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"Is this the place that there is said to be a fire monster?" Leo asked himself before entering the inn. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had shorts on.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 14h 41m 4s
Gohanna smiled and poked Ashe's nose while he was sleeping. "Boop!" She held in all of her inner girl and resisted the urge to scream.
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 14h 47m 42s
Ashe woke up and yawned before moving closer to Byleth for warmth. "Well he's awake and he's snuggling up against my leg." Byleth said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 18h 28m 18s
Gohanna began to run out of ki and began to pant. "God.ugh....." She got up and began to charge her ki to get some back to keep heating him up with ki.
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 18h 30m 3s
"You're right about how it doesn't hurt to explore and he's no longer sneezing." Byleth said while smiling.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 18h 34m 1s
Gohanna thought for a moment. "We could investigate once he's healthy once more, it doesn't hurt to explore does it?"
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 18h 35m 23s
"The truth is that I don't know for certain because I never venture past Snowdin." Byleth said before sighing.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 18h 37m 11s
Gohanna nodded. " there different parts of the underground based on element?" She asked with wonder feeling like that has been the case.
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 18h 42m 23s
"That's good to hear... You see, Ashe lives in the hotlands which explains why he isn't used to the cold." Byleth said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 18h 55m 4s
Gohanna blushed and smiled. "He is doing just fine actually." She had been warming Ashe up with her super saiyan aura, not only to push the time she can be in it but to also help him.
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 18h 57m 24s
Ashe fell asleep since he felt a little warmer than he normally did. "Is he okay?" Byleth asked Gohanna. He smiled when he entered the room and noticed that Ashe was asleep.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 5d 19h 1m 40s
Gohanna smiled. "I have took care of and Saved a baby dragon 4 times. with 2 different dragons" She hugged him and smiled.
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 19h 6m 10s
"Why did I even get shut out in the cold..." Ashe muttered to himself. "Well fire monsters can be a real handful." Byleth said.
  Zidane / Catlover33 / 5d 19h 11m 13s
Gohanna lifted Ashe up and felt bad, she wrapped him up in fireproof blankets and carried him downstairs to the basement. She made some tea for him and herself and sat down next to him in a chair. "I will keep watch over him :3"
  colors / NatakaStargazer / 5d 19h 18m 11s
Ashe sneezed again which caused Byleth to grab another large bucket of water. "Get him in the fire-proof room right now." Byleth said before pointing to stairs that led to a fireproof basement.
  Zidane / Catlover33 / 5d 19h 38m 36s

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