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So, this should be a 1 X 1 based around the Vampair series. Watch it on YouTube if you're interested, it's really good and I can't recommend it enough! So, it takes place in a situation where Duke bit Missi, turning her into a Vampire, and they formed an uneasy alliance, to deal with small issues Duke has, in exchange for Missi getting a place to stay. Pm me if you're interested.


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She eventually found a broom, and got to sweeping up the mess.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 11d 4h 24m 32s
As Duke travelled up the steps, a silent smirk appeared on his face again. The girl who he’d just turned into a vampire, by accident he might add, had just made a deal with him. Something that favored him more so her... plus, what he was offering was valuable. If he wanted to heighten the price he most certainly could...
  HedwigNerd / 11d 6h 7m 14s
She took a deep breath, trying to calm down and process everything. Ok, she just got turned into a vampire and made a deal with that [i guy]. Okay. Lovely. She had a terrible feeling about everything going on, but she started looking for a broom anyway.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 12d 19h 46m 38s
That grin continued to play on his face as he said, “Ah.. welcome then.” He flipped his cape and turned toward the staircase, staff still in hand. He angled it towards a room beneath the staircase, “Better get started then- it’s quite a mess here..”
  HedwigNerd / 12d 21h 12m 38s
She nodded. “Seems fair enough. Why not? Although, if you trick me”.....
  Deleteddonotcontact / 13d 16h 12m 7s
He smiled, happy she was considering. He opened his mouth, but instead of some sinister task coming from it, he merely said, “Cleaning. I love the place cleanly, but I [i despise] cleaning. All I ask is that you do it for me.” A fang full grin shone on his face.
  HedwigNerd / 13d 21h 8m 53s
She smirked. "Depends. What counts as a favor? Because I do have morals".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 16d 13h 3m 49s
He raised an eyebrow, impressed that the girl would consider terms and conditions. It did put a dent in the plan to have her unknowingly owe him, though, so he simply said, “You’d owe me a few favors here and there. It could be useful,” He mirrored her head tilt as if asking if it was a good enough offer.
  HedwigNerd / 17d 3h 35m 34s
She tilted her head, weighing what he was saying. "Why would you let me stay again"?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 18d 11h 7m 41s
Duke scoffed a little, “Snap? Ha! Like that would do much against [me].” Despite his teasing tone, he did take a few precautionary steps backward, continuing in a calmer, less antagaonizing voice, “Look, what’s done is done. [And] you can make the best of it by staying here with me... or go ahead and walk away.. get staked somewhere.” Upon mentioning the first option, he motioned to his large castle, hoping to entice her.
  HedwigNerd / 18d 21h 17m 48s
She hissed, before covering her mouth. "Yeah, and I'm about to snap".

  Deleteddonotcontact / 20d 9h 12m 19s
He could tell she was angry, but he wasn’t the type to sooth anyone, “I can’t do that either. I [i would] say ‘I’ll just put you out of your misery’, but that’s cannibalism, and I’m not really into that.” He chuckled at his own dark joke, ignoring the fact that this would only make her angrier.

(Missi: pissed
Duke: [i so anyway]

Lmao he comes off as the type with no sense of sympathy)
  HedwigNerd / 20d 10h 10m 31s
She growled. "Well, this is just swell. Guess I can't head back to civilization after all. Please tell me you can reverse this".

  Deleteddonotcontact / 20d 20h 47m 45s
“Oh, I don’t think I can do that. You see...” he motioned to her new growth, “I Wouldn’t want to lie to you, now would I?”
  HedwigNerd / 20d 23h 16m 48s
She looked at him, panicking and frightened. "Please feel me you didn't do what I think you did".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 21d 11h 24m 0s

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