Fractured Imprisonment

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Roleplay Responses

"Well now im the only girl here because of that shadow" Red said.
The shadow stayed quiet.
  Red (Female) / Character / 52d 1h 24m 6s
"HEY ANSWER ME YOU FILTHY SHADOW!" Kurapika yelled at the shadow. "It's not that embarrassing." Marth said.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 1h 35m 51s
"This is embarrassing" Red said quietly looking down at her feet.
  Red (Female) / Character / 52d 2h 31m 38s
"What did you do to Killua you evil shadow?" Kurapika asked the shadow.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 3h 51m 14s
Red looked down and shrieked. She curled up in the corner of the cage.
  Red (Female) / Character / 52d 7h 58m 31s
"KILLUA WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!" Kurapika yelled out.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 8h 16s
Red woke up looking at the others before standing up slowly.
  Red (Female) / Character / 52d 8h 6m 8s
"HURRY UP AND PUT RED IN A DIFFERENT CAGE!" Kaito yelled at the shadow.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 8h 7m 2s
Red fell over as the serum in the syringe took effect on his body.
  Red / Character / 52d 8h 10m 43s
"Well I need some sleep..." Len said before he fell asleep. Killua had fallen unconscious when he approached the shadow.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 8h 11m 47s
Red ended up with a syringe on his throat.
  Red / Character / 52d 8h 22m 50s
"You're just going to get me and Kaito killed." Len said before sighing.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 8h 25m 3s
"I HATE YOU" Red shouted at the Shadow angrily.
  Red / Character / 52d 8h 34m 23s
Len ended up using magic to clean the area around him before sighing.
  Roy / Catlover33 / 52d 8h 35m 44s
Red hid his face in his hat from embarrassment as the shadow kept laughing.
  Red / Character / 52d 9h 24m 25s

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