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[Center [Font "Hei" Welcome to Madame Pelagia Academy for Dancers, where the sons and daughters of prestigious familes come to learn the art and craft of dance, theatre and song. Here only the best of the best will walk through these halls where they will start as nobodies and come out as tomorrow's visionaries.]]

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[Center [Font "Monaco" Welcome to the streets, where blood sweat and tears might be the only way you'll ever gain an ounce of respect here; it matters where you've come from and it matters not what happens if you choose to partake. Just know that turning your back on the streets will surely lead to your downfall.]]

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[Center [I Muse A] has spent her whole life in and amongst the riches and glories of a family that everyone fears - respects. She has been called the next best thing and has been admitted into Madame Pelagia's Academy with a full ride scholarship as a result of her talents. But part of her wonders what is she missing out on by being the goody two shoes? So enters the burlesque club 'Emotion'; it's only one night. But it's a night that is bound to change her life.]

[Center [I Muse B] knows nothing but heart break, the scent of gunpowder and blood. He's been raised in the streets and hates the established hierarchy, he dreams of ripping it down and rebuilding a better society but what can a lowly criminal like him do? Mistaken for a socialite he finds himself within the walls of 'Emotion'; he might be a bad boy who doesn't believe in love but will she change his mind?]

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She could feel his eyes on her, but then again, every man in this club had their eyes all over some kind of female figure. She was given her drink and the attendant left, that was when he began to speak up. She paused mid-drink as he explained that he wasn't who this guy thought he was. She had to hold back her snicker as she sipped her drink. She was surprised the attendant thought him to be someone else. She wondered just how well the attendant ran his club in such a private social circle when there were little things he couldn't see about someone.

His face had signs of previous fighting, more than just the usual office outbreak scuffles. His hair didn't have any signs of the usual, expensive haircuts she was used to seeing. It was an almost wild look, she kinda liked it. When he went for his drink, she could see how the suit moved over him. It wasn't a perfect tailored fit. And he had actual muscle in his arms, she'd bet. Not like a dancer, not a professional fighter, per se. And definitely not like anything a "Personal Trainor" could give someone. He gave his name as Dorian before he asked if she wanted to get out of here.

To be honest, yes, she did. This place was so crude and suggestive. She didn't know of better clubs, but this was where the girls wanted to go. Before she could answer him, or even give her name, he had stood and flagged down the attendant to claim he was leaving and asked that he looked after her and her friends. She was sure her friends were [i well] looked after. Something about this Dorian had her curious. If not for his demeanor, cheap suit, and nervous air about him, he could have lied and tried to pretend to be Matthew. Except Inaja knew Matthew, not that most would know. Matthew Andrews had been trying to get 'close' to Inaja for the last several months when he was in town. He was boring and conceited. But this Dorian? He wasn't like the others that try to speak to her.

She sat in her seat a moment, wondering if she should go back to her friends or follow him out. The girls were clucking and cooing over the contracts that would grant them the jobs in the clubs as dancers. Why they would want to be dancers here was beyond her. She finished half her water and then stood, collecting her things. She moved to her friends' table and placed some cash down for all their drinks, then looked to the attendant as the girls got quiet. With practice - and gifting from her mother's powerful personality - Inaja turned her steely silver gaze to the man and gave an expressionless and almost disapproving stare.

[#210066 [b [i "Thank you so much for all your help this evening, I am sure that these ladies will be more than happy to have their lawyers take a little glance over those contracts, front.... and back. As well as, seeing as how they belong to Madame Pelagia's Academy, still in courses, you would be willing to speak with Madame Pelagia. Working with such professional dancers, I am sure that you know that when coming from the Academy, their first contracted career must go through Madame to make sure that they are taking their proper first steps in setting up wonderous performances in their lives. Should you need to get ahold of the Academy.... here."]]] She opened her clutch and pulled out a business card for the Academy and handed it to the man before turning to the girls who were now looking like guilty children. They hadn't told the man about the contract stipulations, and she wasn't too sure if the Madame would like her professional dancers working in such a place. Even if high end in the social world. [#210066 [b [i "Ladies.... see yourselves home.... I have dinner plans."]]]

With that, Inaja walked to the door, ignoring the carious looks of shock and awe they all gave her, and gave the coatman a ticket for her coat. Inside she was screaming, but on the outside she never showed a single sign that she was nervous or terrified. She was calm, poised, almost regal. Thanking her mother for the "Power" lessons so that no one would ever think they could control the Silvercrests in any situation. The coatman brought out her coat, floor length, faux mink, white. He helped her slip it on and she gave him a tip and a sweet smile before stepping outside.

The temperature had been chilly before, but now it was just disrespectfully cold. But that was normal for this city. Everything was so intense. Even the weather. She took a few deep breaths to steady herself, giving the doorman a reassuring look that all was fine, and gave him a decent tip for working in such weather in the middle of the night. Pushing a tendril of curls from her face, she glanced around her. Would she have to ask the doorman about him? That was sure going to be some juicy gossip for tabloids. Silvercrest Heiress chases random man from Club. She was about to give up and call for a car when something caught her eye.

[#210066 [i There!]]

She could see him. No over coat, just his suit, and his wild hair. He was walking down the sidewalk, a bit slowly. Strolling? In this cold? Or was he hoping she would come after him? She couldn't help the smirk on her lips a moment before she made sure to give her gown and coat a light lift from the ground and followed him. His languid pace made it easier to catch up to him, even in her heels. When she caught up to him, she looped her free arm around his softly and kept pace with him. [#210066 [b [i "You know.... you could have tried to impersonate Matthew.... and yet you chose to tell me the truth. I could have exposed you.... though impersonating someone can be considered a crime, depending on the person....why come clean to me about who you were?"]]] She didn't tell him that she had already known he was an imposter. She wanted to know what made this man tick, what his thought process was. Something about him was so far different from the other people in her life, it was intriguing and left her curious and wanting to learn.
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He like what he saw, watching as she rose up and approached the table; his throat immediately dried up and he had to stop himself from shaking his head; he didn’t want to look like a fool, as soon as she was seated and had ordered her drink; no alcohol he realised he decided that the next drink he’d get would be of the same nature. [#0a089b [I I am so very glad you chose to come and sit with me.]] he had nearly missed her question and how nervous she was.

Dorian lowered his voice so that the man who had been standing over him like a hawk about to kill his prey couldn’t hear or see his lips [#0b7def “I’m not who the man… the one who went and got you. Thinks I am. He seems to think I’m some hotshot Matthews person. I’m not. Name’s Dorian. Want to get out of here?”] he still hadn’t heard her name; she smelt like heaven and money and part of him immediately felt like he had picked the wrong girl to speak to.

[#0a089b [I sweet Jesus. What have I done? I can’t let her see that I’m nothing more than a thug or a thief. I picked the wrong person. What if she sees right through me?]] he then cleared his throat, downed the rest of his drink and waved over to the man [#0b7def “I’ll be leaving, please make sure to look after miss…”] he paused he still didn’t know her name [#0b7def “And her friends.”]

As quick as he had been inside the building, the club and it’s slow dancers he was back onto the cold streets; the air was a shock to his lungs as he reached into his pocket and checked his phone; he had a miss call from Diego; part of his stomach dropped into the pits of hell and he shut his eyes, now was not a good time. [I “Do you have my money?”] [#0b7def “The shipment should be arriving at your doorstep any minute now”]

It was clear that Diego had put Dorian on speaker as he listened to the doorbell of Diego’s apartment chime, there was a scuffle of feet before there was the sound of a door opening-closing and a brown paperboy being opened up; a sharp whistle came from the other side of the phone and Dorian had to move it way from his ear. Diego had not much else to say and hung up just as Dorian noticed the door to the club opening up. [#0b7def “Hey?”]

A couple came out and he quickly pretended he was still on the phone, not the girl. Was she not going to come out? Had he scared her off? He swallowed nervously and found himself rubbing his arms subconsciously, how cold was it supposed to get? Was she wearing enough? Hell was he wearing enough he mused to himself.

Meanwhile inside the man who had been so careful as to fuss over ‘Matthew Andrews’ was now watching over the girl who he had invited over, wasn’t she going to follow him? The man wondered if he should prompt her to get up or if he should just leave her be and go back to speaking to the other dancers, he had been in and out of the manager’s office and had collected up contract forms; in hopes to entice more dancers into the business. [I “Please consider whether or not you’d be able to take up a spot here, no one will know as all of you will have stage names and what not. The contract is as stated and I’m sure we won’t mind speaking to your personal lawyers if need be whilst you consider whether or not you’d like the position.”] the attendant kept an eye on Inaja. Why did she look so familiar?

Dorian decided that perhaps she wasn’t going to come after all and made his way down the street; though he kept his pace slow just in case she decided last second to follow him; his stomach was beginning to growl, he wondered if the pizza place on the next block was still open. [#0a089b [I don’t leave me hanging… I promise I won’t bite yet….]]
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The girls were all giggling about the men of various ages and looks. Sure there were some handsome men around, this was a club where you could flaunt your money and status and get almost anything you wanted. Almost. What Inaja wanted was to be able to live her life how she wanted, not how her parents thought she should. But then she couldn't disappoint them. Hence her sneaking out to the club for a taste of what it would be like to do what she wanted. Though she immediately regretted it when a man from the club greeted them at their table and asked if she would go with him.

Had someone seen her? Someone who knew who she was? Had they called her parents? She snuck a look at her cellphone in her clutch while he spoke to the others about jobs as dancers. She had seen the performances they were looking for on stage, it wasn't what she thought would be a good job for them, but the others were giggling and gasping at such an opportunity. They just loved hoarding the attention. No texts or calls from her parents, was that a good sign? She was now nervously biting her lower lip when the man asked her once again to come with him. Something about keeping a guest waiting?

That caused her to frown slightly and when he directed her gaze, the entire table looked over to see a young man sitting alone and watching the table. Something wasn't right. He didn't look familiar at all. He looked around her age, a little older maybe. He wanted to speak with her? He smiled to her when their eyes met and she felt her stomach tighten. She knew that she was a well known daughter, her family was very rich and very powerful. This being said, not many would approach her without speaking to her parents first, so she wondered who this man was and what he wanted. If she agreed, would something happen? Would she get into trouble? If she stayed would she piss someone off and ruin something for her family? That would get her in trouble as well.

[b [i "Well? Inaja? Are you gonna go?"]] One of the girls asked her. At the mention of her first name - not a very common one - the man seemed to straighten up in his posture. So he at least knew who she was. But he wouldn't call her parents, it would look bad for his club to cause such a scene with her family.

It seemed that she was screwed either way, no matter what she chose. The girls were watching her to see what she would do. Would she back out and stay at their table? She was sure that was what they were betting on, and then they would try to take the invitation themselves. She was tired of always doing the safe and right thing. After watching him a moment she lifted her chin in a soft, stubborn look, turned to the man waiting and gave the sweetest of smiles before extending her hand and standing from her seat. She didn't look back to the other girls as he placed her hand to his arm and escorted her through the club to the man's awaiting table.

On the way, she asked him not to give her an introduction by name, surely he knew her enough since he worked in the higher circles in the town. She wanted to see if this man knew who she was and if that was why he had picked her. He brought her to his table, pulled the chair out for her, and when she was seated he offered to bring her a fresh drink. She thanked him and simply asked for a Sparkling Citrus. Sure it was mainly water, but since she was with a stranger in a club, she wasn't going to take too many chances. He then took the man's order for a possible second drink and she laid her clutch close to her on the table, crossing her legs beneath it. When the man left, she lifted her silvery eyes to meet his and tilted her head slowly. [#210066 [b [i "Forgive me, Sir, if I do not recall your name. Perhaps you would be willing to fill me in on such?"]]]
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Once he received his bourbon, he took a small whiff, it was the stuff he was used to drinking, it was stronger than the stuff that Oscar and him usually drank, this was going to be a treat. [#0a089b [i I hope I don' get drunk, hopefully whoever I am pretending to be is a heavyweight or I'm screwed.]] he decided to take it slow; allowing for the alcohol to sink in; his eyes scanned the room; finally settling upon a group of new arrived females who were clucking and giggling like school girls.

School girls. [#0a089b [i Aren't all of you too young to be in here?]] he raised his hand and the man who had led him in rushed towards the table [I "Yes what can I do for you?"] [#0b7def "Do you know who those girls are?"] [i "Girls?"] the man then saw who Dorian was looking at and he cleared his throat [i "Well no, but I can find out for you. I can bring one over if you'd like."] [#0b7def "Sure."] he decided to look over each of the females in turn.

The first, was blonde and held her hair up in a curled pony tail, she was wearing a beige sleeveless dress; adoring her ears were small pearls, next to her was a girl who had her hair down, also blonde with a black singlet? At least he thought it was a singlet... the others girls were less easy to see, their own clothing practically blending into their obnoxious personalities, the last sat somewhat away from the others, she looked rather uncomfortable to here. [#0a089b [i You don't belong here little mouse... I can see that... We both don't. Let's talk]] he raised his glass in her direction and the man who had been waiting for his response nodded and rushed towards them.

[i "Excuse me ladies."] the man felt awkward as he offered his hand [i "I hope you're having a good evening, and enjoying the show. Miss. You're going to have to come with me, for a moment. Please."]

Dorian watched the entire interaction as the other females who had not been picked made shocked and annoyed faces, had they been hoping he'd pick them? How quaint.[#0a089b [i I want to know why you're here, who you are... what we could be]] he added on the latter as an after thought, whilst the guy was sorting it out, he then turned his attention to the female on stage; she was swaying and singing some tune about diamonds?

He wasn't really paying attention to her but the men who sat in closer booths and tables were excited and some of them were making soft whistle noises and cackles; [#0a089b [i men can be so disgusting... I hope she doesn't think I'm the same type]]

Meanwhile, the attendant was waiting for a response, the man himself was not clueless and he realised very quickly the female he was talking to or rather all of them, they were students from that Academy... what was it Pelagia? They were dancers, the establishment needed more dancers, so he found himself bowing down and asking them.

[i "Do you ladies need a place of employment, I see now you are dancers. We need more dancers and we pay well. If you can sing that's even better. You'll all be the crowning jewels of this fine establishment. After all this is a place of Berlesque."] he then turned to 'Mr Andrews' and gave him a quick 'just a moment longer' glance before returning to the task at hand [i "It's an offer, let me know by the end of the night your thoughts. Now miss. Come please, we mustn't leave our honoured guest waiting."]

Dorian's eyes returned to look at the table, he gave the female who wanted to speak to a reassuring smile [#0a089b [i Please just come over... you might be my ticket out of here if I'm being honest. There's no one I know whose performing who I even remotely know of... perhaps we could have some fun once we're out of here.]] he swallowed another mouthful of his drink and tapped his fingers waiting for her decision.
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[center ~The Morning Before~]

[b [i "Keep it going, dancers! From the top! Five, six, seven, eight and leap, two, three, four. Keep the core tight,'re wobbling..."]]

[b [i "Yes, Madame!"]]

[b [i "... Anida, lift your arms higher....."]]

[b [i "Yes, Madame!"]]

[b [i "...Inaja, I need more facial expression. Feel your character, your life is their performance. You have your concentration face again....."]]

[#000580 [i [b "Yes, Madame!"]]] Inaja called back like all who were corrected would do. If you did not answer, it was like you were not even listening. Even the deaf dancers who would dance by sign and vibrations in the floor would answer in signs. It was a sign of respect in Madame Pelagia's Academy for Dancers. If you held no respect for the instructor you held no will power, drive, or want to be the best of the best and that simply would not do here. If you did not give it your whole heart, then why were you even here?

Inaja came from a very wealthily known family. Not just here in the city, or even in the state, but in this side of the country. They were almost celebrities. Her parents thought that their ticket to finally earning that title would be with their daughter. Since she was old enough to crawl she had been in dance lessons, and though this helped her to achieve quite a bit of training, Inaja also held a real talent in the arts department. Like most any richly brought up child, she was a prodigy. She could dance, sing, paint, play several instruments, sew, cook, bake, and was very fit, healthy, and gymnast flexible. Her parents wanted nothing but the best for their gifted little girl, and she never wanted to disappoint her parents, but there were times that Inaja couldn't help but to wonder what more life could give her outside of this poshly planned life.

Class finished up and she sat by herself near her bag by the mirrors as she guzzled down half her water bottle, groaning when she realized the ice had melted again. She cursed her bottle and decided to cave in and buy a new one. She grabbed her bag and made her way to the girl's shower room. It wasn't that she didn't have friends, most of the students here were actually nice and came from all backgrounds. Only talent and dedication could get you into this place. But because Inaja never defied her parents, she didn't get out much with her friends. She wasn't allowed out late, she couldn't go somewhere without some adult chaperone, even though she was old enough to handle herself. Though, sadly she had to admit to herself that she was naïve since she was so overly protected.

In the showers, the girls talked about sneaking out and going to the hot club, Emotion, for drinks. Someone spoke up about asking people to come, and one of the more snottier girls spoke up then.

[b [i "Don't ask Inaja.... she never does anything fun. Can't upset Mommy and Daddy now can she?"]] Some of the girls laughed with her, but sadly she was right. Inaja never took any risks, always wanting to please her parents. It was all she ever knew. Her family was watched almost all the time, and her parents didn't dare give the media anything that could be used against them to harm their social standing. Many thought that Inaja gad only gotten the scholarship because of how well respected - feared - her parents were. Mr. Jarvis and Mrs. Amalina Silvercrest were very posh, prim, well mannered and manicured, but they also were very strict, straightforward, and one would even go as to call them cold hearted. They had once been business partners that only married for a merger between families, and now they were [i THE] power couple of the city.

Having dealt with this ever since she was little, Inaja finally decided that one night was not going to hurt her, and it would stave off this curiosity of hers. She came out of her shower draped in a towel, strode right up to the other girls and lifted her chin high.

[#000580 [i [b "I'm in...."]]]

[center ~That Evening~]

On the outside, Inaja was dressed to impress. She had on a simple silver number. Strapless with a cinched waist, a sweetheart bodice, and it was floor-length with a daring slit up to her hip. It had been given to her for a birthday present the year before, but her mother had not approved of the style. It was "improper" for someone her age. She had matched it with a silver clutch on a diamond chain, and matching sling-backs. A diamond bracelet adorned her right wrist, a silver necklace with a modest teardrop diamond that rested against her collar bone and earrings to match. Her deep Chocolate curls were pinned up high allowing the shorter tendrils to frame her face. She wore little makeup, nothing too overly dramatic. Simple winged liner, silver shadow that helped make her light eyes pop, and a nude lip gloss. The other girls had gone for a bit more showy and skimpy. Mini skirts and plunging necklines, flashy gems and jewels, dramatic makeup. She understood why, but it just wasn't her style. Classic, elegant, simple. She was always told she was beautiful, but it never went to her head.

She'd met the girls at Justina's house, having told her parents that they were having a study group/rehearsal for classes. Many lived in the dorms, but with Inaja's family home in town, there was no true need of it. Or so her parents had said. They had dressed up and took a cab out to the club. The bouncer at the door had seen Inaja and immediately let the girls in without question. They chose a booth and ordered drinks, not even paying attention to the show on the stage. The other girls were trying to catch the eye of some of the nearby guys. Giggling and flirting and sharing stories of old boyfriends. Inaja merely sipped her drink as she didn't have that kind of experience. She'd been too busy with her studies growing up. The memory of it all caused her to sigh.

She let her eyes wander the place, of course there were many really cute and hot guys all over the place, but something about them all just made her uncomfortable. How would she ever knew if a guy was really with her, or just after her family standing and money? She noticed someone making a big deal about a guy that just walked into the club, and was sure she'd not seen him around before, not in a place like this. She wasn't the only one to notice him either. The other girls had spotted him and began clucking like hens over his features, as well as making jokes about his bedsheets. This made Inaja blush, but she hated that she'd never took anymore risks in her life. That she had never tried to do more things for herself and less for her parents.

She downed her drink and gave a silent sigh, smiling with the girls so they didn't think she was being bored by all of this, but she also wondered how long she could pull this off without getting caught. If her parents found out she'd lied as well as went out late like this without someone with her that they had on payroll, they would be furious. They'd never let her out of their sights until she was married off and even then they would control her life.
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[Center -The Morning Before-]

He fell to the floor, the pangs of being punched repeatedly finally settling into his skin, registering in his brain and he held his hand up; he lifted his head only to cough the blood and spit that's building progressively in this throat... there's a burn there that he hadn't recognised before; was smoking finally catching up to him? His hand reaches up to touch the tender skin. He winces. He's going to have to explain to his mother why he's bloody and bruised; but at least it's no black eye. Those are harder to hide.

A hand is offered and he takes it, the bandages on his fingers are also red, but it's not his blood. It's Oscar's [i "You good?"] [#0a089b [I Why can't I beat you. I hate this. I fucking hate this.]] [#0b7def "Yeah I'm good. I'm real good."]

He's lifted up onto his feet, Oscar pats him down and he hisses - his best mate gives him a soft smile [i "Sorry mate. But I beat you good. Fair and square."] they give each other a hug even if they are covered in blood and sweat [#0b7def "We should get cleaned up. My mother is going to kill me. I thought I told you. Stop going for my head."] [i "We wrestle mate. It's gonna happen."] there's no hard feeling between the two; Oscar has always been better with his fists. Dorian his words.

They step into the adjacent shower area of their hangout; it's not really theirs. It belongs to their 'ringleader' Alessio. They make no small talk and no conversation as they wash off and return to their civilian clothes [I "You know you should stop smoking if you are going to keep coughing up all of that blood and spit."] Oscar's words resounding in his ears [#0b7def "Mind your own fucking business car. I don't need you becoming my mother."] there's a bristle which sounds become a whistle as Oscar leaves first, leaving Dorian alone with his thoughts.

He doesn't waste any more time lingering inside the hideout, instead he makes a bee line dash, if you could call it that to his mother's apartment... he's glad she's still asleep; though he suspects she's only asleep because she's taken more sleeping pills than what the doctor's prescribed but she's breathing and that's all that matters. Opening the fridge it's empty; even of eggs, milk... bread - he'll have to go shopping.

Writing a note for his mother, he leaves it neatly folded on their shared stained wooden dining table before he leaves again; his stomach growling; he needs to find something to eat; but none of the places he likes, not even Joe's will satisfy his hunger; so he finds himself wondering through the streets of one busy New York City.

Dorian finds himself in a place he's never been to before, hell how did he manage his way here? It's fancy, sterile clean and smooth and there's a lady in a pencil skirt standing behind the counter looking at her nails; chewing gum oblivious to the world or who has just stepped into her cafe. He scans the pastries on display and decides perhaps he'll go for something sweet. [#0b7def "I'll just have a black coffee and that banana bread,"] [i "Student Pass?"] [#0b7def "Student pass?"] the woman looks up at him expectedly [#0b7def "Oh left it at home."] [i "Name"] the woman is clearly unimpressed [#0b7def "Jake Rivers. Just put it on my tab."] he spews out the lie as the woman enters the information into her tablet [i "Jake Rivera?"] she asks for him to confirm and he nods.

[Center -That Evening-]

[#0a089b [i Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale]] he's walking again; why doesn't he just get a car? He can afford it. [#0a089b [i Inhale, Exhale. Look for the signs.]] he keeps walking; he's dressed nicely - has to be in this area of the city, but he's no good guy... no he's here to pick pocket; and it's just his night people have been clumsy, he wonders if they always are on a Friday night? He's managed to take four wallets worth of card and cash now; disposed of the wallets obviously. As he rounds the corner he sees the soft glow of a red neon sign with the words 'Emotion'. He keeps walking though, he doesn't seem to care that there's a small line there nor that a man in rather expensive looking suit is now chasing after him.

He nearly punches the man [i "You're Matthew Andrews are you not?"] [#0a089b [i The fuck? Whose Matthew Andrews?]] his face is confused but the man takes instead for recognition [i "Oh you are! Brilliant. Your assistant said you were out of town. Come in come in!"] [#0b7def "Come where?"] his guard is up [i "Into 'Emotion' we've been expecting you. Drinks on the house."] it's too late to pretend he's not whoever this Matthew Andrews person is. He follows.

It's unlike any club he's ever been inside, there's no loud music and the women on stage are dressed in a seductive but professional manner, what is this place? The man who led him in, ushered him into a booth [i "You're just on time, the 9pm session is about to begin. Any drinks for you?"] [#0b7def "I'll take a neat bourbon."] the man hurries away and Dorian is left to pretend to be someone he's not and watch a show that for the record he has no clue is. [#0a089b [i Suppose I'll stay for a while, if it's not any good I'll make up some excuse to leave.]]
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