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[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i Gender Bender]

[right [pic]][center [size12 [font "times new roman" "Bending? Hell, it's a gender moebius strip...."]]][right [size12 [font "times new roman" — Joseph Prisco]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [b X] is a famous movie actor with a playboy reputation. In the short five years that he has risen to stardom, he's left many broken hearts in his wake. Until one day when he breaks the heart of the wrong fan girl. [b X] laughs it off when she puts a hex on him, cursing him to understand a woman's pain. He doesn't think any more of the crazy fan when he goes to bed that night.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" When he wakes in the morning he is no longer a he and now a she. [b X] is now a female with no fame to his his name. While he tries to find the crazy fan that did this, he attempts to reclaim his spot on the time, now only this time as a female.]]]

[center [size12 ]]

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[center [pic]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" I'm looking for this to be a bit of a semi-lit to lit, comedic roleplay. Sure it'll have some serious moments so you must be 21+ to join. Real pictures. Pm if interested. Looking for someone to play a male, either X' best friend, a fellow costar, or even a rival.]]]


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[left [pic]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" Most people should be freaking out that they suddenly wake up a totally different gender and don't get Scott wrong, he had totally freaked out. Thought maybe he was dreaming hence the bruises now forming on his arm, he now knew that wasn't the case. Her arm? Yeah, that sounded weird to say in his head. He shook his head, shivering at the feeling of long waves tickling his bare chest. [#787d82 "What the fuck is going on?"] He ran his hands up his arms, confused on what he was going to do. He has a date tomorrow.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He was too caught up in his thoughts to pay much or even notice the banging at his front door. Maybe he should call Amanda again, his manager. What were the chances of her knowing what to do in that situation. Because, men waking up as a women suddenly is so common. Maybe he was so drunk that he was actually imaging this and this was just a really long, weird buzz.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He was pulled out of those thoughts when he caught Trevor's reflection in the mirror as the other male entered the bathroom and immediately slammed into the wall behind him, eyes covered. Trevor's reaction had Scott tossing his buzzed theory right out the window. So he was officially a woman, fuck.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Looking at his reflection once more, he turned to leave the bathroom, grabbing his robe as he went. He shrugged the robe on and was tying it up as he ran after Trevor. [#787d82 "Trev, bro, wait."] He grabbed Trevor's wrist to stop him, not at all liking how much bigger it felt in his lady fingers now.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Shit, what was he suppose to say now? Dude, I'm a chick now? Scott's out of town? Bro, I have tits now? Yeah, none of that sounded like the best idea. Why was he here anyways? This did not give Scott any time to plan his coming out. He wasn't ready, he didn't want to. But he could trust Trevor, couldn't he? Of all the people he knew, Trevor would definitely be the most trust worthy.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Scott went back and forth with himself as he was still holding on to Trevor's wrist. He finally let go and threw his arms in the air, [#787d82 "Fuck it. Okay, I am Scott. I woke up with a vag and I'm freaking the fuck out."]]]]
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[size12 The sting Trevor's throat endured each shot was slowly starting to go away. He wasn't sure how he got on the dance floor with some gorgeous redhead but here he was. The room was spinning and it sounded like her voice was echoing. The flashing lights didn't help his case and he felt the overwhelming feeling to hurl right onto the redhead. [b "Excuse me,"] He fumbled through the crowds of people and straight to the back where the restrooms were. He slammed open the door, pushing some meathead out of his way. His knees hit the white tile floor as he crawled over to the toilet and threw up his dinner accompanied by his previous beverage choices.

"Man, you good?" Some guy peeked into the stall when Trevor pulled away from the toilet and leaned his back against the wall. His eyes closed as he tried to remain calm and get through nausea on his own. Thankfully, the wall was cool against his back and his head. It seemed to slow the pounding a bit.

[b "Scott, get me Scott."] He repeated, his hand waving the man off. He hoped and prayed that he was running to him so he'd get some help out of this club.

Scott was one of his good friends. He'd met him on set when he accompanied a fellow friend there. He wasn't going there to meet celebrities or push himself into the 'famous' group. He more so wanted a taste of what acting was going to be like and see it from behind the scenes. He was in school for that reason and what better way than to witness one of your good friends acting? He'd even been able to talk with the director and after a while, he had told Trevor to [i call him up for his next casting call.] Now, that was the boost his ego really needed.

The man, whose name he never got or perhaps he'd just forgotten, came back. He could tell from the exaggerated footsteps reentering the stall. He peeled his eyes open, squinting up at the man. "So, uhm, Scott is gone." He seemed nervous as if Trevor had some sort of authority to kick the shit out of the guy. He was picking at the skin on his thumb while averting eye contact.

[b "Where the fuck did he go?"] Trevor groaned out, sighing as he realized he was now on his own. He didn't know anyone else but Scott so he was a lost soul now.

He held his hand out, ushering for the man to assist him up. It seemed as though he was going to be his babysitter for the night. Trevor would need to compensate him somehow for his good deed...or he'd force Scott to do it since he deserted him.

He'd be lying if he said he remembered most of what happened last night. He knows that some stranger took him home in a cab and Trevor passed out soon after entering the cab. Now, here he was lying amongst his silk sheets and cuddling his pillow with a bit of drool under him. He breathed in heavily, rubbing his eyes. The room was still dark, thank God for that. His head was still pounding from the previous night and there was only one answer for this: Advil. He'd taken about four before grabbing his phone and dialing up his friend, Trista, the one who introduced him to Scott and others.

"Trevvy, baby, hi!" Her voice squeaked and he pulled the phone away. "Liam let me know he took you home last night."

His forearm rested across his eyes as he searched his mind from last night. [b "Mm, Liam, right."] The familiarity of the name confirmed that he did just forget the man's name last night. [b "Do you know what the fuck happened to Scott?"] He said, harshly through gritted teeth. He was still pissed that Scott disappeared.

Now, he was even more pissed since Trista began laughing on the other end. "What do you think happened to Scott? What always happens to Scott when he goes out?"

Trevor removed his arm and sat up out of bed. He swung his legs over the side and said, [b "Fuck some rando, right."] He rolled his eyes and put her on speakerphone. He began undressing as Trista, once again, laughed her squeaky laugh. [b "Whatever, I'm showering and then I'm going to his place. Dickwad could have said something!"] He grumbled, hanging up the phone without another word.

He did a quick shower and brushed his teeth. He slipped on just a casual t-shirt with some light blue jeans and his converse. He ruffled his hair on top and grabbed his car keys. He'd been to Scott's maybe once or twice? He had a decent photo memory so finding his home was no problem.

He'd jogged up to the front door and began pounding on it repeatedly. [b "Scott, I know you're in there with some fucking broad, just open the door!"] He yelled from the other side of the door. He was usually calm and collected but not now! Scott didn't even have the decency to let him know he was leaving the club. Trevor would have never stayed.

He waited a few minutes...probably more like seconds. He was fed up when he grabbed the doorknob and twisted it. To his surprise, the door was open. [b "Now you're going to get it, Scott."] He said to himself as he charged in with a mission. [b "Scott!"] He called out, heading right for the bedroom. He opened it up and saw the sheets had definitely been slept in. His eyes scanned the room before spotting the light on in the bathroom. He couldn't help himself as he barged in there too.

He was not expecting to see a nearly naked woman just standing and staring at themselves in the bathroom. He quickly covered his eyes and jumped back into the wall. [b "Jesus, I'm sorry."] He stumbled over his words as he quickly turned around. [b "I'm, uh, I'm just looking for Scott! Tell him I'm out here, yeah."] He felt around with his hand and shut the bathroom door. Was that really the kind of woman Scott hung around? Those so narcissistic? Either way, his eyes were blinded and he retreated in the living room to wait for Scott to come out with his explanation.
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[left [pic]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" Scott O'Hare, the great Scott O'Hare, the sexy and charismatic Scott O'Hare was now a woman. He stared at himself in his floor to ceiling bathroom mirror, taking in every inch of his new naked body. He had to admit, he was fine as hell but he liked it better when he had his six pack, his thick thighs, his bulging triceps. But he especially missed having his di---]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" We went too far, let's rewind.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Scott sat in a vip booth of the club Paradise. Him and a few of his costars had decided they deserved a good night of partying after a long week of shooting. He was starring as the lead male in his third large blockbuster film, City of Angels. A romance film, his first and one he was sure would get him his first Emmy. He smirked at the idea as he took a sip of his scotch, watching the lead lady of the film dancing among a crowd of people. Her long, blonde curls bounced as she danced. The tech lights bounced off her body in a seductive manner, the things he would like to do to her on the dance floor. But, unfortunately, Lili Reinhart, the Riverdale star was proudly taken.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Which left Scott with a no name, extra that was currently sucking on his neck while her hand ran up and down his thigh, inching closer and closer to, "Do you want to get out of here?" She whispered into his ear, he turned to her, giving her one of his panty wetting smiling. [#787d82 "Let's go, babe."]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Grabbing his hand, he lead her out of the club, they both stumbling at the door as she began kissing him. Scott chuckled as he pressed her up against the wall and began kissing her passionately. He would probably take her right in front of this club if it was legal. He was really getting into the make out session when he heard someone saying his name. Scrunching his eyebrows, he turned to look at the source of the call. He was greeted with Stephanie. Rachel? Chelsea? Shit, what was her name? Who cared, he was met with this girl he went out with a few times before ghosting her after she took to long to sleep with him.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#787d82 "Heeyyy, you."] The girl stared at him and the girl in disbelief. "Scott, what the hell is this?" The extra, who he didn't remember the name of either, took a step away, obviously not wanting to get into the middle of whatever was going down. Crazy Girl was just another fan that wanted to throw a fit because they wouldn't get to live the Hollywood story of getting Scott O'Hare to settle down.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He rolled his eyes as he would have to let another girl down. But this time, he was too annoyed and too ready to get the extra back to his place to do this gently. [#787d82 "Look, babe. I don't have time to deal with your crazy fan girl melt down tonight. You know who I am, you knew what was going to happen. Maybe if you hadn't been a prude than I would have stuck around longer but no guy wants to stay talking to a girl that doesn't put out. I'm just saying. Now if you'll excuse me, I have plans to take care of."]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He took the hand of the extra and walked to the cub, hailing a cab. They ignored the sniffling behind them while they watched for the yellow vehicle to pull up. As it did, Scott opened the door and allowed the extra to get in first. "You know what, screw you Scott. I hope one of these days you get to feel exactly what you put every girl through." He waved his hand at her, not bothering to turn around as he started to get in the cab. "I curse you to feel exactly what women feel, Scott O'Hare!" She screamed as he slammed the door shut and the cab pulled away from the curb.]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" As the cab made it's way to Scott's place. He and the extra were in a pretty hot and heavy make out session. Scott ran his hand up her thigh while she tussled his hair. That's when it hit him, a huge wave of nausea. He pulled away from the girl, terrified that he was about to throw up in her mouth. "Hey, are you okay? You went pale all of a sudden." He put a hand up for her to shut up while he tried to reign in the nausea, but it only got worse. Now his entire body was racked with an intense pain. What the hell was going on?]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" The cab finally pulled up in front of his house and he couldn't get out of the car fast enough. He turned as the extra tried to step out and blocked her way. [#787d82 "Here, take her home."] He handed the cabbie extra money, more than enough for the extra trip and a big tip. He didn't even say anything to the extra or give her time to say something as he slammed the door shut.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He practically stumbled to the door, trying to get it unlocked but every movement made his entire body scream out in pain. He couldn't understand what happened all of the sudden. Was it bad food from the casting table? Did someone roofie him at the club? He finally made it inside and the rest was a blur. He didn't remember undressing. He didn't remember calling his manger. Who assumed it was another time that he was attempting for her to fill the empty space in his bed. He couldn't help it, she was a smoking older woman and the fact that it was "forbidden" made it even more fun to try.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He didn't even remember crawling into bed until he woke up there the next morning. The morning light decided today of all days that it wanted to be a spotlight on his damn face. He squeezed his eyes shut as he rubbed at his temples. A poor attempt to soothe the pounding headache that crept in. What the hell happened last night? His body was no longer in pain and he didn't feel like he would throw up his empty stomach. So he took that as a good sign and started to get out of bed.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" The first thing he noticed were his legs were now very dainty. The hell? His eyes followed the legs up further and further. Was he hit with some weird illness that made him extremely thin within a few hours? He looked up even more and let outa blood curdling scream when he found a you-know-what in replace of his you-know-where. He also realized his scream was extremely girly and jumped out of the bed, running to the bathroom.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" He had been in there for almost two hours, going through so many ranges of motion which brings us back to the beginning as he slowly somehow comes to terms with him now being a girl. But he had no idea how or who to call to fix the damn thing!]]]

[center [pic]]
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