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Character looked at Firion. "Well I'm taking you with me" he said
  Character / Character / 62d 5h 59m 21s
"I came to get you out of here you idiot." Firion said before dragging Character out of the area.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 6h 38s
"That's not answering my question, why are YOU back here?" Character asked.
  Character / Character / 62d 6h 2m 38s
"Because you're not supposed to be back here." Firion said before sighing.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 6h 6m 24s
"What the hell is going on? Why are you back here?" Character asked.
  Character / Character / 62d 7h 34m 20s
"You confused me for my clone..." Firion said to Character.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 8h 36m 53s
"What did I do? Also put me down" Character said.
  Character / Character / 62d 8h 41m 51s
"Are you that stupid." Firion said while picking up Character.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 8h 42m 55s
"Well ouch dude, what the hell" Character growled throwing the stake out.
  Character / Character / 62d 10h 58m 30s
Firion smacked Character. "I'm right here you doofus!" He growled at Character..
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 13h 25m 32s
"To save my friend once again, and this time, I brought extra security" Character said.
  Character / Character / 62d 13h 27m 22s
"Why are you back again." Liu growled at Character.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 13h 28m 7s
Character was hesitant at first to go in but he grabbed his wooden stake he got before coming here and went in.
  Character / Character / 62d 13h 31m 30s
"He's so gloomy like always!" Liu said to M.S. "What the heck..." Ezreal muttered to himself.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 62d 22h 30m 6s
(Okay) Character went back to the place a year older after the incident.
  Character / Character / 62d 22h 32m 10s

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