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  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 18h 6s
''Hello!'' Madoka said waving at him. ''Can we meet this person? I would really like too meet that person.'' Madoka said looking at Ali.
"H-hello there... There is someone in the shadows that recently was a ghost. He was really into human culture and ended up inhabiting a mechanical body that resembled him when he was a human. That appearance was reflected in his ghostly form." Ali said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 18h 11m 50s
''Oh.'' Madoka said as she looked at Locke
"I'm actually very tickilish. It's my weakness." Locke said.
  Locke / Catlover33 / 15d 18h 22m 34s
''Okay..'' Madoka said as she yawned.
"It's fine... I'm used to it by now." Locke said before he smiled/
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 15d 18h 34m 3s
''Sorry..'' She said as she smiled a bit
"Stop.. I'm tickilish." Locke said before he giggled.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 15d 18h 42m 2s
Madoka pocked Locke and giggled slightly. Shoto messed with the flower crown he had put on his head
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 15d 18h 45m 8s
"What is going on out there..." Bartz muttered to himself. He kept his distance and watched from the shadows
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 15d 19h 3s
''That's nice.'' Shoto said.
  Todoroki / Sf_Pappy / 15d 19h 6m 13s
"Normally we allow the others to get some rest before we continue forward." Hope said.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 15d 19h 11m 0s
Shoto sighed as he looked around. He put his hands in his pockets.
"We're right here and we're waiting for something to do." Len said.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 15d 19h 17m 8s

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