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Alphys looked for the soul and had begun looking for parts to build Rain a new body.
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 5h 53m 45s
Euden sighed and walked back to the others. Rain's soul was hiding somewhere near the dusted remains of his body.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 5h 55m 1s
Everyone else waited for Edden to come back. Alphys took Rain's remain to the lab.
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 5h 56m 9s
"I understand..." Euden said before he walked away and yawned.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 6h 10m 39s
Alphys nodded ''i-ill try my best''
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 6h 15m 43s
"Please help Rain... I don't know why he got dusted all of a sudden." Euden said.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 6h 21m 52s

Alphys shook her head ''but i will help them.''
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 6h 22m 40s

"So did you know Rain." Euden said.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 7h 47m 28s

Alphys opened the door. ''O-oh my..''
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 7h 50m 49s

Euden gathered up Rain's remains and then walked over to Alphys. "Rain kicked the bucket." He said.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 9h 33m 47s

Meliodas had nodded as Euden told them
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 9h 46m 40s

"I'll gather the remains and tell Alphys about this." Euden said.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 9h 48m 33s

Meliodas nodded as he yawned a bit.
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 9h 55m 12s

"That's true..." Bartz said.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 35d 9h 56m 39s
Meliodas nodded ''We can only hope.''.Meliodas said. Madoka looked at Locke.
  Meliodas / Sf_Pappy / 35d 10h 1m 6s

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