such a money was worthless and as people continued to suffer without the precious commodity it was impossibile to say no.

[i “We’ll pay it but why so expenses?”]

Turning his head towards the male the pirate Captain grinned. [b “You know how we transport a planet? It takes quite the engineering feat. That, and Earth is several, several, warp drives away. It’s practically on the other side of the universe. It’d take us six months even warping several megaparsecs. We’ll have to stop at plenty of galaxies to replenish fuel supplies. To make an even amount we have to have such a steep price.”]

And that was that. Once the deal was struck all Ze Tui had to do was inform his crew that now was the time to head out towards the milky way.
Earth was waiting for them.
  Zi Teu / thelastman / 9d 12h 10m 40s

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