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[center [size11 [font "courier new" [b A]fter a missing teen is found slain in the woods, the people of the small town of Dawson start to buckle down on the wolves that have grown out of control in the surrounding woods. Curfews are enforced and a [I [b ‘Don’t think, just shoot’]] campaign is enforced.
[b W]hen a wolf limps it’s way into the backyard of [b x] she struggles with whether or not to call for the hunters that shot him. Her decision becomes more complicated when the wolf collapses in a bed of snow; now a human male struggling to hang on to life.
[b S]he recognizes him as one of the men from the reserve, where the Natives live, despite technically having ownership of Dawson.
[b A]fter tending to his wounds and convincing herself she’s not crazy, she waits for him to come to, to which he explains that the wolves of the forests aren’t [I normal]
[b S]he thought she was being helpful, but soon finds herself caught in the middle of a war between humans and wolves; as the attraction between the two grow they struggle with the reality
That they are from two different worlds

[center [size22 [font "courier new" [#173d2e ♦♦♦]]]]

[center [size11 [font "courier new" [i so I kind of have it in my head that this is a story about wolves vs. humans, but also, I wanted to kind of touch on a political idea about stolen land – so there’s a bit of race issues in this. I haven’t fully fleshed this idea out, so discussion is heavily important and appreciated ! For this rp I am willing to extend my post sched. As I suspect there will be a lot of dissection and discussion as well as world building]]]]
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He somehow was more attractive now that he was leaning against his car. She tried to make sure that the color on her face went back to normal though. She felt a little bit like a high school girl with a crush. Especially when he told her that she could tell him if she was given any trouble. He didn't need to say it though. Somehow she knew that he would defend her if she needed help. Though she was not quite sure as to why he felt so protective.

She was soon on her way back home. She watched in her rearview mirror as he left in the other direction. She wondered if her dad had already heard about her lunch this afternoon. After all Dawson was a small town word traveled fast. No one had anything better to do then judge and gossip. And honestly she did believe Andrew was at least going to try to talk to her father about Sequoia. Sadly, between the two she was sure that her dad would rather she spend time with an asshole like Andrew instead of Sequoia.

She heard the click of the lock as she locked the car and walked towards the house. Ren bit her lip trying to figure out what she should say to her dad if he confronted her and honestly she wasn't really sure. But she was an adult anyway her father didn't get to have a say in who she saw anymore.

"Annabelle Morris texted me- well let me rephrase, she texted her husband, Jack, who texted me." she heard her dad say. "God, Dad I just walked through the door." Ren sighed as she bent down on her knee to take her shoes off. "Can't you wait one minute." Her father then appeared in her line of vision. She could see his jaw was set hard. "No it can't wait. What were you doing out with that redskin boy?" he got out through his teeth.

"Dad what the hell, don't call him that." she said standing up. "Last I checked I am an adult it shouldn't matter that I was hanging out with him. I think you should be more concerned with Andrew acting like I am his property." she said feeling an anger in her stomach about her father saying anything mean about Sequoia. "Andrew is probably going to come to try to talk to you as well about my lunch today." she continued not letting her father get a word in.

"Lauren.." her father started to raise his voice but then the ring of his phone cut him off. She looked at her still angry but instead he said, "We will talk about this later." he walked off pulling out his phone. "Hey Mitch whats up?" He walked into the next room. Lauren quietly walked to the edge of the door keen on listening to the conversation her father was about to have. She heard him discussing how they were going to possibly go out tonight for a small look around the woods and tomorrow they were going on a bigger hunt to find "those rabid wolves that were terrorizing the peace"

She quickly moved away from the door and headed up the stairs to her room as she heard him start to say bye to Mitch. Hopefully Sequoia texted her sometime tonight so that she could warn him about the planned hunts.
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Hunter had spotted the young boy when he arrived in town with his fellow wolf Cerses. The plan was simple, to eventually gain control of the woods and overpower the humans, thereby making this formal wolf territory. What he hadn’t expected was for there to already be a pack of werewolves in the area. Taking down the young man had been easy, a means of regaining health after how long he and Cerses had been running since being rushed out of their last town. There was a group of hunters on their trails through and he knew soon they would find themselves here. Though if they managed to band with the werewolves, they would once again have a strong pack that would aid in protecting them against said hunters and finally obtaining control. Now in human form, dressed in an all-black jumpsuit, Hunter awoke in the shack they had found in the woods. They had hidden out here after encountering the shots from the men earlier. It had been Cerses to confirm that there were others; that wolf he had encountered in the woods wasn’t the only one. This would prove difficult as he knew that meant there was an Alpha.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/ih9FtUm.png]] Cerses had returned from his circling the permitter of the reserve. Thick and large paws padded through the soft snow before reaching the entry way of the shack where white eyes met Hunter’s golden brown ones. Cerses had been born blind, but it seemed to only have made him stronger as he was the best tracker . Having him as a Beta had saved Hunter’s life, though Cerses had remained loyal and refused to fight for leadership as it had been Hunter and his pack to take him in. He’d the scar barely healed in his shoulder where the silver bullet had shot through and pierced him, melting through his flesh like a hot knife through butter. The pain was temporary and Hunter was saved. Cerses watched as Hunter shifted then.
[I There at least 30 men I have noted. It seems they are preparing for something against the humans,] Cerses explained. [I Some of them are young and strong. We’ll have to pick them off until they’re weak enough to control.]
[I [b Or let the humans do it for us,]] Hunter snarled.
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It was hard for Sequoia no to worry. He felt like he owed his protection to her after she had saved his life and on more than one occasion. What if she had told her father what she had seen he knew he and his people would be in danger. Though, he could tell that Ren as a kindhearted person and she really did just want to get justice for her brother as well as protect and other possible victims. If that meant helping her, then he would do so. Though he feared what would happen should either of their parents find out. He leaned against his truck then, his hands in his pockets ad his cheeks flushing with color at her statement.

Of course, it would come off a bit odd for them to eb seen together in such environments. Though was it so bad o Sequoia? A part of him said no. The prospect of dating anyone off the reserve had never been an option – so why was the idea floating so freely in his head?
“Well you know, if he gives you any trouble . . . you can tell me.” It was scary though for Sequoia to think how much damage he could do to the male. How would Ren see him then? “I’ll be sure to text you.” He told her.

Eventually he had got into his truck, waiting to watch her pull off before he too headed in the opposite direction. He’d barely made it home when his father had mentioned a town meeting. There were two strangers roaming the woods and what worst, another person had gone missing. Though, they all knew by now, [I missing] meant they were lost forever.
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The small smile that passed over Sequoias face made her smile as well. "Yeah Andrew is most certainly a jerk." she said. It made her happy to know that he was alright. She wondered why his smile affected her so. Maybe the connection was just from this shared knowledge between them. This secret. It made her happy when it seemed like he was opening up to her more. It was comforting to know that he seemed to trust her as well.

"I mean I am not sure how much help I will be. And I am not sure what we can do about whatever or whoever killed my brother but I just know these hunting expeditions are if anything just going to make things worse. I'll let you know if I ever hear about one going out." she said. She figured that way he could make sure he stayed inside at the reservation. The idea of him possibly getting shot again made her feel a pit of worry in her stomach.

"Yeah sounds good to me. Just give me a text or call with where and when." she said to Sequoia. It was weird how happy she felt at the idea of seeing him tomorrow. There was something nice about having someone to talk with. Someone that didn't seem to pity her or dismiss her. Someone that understood that there was more to what was going on then what appeared.

She laughed slightly and smiled at him. "I promise I will stay inside tonight. You stay safe as well please." she said looking at his eyes. She then shook her head. "I will be okay, honestly if Andrew is still lurking around watching us then it might make it worse if you follow me home." she said. "He will probably make further assumptions about why you were." Her face filled with color slightly as she finished her sentence as the implication. She quickly cleared her throat. "Plus I can deal with Andrew- he is too scared of my father to actually do anything to me." At least she assumed he still was. But she was sure that she could handle him.
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Sequoia turned his eyes toward ren, dropping toward her hand that rested on his arm. It was incredibly exhausting holding himself back, but that would’ve endangered many lives and honestly a guy like Andrew wasn’t worth the trouble. “I’m fine, he’s just a jerk. Sometimes I let people get to me,” he said as he gave her a small smile. He was surprised to find that Ren cared so much for his wellbeing. He knew that many would’ve possibly found it a sign not to be around Sequoia, as though they would need any other reason. He took the small slip of paper she offered. Sequoia was glad that Ren wasn’t into guys like that, though it occurred to him then that he was curious now as to what kind of guys did she like being around. She seemed to take kindly to his presence, though of course they had a secret that tethered them together. “I’ll be okay. Trust me it takes a lot of discipline to hold back from cha – well you know giving into those feelings.” He was realizing how easy it was for him to tell Ren about his people which wasn’t a good thing, but he couldn’t see why finding someone he could talk to should be considered bad. Of course, their people didn’t really have that great of history with the others.

“I’m willing to help you out,” Sequoia finally said. “Though I don’t know how much help I’ll be. I guess, we’ll both figure out what’s going on together.” He knew his father and the others were already looking into this new wolf. Any information he discovered he could give to Ren and vice versa. Though, they did have to be quite secretive and maybe find somewhere they could talk where others wouldn’t be watching them. “Why don’t we meet up tomorrow?” he asked her. By then he was sure his father would have some information that he could give her.

“Just do me a favor and try to stay in tonight alright?” he was worried for her safety. If he got into her backyard, there was a chance that the other wolf could too. For some reason Sequoia had a feeling they were being watched. A art of him wondered if he should follow ren and make sure she got home safe. “I can trail you if you’d like?”
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Ren studied him as he talked. He seemed to be less tense. She bit her lip slightly. Then looked back into his eyes. "What if you get hurt again? Or you aren't as lucky and someone else sees you if you are shot again? Or what if something happens to my dad, sure he has his faults but he is still my dad. Or my mom. Everyone who is part of the town and I include you all in it is not safe." she said. "We have to do something. I just don't know what." she said. She was sure he was trying to warn her against spending time with him. It was a small town everyone pretty much knew each other. There was no way they could sneakily meet up. Which means they certainly would have to deal with Andrew again if not the other brothers as well.

That's when she heard the annoying voice again. But this time he somehow said something even worse then he already had been. Her eyes widened as she turned on her heel to see him. She tried to put herself in front of Andrew hoping it would maybe stop him. Deter him.

"Andrew what the hell?" she said to him. But he was still not listening to her. He walked past her nudging her aside. Sequoia was completely focused on him as well at this point. It was quite obvious that word bothered him more then others did.

She looked down at his fists curled into a ball. It seemed like the hair on his arm was standing up more now. Was there any chance that anger could make him change? That was very worrying. When her name came up she felt her body stiffen. She hated whenever Andrew said things about her that made it sound like she was a possession. Sure he had never uttered this exact phrase before. But she had heard him say very others throughout the years.

She felt her mouth twitch into a soft sort of smile at Sequoias next comment. Andrew had successfully bullied quite a few guys into wanting nothing to do with her or the guys had said equally possessive things back which made Ren end it with them soon after. It was nice to have someone say a simple thing in her defense.

God, at least her father did not like Andrew much either. Maybe that would buy her some time if Andrew was going to go try to tell her dad. She watched him walk away quickly making her way over to Sequoia. She gently touched his arm trying to still give him any space he might need. "Are you okay?" she said. It was at the same time that he stated his need to leave. "Okay" Ren replied quickly walking with him towards the cars. She grabbed some random old receipt from her car and a pen. And jotted down her phone number. "If you need I can give you a ride back to the reserve if you can't drive right now... Or we can go wherever. I know we came in separate cars. I don't know what you need." She said her eyes voicing her concern. "But here is my number, you are right I am free to be around whoever I want to be. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I understand if its too bothersome for you though. I just think maybe we can start to figure out what's going on. Or I can at least try to warn you when the hunters are out so you and the others are safe." she said reaching the small scrap paper out to him.

She again found herself questioning why she felt so drawn to him. It had to be just the desire to prevent anymore death right? I mean they hardly knew each other. The odds of friendship was stacked against them. Neither of their families even really tolerated the other. And she did not even know how she could possible apologize to him for the racism from her father or Andrew.
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Sequoia found himself trapped for just a small second before he was allowed to walk through. He finally could breathe outside, but he still felt the rumbling in his chest, the animal begging to get out and just run off the steam if anything. He tried to distract himself by listening to Ren. Her voice was calming and it was making it easy for him to forget the comments Andrew had made. Though he was no stranger to them amongst other words, he had learned to ignore them as they were ushered every now and then since he was young.

“It’s more than just dangerous. This isn’t going boating during a storm or taking a chance on three day old milk. This could be our lives, are you ready to risk that?” He meant it in every sense of course, death and also becoming something of a social outcast if they spent any more time together which wasn’t seeming to be such a good idea considering Andrew’s antics. There was something about the change that was different when it came to rage. It was very easy to lose sight of the human inside of you. Being a wolf was scared, it was a power you were blessed with and trusted with.

Just like their heritage, it was to be treated with respect and not used as some all the end all when you had enough with someone. That said, containing the desire to change out of anger was hard and it certainly had been something that as a youth one was to overcome or else they would find themselves in very bad positions growing up in life. For the most part, it was why they preferred to live amongst their own. It was something that was understood and of course accepted; in the human world, they more than likely would be contained and considered –
“Savage!” The word certainly had the effect that Andrew wanted, causing Sequoia to meet the eyes of the young gentleman who knew he had said the right thing to get him riled up.
“What dd you say?” He asked then, watching as Andrew and the others slowly made their way downstairs.
“I think you heard me. I don’t know what’s gotten you so bold boy, but I suggest you don’t make your way back into these parts again and certainly not with Ren.”
“Last I checked she was free to do what she wanted with who she wanted,” Sequoia said. His hands were fists at his sides, hair beginning to sprout from his skin.
“Yeah well I’m sure once her father finds out, that will surely change her tune. So I’d watch my back.”
“Is that your attempt at a threat?” He watched as Andrew’s finger reached up to poke him in the chest.
“No threat, but a promise.” He muttered, bumping shoulders as they stalked off.

Sequoia had turned to Rent hen, shaking his hands free, though he was far from kay.
“We gotta go, now.” He said to her. If she wanted to look more into this situation with her brother and protecting any future victims, fine, but he was not going to stick around any longer.
  sequoia / kshahidx / 16d 19h 8m 32s
He was silent for a minute. It was stupid to ask him to help wasn't it? They hardly knew each other at all. Neither of their families wanted them hanging around each other. Hell, the town did not if the looks from the wait staff or the townies wasn't clue enough. If something dangerous killed Ty then how could she ask Sequoia to put himself in danger. He had still yet to say anything when the waitress came back with his food.

She looked down into her drink suddenly enraptured by the swirls in her latte. That's when she heard his voice again in hushed tones. There was something more out there. And if he was correct that there will be more victims then that meant that the rule to shoot first and ask questions later would only get more intense. And if the hunters continued to shoot into the woods without a care then Sequoia might not be so lucky the next time. Or even one of the others like him. Granted he hadn't officially said that anyone else was like him. But she caught when he said 'our kind.'

Thoughts mulled about in her head. Thoughts about how to proceed with this information. After all it's not like she could get much help from anyone she knew, she couldn't tell them about all this without putting Sequoia in danger. Plus it's unlikely anyone would believe her.

Danger, honestly she probably did not have as much of a clue as he did about the danger. She opened her mouth about to answer when three figures appeared to her side. She looked over to see the Riley brothers. Her brow furrowed in worry looking at them. Mark and Greg paid her no attention, jeering at Sequoia. But Andrew he seemed to look back and forth between her and Sequoia his jaw tight. She was very aware that Andrew had always liked her.

She was pretty sure it had started when they were children. He was in her grade so they had virtually grown up together. Though they were not close. Andrew had a habit of being a kindergarten boy when it came to flirting. He constantly was pulling her hair when they were young. When they got older it was teasing- but never in a way that Ren felt comfortable with. He laid off a bit when she was dating Jordan back in the tenth grade but that was more because Jordan and Andrew were friends in a way.

His eyes turned back to Sequoia and Ren felt a pit in her stomach. Any of the brothers alone were relatively harmless but when they were together it was if they egged each other on. Most people tried to avoid them. "Andrew!" she said sternly after the man said his first sentence.

"Andrew that's enough." she said again when he grabbed Sequoia's food. She had seen him bully other people many a time. But there was something more vicious about this. But Andrew was not listening to her. His attention was completely on Sequoia. Until he threw down the burger looking at Ren now. She glared back at him slightly. It seems more people were listening in now. After all it was hard not to. She heard some laughs after Andrew addressed her.

"And if I was why would it be any of your business Andrew? It's not like I would be going on a date with you." she said coolly standing up now to look him in the eyes. She heard Greg make a small sound of amusement at his brothers expense after her comment. Her eyes flickered to Sequoia for a second to check in on him. It was then she noticed something different. Something seemed tense about him.

She nodded in response to Sequoia. Brushing past Andrew who seemed to be getting more upset at Ren being with him. She walked out the door with Sequoia. Once they walked a few paces away from the door she turned to him, "I am so sorry. I think me being with you might have made Andrew worse." she said. "And I am sure that this is more dangerous then I realize but we can't sit here and do nothing, more people will die."
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Did he know anything? There was a chance that he did, but not in the manner that Ren possibly would think would be of help. Honestly he knew very little and that was just that it hadn’t been one of their own. His mind flickered back to his running in the woods, thinking about the black wolf he saw and nearly captured. Where was he now? He could tell it as a male by how broad his shoulders were and the scent he gave off. Sequoia knew that this wasn’t going to eb the last time they came in contact with another and he also knew that it wouldn’t be long before he claimed another victim. Still, Ren had helped him and he felt like he owed it to her to give her some kind of answer. Right? Though help? That was a bit out there. What would it look like with the both of them hanging around with one another? His father already explicitly stated that he wanted Sequoia and more than likely the others, to keep their distance from anyone not from the reserve he would be going against his father’s orders, which he had never done before. Still, he owed Ren the same sense of loyalty for saving his life.

She trusted him.

Sequoia met her gaze then, ignoring the Riley brothers, though he could sense their presence and their beady eyes staring him down. The waitress had returned with their food then. Though by this point he wasn’t really hungry. He fiddled with a few fries then.
“I don’t know much about what happened. I just know that there is [I something] out there, not like our kind and if it’s not caught, there will be more victims.” He whispered. It felt good to get it off his chest. Though what did Ren suggest; that they go hunting for this wolf themselves?

“You do know the danger you could be getting yourself into right?” It was then the Riley brothers had made their way over to the table. There was Mark, Andrew, and Greg. Andrew of course had always had a thing for Ren and in his eyes, Sequoia was crossing way too many lines for comfort.

“Isn’t this a little outside of your territory feather boy?” He asked. Sequoia sighed out. Becoming angry and fighting was only going to get him into trouble.
“Just enjoying some lunch.” He mumbled, trying to ignore their gaze. Andrew reached down for the burger, clenching it tight in his hands, grease stained digits digging into the breading a s he took a big bite before tossing it back on the plate, some flying onto Sequoia.
“Is that right? Ren you and the redskin enjoying a little lunch date? That hurts my feelings.” He commented which garnered a few laughs. Sequoia could feel that trembling, his eyes almost seeming to morph then, elongating just a bit more, burning a brighter brown than normal.
“Why don’t we just leave hm?” He suggested, trying to keep himself in check. He placed some bills on the counter and looked to Ren, of course he wouldn’t feel safe with leaving without her.
  sequoia / kshahidx / 17d 20h 24m 9s
Ren noticed that Sequoia's eyes seemed to flick up and look somewhere else occasionally. One of the times she followed his eyes after he looked away again. Ah, the Riley brothers, even her father found them to be trouble. He trailed off after telling her that he was doing alright.

"No thanks needed, I am just glad you are alright." she said. The waitress seemed to hover longer when taking Sequoia's order. Ren did not think that the reason the waitress hung around was because she thought Sequoia was attractive though. Ren assumed it had everything to do with his heritage. Although she would understand if the waitress did find him attractive.

It was as if he was unaware at times of how intimidating he could be. He didn't seem to be trying to be menacing to her. She felt like he was more trying to convey a point. Also there were other people around during a conversation that was mostly private. And the citizens of Dawson were quite a noisy bunch.

There was a slight hitch in her breathing when Sequoia brought up her brother. She hadn't expected him to be so blunt. But there was no going back now. "Do you know anything more about what happened to Ty? And if you do not, I want your help to try to figure out what happened?" she said, she felt her eyes sting as she talked. She was actively preventing herself from crying. "I need to know what happened to him. And I can't really explain it but I trust you, or I don't know I feel like you could help me..." she said.

She noticed out of the corner of her eye that the Riley boys seemed to be glancing at their table more now. She hoped that they just went away soon and that they did not cause a scene.
  Lauren Fox / SoulDreamer / 18d 9h 6m 15s
Sequoia could see that she was trying to tiptoe around her response so as to gage whether she was right to assume he wanted to discuss that she had in fact saw him transform from his wolf form. Sequoia reached for one of the lemons out of the bowl that had been provided, squeezing it into the iced tea before dropping it inside, stirring with his straw and then taking a sip. He hadn’t realized how parched and dry mouthed he had been until then. Was it some kind of symptom about being nervous? He was already pretty antsy, his leg bouncing underneath the table. He didn’t like being in this part of town for too long as trouble always followed and he knew it from the looks the Riley boys. Hopefully they would be gone by the time this [I conversation] ended. Ren seemed nice enough though, even asking about his injury which already was beginning to feel better, though it’d leave a scar. He could live with that, after all he still had his life.

“I’m fine. I really have to thank you again, if I’d been –” He knew there was a fate worse than just death. He would’ve put the lives of everyone who lived on the reserve in danger. If it was discovered [i what] they were, Sequoia had no doubts that Ren’s father and his men would come guns blazing in hunt of each and every one of their kind. He’d started to comment on what she said, though the waitress had asked a question and the way she lingered led Sequoia to believe that she was trying to snoop as much as possible undetected, but she wasn’t doing a very good job.
“Just a burger,” he told her.
“Beef fine?” Sequoia rose a brow at her, a look that seemed to get her to stop whatever insulting charade she was participating in. She eventually left after gathering their menus. Sequoia looked back to Ren, she seemed to have a lot on. Her mind and of course he could understand that. It wasn’t like people believed in his kind: werewolves.

Sequoia realized that she had bound herself to loyalty to him without even saying the words aloud, of what he was ad what she saw. Was she terrified? Or was there something else that plagued her mind?
“Good, because if you tell anyone then we are royally screwed.” He said as he leaned in. He got another whiff of her shampoo, powerful and yet enticing. He leaned back though, realizing he was probably getting too close for comfort.
“Just ask,” he said finally. “You’re wondering about your brother.”
  sequoia / kshahidx / 22d 20h 23m 4s
The waitress seemed kind enough. That made sense though, she was working. Though she seemed to be slightly taken aback by Sequoia. Ren ordered a Chai Latte. Then looked back at Sequoia listening to him as he continued after the waitress left. She looked at him, "Well at first you were acting a bit different." she said being careful about her words since they were in a public place. "Then uh [+i you] collapsed on the snow. It was a little shocking but there was more important things to deal with."

"Are you alright?" she asked him. She had never gotten to check with him how he was. After all he was not doing well last night. After all getting shot is not like having a paper cut. She waited for his answer to the question her eyes scanning him with concern.

"Just so you know I am not going to tell anyone." she told him. After she said that the waitress came back. She set down the ice tea next to Sequoia and then the latte was placed in front of Ren. "Can I get you anything else?" she said. It seemed that now the waitress had placed who Ren was, or rather whose daughter Ren was. Now she seemed more visible confused that Ren was sitting here with someone from the reserve.

Ren said she was all good and waited for Sequoia to answer as well. When the waitress left again Ren looked back at Sequoia. How could she prove to him that she was trustworthy? That she really did mean it when she said that she would keep his secret. And what she assumed was probably a secret others had. Also how was she supposed to ask if he knew anything about what happened to her brother without him thinking that she thought he had anything to do with it?
  Lauren Fox / SoulDreamer / 23d 7h 37m 58s
Sequoia had paused several times just to make sure if what he was doing was right. He knew that it was absolutely forbidden to tell of what his people could do. Till, ren had saw what she saw and if she wasn’t going to back down then he at least wanted her to know the importance of keeping quiet. Though, he had to make sure that she figured it out for herself. A part of him feared though that she would automatically think that they had something to do with her brother’s death. Though of course he knew all about the rogue wolf he had saw, the one that he’d chased into the line of fire that got him here in the first place. He was curious about the wolf; where did her come from? Of course they weren’t the only tribe out there, but there hadn’t been a sighting of a wolf from another tribe in years. Especially not one that hunted humans – this had to be one from the oldest tribe that still followed the oldest tradition of their tribe.

Sequoia knew that this meant they would have to start taking shifts watching the woods which meant having to deal with the humans. As far as his father was concerned, Ren’s father and his men had no care for the wolves in the woods, and while they had no clue those wolves were [I human] in some sense, it meant a danger to them. At this point it seemed they had two threats to consider.

He’d reached the diner then, of course getting a few odd looks. You didn’t need to ask where someone was from, you could tell by their walk. Hell everyone knew everyone in the small town anyways. He was used to the looks, but a man of his stature was rarely approached. Except for the Riley boys, who were well known troublemakers. They usually hung out in front of the diner, drinking and smoking, hassling anyone for money. Though when it came to Sequoia, it was more so just for fun. He’d always resisted though, knowing a fight would get him in more trouble than the other.

Walking in, he took a seat, trying to ignore the stares as he removed his thick coat and focused on the menu. Thick muscle flexed under tanned skin as he leaned his arms on the table, looking out the window and toward the door every now and then to see if Ren would pop up. He was surprised to find her walking through the door, her scent already familiar to him even with the shampoo form recently washed hair.

“Hey,” he told her with a small smile. He had just started to answer her question when the waitress came over and asked for their drinks. He asked for an iced tea. After ren ordered she left to give them time to look over the menu. He knew she had to be wondering why he called her here. “So,” he started finally. “About last night. I just . . . wanted to get a bit clarification you know. Cause I was out of it.”
  sequoia / kshahidx / 27d 6h 1m 23s
She wasn't sure what she had said but something seemed to be eating at Sequoia. He was lost in thought. She smiled when she heard his lie. She let it go though. Ren didn't want to come across as a combative type, she wasn't really. She just had more confidence then she should sometimes. And she didn't like backing down.

She looked back over to her dad. She could tell that he was getting more combative with Seqouia's father if that was possible. She noticed his dad was coming back towards them, his body language stiff, angry. Then she realized that Sequoia was talking to her again. It seemed like he was trying to get his words out quickly. She guessed he didn't really want their dads to hear they were talking. She didn't have time to answer him before he was out the door.

Her father walked up to her gruffly asking, "Did you know him?" He gestued his head in the direction of the door. "Not really, seen him around, I think his sister might have been in Tyler's grade." she said shrugging hoping she came across as nonchalant. Her father grunted. "Those are not the type of people to associate with." he said before walking away.

She sighed, "Well I am going to take a quick shower and then I am going to go into town." she said to his back not really offering up anymore information. She didn't want to straight up lie to him but also even though she was adult who did not need permission she knew her father would not approve of her going out to meet up with Sequoia.

A while later she was out the door her hair still slightly damp from the shower. She turned the keys in the ignition and left her house heading straight for the diner. Bluehouse diner was a classic small town diner. Though I guess the name wouldn't get points for creativity. The building had that rustic feel and had a light blue stain.

She walked into the diner, he was already sitting at a table. She slid into the opposite seat. "Hey" she said tucking her hair behind her ear, it finally was starting to look dry. Being that she wasn't really sure why he wanted to meet up she was not sure what to say. What she did know is she wanted to know more. "Did you get anything to drink?" she said slightly awkwardly.
  Lauren Fox / SoulDreamer / 27d 11h 30m 53s
“I wasn’t trying to intimidate you.” He lied, though of course his actions and change in tone had been in he hopes that it would keep ren quiet. She was just as confident as before though and refused to back down. She had no sense of denying that what she had seen had not been a figment of her imagination. Her words had stirred something inside him as he thought about the rogue wolf that he had seen in the wolves. He of course knew the wolf as a stranger, but had to admit that his presence on their land couldn’t have been a coincidence. There was a very high chance that the wolf had something to do with Tyler’s death and some part of Sequoia felt it was his responsibility to tell Ren that. He swallowed thickly, his hands now fists in his pockets and growing tighter.

She also seemed like the type of girl that wasn’t going to let something go and if she believed that what she saw him transform from wasn’t a figment of her imagination, Sequoia believed that she would go snooping around and that was a risk in itself. It was hard for him to hold back any longer.

“Are you free this afternoon?” he asked her. He could see his father coming over and he knew he had to be quick. He didn’t look too happy and he didn’t imagine that his father would want to stick around for too long.
“Meet me at the Bluehouse diner in an hour.” He said just as his father came over.
“Let’s go Sequoia.” His father said shortly and Sequoia knew there was no backtalking. Things hadn’t seemed to go well and he could tell by how tightly his father gripped that pink slip of paper. He looked toward Ren one last time before they left the house. His father slammed the passenger door of the truck.

“Those kind you stay away from.” He said simply, balling up the paper and tossing it. He wondered how the conversation went but knew better than to ask. Instead he headed to the reserve to drop his father off before heading back into town, wondering if Ren would take him up on his offer. He knew he couldn’t outright tell her what was going on, but. Smart girl like her could figure it out. Right?
  sequoia / kshahidx / 38d 15h 21m 4s
Ren was startled when he started talking to her. He seemed to be keeping his voice low so that the fathers would not hear. That made sense. Even ignoring the whole wolf situation she was pretty sure her father would have a fit about her being alone with a boy. There had only been one boy that her father seemed to like and it was because he never saw Jordan's real nature. Jordan was known to be a dick to most people, he thought he was a greek god or something.

She smiled at Sequoia, "Anytime." It was then she realized the implication of that word, "Uh not that it should happen again." She said to him quietly. It was then that there was a tone shift in what Sequoia was saying. A smirk formed on her face and she had to hold in a quiet laugh. "Oddly protective for someone that was trying to intimidate me before," she said still smirking.

"Honestly I am still a little confused about what I saw. But maybe if there is more to this town then I understand that means whatever happened to Ty is more than what everyone in town wants to believe." she said to him. She quickly stopped her train of thought because it looked like Kona and her father were almost finished with the report.

Strangely in made her feel better that there could be more to what happened with Tyler because that means she didn't have to give him up yet. Maybe there was some type of real justice she could get for him instead of randomly shooting into the woods like her father was doing.
  Lauren Fox / SoulDreamer / 48d 15h 23m 47s

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