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"Yep" M.S. sighed as he walked away from his younger brother.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 14m 49s
"At least we still have the other two." Liu said before smiling at M.S.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 34m 12s
"Yeah, and I look very bloody" Character said.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 38m 2s
"We're leaving this creepy place behind." Firion said before he ran away.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 39m 32s
Character had woken up as he looked at his bloody clothes from his fall
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 44m 40s
Liu noticed that Luki was missing. "WHERE IS NUMBER THREE!" He yelled out.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 56m 29s
Character had dropped a small bag of potato chips from his bag.
  Character / Character / 62d 23h 7m 55s
"They already bit me..." Firion muttered to himself before carrying Character. Luki had managed to slip out of his bed and snuck away.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 23h 11m 32s
Character fell over as he jumped from the third floor before passing out.
  Character / Character / 62d 23h 12m 58s
"I guess we can always lure another hopeless explorer here." Liu said while smiling.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 23h 14m 3s
"Yes we will" M.S. said as Character jumped out of a window, smashing it while holding Firion.
  Character / Character / 62d 23h 16m 38s
"We'll find him again... won't we brother?" Liu asked M.S before smiling.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 23h 17m 13s
Character had been carrying Firion as he started panting for air.
  Character / Character / 62d 23h 18m 51s
Firion tried to run away but ended up getting bitten by Liu.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 23h 19m 45s
Character grabbed Firion and unstrapped him before running away.
  Character / Character / 62d 23h 21m 36s

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