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Yunho is assigned one last mission before retiring for good. He has to determine if Dongmyeong, who had recently lost his twin brother Xion, was mentally fit continue hunting vampires. Dongmyeong is given the same mission, to watch over Yunho, to see if Yunho is mentally fit to continue hunting werewolves. How will they both deal with this? Let's find out.

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another spinoff! Yes, this is a spinoff to my main wolfau series! I will get around to working on the main series asap but for now I need to work on Yunho's story before the idea disappears.

You can check out the prequel to this story [ here], and find out what happened with Dongmyeong to lose his twin. We will see characters from the main series in here, but there are some differences between this series and the main one, thus why it's a spinoff.

Also be warned, there [i will] be a [i giant] plot twist towards the end of the story, and for those who can figure it out, do [i not] spoil it in the comments. It's meant to be a plot twist for a reason.

Also, I know that Yunho and San aren't siblings. However they are in this series and the main series to make things interesting. It also makes Yunho's past more interesting because there is a reason behind Yunho's stoic expression and his icy personality.

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Yunho: A pure blooded werewolf with a dark past. He and his twin San weren't meant to live, and paid the price for it when their home pack kicked them out, leaving them to vampires. He and his brother San were rescued by Hongjoong and has been with him since, becoming a werewolf hunter under Wontak's faction. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a nasty scar across his stomach, and another one across his lower back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Dongmyeong: A pure blooded werewolf who is still grieving over the loss of his younger twin Xion. He was a werewolf hunter for many years before becoming a vampire hunter after finding his twin. After the death of his brother he fell into grief, lashing out at everyone at the mere mention of Xion's name. He is trying to move on, though it is hard for him. He is a vampire hunter, under his own faction. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a large scar going down his back and a claw mark on his face going down his left cheek seen in his wolf and human forms.

San: A vampire who is Yunho's twin brother. He was a pure blooded werewolf, but after getting abandoned by his home pack he was left to the vampires with his brother and bitten. He miraculously survived the change, at the cost of his wolf. He hates it, but deals with it for his brother's sake. He hunts animals, and comes to visit his brother when he's in the area. He's a part of Yeosang's coven, though due to his introverted nature and natural distrust for other vampires after what happened, is rarely with them, only passing on information when they run into each other. He avoids everyone when he can, and only visits his brother when Yunho is by himself somewhere.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [ these] guys for the awesome poster :D


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[center Chapter 7]

"The only way this would be a perfect visit is if San was here," said Yunho as he looked out towards the forest from the railing on the back deck. "And Wooyoung," he added. "Did San come visit at least?" Asked Jongho as he stood beside Yunho. "For a little bit," said Yunho. "He was here with me an entire day once, we just went on a hike through the forest," he said. "I'm sure he'll come for a visit again soon," said Jongho as he patted Yunho on the shoulder.

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"So you've met San?" Asked Hongjoong as he walked with Dongmyeong to the pond. "Yeah," said Dongmyeong. "I was surprised to see him, I expected a completely different person from who I met," he said, earning a chuckle from Hongjoong. "San does have that sort of effect on people," said Hongjoong.

"I didn't know Yunho could be so... [i Emotional] around people he knows," said Dongmyeong. "Believe me, he's much different at home than he is here," said Hongjoong. "The emotionless front is more due to which pack we belong to," he said. "Seungwoo did drill it into our heads that things were ran differently with him than the other generals," he said. "Byungchan and Jongho are the odd ones out, but that's because they both came from Jinyoung's side of the pack," he said.

"Hunting does have a part in it though," said Dongmyeong. "That it does... That it does," hummed Hongjoong as they reached the pond.

"No fox today it seems," said Dongmyeong as he looked around, half expecting the fox to show up. "Did you bring any jerky with you?" Asked Hongjoong. "No, but he usually shows up anyway," said Dongmyeong as he shrugged. Hongjoong hummed in response.

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"So that's why you're here," said Hwanhee as he walked over to stand beside Yunho who was still talking with Jongho. "Yeah, Xiao explained it I'm guessing?" Asked Yunho as he turned his head to look at Hwanhee. "Gave me the gist of it," said Hwanhee. "I'm surprised Wontak decided to do something [i now] of all times," he said, leaning against the railing.

"Was it that bad?" Asked Yunho. "In the beginning it was," said Hwanhee. "Dongmyeong's seemed to somewhat have moved on, with some help from Hwanwoong it seems," he said. "He still lashes out when anyone mentions Xion's name but I guess I was expecting him to be out of grief by now," he said.

"Grief changes people," said Jongho. "Some more than others," he added. "We've all had our fair share of grief, but nothing hits harder than losing someone close to you like Dongmyeong did," he said. "Especially to lose someone like Dongmyeong did," he added.

"He had a choice," said Yunho. "But he chose the harder option because he couldn't see anyone else doing what he did," he said. "In the end it still hurts like hell, no matter who did it," he said.

"It's why I fear the day you end up dead," came San's voice as he walked into view. "San!" Said Yunho as he smiled, the smile lighting up his face. "Hey San," said Jongho as he waved. Hwanhee blinked, before waving awkwardly. "Hello San?" He asked.

"Oh, someone who doesn't know me?" Asked San as he tilted his head to the side. "San, this is Hwanhee, Hwanhee this is San, my twin," said Yunho. "Nice to meet you," said Hwanhee. "Likewise," said San as he nodded.

"What brings you back here?" Asked Yunho. "Finally found Yeosang and Mingi, have yet to find Seonghwa though," said San. "Hm," hummed Yunho. "I don't know where Seonghwa is," he said. "Last I checked he was visiting Jaehwan and Zuho?" Asked Jongho as he looked thoughtful. "I was going there next," said San. "Say hello to Seonghwa for me," said Yunho. "Will do," said San before he turned around and sprinted off. "By San," Yunho called after him.

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"You guys just missed San!" Called Yunho as Hongjoong and Dongmyeong walked into view after returning from the pond. "Aw, really? What'd he come by for?" Asked Hongjoong. "Just to say he found Yeosang and Mingi," said Yunho. "But he couldn't find Seonghwa so he was going to Jaehwan's place next," he said.

"Well you guys are gonna miss dinner if you don't hurry up and get your food," called Xiao as he came outside. That got Hwanhee and Yunho to rush inside, with Dongmyeong following behind them. Jongho and Hongjoong exchange glances before heading inside with Xiao.

"So you met San?" Asked Hongjoong as he sat beside Hwanhee at the kitchen island with food. "Mhm," said Hwanhee. "What'd you think?" asked Hongjoong. "I dunno," said Hwanhee. "He's very... Outspoken?" He asked.

"That's very unusual for San," remarked Yunho from his spot at the kitchen table. "I mean I guess I was here so I see where you got that from but," he said, shrugging. "He's usually more quiet and reserved," he said. "But his usual "come for a minute, catch up, then go" style is still there," he said.

"That sounds like San," said Hongjoong. "He was literally there for like 2 minutes," said Jongho. "Said hello, got to say where he was headed next then left," he said. "I told you he wouldn't be a problem," said Yunho as he turned to Xiao. "I never doubted you," said Xiao.

[center ~]

Hongjoong and Jongho eventually had to leave, promising to return as soon as possible when Byungchan started asking for them to come back to the pack house to get some things done before they had to go find Wooyoung, who had been silent for a few months now.

"Say hi to San for me, if you see him," said Yunho as he stood outside with Dongmyeong to send Hongjoong and Jongho off. "We will," said Hongjoong. "Have a safe trip home, and tell Byungchan that I'm fine," said Yunho. Jongho waved before he ran into the forest with Hongjoong following after him.
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[center Chapter 6]

Sharing a room with Hwanwoong and Dongmyeong together was an experience that Yunho wasn't expecting at all. Dongmyeong's mood had lifted once he knew that Hwanwoong was back, though everyone still avoided talking about Xion in front of Dongmyeong if they could help it.

Youngjo sported a new scar across his face similar to Dongmyeong's from Dongmyeong's latest lash out when Youngjo was reminiscing about old memories. That had taken both Yunho [i and] Hwanhee to get Dongmyeong off of Youngjo and by then Youngjo was about to start fighting back because he was sick and tired of dealing with Dongmyeong's mood swings.

"It's not like you can do anything to me," spat Dongmyeong as Yunho and Hwanhee kept a hold on him to keep another physical fight from happening, earning a growl from Youngjo. "Kill you I can't do, but putting you in your place I [i can]," growled Youngjo as he stepped forward only to be grabbed by Gunhak and Hwanwoong who got a hold of his arms and dragged him away. "Leave it damn it," said Gunhak. "It's not worth fighting against an ex werewolf hunter right now," he said.

"Damn it," said Xiao as he got between the two of them. "Leave it will you?" He asked. "The both of you," he said. "It's been a [i year] and this is still going on? Stop acting like children," he said. "Me? Acting like a child?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I don't think so," he said. "You don't know the [i hell] I went through those years I thought my brother was [i dead]," he spat.

"Leave it Dongmyeong," said Yunho. "This isn't the place to talk about stuff like that," he said. "I could change right now and you won't be able to stop me," growled Dongmyeong. "Do it, I dare you," said Yunho, a serious tone in his voice. "Youngjo may not want to do anything but you forget who is here for [i you]," he said. That seemed to put Dongmyeong in his place as he let himself collapse against Hwanhee and Yunho, who slightly relaxed their hold on him, with Yunho eyeing Youngjo who was still somewhat tense.

"Get him out of here," said Yunho. "I'll take care of Dongmyeong," he said. Xiao looked at Yunho who nodded in reassurance. "Take him," he said. Hwanwoong and Gunhak dragged Youngjo away and Yunho carefully let go of Dongmyeong while Hwanhee kept a hold on Dongmyeong's arm in case he tried something.

Yunho turned and punched Dongmyeong in the face, earning a grunt from Dongmyeong as he was sent backwards slightly from the blow, with Hwanhee pushing him forward slightly. "The hell was that for?" Spat Dongmyeong as he glared up at Yunho. "For being such an absolute [i idiot]," growled Yunho as he glared down at Dongmyeong. The glaring contest went on for a full minute before Yunho turned and walked away, going out the back door to change and go running to calm down.

"You [i are] an idiot you know," said Xiao as Hwanhee let Dongmyeong go, moving away before helping Dongmyeong stand up. "I have a [i lot] to catch up on it seems," said Hwanhee as he looked at Xiao. "I'll explain it later," said Xiao. "For now I need to go make sure Yunho isn't tearing up the forest," he said, going out the back door to change and find Yunho.

"What the hell did you do to set off one of the most dangerous werewolf hunters alive right now?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to Dongmyeong. "I didn't do [i anything]," said Dongmyeong as he glared at something on the wall.

[center ~]

Yunho was running for about 10 minutes before he heard footsteps behind him and the smell of wet dog let him know it was Xiao that had come after him. He wasn't sure if he could face the other werewolves without tearing into them immediately anyway, so he was fine with Xiao's large Red Wolf form as he ran over and keep pace with him as they both went running.

It wasn't long before they heard howls, causing Yunho to pause in his running to assess who it was, his head turning towards the sound as Xiao stumbled a bit as he skidded to a stop before walking over to see what was wrong, his ears perking up at the sound of howling.

Yunho's tail started wagging at the sight of familiar wolves, as Jongho's dark brown colored wolf form and Hongjoong's light grey colored wolf form walked into view. Xiao bowed his head at the sight of newcomers, and Jongho and Hongjoong wagged their tails at him. Wooyoung wasn't with them yet it seemed, though Yunho figured that Wooyoung was still in Europe doing more scouting to see who he could find.

Yunho turned to Xiao in a questioning manner and Xiao shrugged, beginning the trek back to the house with Yunho, Jongho and Hongjoong following after him. Hongjoong and Jongho took a slight detour to grab their bags of clothes before following Yunho and Xiao back to the house, the four of them changing and quickly getting dressed once they reached the back deck.

"Good to see you two finally stop by," said Yunho as he turned to Jongho and Hongjoong, a soft smile appearing on his face at the sight of Hongjoong, who was the leader of their subpack, and Jongho who was their youngest. "Kris finally let us come over for a bit," said Jongho as he shrugged, grinning in return at Yunho.

"Welcome back," said Sunyoul as he walked out onto the back deck. "And hello you two," he said, turning to Hongjoong and Jongho. "Hello," said Hongjoong. Jongho nodded in greeting.

"Sorry we couldn't send a message ahead of time," said Hongjoong as he scratched the back of his head. "We figured that Yunho wouldn't attack us immediately, so," he said, shrugging as he let his arm drop to his side. "I'd recognize your wolf forms anywhere, plus I know the others enough to distinguish them from you two," said Yunho.

"I'd trust a werewolf hunter's judgement on other werewolves," said Xiao. "I mean we have Changhyun but he's been gone for a few months now," he added. "How long are you two going to be here?" He asked. "A day at the least," said Hongjoong. "A week at the most, it depends on Yunho at this point," he added.

"Well, that would depend on Xiao at that point, he's the main alpha here," said Yunho. "Stay as long as you need," said Xiao. "Things have been rather tense lately, you may change the atmosphere, who knows," he said, shrugging.

[center ~]

And that was how Dongmyeong got to observe a completely [i different] side to Yunho. One that wasn't burdened by the longing to be near the familiar faces that were his pack. Some put pack before everything else, and considering Yunho's past, Dongmyeong could see why he chose that path.

Jongho and Hwanwoong got along well, their personalities not really clashing, but not really complimenting each other. Dongmyeong was jealous at first, but Jongho cleared that up [i really] quickly when Yunho managed stop Dongmyeong from confronting Jongho and turning it into a full blown fight between them both. They weren't mates, it was more Jongho's overly friendly nature that really drew Hwanwoong in.

"Really though," said Jongho. "[i If] we were mates, it'd be even [i more] obvious than this," he said. "You don't have to worry about a thing, my mate is someone else," he said, causing Dongmyeong to blink in confusion before it dawned on him. "Oh," said Dongmyeong. "Seriously, and you're supposed to be a [i really] good tracker?" Jongho asked with a snicker, going to pat Dongmyeong on the shoulder before walking away, going to find out where Hongjoong went.

"Seriously, I thought it was obvious," said Hwanwoong as he shook his head at Dongmyeong. "It's why I've been so [i casual] around Jongho," said Yunho. "He means no harm, really," he said. "I get it now," Dongmyeong said, sighing.
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[center Chapter 5]

Observing Dongmyeong was an experience for Yunho, that was for sure. The way Dongmyeong had reacted at first at the mere [i mention] of Xion's name was something he had taken note of, knowing at some point that Yunho would have to stage an intervention for him.

As much as he would [i love] to come to the conclusion to kill Dongmyeong, Yunho [i did] respect the whole mates thing, and wasn't about to have to kill Hwanwoong if he could help it. If it came down to it, he was sure he'd have to kill them both at some point.

Yunho did notice one thing though, while being here. It seemed that both Xiao [i and] Dongmyeong were keeping an eye on him. Why, he wasn't sure. Gunhak and the others weren't. At least, from what he was aware of. He wasn't the [i best] tracker in the world, that title went to Jongho in their subpack, but he was aware enough to know when someone was keeping an eye on him.

[center ~]

"Take a walk with me?" Asked Gunhak, taking Yunho out of his thoughts as he was sitting on the couch reading a book he had brought with him. "Where are we going?" Asked Yunho as he looked up, making sure to mark the page he was on before setting it down on the coffee table and getting up. "Just out to the pond," said Gunhak.

"Dongmyeong would come with us but he was dragged out grocery shopping with Kogyeol," he said. "As I heard," hummed Yunho as he nodded, going to grab his shoes and put them on. Gunhak walked out the back door after putting on his shoes and Yunho followed after him.

"You really have nothing to do out here huh?" Asked Yunho as they walked down the path to the pond. "Not really," said Gunhak. "Was there anything you liked doing back home?" He asked. "No, not really," said Yunho. "I mostly relaxed at home and waited for the next batch of missions," he said.

"Missions must take up a lot of your time then," said Gunhak as they reached the pond. "No, not really," said Yunho as he kept his gaze trained on the water. "Other than the big 3 year long one I returned from not too long ago I haven't had many [i extremely] long missions," he said. Gunhak hummed, nodding in response as he looked out at the water.

"What got your pack involved with a bunch of 'shifters?" Asked Yunho as he picked up a rock and skipped it across the water. "I was asked to merge packs with them when Wooseok came to us about Keonhee and his... [i Involvement] with Wooseok's brother's mate," he said. "He could tell that we were innocent, and wanted to keep us out of the backlash that it probably caused for Moonbin and his pack," he said. "I see," hummed Yunho.

"It's probably still causing them hell to this day, but Moonbin was quick to set things straight, once word got out that 'shifter law was in play and Keonhee simply tried to break it, by getting involved," said Gunhak. "We cut ties with him to not get in anymore trouble than we could and just laid low," he said. "We're still involved with hunters, but only after Wooseok proved that we signed a merging agreement, which involved everyone at the time," he said.

"Rocky and Eunwoo were calling for your heads weren't they?" Asked Yunho. "No," said Gunhak. "I was there to sign Keonhee's death warrant and they [i knew] that I knew what he was doing was wrong," he said. "Seoho is out there somewhere but he's been laying low this whole time," he said.

"Do you think Seoho was involved with it or was he just dragged into it?" Asked Yunho. "I don't know honestly," said Gunhak. "It was hard to tell with him," he added. "I hope he wasn't intentionally involved," he said, sighing. "I've lost too many people, and I don't want to lose another one despite the fact that Seoho did leave," he said.

"You'd feel like you failed as pack alpha?" Asked Yunho. Gunhak nodded. "Makes sense," said Yunho. "I don't know that feeling since I'll never be a pack alpha but I think I understand the feeling of just feeling like you've really failed at something," he said.

[center ~]

"They told me you'd be out here," said Dongmyeong as he walked over with Hwanwoong who had just returned from his mission with Hwanhee. "Hey," said Gunhak as he turned his head to look at them. "Welcome back Hwanwoong," he added. Hwanwoong smiled slightly, putting his hands in his pants pockets.

Yunho was still focused on the water, but acknowledged their presence with a wave. "You alright over there Yunho?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Fine," hummed Yunho as he focused on something in the water, spotting a fish swimming around. "Huh, I didn't know that this pond had fish," he said, leaning forward for a closer look. Gunhak had gone to see, spotting the fish. "I think there's an underground waterway leading to the pond," he said.

"It's been quite a while since I've seen any fish," said Dongmyeong as he walked over to look at the water. "But I think you're right," he said. "It looks like it dips over there," he said, pointing to a spot on the other side of the pond. "So it's possible," he said.

"No fox today?" Yunho asked suddenly, turning to Dongmyeong who blinked in confusion before it dawned on him. "I guess not," said Dongmyeong as he looked around. "How long were you out here?" He asked. "A good hour or so," said Gunhak as he shrugged. "I'd expect him to show up if you're here but he hasn't," he said. "How odd," hummed Dongmyeong.

"Well, come on," said Hwanwoong. "Kogyeol bought everyone dinner, and knowing how everyone is, we may end up without food," he said. That got everyone to move and Hwanwoong watched as Yunho and Gunhak rushed back to the house.

"There he is," said Dongmyeong as he spotted the fox walk into view as Yunho and Gunhak disappeared from sight. "Too many people huh?" He asked, bending down and handing it a piece of jerky before standing and watching the fox walk off with the jerky in its mouth. "Let's go then," he said, heading home with Hwanwoong following after him.
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[center Chapter 4]

Yunho decided to explore like he had said he would after breakfast, getting changed into more presentable clothes and his favorite hoodie before heading out the backdoor, shouting that he was going for a walk. He wasn't expecting anyone to join him, but he knew someone would come looking for him eventually if he didn't return in a few hours.

San walked into view after a few minutes and went to walk beside Yunho, the both of them enjoying the comfortable silence for a few minutes before Yunho decided to speak. "I thought you left already," said Yunho as he turned his head to look at San. "No, not yet," said San as he shook his head. "I'm not needed anywhere yet anyway," he added. "I see," said Yunho as he nodded.

"A nice area," said San as he looked around. "Yeah," said Yunho. "So much land to get lost in without running into the humans, reminds me of the pack house," he said. "It's expected up there though," pointed out San. "Of course," said Yunho.

Footsteps alerted them to someone else's presence, and Yunho and San turned around to see Dongmyeong walking over with Xiao. "Oh, it's the werewolf from last night," said San. "San, behave," said Yunho as he slapped San over the back of his head earning a whine from San as he rubbed the back of his head. "Oi," San said with a scowl. "Yes San, behave yourself," Dongmyeong said, shaking his head in amusement as the corners of Xiao's lips turned up in a smile.

"Come to join us for a walk?" Asked Yunho. "Yeah, for a bit," said Xiao. "If you or San don't mind of course," he added. Yunho turned to San who shrugged. "Sure," said San. "Let's go then," said Yunho, waiting until Xiao and Dongmyeong walked over to stand beside him before continuing his walk with San with Xiao and Dongmyeong following after him.

"So where's the rest of the pack been?" Asked Yunho. "The other 'shifters other than Sunyoul, Kogyeol, Hwanhee, Changhyun and I are doing separate things with other hunting teams at the moment, I'm sure you've heard of what we do," said Xiao. "Yeah," said Yunho. "Changhyun updates Wontak whenever he can to tell him where the rest of your pack went," he said.

"Youngjo and Hwanwoong are with Hwanhee at the moment, and Changhyun and Hwanhee are doing missions," said Dongmyeong. "I was with Hwanhee for a bit but I had to head home when Wontak asked me to meet him," he said. "I see," said Yunho.

"What were you doing before coming here?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I was home," said Yunho. "Byungchan had basically demanded for Wontak to let me have a break so Wontak gave me one," he said. "I had just come back from like a 3 year long mission in Asia so I needed to just be home for a bit," he said. "Damn," said Xiao.

"I remember my missions getting that long a few times," said Dongmyeong. "It's much easier if you don't have a pack, but it's harder on the hunters who belong to a pack because the pack can lose that hunter at anytime basically," he said.

"It sucks," said San. "I wasn't there for the whole thing and I wish I was," he said, sighing. "Hey, I made it back didn't I?" Asked Yunho as he patted San on the shoulder. Dongmyeong observed the way the two brothers interacted with each other with a slight tilt of his head before turning to Xiao who shook his head.

"Well, at least this will be your last mission," said Xiao. "Wontak did say you wouldn't go out like those who retire apparently," he added. "Something about being important to the rest of the pack I'm in or something," said Yunho as he shrugged.

"You're in Kris's pack aren't you?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I am, I'm under Byungchan who controls the subpack I'm in," said Yunho. "Byungchan's the general right now on his side of the pack," he added. "Though most people know of Seungwoo who led our side of the pack," he said.

"Well, I can tell which side of the pack you belonged to, considering the icy exterior you carried," said Dongmyeong. "But anytime San is here I can see the ice melt," he said. "You've run into the others then?" Asked Yunho. "Mostly Seungwoo," said Dongmyeong. "I met him a year ago when they asked for my team and I," he said. Yunho hummed in response.

[center ~]

They ended their walk at the pond, with the fox appearing for a few minutes and Dongmyeong was able to give it a piece of jerky before it headed off to whereever it went. "I think it's getting used to our presence," said Yunho as he watched the fox walk away. "I doubt it," said San. "I was here yesterday after hunting and didn't see a fox, this is the first time I've seen it," he said. Yunho hummed in response, turning to the water and bending down to pick up a rock before skipping it across the water.

"No one believes the fox even exists until they come out here with Dongmyeong," said Xiao. "I always have food," Dongmyeong said, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. "Though I had a different fox for a time, this one's a different one from the one from before," he said bending down to pick up a rock before straightening and skipping it across the water.

"Well," said San as he stepped away from the group. "I'm going hunting then I'm heading off," he said. "I am needed elsewhere afterall," he added. "At least try and visit again soon," said Yunho as he turned his head to look at San. "No problem," said San as he nodded, turning and sprinting off to hunt. "Bye San!" Dongmyeong called after him. Xiao shook his head in exasperation at San's antics before looking back out at the water.

"It was a nice hike," said Yunho. "We spent the whole day out here it seems," said Dongmyeong as he looked down at his phone to check the time. "I'm surprised no one has tried coming to look for us yet," he said. "I told them not to bother us unless it was really important," said Xiao. "Perks of being the main alpha," Dongmyeong said with a snort, earning a snicker from Yunho as Xiao sighed in annoyance at Dongmyeong, shaking his head.

"I never got to ask but," said Dongmyeong as he hesitated a bit, shifting slightly as he looked down at the ground. "Where'd you get the scars on your body from?" He asked, turning to look at Yunho. "I saw that question coming a mile away," Yunho breathed out as he sighed, shaking his head. "I don't want to tell you yet," he said. "It's not like I won't tell you," he added. "I just don't want to tell you yet," he said. "Alright," said Dongmyeong.

"Let's head back then," said Xiao. "Before they really start coming to look for us," he added. "Sure," said Yunho. "You got your curiosity fulfilled and got to spend the day with San," said Dongmyeong. "It's funny because he never stayed this long before," said Yunho as he turned and started walking back with Xiao and Dongmyeong. "Probably because you were so relaxed with us," said Xiao. "Probably," said Yunho as he nodded.
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[center Chapter 3]

Yunho opened his eyes when he heard movement, turning his head slightly to see Dongmyeong get up from his bed he was sharing with Hwanwoong and look over to see that he was awake. "Did I wake you? Sorry," said Dongmyeong. Yunho shook his head, sitting up and turning to face Dongmyeong.

"I was going to head out, if you wanted to join me," said Dongmyeong. "At 2 in the morning?" Asked Yunho as he grabbed his phone to check the time. "Yep, 2 in the morning," he said, turning back to Dongmyeong. "Hwanwoong's not going to be back for another week or so," said Dongmyeong. "It makes it hard for me to sleep," he said. "Mates?" Asked Yunho. Dongmyeong nodded. "We don't openly show that we are though, due to our profession," he said.

"Makes sense," said Yunho as he got up, going to put a shirt on before nodding to Dongmyeong. "Let's go then," he said. Dongmyeong shrugged, grabbing his phone and heading out of the room. They both put on shoes before going to sit outside under the gazebo on the back porch. Dongmyeong sat in what was Xion's recliner but he now claimed as his own and Yunho laid down in the loveseat with his legs hanging off one end.

"So this is what Xiao meant by you coming out here some nights," said Yunho as he looked over at Dongmyeong. "Haven't been outside for a late night talk session in a few weeks though," hummed Dongmyeong. "I don't like coming out here by myself," he said. "Why not ask one of the others?" Asked Yunho. "I don't want to bother them, and usually Hwanwoong's been out here with me but he's been out with Hwanhee for missions and things," he said. Yunho hummed in response.

"Did you do this when you were home?" Asked Dongmyeong. "No," said Yunho. "I usually head out late if my brother says he's coming over for a few minutes," he said. "Ah, I see," said Dongmyeong. "Does he really not stay around for longer than five minutes?" He asked. "Yeah, he hates people that much," Yunho said with a shake of his head.

"What's the reasoning behind it?" Asked Dongmyeong. "San used to be more extroverted as we grew up," said Yunho. "But after getting abandoned by our home pack and left to the vampires it kind of made him lose his trust with everyone except me," he said. "There are very few vampires he trusts, and even [i fewer] werewolves," he said. "I don't know about the 'shifters and animal-humans though, he doesn't interact with them unless he has to," he said.

"You're the older twin then?" Asked Dongmyeong. Yunho nodded. "Were you the older twin between you and Xion?" He asked. Dongmyeong took a shaky breath, gripping onto the arms of the recliner to force himself to remain seated. "Y-Yes," he breathed, shaking his head to calm himself down.

"Still a touchy subject huh?" Asked Yunho as he remained in a relaxed position though Dongmyeong knew Yunho would spring into action at the slightest hint of hostility or any movement made towards him with the intention to harm or kill him. "Could say that," said Dongmyeong, earning a hum from Yunho as he focused on the forest in front of him.

"Someone here?" Asked Dongmyeong as he too looked towards the forest, seeing no one. "Thought it might be San but he went to meet up with someone in Boston, last I checked anyway," said Yunho. "It's too early to tell if it's anyone from my pack yet or not," he said, sitting up.

"Caught me," called San as he walked into view, causing Yunho to scoff as he got up, walking over to the railing and lean against it. "What do you want San?" He asked. "Was trying to find Yeosang but I guess I got here too late," said San as he put his hands in his pockets. "Xiao said he was here a few days ago with Mingi," said Yunho as he shrugged.

Dongmyeong got up and walked over, going to stand beside Yunho as he leaned against the railing. "So this is San huh?" He asked. "And this is the werewolf I've heard so much about?" Scoffed San as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Oi, leave him be San," Yunho said, scowling. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" He asked. "Yeah yeah," said San as he turned, waving before sprinting off.

"He's not what I expected," said Dongmyeong as Yunho shook his head at San's antics. "You'll get used to it," said Yunho as he had a rare smile on his face. "It's nice to see he showed up though," he said, chuckling some. "He never shows up at a place he doesn't know unless I'm here," he said. "Makes sense," said Dongmyeong as he nodded.

[center ~]

"Couldn't resist a late night talk session huh?" Asked Sunyoul as he walked outside after the sun rose to spot Yunho and Dongmyeong back in their spots. "Not when I have company," said Dongmyeong as he shrugged. "Right," Sunyoul said, shaking his head. "Xiao wants you to help him make breakfast," he said before turning and going inside. Dongmyeong and Yunho got up, going inside to go help with breakfast.

"Morning you two," said Xiao as he focused on the stove. "Yunho start the coffee maker, and what everyone wants is on the paper stuck to the cabinet above the coffee maker," he said. "Got it," said Yunho as he went to get everyone's coffee cups and started making their coffee.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Xiao as Dongmyeong helped him make breakfast. "Explore? There's so much land," said Yunho as he put the finished cups of coffee off to the side as everyone slowly made their way into the kitchen to get their coffee and sit down at the kitchen table and kitchen island. "I don't think San left the area yet so I may run into him while out there," he said.

"San visited last night?" Asked Xiao as he blinked, turning to Dongmyeong who nodded in confirmation. "Just for a few minutes, he was looking for Yeosang," said Dongmyeong. "I see," said Xiao.

"We had a vampire visit last night?" Asked Gunhak. "For a few minutes, San's known for doing this," said Xiao. "Leave him be," he said. "If he wanted to do harm to us he would've done so by [i now] at least," he said. "For once I agree," said Kogyeol. "Some vampires can't be like the ones in Europe," he said, earning a headshake from Xiao. "No, not everyone are like them," said Xiao.
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[center Chapter 2]

Xiao was the one to pick up Yunho from the airport, taking whatever bags Yunho had and brought it out to the truck. "How was the flight?" Asked Xiao as he put the bags in the backseat and got into the driver's seat. "It was alright," said Yunho as he sat in the passenger seat. "I hate economy class though," he said sighing, causing Xiao to chuckle. "I don't think anyone likes to take economy class," said Xiao as he started the truck and backed out of his spot once it was clear and drove off, heading home.

"Did my brother ever come by?" Asked Yunho. "No," said Xiao. "Though I'm sure he stopped by to check out the area before moving on," he said.

"Did someone from his coven show up at least?" Asked Yunho. "Yeah, I think his name was Yeosang," said Xiao. "Said something about seeing the area before heading off, he had a 'shifter with him," he said. "Ah, that'd be Mingi," hummed Yunho.

"We have a guest room for you," said Xiao as he focused on the road in front of him. "Unless you want to be with the other werewolves," he added. "I'm fine being with the others," said Yunho. "Gives me a chance to get to know them," he said. "Since I'll end up being here a while," he added. "Right," hummed Xiao.

"Anything I should know about them?" Asked Yunho. "They mostly keep to themselves," said Xiao. "Though if you're sleeping in Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong's room you may get waken up by those two going out to have their nightly talks," he said.

"Nightly talks?" Asked Yunho. "It was a tradition started by Jinhyuk and Hwanwoong," said Xiao. "Then Xion and Wooseok joined them, and now Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong keep up the tradition, after Wooseok and Jinhyuk left and Xion died," he said. "They don't do it [i too] often anymore but," he said, shrugging.

"Why did Wooseok and Jinhyuk leave?" Asked Yunho. "Wooseok was given an opportunity to be an advisor for a new pack," said Xiao. "So he left to go help them out, I don't think he's coming back though but we'll see whenever that happens," he said. "I see," said Yunho.

"[i Jinhyuk] on the other hand, I don't know what his reasoning was," said Xiao. "Probably left because Kogyeol was still around or something, those two loved getting into random arguments here and there," he added. "Granted, Kogyeol is a [i lot] better now than he was back then but," he said, sighing.

"When Kogyeol came back it kind of shocked everyone?" He asked. "No one was expecting him to come back but I guess he decided that being with us was better than being alone," he said. "Pack means everything to certain people, I understand that," said Yunho.

"Any other questions?" Asked Xiao. "Why Virginia?" Asked Yunho. "I don't know honestly," confessed Xiao. "That was all Wooseok's idea," he said. "I get it, there's so much countryside out here that we'll be fine without having to worry about running into the humans but," he said, sighing a bit. "I guess Wooseok wanted us somewhere where we wouldn't have to worry about the humans questioning why we weren't aging," he said.

"We could move, but no one wants to," said Xiao as he couldn't come up with a reason. "Makes sense," said Yunho. "It's pretty nice to have a forest all around you," he said. "Reminds me of home," he said.

[center ~]

"Huh, I didn't think you'd show up," said Dongmyeong once Yunho and Xiao got out of the truck after arriving home. "I'm not like some people," said Yunho as he glared at Dongmyeong. "I know, believe me," said Dongmyeong as he chuckled lightly. "If you're under Wontak he makes sure you're doing missions," he said.

"Where's everyone else?" Asked Xiao. "Watching a movie," said Dongmyeong. "I declined and was going to the pond for a bit, when you got back anyway," he added. "Couldn't wait to see your fox friend again huh?" Xiao asked with a chuckle. "Oi," said Dongmyeong as he scratched the back of his head. "Go, don't be out too late," he said. "Bring Yunho with you," he added. "Come on then," said Dongmyeong before walking off, heading to the pond. Yunho had no choice but to follow after him, trusting Xiao to get his bags to his designated room.

[center ~]

"You have a fox friend?" Asked Yunho. "He shows up whenever I visit the pond to think," said Dongmyeong as they walked through the forest. "I never gave him a name but," he said, shrugging. "He'll remain nameless for now," he said. "Hm," hummed Yunho.

"So you have a twin too?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Yeah, it's San," said Yunho as he looked at the ground. "He's a major introvert though, you may not meet him while I'm here," he said. "Interesting," said Dongmyeong as he stopped walking, having reached the pond.

Yunho looked around the area, curiosity showing his eyes as he took in his surroundings. "This is a [i perfect] place for San, when he decides to show up," he said. "I thought so," said Dongmyeong as he observed Yunho with a slight tilt of his head. He turned when familiar footsteps walked over, spotting the fox.

"Hey little guy," said Dongmyeong as he leaned down, taking a piece of jerky out and handing it to the fox, letting it take the jerky before standing again and looking out at the water. "He's a cute little guy," said Yunho as he looked over at the fox. The corner of Dongmyeong's lips went up slightly in a smile. "Well," he hummed.

"What, did everyone say that when meeting him?" Asked Yunho. "Everyone didn't think he existed, until they came out here with me to see the fox in person," Dongmyeong said with a shake of his head. "Ah," said Yunho as he chuckled slightly, turning to look out at the water and putting his hands in his hoodie pockets.
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[center Chapter 1]

"I wanted to see you today because I know you want to retire," said Wontak as he sat in front of Yunho as they found a table at the Starbucks owned by Chani and his coven in Toronto. "Who said I wanted to retire?" Asked Yunho as he studied Wontak with a tilt of his head.

"I've known you since you were a rookie kid," said Wontak as he glared at Yunho. "I know when someone's ready to retire," he said. "You know what happens to me when I retire," Yunho said quietly, looking down at his coffee. Wontak sighed. "You won't go out like that," he said. "I swear," he added. "At least hear me out before accepting it," he said. "Fine," hummed Yunho.

"So your mission is to keep an eye on a friend of mine," said Wontak as he leaned forward, looking at his cup of coffee in thought. "Who is it?" Asked Yunho. "A friend of mine, his name is Dongmyeong," said Wontak. "He recently lost his brother and his pack fears he may need to... [i Retire]," he said. "Grief changes people," hummed Yunho.

"Can I bring San along?" Asked Yunho. "For what reason exactly?" Asked Wontak. "Just to give some moral support?" Asked Yunho. Wontak shook his head. "I don't know if Xiao would allow something like that," he said. "I'll ask though, so I'll give you an answer after going to visit them," he said. "Alright, cool," said Yunho.

"I'll contact you once I get word to Xiao about your mission," said Wontak. Yunho nodded.

[center ~]

"You want me to do what?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked at Wontak as they sat on the back porch to talk. "Keep an eye on someone for me," said Wontak. "Hyung, you [i know] I don't hunt werewolves anymore," said Dongmyeong. "This may help you... Move on," said Wontak. "You need to move on eventually," he said. "Damn it, I'm trying," said Dongmyeong, as he stood and started pacing.

"I'm worried for you," said Wontak. "The grief is getting to your head during missions," he said. "At least read the file I'm going to give you before accepting," he said, holding out Yunho's file. "Fine," said Dongmyeong as he turned to Wontak, taking the folder from him and opening it, looking through the files.

"You want me to keep an eye on Yunho?" Asked Dongmyeong as he raised an eyebrow, looking at Wontak. "Yes," said Wontak. "He's gone through as much as you have, but deals with it in his own way," he said. "I fear it affected him more than he lets on, thus this will be his last mission," he said. "To keep an eye on me?" Asked Dongmyeong. Wontak nodded.

"Fine," said Dongmyeong as he tossed the folder onto the table in front of them. "I'll keep an eye on him, and San," he said. "When he shows up anyway," he added. "He won't be around much, San tends to show up at random," said Wontak. "But still, keep an eye on them both," he added. "You won't get any missions from this point, I've already asked Mashiho and he agreed to doing this, same with Yedam," he said. Dongmyeong nodded.

[center ~]

"So we're getting another werewolf hunter for a while huh?" Asked Xiao as Wontak went to talk to him. "For a bit," said Wontak. "Though he asked me if it was okay if San came along," he said. "A vampire?" Asked Xiao. Wontak nodded. "Hm," hummed Xiao. "He won't cause any problems then?" He asked. Wontak tossed a folder over to Xiao who caught it and opened the folder, looking through the contents inside.

"...Oh," said Xiao as he blinked, looking at Wontak. "Really?" He asked, closing the folder and handing it back to Wontak. "Yeah," said Wontak. "Alright," Xiao said with a sigh, shaking his head. "As long as he doesn't cause trouble," he said. "He shouldn't," said Wontak. "Just give him plenty of space," he added. "Yunho tends to be very [i protective] of him," he said. "Right," hummed Xiao.

[center ~]

"San," said Yunho as he met his brother on the back porch of their pack house. "Hey there," said San as he stood in the backyard with his hands in his pockets. "Heard you were taking a long term mission," he said. "For a while, yeah," said Yunho. San hummed in response.

"Will you join me?" Asked Yunho. "Not for a while," said San as he shrugged, "There's still a few things I need to do," he said. "But I'll join you when I can," he said. "Yeosang has you busy doesn't he?" He asked. "Yeah, you could say that," said San. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Xiao's territory," said Yunho. "I'll come by when I can," said San. "Don't worry," he said. Yunho nodded and San turned and ran off, going to hunt.

"Did San come by again?" Asked Jongho as he came outside, going to stand beside Yunho who was leaning against the porch railing. "Yeah," said Yunho. "What'd he come by for?" Asked Jongho. "He heard about my mission," said Yunho. "Ah," hummed Jongho.

"I'll be leaving soon," said Yunho as he got a text message, looking down at his phone to see a message from Wontak. "I'll see if Byungchan will let us stop by one of these days," said Jongho. "Alright," said Yunho. "I'll see you around," he said, going to get packed. "Yeah, be careful," hummed Jongho as he stood there for a few minutes before going inside.

[center ~]

Dongmyeong looked up at the sky as he stopped by the pond to meet up with his little fox friend. He was honestly surprised that the fox was still alive after a year but hey, it was something he was okay with. He was alone for a few minutes before footsteps alerted him of someone's arrival, causing him to turn to spot the fox he had become so fond of.

"Hey there," said Dongmyeong as he leaned down, holding out a piece of jerky he had in his pocket and letting the fox take it before standing up and looking back out at the water. "We may get a new friend soon," he said, shrugging as he watched the clouds float by via the reflections in the water. "I don't know how to feel about him yet, but we'll see what happens," he said. "At least I won't get missions for a while, until this is over," he added.

"I heard you were assigned a mission," came a voice, causing Dongmyeong to turn to spot Gunhak walking over. "Yeah, but I'm staying here for the duration of the mission," said Dongmyeong. "Yunho's a good kid," said Gunhak. "You've worked with him before?" Asked Dongmyeong. "A few times," hummed Gunhak. "I see," hummed Dongmyeong as he turned back to look at the water with Gunhak going to stand beside him.

"I'm sorry," Gunhak said suddenly, causing Dongmyeong to blink, turning to look at Gunhak. "It was wrong of me to blame you for the death of your brother," explained Gunhak as he noticed the questioning look Dongmyeong had. "Ah," said Dongmyeong. "I would've done the same thing, if I found out that Yonghoon had killed his brother due to the circumstances we were in," he said. "So don't worry, I don't blame you for lashing out," he said.

"Good luck with this one," said Gunhak. "Yunho's assigned to watch over you I heard," he said. "I know," said Dongmyeong. "Wontak had debriefed me before he asked me to keep an eye on Yunho," he said. "Well," said Gunhak as he turned to spot the fox walking away before starting to walk back to the house. "Good luck," he said, putting his hands in his pockets as he walked off, heading home. Dongmyeong nodded. "Thanks," he said.
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