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Kurapika returned to the others and was near death when he collapsed. "We should find a safe place." Noctis said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 15m 42s
Melodis sighed "So where are we going to head after this?" He asked.
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 18m 10s
"YOU WILL DIE RIGHT HERE AND NOW YOU FIEND!" Kurapika yelled at Chara.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 23m 45s
"A-alright..." Madoka looked down slightly. "Don't worry Madoka...It's not your fight to worry about" Homura said
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 28m 28s
Kurapika attacked Chara from a distance using his chain. "He'll be fine." Noctis said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 33m 12s
"B-but want if Kurapika gets hurt?" She asked looking at Noctis. Homura looked at Madoka.
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 35m 18s
"This is Kurapika's fight, not yours." Noctis said. "BEGONE YOU THOT!" Kurapika yelled at Chara.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 39m 36s
"Me and Homura can help fight her!!" She said ready to help them out.
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 43m 16s
"Yep and considering the fact that she poisoned a human is even worse." Roy said. "COME OUT RIGHT NOW CHARA!" Kurapika yelled out.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 46m 27s
"So kinda like the witches from mine and Homura's home town.." She said
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 49m 57s
"We suspect that she was rotten to the core from the very beginning." Roy said.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 51m 59s
"What happened to make her turn out that bad?" Madoka asked Roy
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 6h 56m 12s
"She WAS human but now we monsters see her as a she-demon that wants to kill us all." Roy said. "I'm going to grab that herb." Chrom said.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 5d 6h 58m 20s
Madoka looked at Roy "W-who is Chara?... Why do you guys keep talking about her?" She asked nervously...
  Sf_Pappy / 5d 7h 1m 15s
"Hey you two... I found Chara and she's pretty strong... I did my duty and evacuated all of the monsters from the area." Roy said. "Well then we'd better hurry." Chrom said to everyone.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 5d 7h 3m 30s

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