Fractured Imprisonment

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Roleplay Responses

"EWW RED! YOU JUST PEED IN THE SAME CAGE THAT KAITO AND LEN WERE IN!" Roy yelled out. "Can Len and I PLEASE get a different cage?" Kaito asked the shadow.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 12h 50m 38s
(Goodnight) The Shadow shrugged as he laughed at red who peed himself.
  Shadow Soldier / Character / 52d 19h 13m 48s
"IT IS TOO EXTREME AND TOO HOT FOR A BUNCH OF PETS!" Roy yelled out. (goodnight)
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 14m 41s
"Nope" the shadow said making the illusion the the floor collapsed and they were gonna fall in but they didnt.
  Shadow Soldier / Character / 52d 19h 17m 47s
"ISN'T THE LAVA A LITTLE TOO MUCH!" Roy yelled at the shadow.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 21m 7s
Red hated not knowing anyone as he looked at the lava.
  Red / Character / 52d 19h 25m 9s
"OH COME ON! NOTHING I EVER DO SOLVES ANYTHING!" Len yelled out before he started to cry.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 26m 29s
"Oh great" Red sighed angrily plugging hid ears.
  Red / Character / 52d 19h 28m 31s
"It's okay since we can easily sing to raise everyone's morale." Len said before he started to sing.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 30m 29s
"I hate my life right now" Red sighed to himself as he sat upright.
  Red / Character / 52d 19h 32m 1s
"I just wish that Len was still alive." Kaito said. Before he knew it, Len was standing right in front of him and had comforted him. "It's okay... We're never gone for good..." Len said while hugging Kaito.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 33m 22s
Red landed upside down against the cage wall as he sighed.
  Red / Character / 52d 19h 35m 46s
Kaito noticed Red and yet didn't approach him as the thought of him losing his best friend was still fresh on his mind.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 36m 43s
Red hit his face on the cage floor as he groaned in pain.
  Red / Character / 52d 19h 37m 55s
"Len... I won't ever forget you..." Kaito muttered to himself before curling up in the center of the cage.
  Bartz (Alternate Outfit) / Catlover33 / 52d 19h 40m 42s

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