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"I'm so glad that we got Firion back and I have an extra special surprise." Liu said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 10m 10s
M.S. saw the broken window as he looked at it for a while.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 11m 26s
(He's stingy

Liu walked towards Io and bit him before yawning.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 14m 16s
M.S. nodded before walking away from Liu.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 15m 46s
(If Cloud allows it
Cloud: NOPE!)

"Well at least they won't get away." Liu said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 16m 56s
"A safe place, I promise" Character said.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 18m 22s
"Where are you taking me?" Firion asked Character before he passed out.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 19m 20s
Character sighed as he looked at Firion and dragged him to safety.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 22m 58s
Ezreal ran away from Character and ended up in the woods.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 23m 26s
"No, you will die, so go away from this place" Character said.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 24m 15s
"But there's something in there that I need to investigate." Ezreal said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 26m 9s
"STOP GOING IN THERE, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE" Character shouted pulling Ezreal back out.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 29m 55s
Ezreal didn't realize that there was a number underneath his shirt sleeve and went back into the building in order to explore.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 31m 36s
Character saw Ezreal and pulled him out of the building.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 33m 24s
Ezreal entered the building unaware of what was going to happen to him. "I sense that another human entered the area." Liu said.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 36m 55s

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