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[Center [Pic]]

[Center [i [#cd0a74 "You may love the lights, the cameras, the fame and the fortune but be aware that any second all of it could be taken away"]]]

[Center [i [Muse A] was in the dumps, living pay check to pay check and even then that was a nightmare, there were nights they starved and there were nights they wished that they could have called it quits until they hear the news of a club called] [b Masque] [i a place where dreams come true and where one can earn and party to their hearts desire, but what is the ultimate price of being in such a place?]]

[Center [i It is there [U Muse A] meets [U Muse B] and it is there that their life begins to change, suddenly all the lights and cameras are on them and it's as if they've been thrown into a world they do not belong, it's simple pretend to be someone they're not and they'll be paid. An arrangement that if successful could see [U Muse A] never have to suffer another night of hunger.]

[Center [i But there is always a price to pay and when old news and old secrets come into play [U Muse A] must decide if this new world that they've found themselves in is really worth giving away every piece of themselves in order to live someone else's happily ever after.]

[Center Welcome to Masquerade where lives are changed and where dreams come true but be aware the devil's awaiting for the chance to make his move.]

[Center [U Requirements]]

[Center Literate writer please]

[Center 18+]

[Center DM me to discuss further]

[Center This RP was loosely inspired by 'Raining Diamonds' by Ricki Lee and 'Wildest Dreams' by Taylor Swift]


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[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u That Afternoon.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" [b "Kennedy! Let's get going. We have so much to do before going to Masque tonight"] came the voice of her best and only friend Juliet. The woman rolled her eyes and packed up her camera. [#E37789 "I'm working on it Juliet! Making sure I have everything I need for your damn photo shoot"] she called back. Juliet poked her head in around the corner and wrinkled her nose a bit. [b "Really? You were the one wanting to work on this today. I would rather be with Bradley getting some sun, and enjoying myself"] she said. Kennedy rolled her eyes and made sure she had everything she needed.]

[font "times new roman" She picked up her bag, and walked towards her best friend. [#E37789 "I know who wanted to do it. But you also need to realize I didn't think you'd be sleeping all day either. You work at Masque, and you are taking me because you love me. That and I have nothing better to do anyway"] she said with a roll of her chocolate brown eyes. Juliet wrinkled her nose and giggled. [b "That I am. You'll love this place though! It's amazing, and different, and a place you'll wanna work for too"] she cooed. Kennedy knew that was a lie. She loved her bar tending job for Bloody Fangs more than anything. That and one of her old flings owned the bar too.]

[font "times new roman" The two women made their way to the car and piled inside. Kennedy put her bag into the back and turned around in the seat and held her hand out for the keys. Juliet handed them over and the other started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. She then made her way towards one of her favorite places. Juliet took this time to apply her makeup, and chatted about her and Bradley's relationship. She adored the woman, and wanted to find love like she had, but she knew it wasn't going to happen, at least not for awhile anyway. She had just broken up with her ex about six months ago, and since then she's been single trying to make it by. She sighed lightly as she somewhat tuned Juliet out as she chatted on.]

[font "times new roman" In about twenty minutes she pulled into the parking lot of the beach and shut the car off. [#E37789 "Alright love bird, let's get going"] she said. She reached behind and grabbed her bag and then climbed out. Juliet was right there with her. Kennedy made her way around the car and linked her arm with Juliet's, and the two headed towards the water. She was in her element. When they were on the beach, she bent down and put the bag on the ground, and then pulled out her camera and told Juliet what to do, and where to go. Along with how she wanted her to pose. She lifted the camera to her eye and started snapping away.]

[font "times new roman" A lot of these were going to be put into her portfolio for new jobs, and for her clients to look at and see what she's done. Juliet has been her model for ages, and she loved it. The two spent the next couple of hours taking pictures, playing in the water, and then after the sun started to set the two made it back to their little house so Juliet could get ready for work. Kennedy on the other hand took that time to pick out the right outfit for the night out. She was kind of nervous, but at the same time really excited. Tonight was going to be interesting to say the least.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u That Evening.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" When Kennedy and Juliet were at Masque the woman heard chatter about a so called actor coming in. The news is he's on the hunt for a new co-star. She rolled her eyes as Juliet was bouncing on the balls of her feet. [b "Kennedy! Can you believe it?! They are going to be coming here!"] she said as she clapped her hands. Kennedy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. She honestly didn't see what the big deal was. She could tell it made Juliet happy, so that's all that matters. She didn't even know what to say. They had all been called in early, and Kennedy hadn't had time to finish her look for the night, so she excused herself to the ladies rest room.]

[font "times new roman" She had her bag in hand and once she was inside and standing in front of the mirror she cocked her head to the side. This was a really strange thing happening here. She didn't know why everyone was worrying about it. He was after all a normal human being like everyone else. Just because he acted, didn't really mean anything. It didn't really make him that different either. She sighed lightly as she opened her bag and pulled out her small makeup bag and placed it on the counter. The jet black haired woman shoved the news out of her mind and went about applying her makeup instead. When she was done about five minutes later, she zipped up the bag.]

[font "times new roman" She then made her way back the way she had come. She could hear people talking, and the clattering of plates and everything. She made her way back into the main room and saw that everyone was in a hurry pretty much. She plastered on a smile as she made her way over to one of the tables. She sat down and watched as people started to file in. That's when a group of people entered the room as well. Her eyes scanned the faces, and her eyes landed on a male not much older than she was. She had to admit he was nice to look at. Was that the actor that Juliet was talking about? She had a feeling it was, because of everyone around him, including the photographers as well.]

[font "times new roman" This was going to be an interesting night for sure. She didn't know if she should approach or just stay where she was. So she ended up choosing the safer option. She stayed at the table she was sitting at. If he wanted to talk to her, an if she had caught his eye, she would let him come to her instead. She had learned that if a guy was interested, let him make the first move instead of you, because then you'd know for sure he was interested. She leaned back in her chair, eyeing the male up and down. Her heart skipped a beat, as she sat there waiting for something to happen. The noise was getting to be a little much, but she stayed where she was the whole time.]
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[Center -That afternoon-]

[B "Cut!"]

He swore, turning his head to see the entire camera crew, lowering their cameras; some of the MUAs and the SFX artists approach the group of actors and actresses who were all in several states of disarray and undress; as his own artist dabbed and corrected his foundation he wondered why they had halted filming; he found out second laters. [B "We're done for today. Go home, filming is canned until Peters get's better."] [#469037 [i What the hell has she done now?]] now that he thought about it she wasn't even in prep.

Stepping off the set, he was half stripping and half trying to remove the heavy makeup that caked is skin, the director Victor had just put his phone in his pocket when Zach reached his chair; an expectant look covered his face; there had to be are reason they had to stop filming. [#cffbb1 "Mind explaining what the hell is going on? Why we're stopping? What the hell is happening with Peters?"] [B "I mean if we're being honest we're looking to replace her, she somehow broke her hip at some cafe. She's looking to sue the place."] [#cffbb1 "How the fuck did she manage that?"] [B "You tell me. She's a wild child. I'm sorry Zach but you're going to have to find a new partner in crime because right now we're behind filming and the studio is getting very close to canning the entire project."] [#cffbb1 "What cafe did you say it was?"] [b "Some Diner in Beverly."]

Rosaline Peters was the 'It' girl of Hollywood, or so she was... now that she had broken her hip there was no way she was going to be able to pick up the momentum she had held onto for nearly three years; her career was in essence over and due to her resulting behaviour the agency that had hoped she would have matured by being the girl of none other than Zach Collins had fired her and told her to pack her bags, to leave the mansion they rented out for her and to never come back.

She practiced her lies and her lines, she would have to hope to god she could convince Zach that she was worth keeping around that she wasn't useless and that she would recover and bounce back; but from the breaks she had sustained on her right hip there was no doubt that in truth she was done for. Rosaline straightened up as the door to her room opened; Zach she had hoped would have brought flowers instead he brought his lawyer and their joint assistants. So much for trying to speak to him alone.

[Center - That evening-]

The news broke like wildfire, everyone had heard it and everyone knew. Rosaline was out and a new girl for Zach Collins was in; Hollywood was a flurry with excitement, it had been two years since Rosaline had met Zach and they had been every Teenage girl's ideal couple, now that Zach was newly single, anyone who was anyone wanted him to quickly find a new partner and start a whole new season of merchandise, crazy-obsessed fans etc.

Zach turned the music up, to drown out his assistant who was busy chatting on the phone; he had caught some of what she was saying, mostly it was about arrangements and his arrival to a new club or some such.... it didn't really matter to Zach all things considered he had been through this cycle of female, 1...2...3 he had lost count; though he never showed it. Hollywood had however kept track - Rosaline was female number 15.

[#cffbb1 "Do I have to go to this?"] he spoke over his music and his assistant who gave him an insistent nod, suppose he was doing this for the PR department and for the sake of showing everyone that he was fine and that the breakup had been totally unrelated to the fact that Rosaline had spent the early part of the early morning trashing a cafe up over their refusal to serve her some kind of German pancake - god she had become so spoilt and it showed, least she was out of Hollywood paid off and told to keep her trap shut.

Masque had opened about a fortnight ago and it had become an instant hit, no one really knew who was in charge of the place nor who actually owned the place only that those who entered usually left with their dreams in their hands and the money to accomplish it, Zach himself thought very little of the place; dreams? What dreams. Dreams didn't exist not to Zach; the only thing that did was money and making money.

He turned his music down as his assistant went over the details of Masque again and what he was allowed and what he wasn't allowed to do. [#469037 [i I've done this a million times, do they think I'm an idiot or that I am new to this? I am just here to see and look and to play nice. Might meet someone new, hopefully an anon. I'd much rather be at home asleep.]] as he pocketed his earphones along with his phone he gave his assistant an affirmative smile before the door of the car was opened and he stepped out onto the red carpet. [#469037 [i All I have to do is pretend to be happy, flirt... drink a little and then disappear under the cover of darkness. What could go wrong?]]

The reaction was immediate, the cameras started to flash and a barrage of questions thrown at him, he waved and smiled... winked at a few of the waiting females in the 'general admissions' queue, some of them collapsing from shock and others squealing and trying to get his attention, heading towards the line he was offered pens and photos... he signed a few, said hello did all the things they expected of him before stepping into this new club Masque.

He was ushered onto the second floor which was for his pedigree of guests, or so they said. He had been offered a drink which he waved away; he was going to have to stay sober for at least an hour in order to keep his agency happy, he scanned the crowd that had already gathered within the general area, and even then the area that was meant for the 'VIPS' like him; there was no one who caught his attention until he saw her.
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