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[center [size30 [font "courier new" INTO [tab] the [tab] WOODS]]]
[center [size11 [font "courier new" [b A]fter a missing teen is found slain in the woods, the people of the small town of Dawson start to buckle down on the wolves that have grown out of control in the surrounding woods. Curfews are enforced and a [I [b ‘Don’t think, just shoot’]] campaign is enforced.
[b W]hen a wolf limps it’s way into the backyard of [b x] she struggles with whether or not to call for the hunters that shot him. Her decision becomes more complicated when the wolf collapses in a bed of snow; now a human male struggling to hang on to life.
[b S]he recognizes him as one of the men from the reserve, where the Natives live, despite technically having ownership of Dawson.
[b A]fter tending to his wounds and convincing herself she’s not crazy, she waits for him to come to, to which he explains that the wolves of the forests aren’t [I normal]
[b S]he thought she was being helpful, but soon finds herself caught in the middle of a war between humans and wolves; as the attraction between the two grow they struggle with the reality
That they are from two different worlds

[center [size22 [font "courier new" [#173d2e ♦♦♦]]]]

[center [size11 [font "courier new" [i so I kind of have it in my head that this is a story about wolves vs. humans, but also, I wanted to kind of touch on a political idea about stolen land – so there’s a bit of race issues in this. I haven’t fully fleshed this idea out, so discussion is heavily important and appreciated ! For this rp I am willing to extend my post sched. As I suspect there will be a lot of dissection and discussion as well as world building]]]]
[center [size13 [b these are my requirements: ]]]
[center [size11 [#173d2e ♦] [I real pictures
[#173d2e ♦] 2 para. min.
[#173d2e ♦] Must be 21+
[#173d2e ♦] [u [i active in plot discussion]]
[#173d2e ♦] posts no later than 14 days ⋅]]]


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The snow had started falling early in the morning and already had covered the ground with a thick; layer. His paws padded through as he quickly ran. He knew the scent that had been picked up was a wolf, but not one of their own kind or at least, definitely not someone from their pack. That said, it was up to them to catch the predator as the news of Tyler’s death had caused disruption within their community. The tensions between the two had only risen as his people of course were willing to put their life on the line to assure they weren’t hunted. Though, of course the humans had no clue of their werewolf blood. From the corner of his eye, Sequoia had finally saw [I it].

It was a blur of black fur, but even from afar he could tell that the wolf was huge, much larger than their kind. That worried him, knowing that it was a rogue. Sequoia realized then that he was by himself. He tilted his head back some as he maneuvered through the trees, a howl escaping him to alert the other that he was onto the suspect’s trail. That had seemed to be a bad move, as now the wolf was angered by him giving away his location. If that wasn’t worse enough, they were slowly reaching the residential area which meant coming in contact with humans. They’d certainly heard his howl and Sequoia knew his life was in danger furthermore.

Still, he stayed on the wolf’s tail. He was close enough to get. A look into his yellow eyes, the wolf snarling and snapping in his direction t ward him off. Still, Sequoia remained, and he was close, until he felt the bullet that brushed pass his ear. Caught off guard, he’d tripped over his legs, tumbling then only for his fall to eb stopped by a tree. A cry escaped then, but he bit through the pain of his aching ribs to come to a stand.

[I Over there!]
[I I heard a sound South!]

Sequoia could hear the voices of humans in the distance, though the sound of branches snapping under their feet as they ran toward him let him know that they were on pursuit of him. It was hard, but he had to keep running. He’d lost sight of the wolf, howling gain for assistance, though he was far from the reserve and it was dangerous for any wolf to come this far into town. Stoll, he knew his father would come to his rescue.

[b [I There!]]
Sequoia heard the yell, much closer than before and when he turned, he found three men with rifles that were coming straight for him. Bullets were being shot, flying pass him and hitting trees. He’d thought he could get away, until he felt the burning sensation as the metal had pierced him in the shoulder. Sequoia was having a hard time focusing, but had found an opening in a gate, thinking he could at least hide out. He’d struggled to get through, blood staining the white snow as he trudged toward an open door. He wasn’t thinking straight, and he was slowly growing weak. He’d barely made it to the entrance before he collapsed, his eyes struggling to remain open as he could feel his body transforming back to human. Naked, he could feel the cold clinging to his body then as he was beginning to lose consciousness. “Help,” he weakly plead, to whom he had no clue.
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The image of Ty's mangled body played over and over in her mind. Her father had wanted her to wait at home with her mother. Maybe it would have been the better option for her mental health. However, Lauren knew that she needed to see him once more even if it wasn't how she wanted to remember him. Or else she would have stayed in the reality of disbelief and driven herself mad with the hope that she would wake up and this all would be a bad dream.

His face was torn up and almost unrecognizable. His left arm completely missing. As Lauren's eyes took in her late brothers corpse she felt her stomach start churning. She bolted from the room hearing her father call "Lauren!" after her. She found the nearest bathroom hurling her insides into the toliet. In the small poorly lit bathroom she was able to collect herself and start to wash up, also taking the time to wipe tear stains off her face. Ty was gone. Never again would she get to come home to her little brother. Talk to her biggest confidant. Tease him about his crushes. Have him be over protective of the boys she would bring home.


Once they had confirmed his identity and then talked about how the proceedings to find the animal that did this would go they headed back home. Her mother wrapped her arms around Ren and stayed there. Ren could feel her shirt start to feel damp. She could only imagine what her mother felt. After all she lost a child. "I have to go to start organizing a better safety program for the students when they are outside of home and the school. Until this wolf problem has been solved."

Oh right, although Ren wasn't quite as positive about it everyone else in Dawson were convinced that Ty was killed by the rising wolf population. She supposed there had been more wolves in the recent years in Dawson but Tyler grew up here just like Ren had he knew how to look for signs of a wolf pack near. Though what else could it be? It wasn't human and there had been no signs of bears around. It had to be a wolf right?

And of course Faye being a teacher had the school meant that she had to attend school board meetings about what to do on an eduacational stand point. "Mom, you can barely open your eyes. No one expects you to be there tonight. You didn't sleep last night." Lauren said to her mother who hadn't stopped crying. Perhaps her mother was grieving in a strange way. Lauren knew she was. She almost felt that she had to be more level headed with her mother.

Honestly with her father too. After all when they were in the car before they came inside he handed her a whistle and a small gun. He said they were for her safety that he as the sherrif was enacting a new rule for the time being. Which was to shoot first if you happened to see a wolf charging in your direction. She wasn't sure what else the police force in Dawson was planning as her father was being quite tight lipped about it.

She sighed, "Mom you need to get some rest. I am going to the old barn for a bit. I promise to be safe, I do not plan on leaving our property." Lauren left out their backdoor heading to the small barn at the edge of their yard.

The door creaked open and she put the gun that her father had given her on the stool as soon as she entered. She knew that being in the barn probably made her parents a bit nervous but she needed space to mourn. Tyler and her always hung out in the barn. From when they were little kids. Small etchings made by small siblings were ingrained in the wood. There was an easel that had a half finished portrait of the tree line of the forest. Tyler never really told anyone except close friends and family about his talent. Lauren loved his paintings. They were magical. She touched the painting feeling the tears well up in her eyes again.
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You don’t go off the reserve unless you need to, that’s what his father had always told Sequoia. They had their own schools, churches and libraries: their own little community. The only thing that separated the two places was the local grocery store. Even though most of those who lived on the reservation hunted their food, there were some things that just couldn’t be hunted. Still, Sequoia’ mother had been persistent in sending his sister to school with [I them] despite knowing the trouble it would bring. There was a time they would be thrown out, and even now things weren’t any better, but Yaya was tough, and she was a beautiful girl with personality. She had somehow managed to deal with going to school off the reserve, but that didn’t mean that his parents trusted her to be safe. Sequoia had graduated years ago, working with his father who was something like the law enforcement in their community. They took care of any issues between the two communities, or even crime that sprouted in their own. When he wasn’t working, he was helping his mother take care of their grandmother or driving Yaya to and from school and any other activity she was a part of. The goal was to leave the small town of Dawson. She had dreams of being a doctor, maybe moving to some big city like New York or Los Angeles. His father was terrified of that idea.

He’d just finished loading a couple catfish into the freezer when his alarm went off. He had to pick Yaya up from school. After shrugging into his coat, he headed out toward the red pickup truck. It was cold which wasn’t saying much considering that it was always cold in Dawson, but for some reason this felt like the coldest winter ever. He fiddled with the radio some before pulling away from the two-story home. It always made him nervous, when he crossed that line; one that no one could see, but just knew was there.

He always got looks as he wasn’t very subtle, his tribe’s name spelled out in as many letters as a license plate would allow. He parked in front, glad that for once Yay wasn’t making him wait. She was walking with a group of girls, her best friends.
“Your early for once,” he said with a smirk. She rolled her eyes at him, adjusting the dark brown braid that settled along her shoulder as she put on her seatbelt.
‘They don’t want anyone walking around late.” She said. He snorted. Yaya knew just as well as he that they weren’t in any danger. He noticed a sheet of paper as she was closing her folder.
‘What’s that?” he asked with concern, thick brows furrowing as he reached over.
“Sequoia don’t – “He wasn’t surprised to find the sketch Yaya had made, of Tyler Fox, the missing boy. He knew she had a crush on him, and she knew that even if he liked her back, that was never going to happen. As morbid as it sounded, it seemed that was growing more into the truth as he’d been missing for a while; he was just snatched up out of nowhere.
“You know what Pa would say if he saw that.” He said as he closed the binder, handing it back to her. She snatched it away, shoving it into her bag. “You’re only sixteen Yaya. You don’t even need to –”
“I’m not talking about this with you! You’re my brother, that’s gross.” Tyler was [I nice], at least he didn’t treat her like most of the boys at the school. To some she was a freak and to others, she was treated like an exotic animal, waiting to be hunted and poached on their wall like some sick trophy. He watched as she clung her bag to her chest, hazel eyes much like his own, staring out the window. It had been a captivating mystery: where was Tyler Fox?”
“Whatever it is, it’s not human.” His father had said. There was a group of them, walking amongst the woods, tracking [I it]. They couldn’t put a smell to it, or a name after noticing the prints in the fresh fallen snow. It was a wolf, but unfamiliar to them. Ever since the body of Tyler Fox had been discovered, his father had insisted that the wolves further increase their presence in protecting their land. No one wanted anyone from the reservation being a victim to whatever had clawed the young man up. That said, it was a dangerous time and it had been more dangerous to shift. Still, his father was persistent on finding out what was hiding in their woods and doing so much damage; the goal was to prevent it from happening again. Tensions between the two communities were already high and for the longest, it had been wanted for some of the woods to be demolished – taking away the habitat of these wild animals seemed like the only solution to their problems; they were tired of the smell of bonfire smoke from their ceremonies, or the bears that they fed on occasion waltzing into the other’s backyards.

“We meet back here in an hour,” his father said. They all gave a sound of agreeing before shifting. Sequoia’s fur was a soft brown with gold streaks. He was fast, a bit larger than the other wolves which was unsurprising given his six-foot two stature. Like most men in his tribe, he was tall, and he was big which was intimidating enough to keep anyone from getting in his face when he would be in town and it happened more than once and often didn’t end too nicely. Had his father not talked the sheriff down, he would’ve been in jail plenty of times: he had a temper.

He was making his way through the maze of trees, the moon high above him when he finally caught a whiff of a scent and it was close.
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[+i “Your brother was last seen walking towards the woods after school.“]

The sentence was still fresh in her head. The sound of the words clattered about in her mind. She twisted the end of her hair as she watched the the local news show upon the screen at the sheriffs station. [+i Tyler Fox, 17 yrs, High School Student. Dirty Blonde hair, Brown Eyes...] the words under his picture read on. The picture was one her father had picked out. It was from last Christmas, Ty had a lopsided grin plastered on his face and a Santa’s hat on his head. “I’m ready to go now, sorry about that Ren,” a gruff voice called out from behind her. She ripped her eyes away from the brown eyes of her brother and smiled at her father. “No need to apologize this town needs Sheriff Fox more than ever.”

Ty’s disappearance had created a weird air in the town. People seemed more on edge than usual. Of course Ren knew her brother had been quite popular with most people, and for a small town losing the football star did create quite a stir. She had to have faith though that Ty would be alright that they would find him. Scratched up but alive, safe. Maybe he had gotten lost. She felt her throat tighten the more she thought about it the more impossible it seemed. It had been almost a week already. Lauren and her father shared a silent knowledge that everyday that passed made it more unlikely that they would find him.

“Well come on let’s get home, Mom won’t like us being late for family dinner” Ren said grabbing her fathers arm. She linked hers through his and rested her head on his shoulder briefly before starting the walk towards the car.

The drive to the house was only filled with the sound of music from the radio which occasionally cut out. Ren watched as they car drove through town. Everyone was walking with someone for the few people that were out. Never alone. It wasn’t like it was required but it seemed like people felt that there was safety in numbers. After all Tyler had been alone.

[+center *]

The local news droned on as she scrubbed dishes free of pesto sauce. More pleas from local authorities to stay diligent. A previously recorded interview of her father appeared on screen, giving information for tomorrow’s search party.

It was then that the shrill ring of the house phone cut through the air. “Faye can you get that honey.” Her dad shouted from wherever in the house he was. Ren heard her mother pick up the phone. Lauren stopped listening zoning out as she finished cleaning the last dish. Her mother suddenly cried out in a deafening tone. Lauren’s head snapped quickly at her mother.

Her eyes widened as she watched her mother collapse to her knees her dad barely catching her. She didn’t even need to hear the words. She knew. The found Tyler. Her brother was dead. Her vision blurred as tears poured out of her eyes.
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