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Madoka came up and hugged him gently ''You really scared me..'' she said quietly.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 18m 6s
"It's all thanks to Alphys and Nine." Locke said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 19m 25s
''Y-your b-back!'' Madoka smiled slightly as She stood up slowly making sure she doesn't fall back down again.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 23m 53s
"Looks like he needs to get adjusted to having a body again." Nine said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 26m 5s
Madoka looked up finally seeing Locke. She sniffled and blinked back her tears.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 27m 49s
"Just getting revived is a pain in the butt." Locke said. "GET OFF! I KNOW THAT YOU RECENTLY GOT A NEW BODY BUT YOU SHOULDN'T BE MOVING YET!" Bartz yelled out.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 30m 0s
Madoka was still hiding her face hugging Homura. Homura noticed Locke and glared a bit.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 32m 57s
"I don't know why I am such a klutz." Locke said before he finally opened the door and stumbled towards Bartz only to knock him over.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 36m 22s
''i'its fine...'' Alphys told him.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 37m 41s
"OH GOD! I AM SOO SORRY ABOUT THAT!" Locke yelled out. "What a klutz." Bartz said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 39m 25s
Madoka sniffled as she tried t calm herself down. She had tried to stand up but had failed she was still super shaken up.
  Madoka Kaname / Sf_Pappy / 47d 40m 11s
A loud thud could be heard as Locke tried to get up. "It's probably Locke's soul making a mess." Bartz said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 47d 42m 10s
Alphys had finally finished the new body and put the soul in it
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 47d 43m 25s
"He didn't tell you guys about the illness that he had. I guess that today, it won." Bartz said.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 47d 44m 24s
''O-oh god..'' Shoto said quietly as he covered his mouth.
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 47d 44m 57s

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