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I love skin details on characters so much. Things such as moles, freckles, blushes, scars, etc. Or if they're wearing make-up you can tell it's just make-up.

Maybe I just like realism? I think adding these details to characters makes them much more lively and animated than characters with pasty and clear skin. Sadly, skin detail is overlooked, which I can understand since a lot of people like to replicate perfection and all that, but not everyone has super clear skin, and having a character who has a few blemishes or some freckles is such a nice change. Things like this would be great for characters who are supposed to be teenagers or even young adults.

I guess I feel strongly about this because I have a lot of freckles and moles from both birth and the sun. I have the skin of a redhead. I just wanna see more characters with freckles.
  | Fire | / Stripper / 18h 44m 39s
Also the desert is alien terrain.

No seriously.

Deserts in America look so extraterrestrial, I can’t.

Or I’ve just played too much Sims 4 Strangerville.
  Stripper / 1d 2h 37m 49s
I wanna get my septum pierced and dye my hair ultraviolet.

The more time passes, the more I realise how much of a lesbian I truly am.

I can fuck any guy without feelings and not think about them afterwards, but I have to actually have a deep connection with a girl for me to even kiss them, and I’ve gotta really love them to fuck them.


No. I’m just bisexual or sexually fluid. I still don’t know. Maybe I’m suppressing myself? Like, I’m deeply in the closet and I don’t even know. Or, I’m just being overdramatic and I’m a bisexual with a female lean.

But I love bois too.

I’m definitely not 50/50 though.
  Stripper / 1d 2h 39m 59s
Finally going to make that Death’s assistant character and make a roleplay for them.

Most people believe you will reincarnate when you die. Others believe you will simply pass into the afterlife. Neither one is wrong, but it’s quite different.

Those who have died too early are given a second chance.
Those who were undeserving of death are offered a second chance.
And those with unfinished business are given the chance to come back and set things straight, but not as a person, but as their soul instead.

The afterlife is for those who are unfit for reincarnation and for those who have done everything they can on Earth. The afterlife is, well, the afterlife; life after death.
  Stripper / 1d 16h 12m 59s
Apparently my bisexual energy is hella strong, especially now that I have a bisexual haircut and started cuffing my jeans and tucking in my oversized shirts.

Also, I’ve sort of realised that I might be crushing on one of my female friends. To be honest, I kind of already knew that I really valued her and saw her differently to all my other friends, including my best friends, but I just thought she was something more than a friend but less than a lover.

I’ve kissed her once and we used to be really touchy with each other. I remember we slept in the same bed during a sleepover and I swear I could have died. I don’t know.

Do I like her? As friend, I love her. I don’t know about anything else though. My friendship group right now is really hard and confusing. One of my friends has a crush on me right now and has done for years, and now I’m crushing on our friend who I’ve subconsciously liked for years.


I swear I won’t ruin anything. I won’t push myself forward to my friend and I won’t give the friend who’s crushing on me false hope. I love them both dearly but I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I’ve already hurt enough people in my life and it’s time to end things, to end that cycle.

I think everything is going to be okay.
  Stripper / 2d 3h 47m 53s
Fuck everyone who doesn't like Monsters University.

I love that shit way too much. :'(

[s I used to have a crush on Squishy and had him as my phone lock screen for months when I was fifteen.]
  Stripper / 2d 19h 51m 0s
Thinking about doing a roleplay that centers around toxic relationships or at least one. Sort of did a similar concept a while ago, but I'm wanting this to really revolve around toxicity in relationships.

I was thinking of doing something like a one-sided relationship where one person cares more than the other or the other person is just using the other for some sort of personal gain. They never liked the other person and they never intended to like them.

Could do one where cheating is the main issue. One of them cheats and the other finds out but forgives them out of fear of losing their partner. Or they both cheat on each other. The cheated could cheat on the cheater out of grief and sex for solace.

Classic abusive relationship? Physically. Mentally. Verbally. Emotionally. One of them. Though all four can have subcategories.

Will add to this later.
  | Water | / Stripper / 3d 20h 10m 31s
I will forever think I'm cooler than you because I have a condition that gives me a shit-ton of extra eyelashes.

Distichiasis gang.

Just kidding. It's not that cool.
  | Water | / Stripper / 3d 20h 20m 16s
Fine. I'm gay for Natalia Dyer too.

But, honestly, that girl is kind of toxic for me. Nothing wrong with her at all, but I just remember fawning over her really skinny and petite physique and wanting to look exactly like her.

That was the very beginning of my ED.

Seriously, though. Anyone who is skinny is kind of my thinspo. If you asked me what perfection looks like I'd probably point you towards Natalia Dyer or someone similar.

I remember wanting to look exactly like her to the point where I would imagine her in my place. I didn't want to look like anyone else, just her. She isn't magnificently beautiful or anything, but I wanted to be her and still kinda do.

Specifically, Nancy Wheeler was my original thinspo because I'm obsessed with Stranger Things and Nancy is my favorite.
  | Water | / Stripper / 3d 20h 55m 56s
Definitely a lesbian for Kaya Scodelario. Effy Stonem is just proper fit, ngl.
  Stripper / 4d 17h 12m 32s
I’m only a lesbian if you look like Sherliza Moé otherwise I’m basically 99% straight.

  Stripper / 6d 22h 24m 45s
Need to go out drinking soon. Might ask Gabriella and make some plans with her friends. Just need to drown my feelings and forget about everything for a little bit.

I can definitely see myself being an alcoholic but not when I’m living with my parents. I can’t drink in front of them, not that they care or anything, but my subconscious blocks me from drinking alcohol with my family. It’s why I go apeshit at parties and night outs because I can finally drink and get drunk. Nothing’s better than getting drunk. I love alcohol more than weed and pills.

Anyway. She wants to go out with me soon so I’ll make some plans. My bank account is fat and I can afford more than enough, so I’ve got my drinks covered. We’ll see.
  Stripper / 6d 23h 58m 54s
Should really write something in my dream diary, that thing has been stagnant for a few weeks. I am still dreaming every night I just keep forgetting to record them, but I’ll have to get back into the habit soon. I do really enjoy my dreams and I like looking back at the ones that I’ve had. They do say your dreams have meanings after all.
  Stripper / 7d 16h 54m 11s
[i You can’t hide from fate. The last time you did you were killed. How will you fair now? A second life isn’t just a second chance, you know. A new road doesn’t mean a new path. You’re cursed, honey. Just try to live until it catches up to you.]

Plot inspo?
A person has been cursed and the curse follows them in every single life.
Themes of reincarnation, obviously.
  Stripper / 7d 17h 18m 1s
Next roleplay: something about a cult for definite.

Inspirations: Midsommar and Hereditary.

[i One of Us] kind of cult mentality. They view themselves as family and sacrifice for the greater good.

Possibly reuse my character Ephraim Blackwood for the cult leader, or at least someone associated heavily with the cult.
  Stripper / 7d 17h 45m 49s

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