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Humans cannot be Venandi. They are a seperate group that can either work with the Venandi or against them. People can use the Hunters to target the Venandi.
  canadonewithursh-t / 2d 13h 7m 46s
[center [b Cecelia's demons and their powers/weaknesses]

Name: Asmodeus
Power: Shadow manipulator. He is able to take shadows, give them a physical form and manipulate them to his will.
Weakness: If there are no shadows/limited he is useless. (?)

Name: Judith
Power: - Need to think of one

Name: Rusalka
Power: Necromancy
Weakness: when controlling more than five dead bodies, Rusalka cannot defend herself.

Name: Lilith
Power: Teleportation
Weakness: Can only teleport to a certain distance.

Name: Adramelech
Power: Pyrokenisis
Weakness: Water, ice, cold environments.
  canadonewithursh-t / 2d 20h 8m 45s
•There are two types of monsters.
The Repugnat and The Gratum.
The second type of monster are those accepted to live and work in human society.
The latter, is everybody else.
Dimidietas are halflings. Half human, half monster.

• There are monster zones, human zones and neutral zones. Our characters are only allowed in all zones. Humans can go to the monster zones if they wish. The Repugnat are confined to the monster zones. No fighting is allowed in neutral zones.
  canadonewithursh-t / 1d 14h 13m 6s

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