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They say it takes a Monster to kill a Monster. That was why the Venandi's started. They were the monsters that society deemed safe to walk amongst them, the rest? Well, they were to be killed by the Venandi's or, in other words, Hunters. Of course, they do get paid for their efforts, but they will never be heroes. No matter who they save, or what they kill, the Venandi will forever and always be monsters...

Sounds great, right? Live a life being treated like scum and being expected to do humanities dirty work for them. But, there are no other jobs, no one would accept a monster and so they are forced into being a Venandi. It's either that, become a slave or starve on the streets. If I were you, I'd become a Venandi. As a monster, it's the best chance of survival... Even if you are risking your life by fighting more powerful and dangerous monsters...

So, what do you say? Will you join us?


This Rp will include themes such as Action, Adventure, Death, Blood, Historical, Angst, Humour, ect....

[b Rules]
• 16+, 3rd person writer
• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me for planning and letting each other know if we are going to be busy.
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• If you are interested, PM your title 'Venandi' and send me a filled out skelly once completed.
• Have fun!

[b Skelly]
Age: (18+)

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Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name: Cecilia Delaney
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Power: Demonic Forms.
Weakness: Blessed and Holy objects. She can only hold a demon form for so long and grow increadibly tired, often going unconscious.
Backstory: Cecilia DeLaney was once sane, she was once a normal, human girl. But you would lose your mind too if you were host to a horde of demons. She used to live with her parents, they were quite the religious type. Violently religious. They would often be found preaching in the streets and harrassing passing strangers. They would also take it upon themselves to punish those who they thought had sinned. The village soon free to hate the couple, and those who had been tortured sort revenge. Cecilia was her parents pride and joy. She was never allowed off of the property and so had not been exposed to the evils of the world. However, one night, she had decided that she wanted to explore the village. She had heard the neighbours talk of festivities, and she so desperately wanted to see. So, she snuck out and began to wander around. She was so in awe of the village that she did not realise two men had been following he until something sharp hit the back of her head. She woke up, tied to a table. Surrounded by people in cloaks, candles and other objects she did not recognise. They spoke in an unfamiliar tongue. The people of the village decided that, as revenge, they would expose her to the living embodiments of the sins they had so called committed. Demons. But, things turned horribly wrong. Cecilia ended up losing consciousness again and upon waking up for the second time, she was surrounded by bloodied bodies and five voices in her head

Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name: Quinn
Race: Witch
Age: Unknown
Power: Quinn is fairly talented in making all sorts of potions from various ingredients
Weakness: He cannot physically use magic without a wand and, even then, it is fairly weak.
Backstory: Quinn's mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned him when he learned that his mother was a witch. It was her coven that found him as a baby and they decided to raise the boy as their own, teaching him their ways rather than the ones of Warlocks. In the present day, he runs his own potions shop and offers discounts to Venandi's. However, as much as Quinn is happy running his shop he has always had a longing to join the hunters on their adventures.

Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Avatar: Princess Sariana Uhreli
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 100 years old
Power: Enhanced Combat and Hunting skills
Weakness: Cannot defend herself from magic attacks.
Backstory: Sariana is not if this world. She hails from a different realm named Terra and her mother and father are the King and Queen of this Elven realm. However, despite being brought up to have one purpose in life, she never wanted it and was not the Elven princess everyone wanted her to be. She loved the thrill and excitement of fighting and chaos. The Elves, in Terra, are seen as some of the most gracious and eloquent of species, yet Sariana always seemed to be covered in dirt, holes in her clothes and a sword in her hand. She trained with her brothers, to her mother's displeasure, and she became a master of combat. This status had not ever been achieved by a princess. After gaining this accomplishment, she had made plans to leave the monarchy and venture off into the great unknown. Her mother had other ideas. She wanted Sariana to marry and without telling her, arranged a suitor. It wasn't until the day of her wedding was she told anything. But, as soon as she had a moment alone, she escaped the Castle and transported to our realm.

Writer: Osiris
Name: Xargon Balenor Agmodal-Thasrath Xoth'turoth.
Race: Half-Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Power: Superhuman strength matched with extreme durability at the sacrifice of speed and agility; Xargon is a juggernaut of demon-human hybrid, his skin is naturally tough and hard to pierce, the protrusion of his demon flesh akin to plate mail. He possesses great strength that allows him to grapple and dismantle far bigger opponents, wielding a large claymore as if it were a longsword. His body is completely fire resistant and he knows how to speak both Common and Abyssal/Infernal tongues.
Weakness: Holy or Blessed artifacts burn on contact, holy water corrodes like acid, and he must be invited onto hallow ground or into places of worship.
Backstory: Xargon (Zar-gone) was born from the unholy union between an infernal demon mother and a human father, his mother and father fell in love after they were trying to kill each other. His mother tells him the battles they had actually extended over months in a gruesome feud of wits and they both bared deep scars from each other's blades, but his father swears he fell for her in only three days. They still love and fight together, becoming one of the most well respected Venandi specializing in hunting much larger fiends, demons and abyssal monsters. That love extends very much toward Xargon, supporting and loving him throughout his years as a learning Venandi; passing on the deep knowledge of the carnage from his demonic bloodline and training him to hunt far larger opponents.

Writer: Pippilee
Name: Nahri
Race: Naiad
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Power: Ice manipulation. Her strongest attack involves summoning a supernatural ice storm; one that often leaves anyone unlucky enough to be caught within it completely frozen solid. However this is only used in the most serious of battles as it is extremely draining. She has the ability to solidify almost all liquids with the touch of her palms. Weaker enemies she can simply grab, causing their blood to freeze.....thus stopping the heart.
Weakness: Sound based attacks, since vibrations are essentially impossible to freeze. Very dry environments, as moisture is absolutely necessary for her abilities to work . Powerful, flame based attacks affect her greatly and she does her best to avoid fire fueled enemies.
Backstory: Long ago, against all customs considered normal, two female naiads fell in love. This union angered the Gods and mortals alike, as the beautiful creatures had been placed on this earth to be loved and admired by men. Despite the uproar around them the two nymphs still desired a symbol of their love; a child. They pled to who they thought was a merciful, understanding God and eventually was given a daughter of their image. Nahri. They headed back home where a man had set fire to the weeping willows surrounding their watery den. He simply did this to be a nuisance, as even the dumbest of mortals knew fire could not kill a naiad. However Nahri suffered burns to her upper right arm. As they laid their baby into the water to soothe her, the water instead began to freeze. They then knew that rather than having the calming power to control water; she instead had a chilling ability over ice.

As an adult; Nahri joined the hunters as an attempt to escape from her lifelong insecurity of being some sort of freak of nature. Never accepted into her own nymph community, but also never the mortals.

Writer: PippiLee
Name:Dante Chee
Race: Skinwalker
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Power: A shapeshifter able to take the form of various animals and humans. He can alter his appearance in entirety or can specify body parts In battle he most typically chooses the forms of powerful beasts, such as large wolves or other predators. Outside of battle his favorite is of a raven. When not using this ability he resorts to two small blades he keeps at his side
Weakness: Skilled witches can tap into the cursed magic that has transformed him, and can essentially control him. His curse limits him to 5 total body transformations a day. Minor, non-powerful alterations are relatively unlimited.
Backstory: Dante's father was a con-man who had made so many enemies of different races it is almost impossible to know who exactly had decided to finally take revenge. All he knows is that someone, unable to find his father who had eventually abandoned his family to go on the run, instead kidnapped and killed his little sister. Overcome with grief, his mother turned to practitioners of dark magic for a solution. Over the span of 6 years Dante collected ingredients for a ritual that would bring his sister back to life. Wolf fur, snake scales, raven feather, phoenix talons, various human body parts and more disturbing requests. Many ingredients he hunted for himself, and others he spent a fortune buying. On the night that would have been his sisters birthday he and his mother dug up her body and tried to preform the necromancy ritual. He is still unsure on whether they pronounced the ancient language's spell incorrectly, or if he had bought counterfeit ingredients...but instead of creating life the spell somehow granted Dante the ability to morph into the different entities he had collected over the years. His sisters body was destroyed in the process.
Unable to find a witch or warlock that could reverse the magic, Dante eventually turned to hunting as means to collect money to send to his mother. She's in great debt from the numerous rare ingredients they bought; as well as having taken on his dirtbag father's debts.


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Roleplay Responses

Xargon was no stranger to fighting foes bigger than he was and the boar not only out-gunned him with the large tusks but it heavily out-weighed him, and stood far taller than most average men. Had he been alone he would fight recklessly but he was desperately trying to keep the angry wild beast away from where Cecelia was hidden. Sariana helped him a little, as did the other man, it was difficult to get close without risking injury so Xargon wielded his sword to the full length. Another charge came at them at the young demon struck at the legs of the swine, severing tendons with the blow Xargon was struck in the back by the boar's swinging head sending him face-first into the dirt. The momentum was hindered by the slicing blow, the beast could hobble at best but could hardly trample them under its hooves. With its speed now reduced it allowed Sariana to encircle it to deal damaging strikes to its blind sides yet as Xargon lifted his head up from the forest floor he saw she was sent into a tree, well away from their opponent.

There was confusion and distorted noises from the fight, self-preservation heightened his adrenaline as he was pushed into the dirt by a heavy tusk, intent on crushing him on his stomach into the earth. He threw his arm back, the vestigial volcanic spikes on his forearm caught the red raged eye of the boar; it shrieked an unholy squeal of pain, its head lifting up as it howled in agony, freeing him from its mangling grasp and he scrambled out from its path. Half-blinded and hobbling on torn legs the beast turned from Xargon to destroy the next best target who happened to be Dante from closer range. Fighting for its life it was intent on taking one of them with it, Xargon could not let that happen, running forward with his blade held like a lance he embedded the steel with as much exertion as he could to pierce its strong hide.

He struck the boar behind its front legs from the side, aiming his best attempt at striking the lungs or the heart. The beast reared its head once more letting out an anguished cry of madness as his blade found its mark. The exposed neck from the boar's lifted head was given to Sariana as if the beast resigned to its fate, knowing the fight to be lost, the insanity that consumed it now waned as darkness and death would overtake the creature. Hot gallons of crimson blood spewed from the beast to stain and soak the earth beneath it, turning a once-verdant green forest floor into a gory red-streaked land of carnage.

The heavy beast collapsed then, its one good eye still burning red until it dulled to a garnet and finally glazed over. A death brought by madness, it was the only way Xargon could describe what happened, the beast could have ran away-could have left them alone, but insanity overtook it and forced it to fight to its death. The young man sunk to his knees as he caught his breath, his ribs hurt from being pushed into the ground, the air knocked from his lungs. His sword stood still plunged into the side of the monster like a blood-soaked standard planted on the corpse mound of his enemy, the pooling crimson ran in rivers down the underside of the swine to puddle at the ground.

Simply madness.

After they could manage to catch their breaths they could salvage what they could from the creature, the tusks themselves could fetch a handsome price to the right dealer, collectors who relished in large swine tusks-the bigger the better-to show off to their friends. Xargon rested for a short while, his arm wrapped around his midsection as he gingerly nursed his ribs, the beast was far too heavy and cumbersome for them to harvest the meat from it. Such a task would take a day's time or more from how fat the beast was, they had far bigger problems than that of the boar, the four of them did not have the time to devote to such things. Once he rested Xargon rose to his feet, placing a boot against the hog's side and tugging his sword free from its carcass, he wiped the blade off on the rough hide and took off one of the smaller preorbital snout horned-warts with a single swipe, the strong steel cutting through it with little resistance. The horn he would take with him, as a minor trophy and reminder of the fight that he would carve in the coming days.

[#a83300 "Everyone good?"] He checked in with the others after pocketing the horn, looking over to where the human-like woman was stashed in the bushes. She was so exhausted, luckily for them the boar largely ignored them in favor of more suitable opponents. When everyone seemed fairly alright the group could continue moving again, they had to reach their destination as quickly as possible to help whatever was going on. It was a fairly long journey still ahead of them, but with the nice weather it wouldn't take much. Providing if they did not run into any other monsters that would cause them distractions.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
They finally made it, walking West towards the waning sun they finally reached one of the scrawny villages apparently plagued by a male witch. Xargon wasn't sure what he was expecting to find, but seeing the village's borders gave him horrible flash-backs of being surrounded by commoners baying for his blood. He almost seemed afraid to step into the small town's vicinity, holding back at its edge he tried desperately to cover his horns and shield his more prominent demonic features from view with his hooded cloak. It's worn and tattered remains did little to hide him, his large stature alone towered over many of the commoners who came to inspect them like an entertainment troupe's freak-show.

Red horns tore through and protruded from the top of the hood, making him fidget with it as he followed Sariana and Cecelia into town with Dante bringing up the rear. Double horns curled alongside his jawline and his orange eyes glared back at the rude villagers who pointed and whispered about him as if he could not see them. The blood from battle dried upon his clothes and armor, gripping his sword at his side as he readied himself for their certain call to alarms; villagers were always a problem, if you did not look human like Cecelia or Dante you were not welcome. Yet even these commoners seemed few and far between, which boded the question-where was everyone else?

As they ventured further in they found the answer, practically the entire village was surrounding a platform in the middle of the square, stacks and mounds of wood and hay were being placed and ringed a pole fit for burning. He did not have to ask who they planned on burning-they jeered, taunted and threw things up at the man in question, the masses huddled like fearful mice persecuting a cat for its crimes. The man looked normal compared to Xargon, the demon stood a whole foot taller than most of the people gathered and he could only imagine how they'd react to him entering the village if not for Sariana and Cecelia standing beside him. [i '-They'd probably make room for two at that stake...'] He grimly thought before nudging the elven woman, nodding towards the center of the crowd where it seemed one of the ringleaders was lifting up a torch and shouting to be heard over the crowd's commotion.

[#a83300 "We have to do something..."]
  Xargon / Osiris / 11d 18h 49m 26s
Cecilia didn't remember much about her possession, the memory was too painful for her mind to hold on to. All she remembered was being in such awe at the world she had been kept from her whole life and then it all suddenly turned black. When she woke back up, her hands, clothes, hair and body were covered in blood. She had frowned at the red, wet substance that covered her pale skin before she looked up and she gasped at the horrific sight before her… Bodies… They were everywhere. Slumped lifelessly, terror in their dead eyes, some had weapons in their hands, others were near to the door as if trying to escape. She looked to her feet and found her parents lying there, the cross of their saviour carved into their chests… Tears spilled down her face as she collapsed to her knees. She wondered who possibly could have done all this…

[#8B0000 "You. You did this."] The voice was low and gruff, almost like a growl. She heard it, but it felt like she hadn't… It was like a voice in her head… She was about to brush it off but then she heard another. [#008000 "Technically, [I she] didn't do anything. We did it."] This voice was different, it was monotonous and lazy as if it rather didn't want to be speaking at all. "W-who are you?" She stumbled over her own words, she was still in shock from what she had awoken to and now she was hearing voices. [#008080 "We are demons, my dear, do you not remember anything?"] This voice seemed like it belonged to a woman, it was articulate and sophisticated. "N-No… Last thing I remembered was- Wait, demons?" She asked suddenly, panic was in her words and she felt it in her core. [#8B008B "Don't worry, CeCe, we're not going to hurt you. So don't go panicking."] This one was sultry, flirtatious, even tempting. "How many are there of you?" She was hesitant, not sure if she wanted to know. [#1E90FF "Only five of us! But, we'll teach you how to look after us!"] The final voice sounded like it belonged to a girl, it was high pitched and full of youthfulness.

Cecilia slowly rose to her feet, her legs felt weak, like they would give way again. She took a deep breath and tried to steady her trembling hands. "Why did you kill all of these people? Why did you kill my parents?"

[#008000 "We had to."]
[#1E90FF "They were hurting you."]
[#8B008B "Trying to kill you."]
[#8B0000 "To kill us."]
[#008080 "We need you so that we can survive, without a host we go back to where we came from.]

"Can I know your names?" However, she was met with silence. Now that she had the quiet, she was able to think. Not looking at the bodies, she found her way out of the room and under the cloak of night, she snuck her way back home. Once there, she ran herself a hot bath to wash herself from the blood. She tried to forget what she had seen, what they had made her do, but it was ingrained in her mind and it would be forever. She dreamt of that night when she would sleep, she saw it behind her eyes if she had nothing else to think about. It was always there.

She spent a couple of months on the running, hopping from tavern to tavern, doing anything for some coins and food. That was until one night, an older man required her assistance. He told her that he needed clothes to be sown, but he had been in an accident and his hands were now useless to him. She had found it strange that he wanted her to go to his room rather than just bring the clothes to her, but she needed the money. So, she followed after him and to his home. She had relaxed slightly when she saw that he had children and she began to trust him more. He led her to his room and pointed her to the clothes, with her back turned she hadn't seen him close and lock the door. But her demons had, they knew this man's dark intentions and that their host was too innocent to see otherwise. So, whilst the man was slowly undressing behind CeCe's back, a familiar purple fog swirled around her. Her blue eyes widened and she shook her head, it was too late, Lilith had decided to come out.

The man turned around, expecting to see a young girl, instead he found something that wasn't human. He scrambled to pull his trousers up, but the demoness snapped her fingers and suddenly she was behind him. "Ah, ah, ah. Not yet, we haven't even started." She chuckled cruelly and pushed him onto his bed. He turned over and stared up in fear at Lilith whose red eyes burned with rage. She snapped her fingers again and two swords appeared in her hands. The man whimpered and tried to get away. "You're not so eager now, are you? Why? Only into younger girls?" She asked him rhetorically and he hastily shook his head. "And you're a liar too? Well, I just can't wait to see you in my hell." And with that final statement, she began to torture the man, his screams of pain filling the air, blood splattering the walls. She kept him just on the verge of death for hours before finally plunging her sword down his throat. She watched the life leave his eyes before giving the control back to CeCe.

She fell backwards in shock and just at that moment, his wife walked in. Whilst Lilith had her fun, she now had to face the consequences. "Please, it's not what it looks like…" She began to say but then she felt something hit the side of her head and her world turned black. She awoke two days later in metal chains.

That was how she ended up in prison for the next five years. Alone to her thoughts and to her demons… Those seemed to be the worst moments of her life, however, looking back, it was worth it as those lead up to her finally meeting Sariana.

Now, here they were, another five years later with Cecilia on her partners back. She had her arms loosely wrapped around the others neck and her head was rested on her shoulder. She was just about to drift off into a peaceful slumber as the Elf talked to the demon-man when someone new came along. She lifted her tired head and stared at the stranger for a few moments, not quite processing anything he said, her blue eyes half lidded as she tried to stay awake. She laughed a little at the joke he made, finding it quite amusing until Sariana gave a jolt

Her Elf friend did not seem pleased in the slightest…

[Right [pic]] Sariana's face settled into a small glare at the man. She didn't speak, she didn't find the need to. Xargon answered the teasing question asked and the other just seemed to ramble. That was until he made his last comment. Her singular white eye narrowed slightly and she took a step closer to him. "Listen here, kid, we earn the tasks given to us. You want more? Then you have to work hard for it. But if you want easy money then why don't you run along and be some rich humans [I pet]." She snapped, her lips forming a snarl. She looked him over before beginning to walk away. She expected Xargon to follow, however to her dismay so did the stranger. She spent the journey with a scowl on her face and Cecilia sleeping on her back. She conversed with Xargon and her human friend, who would occasionally awaken. However to the stranger, she remained cold and was even about to snap at him again when she was halted by a pair of long, pale arms. She knew them to be Xargons but did not need to ask for an explanation as she saw the hoof life imprint in the dirt. She had cursed under her breath and kept quiet from that point onwards.

She wanted to curse again at seeing the overgrown boar, she should have known not to take this route. Boars often kept to different parts of forests during different seasons and she knew this. But, she has been so distracted by her fellow Venandi to realise where they were walking. This was why she had only accepted Cecilia to be her partner and to have a sip instead of her team. It could have all been avoided and now, they had an enraged behemoth boar on their tails.

As it ran towards them, Sariana dumped her friend behind some bushes, hoping the large beast wouldn't see her. She drew her daggers and joined in on the fight.

All three of them managed to make an injury to the boar, but its skin was tough and it was too fast to do any real damage to it. It was relentless in its attacks. Constantly charging, kicking its back legs and at one point it caught her in the stomach, sending her flying into a tree. She hit the trunk with a cry of pain and she groaned as she stood up. If only Cecilia had enough energy for one transformation, they would have easily taken this beast down in half the time the three of them could make a scratch.
  canadonewithursh-t / 56d 20h 24s
The woman who looked human was playing host to five demons, as Sariana kindly explained Cecelia's plight, it made more sense as to why the previous demon was not joining them. The young demon knew of possessions, yet a demon typically had to be disembodied for prolonged uses; his orange eyes darted carefully to the bracelets the young woman wore knowing the pain they could cause if he was to touch them. Like holding a hand over a flame. To even glance against his skin would give him burned blisters and the top layer of his skin would shed, peeling back painfully that would take weeks to heal.

[#a83300 "I was trained to fight by both my parents, pretty good with a sword I'd say..."] Xargon boasted little, it would be shown later no doubt, Thasra taught him how to control their homeland terrain, what would have been Tulkanen if he did not stay with his father, but Heartfilia was not a volcanic region and the lava would be too far beneath the surface for him to reach in any fight. Though if their hunts ever took them to a volcano he'd be able to show Sariana a thing or two. [#a83300 "Holy land is obviously a difficult thing for me, so I hope we do not need to fight on any church's graveyard; I would be forced to fight on top of gravestones to not touch the hallowed ground. Artifacts of faith are also off limits, divine magic is extremely fatal to our kind."]

The demon had a few other physical weaknesses that set him apart from ordinary men, but besides his allergy to food from the sea he did not get many weaknesses from his father's lineage. At that moment Herbert came to give them a lead on another job, an unruly mage was making trouble for people further out, the elf seemed to take little time in accepting the job. She seemed to have a way of distracting the fire-haired dwarf when he mentioned a payment was owed, handing over a valuable gem to his greedy hands. She must have owed a very large sum indeed, if every bribe was a gemstone or something of equal worth. Sariana and Cecelia were quick to leave and after Xargon paid nicely for his drinks he followed them. Keeping good relations with the tavern would benefit him later he was sure, and followed the two women out back into a world that cared little for them. He answered the elf's questions as best as he was able considering his inexperience with the work of the Venandi, he had hunted monsters before but getting paid for the work from humans was where he ran into trouble.

They did not get far before a voice was yelling at their direction, Xargon looked over rather casually but he had to admit his last reaction from a human looking person made him jump in his skin. At least this one did not have an angry horde at their backs... Xargon's eyebrows rose as if to meet his hairline, taken aback by the stranger's assumption of the three's relationships.

[#a83300 "T-this is just a p-professional relationship, I assure you."] He waved both hands quickly and shook his head, flustered at the thought with great aversion; not even the first assumption was correct, the two women could definitely handle themselves and needed no guarding. Xargon introduced himself as he had before, but his long-winded demonic name would probably be forgotten just as quickly as it rolled off his tongue. The man spoke with them for a while, walking alongside them and seemed to tag along-the young man did not know if he would be joining the hunts, but another blade was never a bad sign if it was not pointed at you.

They walked out of the city together and even though the people seemed friendly enough Xargon spoke little, he felt awkward if he was forced into conversations. He gave short replies to questions asked and tried desperately to push the center of attention on someone or anything else, to have everyone looking at you-waiting for an answer made him feel so nervous. He didn't know how long they walked for but they soon found themselves in a terrain he did not know well, a forest. The trees were tall and broad, crowned with their canopies of green, leaves hanging in large bunches delicately swaying with the warm wind. Xargon was lost in thought, he almost didn't realize the forest path he walked upon sunk down in a large footprint until he was right on top of it. He almost fell in it, to be honest but he held out an arm to stop the others at its edge.

It was a fair size of cloven hoof, the weight of the creature it belonged to sunk the earth, even causing a little puddle to accumulate in the center. There were more steps that walked around the forest, a lumbering giant ambling across the forest floor and breaking through lines of shrubs and thick undergrowth. The creator of the footsteps did not seem to have a set direction, instead it meandered back and forth, upon further inspection of the shrubbery clumping along the base of trees several were chewed free of their roots, branches and all as the leaves were ate and the pesky branches dropped in clumps on the forest floor. The beast was not far as the four of them walked further into the woods they found the hungry creature, a [ behemoth boar] with a large set of tusks grunted nearby, using the brunt of its large snout to dig among the roots for the tastiest of treats, the grinding of its twin large tusks on the near trees had it carving lines into the bark.

These creatures were typical of the woodlands, wandering around like grinding lawnmowers over the thick vegetation, scooping up berries, leaves and roots in droves. A herd could strip a forest of undergrowth in days but this hog was solo and usually would cause no trouble. They could have gone on their way if they were unseen, Xargon was educated in many species of wildlife, he wasn't an expert but he knew a territorial animal when he saw one. It was preoccupied with its meal, so they were not discovered yet, the deep scent of overturned soil kept the beast unaware to its company. Grunting in diligence as it ate grubs and worms, complacently swishing its tail and goring the trees with its tusks it moved slowly in its random pattern, and Xargon motioned for the others to flank it. If they could get to the village without any interruptions Xargon thought it would be the better option, the human-ish woman was still exhausted upon the back of the elf.

They got halfway around it without much trouble, developing a rhythm to move only when the creature had its head bowed, munching masking the sounds of their footsteps and halting when it would move, its velveteen ears swiveling around lazily to the noises of the woodlands. Xargon wasn't certain what caused the beast to turn, some sound or smell drew its attention to them and they had little time to react. He had time enough to see the boar raise its head and look towards them, find them unfamiliar and Xargon was able to draw his sword before the wild hog charged. Gone was the slow waddle as it grazed, but it ran at them kicking up clumps of dark dirt with a speed unhindered by its weight.

Xargon dove to the cover of a tree as the beast charged, intent on running them over, the claymore that he wielded cut a deep gouge into one of the tusks, cutting through the dentine and nearly severing it had he aimed better. The creature ran past them and tried to trample the four of them under-hoof but managed to overshoot the others, it spun in a circle and came barreling at them again, actually growling with a low rumble that would occasionally interrupt with a squeal of aggression. Of ferocity it had a-plenty, charging the intruders again and again as Xargon tried to dispatch the beast quickly its surprising speed would overwhelm him causing him to dodge being impaled on curved tusks. That is not to say he did not get a few slices in, every blow achieved resulted in the shrill squeal of pain but the beast still persisted, refusing to back down and refused to run away...
  Xargon / Osiris / 78d 15h 23m 47s
[center [pic]]

[+4281A4 [i [center A young man walked through the forest, with his quiver and hunting bow~]]]
Nimble fingers locked in dance with the lyre's strings; the melody seemingly enhanced by the creaking of the wagon's wooden wheels. A petite woman was sitting at the back of the cart dangling her legs above the passing ground. [+4281A4 [i "He heard a young girl singing..and followed the sound below".]] She wore a heavy cloak that was once a bright white, but after days on the road had turned to a washed out gray. Her long, silver-blue hair was tied back into a high ponytail that blended with the cloth as the tresses fell upon it. She was pale, with flushed cheeks and a small beauty mark residing below her right eye. [+4281A4 [i "There he found the maiden who lives in the willow.."]] Plump lips gently parted with each word as the girl swayed with the song. Despite the temperatures being mild every breath from her mouth exited in a cold, misty air.

Suddenly her eyes widened as she was abruptly interrupted by a horse's loud screech and jolted by the wagons harsh stop. [+DAA520 "Woah there Frea take 'et easy girl!!"] The male wagoner hopped off his perch and ran to calm the excited creature. The girl poked her head from the back of the cart, gently placed her lyre beside her and stepped down to investigate. [+DAA520 "Ah no need to worry 'erself miss. Ol' frea here gets spooked like 'tis when she feels rain comin'."] The girl nodded her head in acknowledgement as she too had sensed the rain. In fact she had felt it coming for quite some time now. She had purposely hidden her excitement at the fact considering rain would be nothing but a nuisance to the human kindly escorting her to Heartfilia.

[+4281A4 "I guess we're to take a break then?"] She questioned, lifting up her hand to feel the tiny droplets of rain that had just begun to fall. She could tell it wasn't going to be a long-lasting storm. It would be one that would leave as quick as it came. The horse was calmer now as the man pet his dark mane. [+DAA520 "Right you are lass...."] He eyed her with a smile. [+DAA520 "Ya know with all that gorgeous singing you was doin', I don't think I had a chance to ask how you'd pay for ya ride. Heartfilia wasn't quite my destination..."] Her silver brows furrowed together quizzically. He was a traveling merchant, one that allowed hitchhikers for compensation, true. However she had been under the impression that an agreement had already been made. [+4281A4 "Hmmm? Forgive me sir but I thought we had settled this before departure.."] She had no money to offer, for her career as an aspiring Venandi hadn't officially started. [+4281A4 "You said I could provide entertainment for the others?"]

She had been traveling on the cart for a little over a week now; and had sung for many a different travelers who had joined and departed the wagon. Their last companion had left just hours before and even tipped the driver for providing such 'lovely amusement' during his journey. The rain slowly began to fall harder, and she studied the drivers face as it slowly dawned on her how alone the two were on the trail. Surrounding them was a dense forest, and she could see no other travelers upwards or behind them on the path.

[+DAA520 "You've a beautiful voice but an even more beautiful face to match...c'mon and give me a lil kiss eh? We've been traveling together so long..”] He took a step forward and she took one back, shaking her head in shock and confusion both. He grabbed her left arm. [+DAA520 "Eh? You're freezing cold lass! C'mon I knows a way to warm ya up..."] She shouted in protest but he leaned in closer, slowly reaching a hand to move her cloak.

The rain had drenched them both at this point. Before he could touch what he wanted to she pushed his face backwards as hard as she could with her right hand. He let go of her as he lost his balance....and began to freeze face first. Before he reached the ground his entire body had become frozen solid. She gasped when he slammed, thinking he would shatter as she had seen others do before. But luckily for him the rain had softened the trail to a slushy mud.

Her raincloud colored eyes had began to well up with tears; yet her face was contorted with anger. Orcs, man eating werewolves, evil witches and worse were all to become her prey. All monsters. Yet despite how humans saw it.....she consistently learned that one's race wasn't what defined them as a monster.

She stepped over the frozen body and grabbed her lyre, the merchants coin purse, and an impressive map from out of his cart. She unfurled the thick paper that seemed to bounce off each drop of rain, and estimated that she wasn't too far from Heartfilia at all.

The horse had begun to lick the icicle of a human that laid on the road. [+4281A4 "Now now.....Frea was it? No need to lick up trash darling.."] She ran her fingers against the horse's now wet mane. As like most of her kind, she had a way with animals. [+4281A4 "If you could just get me up this road I'll be sure to buy you the shiniest apple known to man~"] She cooed. The trail was too muddy for the wagons wheels, but she easily hoisted herself up onto the animal. With a small pat, the horse began continuing her journey. Her lyre now in her pocket, the silver girl continued her song with the sound of the slowing rain as her melody.

[center [i [+4281A4 "He called to her as she listened from a ring of toadstools red. Come with me my maiden.....come from they willow bed~~"]]]

They eventually reached the city, with the girl still singing a tune. She hopped off the horse, both still appearing quite damp. She looked around the city in awe. The girl was unsure of what, but something had spooked the poor horse yet again causing her to sprint into the city...
[center .❀..❀..❀.]
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Short, blonde curls framed the child's chubby, reddened face. Dried tear marks could be seen on her cheeks as she stared wide eyed at the dark haired male. He was kneeling before the child with his hands covering his face; a large black mark decorating one hand. The child clutched her stuffed animal, almost as if she was afraid of what the man would do next. [+8b4b66 "Peek-a-.BOO"] He quickly revealed his face which now had a comically long red beard, and a matching bulbous red nose. The girl, shocked, burst into a loud joyous laughter.

The man was stunned for a moment, his heart feeling a pain he tried to forget each day. Yet soon he found himself beaming at the young girl. [+8b4b66 "Haha, Herberts face has yet to not make someone laugh"] He said with a wink before grabbing the child's free hand. [+8b4b66 "So we were looking for your mom right? Any idea where she could be?"]


A woman was rushing over to the two, her blonde curls easily showing the relation. She snatched the child's hand from his and looked at him with fright. [+DAA520 "T-this is a SAFE city!"] She said with a huff before stomping away. Her daughter glanced back with a solemn smile and waved her stuffed animal as they went on their way. He waved back with a sigh, his face shifting back to normal. The man adjusted his crow feathered collar and continued on his way to the tavern.

[+8b4b66 "Oh no way...."] He smirked, then chuckled. Heading the opposite direction he noticed an odd looking trio. One large, tough looking man with hair dark as night. His glowing orange eyes could be seen from the distance and gave away his identity to those who knew of Thrasa. But he wasn't who caught his attention the most. [+8b4b66 "Oi! Hey! Sugar and Spice!!!!"] he cupped his hands around his mouth and directed his voice to the two girls traveling with the man; one riding the back of the other.

Without hesitation he walked up to the group. [+8b4b66 "I won't pretend to remember your names. But Herbert's bragged on you two enough for me to know who you are."] He turned his purple gaze back to the tall male [+8b4b66 "You their body guard or something? Or is this one of them three way couples? They're obviously the bread winners right hahaha..."] He always laughed the loudest at his bad jokes that really were never jokes.

[+8b4b66 "But seriously you all about to go on a hunt? How about saving some prey for the rest of us eh? Some of us got mouths to feed"] He spoke in a friendly manner but meant what he said. Compared to most unknown Venandi those two were getting all the jobs.
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[left [pic]] Herbert sat by the warm fire, his ginger locks even more vibrant than usual and his round cheeks all the more red from the heat and light. In one hand, he held a large pitcher of beer and the other was rested upon a wooden chest that was filled with golden coins and gems. He was sat upon the stool and yet the Gratum around him were still towering over. This did not frighten the dwarf, in fact, it only boosted his confidence that he was able to command their respect and hold their attention. He took a big swig of the drink before going on to telling a rather odd love story of how he had met his wife.

He had been a younger lad and it had been a day after work in the mountains, he had gone drinking with friends and had had one too many. Somehow, he ended up drunkenly stumbling and losing himself in the forest. Due to how intoxicated he was, he ended up tripping over his own feet and rolled down a hill on his round, full belly until he landed into a hole. He lost consciousness in that moment, but it was when he woke up did he fully assess his situation. His strong arms were wedged in-between himself and the hole, his legs were too short and so he couldn't push himself out. At first, he mumbled and grumbled his annoyance, over time that grew louder and louder till he was screaming and swearing like a sailor.

That was when he saw her, his wife, Wren. A forest nymph with curly, black hair that cascaded down and over shoulders. Decorated over her dark skin were markings, they were white and shaped to be like a tree. Her eyes were a warm brown and she looked angelic in the sunlight that peeked through the trees. Herbert saw her and fell quiet, not being able to help but stare at her beauty. He was breath taken… He was so enchanted by her that he didn't notice that he had been freed. He approached her and managed to thank her. She had smiled kindly at him and soon the two found themselves in a deep conversation until the dwarf was asked to leave. He promised that he would return to her and he did, every day after work, he'd walk into the forest until he found her.

Some might have said that it was too early, but Herbert knew from the moment that he saw her, he was going to marry her.

Several years later, and now, he owned the Venandi tavern alongside his wife, Wren. She occasionally returned to the forest as it was her life source, since she was indeed a nymph, but otherwise she stayed with him. Herbert finished his story with a rather lovestruck look on his face as the Gratum around him laughed. This soon made him scowl, until he felt a dainty hand upon his shoulder and a kiss upon his cheek. The laughter soon died down after as the crowd realised that the story was in fact true. Now, they just stared at the couple in bewilderment, wondering just how they came to be.

[Right [pic]] Meanwhile at the bar, Cecelia raised her head slightly from the wooden bar. Her brows furrowing as her tired brain tried to piece together his name. But, that seemed to be too much effort and she waved her hand dismissively. "I'm just going to call you Mister." She rubbed at her eyes before yawning slightly. "Sari, can we find a BnB somewhere?"

"No, we only have so much money and we've only been up for a few hours." The Elf answered bluntly, opting to lean against the bar beside her companion. She knew the other very well and before the other could so much as react, she stated. "I'll carry you on my back on the way to the next mission." The blonde seemed satisfied with the answer and a lazy smile spread across her rosy lips.

The two of them were perhaps the most famous Venandi duo of the time and Herbert's prized hunters. He even had their wanted posters hung on his small wall of fame. There wasn't anyone who didn't know them and they received the advantages and disadvantages of that. For example, many Gratum and Human businesses would give them discounts, offer free shelter and food, treating them with a bit more respect. But, they were hated by the Repugnat and travelling through any monster zone, whether there peacefully or not, was a very dangerous move. This is why they stick mostly to back roads, forests and marshes. There were less people to deal with and so there was less of a risk.

Sariana glanced to Cecelia who now had her head buried her arms, hands clenched in her hair. She then heard a very muffled voice come from her. "You can explain it to him. I'm too tired and they're all arguing." She stated and the former princess took a sip of the drink that was bought by Xargon before speaking.

[Left [pic]] "I'm glad you could join us, you seem like you could hold yourself in battle and if you're anything like your mother then I'm happy you are with us." She stated, glancing at the wanted poster of Thasra. In her days of being in the Venandi the Demoness had been Herbert's favourite. "Ok, to explain a bit about us; I'm an Elf from a realm called Terra… But that's it really… CeCe is a little more complicated." She paused to take another drink and nudged for her partner to do the same. She got a groan of protest instead. "Basically, she's the host of five demons. That's why she's technically a monster. To keep the demons in, she wears the bracelets which are made from blessed metals. When she takes them off, it allows one demon to take form. However, the demons take her energy and she gets very tired after battle. You've already had the… Pleasure… Of meeting Lilith, there's still another four." She explained, her one eye trained on Xargon. "So, what can you do? Have you got any specialties? Weaknesses?"

After his explanation, Herbert approached the three of them. "Ah! I see you've taken on Thasra's boy!" He said with a hearty laugh and giving Xargon a rough pat on the back, hard enough to send a human flying. "I've got another task for you. Some villagers about ten miles west from here have been complaining about a witch, saying that [I he] has been cursing and plaguing them. They just want you to get rid of him." He informed, suddenly becoming quite serious and even business like.

Sariana nodded and her eye widened in realisation. "I think I know who the witch is… Fine, we'll take it… Do you want proof that we've gotten rid of him or?" But Herbert shook his head. "No, no. They didn't say anything about killing so there isn't anything to prove. Except come back alive." The Elf nodded her head and heard a mumble of approval from CeCe. "Great! Thank's Herbert!" Sariana was about to turn back around before the dwarf began to speak again. "Ah ah, not so fast. You still owe me-" He didn't get to finish his sentence as the woman pulled out a dark, forest green gem. She held it out to the dwarf and he greedily snatched it. All thoughts of collecting his owed money simply vanished from his mind as he began to work out whether the gem was real or not.

"C'mon, we gotta go before he stops us again." She told Xargon, getting her human friend to climb onto her back and the trio swiftly left the Tavern.
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Xargon was looking over several weapons in his family's armory, these were weapons taken as trophies by his mother, with a few small additions from his father thrown in. Xargon picked up a large hammer weapon, the head of it showed visible dents and scratches but it held a strong and reliable weight. His mother is a very strong demoness, but one wouldn't think so when she talked to him or his father, as if all the brimstone and hellfire fades from her when anything concerns her family. Thasra was a dangerous woman from the volcanic regions, ruling the territory from a myriad of other demonic outcasts scrounging out life in the desolate terrain. It was because Thasra was so volatile that humans posted rewards for her head, to which his father Agidane responded, ah-the story of their first meeting was one Xargon had been told multiple times over the years.

[+blue "We use blades in this household, boy."] Xargon's thoughts had wandered off and his father, [ Agidane], found him still holding the hammer. Xargon's orange eyes darted with a little panic, as he tried to brush off his interest in the weapon.

[#a83300 "I-I know, I was just... checking the... heft."] He swung the hammer a few times as if to play it off, before putting the weapon back on its hooks. Xargon brushed his hands off and stammered a bit more, [#a83300 "It's good, but you know, I-I prefer my sword..."] Agidane chuckled good-naturedly as he entered the armory, looking around the trophies with fond memories and light smile to his face. Agidane clapped his son on his shoulder, Xargon stood a whole head taller than his father, the greying human motioned to a few of the bludgeon weapons.

[+blue "The day you start using a cleric's weapon, is a day you get to explain to your mother."] This brought them both to smiles and laughs, demons had a natural hatred for those of holy orders, clerics and paladins were abhorred-it would definitely be a day of frozen hell if Xargon ever tried to wield a blessed item. Agidane's blue eyes contrasted his grey hair and beard, at one time his hair was black as night-a trait passed down to his son. Xargon however got the glowing orange eyes from his mother. [+blue "Speaking of, Thasra wanted to talk with you before we head back out."]

[#a83300 "You are leaving? Again?"] His father nodded and scratched the back of his head, only now could Xargon see the old man's weariness, the mortal toll of time wearing the aged warrior down.

[+blue "Aye, she got a declaration of [i Holmgang] from an upstart demon in Tulkanen, and needs to defend her titles and land claims. If nothing else the head would fetch a fair price, I know of a few old hunters that are still on the lookout for demonic beings..."] His father use to be one such demon-hunter, but love has a way to blind, or so they say. [+blue "We have to leave pretty soon, so find your mother before she starts hollering for you. -Should be in the kitchens, last I saw."]

Xargon did not waste much time, their house and the lands surrounding it belonged wholly to his father, whereas his mother still controlled much of the volcanic regions from her spawning. If a demon wished to try its might and try to take over the territory they were bound by perhaps the one law-Holmgang, a declaration was a duel to the death. It was a rite that could not be ignored, or one would be called a coward and forfeit whatever was up for grabs. Obviously his mother never lost, but there was always the worry that this time would be the one...

[+red "Do you jest? You think I'm going to wear this to battle?!"] As Xargon neared the kitchens he heard his mother's telltale irritation, then came the smashing of something fragile and a servant burst through the door, clinging some type of unsatisfactory armor to their chests as they ran to rectify their mistake. Xargon ran his right hand through his black hair as he entered, the demonic protrusion of his mother's bloodline made his right half charred and red, with volcanic vestigial horns rising up along his elbow and shoulder. His own demon horns broke along his hair, and the lower halves lined his jawline as they curled and twisted.

[#a83300 "Servants don't normally know what is good to wear for battle, mother."] At his voice the demoness, [ Thasra], turned around with a flurry of vibrant red hair, cascading down her back. Instantly she broke to an overjoyed smile, opening her arms to embrace him in a big hug. She was so comfortingly warm, as if lava itself emanated from her body, adorned with rings and strands of gold upon the crown of her head.

[+red "Xargon, my precious boy..."] Thasra held on to him longer than he expected, gone was her sharp tongue that slashed like knives, she held him to her chest for several minutes, as if afraid to let him go, when she finally did she continued speaking. [+red "Did Agidane tell you?"] Xargon nodded allowing his mother to speak fully, Thasra was going around the large kitchens and packing several bags with provisions for the long trip. [+red "You'd think they'd all have learned by now that Tulkanen is mine, but idiocy never learns. Now, I've made sure that the servants recognize you are in charge of the house in our absence, if any of them argue with you or give you fuss-you best tell me when I get back. I'll have no disrespect under this roof."]

Xargon smiled and shrugged, the servants never gave him any trouble, it was the guards and the human populace that gave him trouble. Under this roof he was safe from the prejudice the world held for people like him, his father's property lay away from wandering eyes which allowed him to keep not only his marriage but the child they made together. If they lived in any of the cities besides Heartfilia, their union would have never lasted, his mother would've been hunted and his father would have been killed out of fear from being bewitched by the demoness. Xargon learned from a very early age the cruelty mankind held for him and his kin, he was an outcast just by existing...

[#a83300 "Do you expect to be gone long?"] That question was waved off, telling him not to worry about how long it took. [#a83300 "I was... thinking about heading into Heartfilia, might find some jobs..."] At this Thasra stopped what she was doing mid-pack, placing down the item slowly she took a deep breath.

[+red "Xargon... we've talked about this..."] Her voice wavered, he knew what was coming, the same talk they've had since the last time he failed a contract job. It wasn't even his fault... He nearly lost his life had his father not come to his defense, the people accused him of such vile and horrible things all because he was half-demon. Humans were so trusting of other humans, no one objected to his father taking Xargon 'into custody' and never even questioned his disappearance. [+red "We cannot have you playing Venandi while we're away, the way people react..."]

[#a83300 "-To me."]

[+red "You know that's not what I mean, sweetheart. I..."] Just then the servant came back with another paired garment, tentatively holding it out for Thasra's approval, she grabbed the tunic in her clawed hands and literally shredded lines through it. [+red "-I've told you a million times, fabric is not going to cut it! Give me metal, damn you. Go find Agidane since you have no idea what a warrior wears, he'll make sure you do things right!"] The servant backed away before his mother could shout at them again, swiftly departing to find his father for aid. [+red "I promise when I get back we'll go on a few jobs together, like the old hunts we used to do. Won't that be fun?"]

His mother was looking to him with worry in her glowing orange eyes, Xargon wanted to protest-he didn't [i want] to tag along with his parents anymore, he wanted to start doing things on his own-without their protection or control. Yet he simply kept quiet and nodded with a fake smile, his mother was having to deal with more things than he would ever understand, and if she was to win the Holmgang she couldn't keep worrying over his safety. For now, he simply agreed to keep her spirits up, even if it meant dampening his own...

[#a83300 "Well, I'll leave you and father to get ready then. Be safe, mother."] She patted his cheek fondly before he left, passing his father on the way he gave notice he was going out for a drink at the tavern in town. Agidane didn't bother questioning it, he knew irritation when he saw it, without any words spoken; his own history taught him that it was far better to leave someone alone in times of frustration.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
The tavern was lit by candle and torchlight, a strong smell of ale and mead from sloshed puddles on stained wooden tables made up the overwhelming scent over the place. The cyclops at the door gave him no trouble, at least in the tavern he would be among others of his kind; they had a strict ban on humans entering the premises, declaring it to be a safe haven for those otherwise shunned. When he found a seat at the bar, the owner came to greet him with a wide smile; the pleasantly plump dwarf ran his thick fingers through his stark red beard, luxuriously braided.

[#a83300 "Herbert, glad to see you are doing well for yourself."] The dwarf gave a jolly laugh that shook much of his body, motioning around the tavern. Xargon did not know much of the place, and as he first came to the tavern a while back Herbert made sure to introduce himself.

[b "You like w'at I did wit' the place? A little sprucin' up goes a long way. Now, w'at can I do fer my new [b fav'rite] customer?"] The only reason Xargon was given such attention was not because of renown or fame, it was because of his father's wealth-Herbert could practically [i smell] the money on the man.

[#a83300 "I'm just here for a drink..."] The dwarf tapped the side of his nose and gave a wink, never losing his rosy smile that reddened even the tip of his nose.

[b "'Course ye are. I'll just be tendin' to some stocks, but do let me know if'n ye have more need to lighten up a few t'ings."] Xargon saw him eye his coin-purse before moving off behind the bar, protectively Xargon pulled his coin pouch to the front of his belt. Xargon was served a drink and he tucked in, happy to drink alone as more people wandered in. He was in the process of mid-drink when a woman's voice was directed towards him, she even sat down beside him. Xargon ducked his head to keep himself from spitting out his mead as the demoness openly flirted with him.

[#a83300 "P-Pardon?"] Xargon made a double-take around the tavern, as if the lady was somehow mistaken, the way she leered at him made him feel awkward and his face reddened enough to match his horns. Before he could really get an answer the demoness was interrupted by an elf woman, who addressed her as Lilith. Apparently they were a duo of Venandi, but this Lilith was not very pleased with having to change anything-as she touched his arm Xargon let a nervous laugh escape and he clutched his tankard a little bit harder.

As Lilith left them, Xargon really focused on his drink, hardly hearing the elf's apology on the demon's behalf. Possibly it was a common occurrence, but he didn't know, however when the elf mentioned joining the two of them Xargon's interest perked up. He hesitated however, he knew his mother would have a fit if he took a job on his own, but surely joining a group of venandi was not too bad, right? He weighed his options internally, as a human woman now took her place where Lilith once sat. She dropped her head to the bar's counter and strangely also apologized for Lilith. His orange eyes narrowed at the human, how did she get in? Humans weren't allowed in here and he would have objected to her presence had the elf not coincided apologies with the human. The human... was a demon a few minutes ago? He mentally pieced things together in a matter of seconds, holding his silence in thought before responding.

[#a83300 "You are both... Venandi? If you have need of another, I could join you, certainly."] To say that Xargon was worried would be an understatement, what he was agreeing to went against his parents' wishes. With his mother fighting off a would-be usurper meant he'd have no influence nor protection should the populace turn against him again. It was not something he wanted to think about, instead he gave a false smile as he flagged down the barkeep to get his new friends a few drinks. The human-ish one looked like she could definitely use something strong, [#a83300 "My name is Xargon Balenor Agmodal-Thasrath Xoth'turoth, but simply Xargon would be much easier to pronounce. You are?"]
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Quite the peculiar pair walked down the cobbled, busy streets of Heartfilia. This city was a neutral zone, one where Humans and Gratum lived, worked and shopped side by side and it was the biggest one at that. It practically never slept and it was also the founding place of the Venandi. That was where the two were headed.

One was a female Elf, roughly standing at 5'10. She had dark, ashy grey skin that was covered in scars. Dirty white hair framed her thin face and her figure was hidden under layers of clothing, so was her left eye. It was covered with a rag where as her right one was a light, sky grey. She wore a sullen expression, quite the contrary to her companion who looked just like a regular human. She stood at 5'4 and had fair skin that had no scar or blemish in sight, a heart shaped face with blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

However, she was everything [i but] normal, for a group of five demons lived inside of her from a possession gone wrong. The only thing that kept these creatures from wreaking their havoc on the world was the blessed silver jewelry she wore. She had two bracelets, one on each wrist. There was also the Elf, who had special weapons given to her by the Church and holy water was in a flask just in case anything were to go wrong.

Now, it wasn't the two of them that was peculiar. No, it was the decapitated Orcs head that was dripping green blood as it was carried between the two of them. Humans still weren't quite used to seeing monsters in such a way, yet the two women were unfazed. They had battled far worse than just some simple, dumb founded orc. Despite the fact that they had saved a village from the Orc destroying their homes, they had still received dirty looks. The villagers knew that they were Venandi and so, were still monsters. It did not matter what they looked like, how polite, kind or courteous they were, it didn't matter.

Sariana had been astounded at the way humans thought themselves above everybody else, in her eyes they were the monsters, but here she didn't have the same power of authority as she had had in her home realm, Terra. The only human that she had met who wasn't filled with pride and hate, was Cecelia. She had a heart of gold and a pure soul. She accepted everyone with open arms and yes, she was slightly insane and her… Extra baggage was a pain to deal with… But, Sariana could not ask for a better partnership.

Meanwhile, Cecelia yawned and outstretched her free arm. "Sari, are we almost there? I'm really tired." She asked the other, tiredly glancing over. Asmodeus was the last demon to take over her form in their last fight. He was a fairly powerful demon, but she had also had Adramelech taken over as well. Two demon forms in one fight, with Asmodeus taking more of her energy than the other. Each of her forms took different amounts of energy, with Judith being the most and Adramelech being the least. But, she always felt exhausted after fights, sometimes she would even pass out.

"Almost." Sariana muttered before they turned the corner and the sign to the Venandi Tavern was in sight. "We're almost there." She added on, also looking at her partner and offering a simple smile. She was given a small one back, but that was good enough for her. Soon enough, they were by the doors but just before they could enter, they were stopped by a Cyclops, his one brown eye staring at CeCe. "Only monsters. No human."

[Right [pic]] "But… You know that I'm not human. You've let me in before. Please Herbert, I'm exhausted." CeCe pleaded, her hand dropping from Orcs head. Eugene frowned at her. "No human. Only monster." Sariana rolled her eyes. "Just change into Adra and I'll meet you inside." Before the blonde could protest, the Elf walked into the tavern. She wished it was simple, choosing who let out and take control. But, it was the demons themselves. "Fine. But, if I pass out it's your fault Eugene." She stated before slipping off one of her silver bracelets. Also immediately, a dark, pink fog began to surround her body and she groaned again, knowing who was out. When the fog finally cleared, gone was the bright, blue eyed girl but a demoness who went by the name of Lilith. She had pastel purple skin with blood red eyes, muddy green hair that was pushed back by horns.

Lilith looked Eugene up and down, who more wore a shocked expression. She chuckled in amusement before pushing the doors of the tavern open and letting herself in. It had been awhile since she had had her turn over CeCe's body, but she knew that she didn't have long. She spotted her first target by the bar. She smirked to herself and walked over to him.

On the other side of the tavern, Sariana was handing over the Orcs head for the treasure. The old lady, who was in charge of handing out quests, taking payment and giving out rewards, looked up at the Elf. "Where's the rest of it? The ad said the full body." She was quite obviously not pleased and she looked at Sariana with disdain. "It got burned. But, we can still get money for the head." The old lady tutted before dropping a small sack of coins. "Don't get cheeky. Before you go, Herbert wants to see you." She stated before shooing Sariana away. The ex-princess found herself rolling her eyes again as she counted the money, making her way to Herbert. He was a small, fat dwarf who was the current owner of the Venandi Tavern and thus the organisation.

As the two talked, Lilith sat beside her target. A dimidietas, half demon, half man. "Well hello there, can't say that I've seen you before. I'd remember." She looked him up and down as if he were a meal before speaking again. "I'm-" or at least she tried to before she was interrupted by a certain Elf. "Lilith, leave the…" Sariana had to pause to take a moment to look at who the demoness was bothering. "... Poor demon, man alone. Also, change back." Lilith pouted at that and even ran her hand over the dimidietas arm. "But, I never get to have any fun."

"Change back. Otherwise CeCe won't have enough energy and she'll pass out. That affects you too."

"Fine. You're such a spoil sport. But, I'm not changing in front of this fine man." And with that, Lilith jumped down from her seat and walked away to the bathrooms.

Sariana sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry about that. I'd explain what just happened but it's not really my place." After she finished speaking, an awkward silence settled and she wasn't quite sure what to do or say. That was when she remembered what Herbert had said. Apparently, there had been a large influx of new Venandi and, to make room, the dwarf had asked her to invite someone to her and Cecelia's duo. "If that didn't put you off, I was wondering if you wanted to join CeCe and I. Herbert said we need to and well… I can't be bothered asking anyone else." She admitted rather honestly, but it was true. She was only asking the half man, half demon to join because he was just there.

Cecelia came back more tired than ever and she practically flopped onto the chair, leaning her head down on the bars wooden surface. "Sorry about Lilith mister, I hope she didn't make you feel too uncomfortable."
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