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Roleplay Responses

''Hmm... makes sense...'' Shoto said.
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 35d 17h 37m 25s
"I have no idea..." Vaan said. "Rain was brought here a few years ago and had almost exactly the same thing that Locke had." Bartz said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 35d 18h 27m 48s
Madoka panicked ''what happened to them?!''
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 35d 18h 28m 42s
"It's fine and where in the world is Rain." Vaan said before everyone pointed to a pile of dust on the floor. "oh GOD." He said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 35d 18h 32m 15s
''Hehe sorry about that'' Todoroki said as he roughed up Vanns hair gently
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 36d 4h 59m 8s
"Y-you know that I get flustered easily." Vaan said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 36d 5h 6m 9s
Todoroki chuckled slightly as he smiled at Vann....
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 36d 5h 6m 57s
Vaan stayed still and ended up blushing. "He's blushing..." Euden said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 36d 5h 8m 26s
''Mhm...'' Shoto nodded as he walked over to Vann and hugged him.
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 36d 5h 9m 52s
"Well, I guess that it's true that you need to be careful with your power." Euden said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 36d 5h 10m 55s
Shoto nodded a bit. ''I did as well..''
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 36d 5h 13m 50s
"I guess that's true. I learned this the hard way though." Euden said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 36d 9h 52m 12s
''Everyone's magic or powers work in very mysterious ways..''
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 49d 5h 55m 33s
"I didn't know that I had the power to save people until I saved his highness." Euden said.
  Vaan (Anime Form) / Catlover33 / 49d 6h 3s
''Oh...'' Shoto asked as rubbed the back of his neck.
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 49d 11h 39m 39s

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