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[Center [Pic https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032663453936721/8AAE35319680E90E75274F3EFF269AD93600BE10/]]

[Center [Font "Hei" [#c270a0 "Wait till the last petal falls and you shall never be free. You cannot slumber forever my dear; you may try but even then love will always prevail."]]]

[Center [Font "Didot" In a world unlike the one we know, here is a place where everyone has a dictated path and those who stray do not tend to return alive. Here there are three types of peoples. [U The Weavers], [U The Catchers] and [U The Dreamcatchers] of the first two, it is simple; the Weavers create beautiful illusions that others would simply die for.. The catchers help to prevent those who choose to fall into the dreams of the weavers back into reality; then there is a third. The Dreamcatchers who are not only Weavers but Catchers too. Remarkably rare and utterly taboo they are sought after as the investigators for when the weaver's and their dreams go wrong; this is where you come in.]]

[Center [Font "Didot" God forbid a Catcher dates a Weaver... worse of all imagine falling in love with a Dreamcatcher.]]

[Center In a parody of two of the world's most classic love stories, I invite one writer to join me in this revamped version of Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, where the stakes are real and the love even stronger.]

[Center [Font "Georgia" [U Requirements]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Literate writer]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I am opening this roleplay to younger writers, as I feel that this thread is a safe area for writers who wish to write with me who don't quite meet my other age required threads. There will be some romance but overall, it's going to be a fun new take on two of Disney's most legendary classics.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Realistic, natural photos]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Please be prepared to do a lot of pre planning, talking etc with me. If possible please have discord, makes communication easier, if not then we can still discuss on here I'll just an OOC thread.]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I will not be providing a skeleton, you can make it as simple or detailed as you like.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Please DM me if you are interested; this is not first in first serve. Just title the PM 'Dream' and I'll know what you're talking about!]]

[Center [Font "Cochin" [i Inspired by 'Jolene' by Dolly Parton, 'Panic Room' by Au/Ra and 'Good in Goodbye' by Madison Beer]]]


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