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[size11 {[b ooc:] just a heads-up adding info about someone’s character without any details from a post is [I slight] gm. But it’s alright in this case, I’ll play into it. If you ever want to add background info for someone else’s character, always ask first to confirm it’s okay, so you’re on the same page because Carson could’ve been gay for all you know or even just recently attended the university to which he wouldn’t have known heather at all lol}]

Carson was surprised to find that she was following him, but she looked more desperate now and honestly, she looked like she was in pain. Had she not been so rude to him in the library, he would have not bothered to care. Though, he did pause when she got to his car and started babbling about the ringing in her ears. He was inclined to believe her. considering the book had called out of him too. Why both of them was a mystery. He was a bit skeptical though. What if this was some kind of trick for him to put his guard down? He was starting to felt like the old woman in the library, very suspicious and she knew his name.

“Heather who?” He asked with a raised brow. He rolled his eyes, since arriving of course there had been many rumors about him. He was a good-looking guy who sold drugs, his clientele just happened to be more girls than guys when he first arrived and often that was for free drugs and a chance at being with him. Though, he had given up on the idea of relationships a long while ago. He was close to saying he didn’t know the girl, or at least remember her, but the look in the female’s eyes was truly concerning and with Heather being her best friend, he knew that it would only hurt more if he said he had no recollection of her.

“Look whatever your name is, I’m sorry about your friend. Things happen and I’m sure I didn’t lead her on to believe that she was going to wake up to Prince Charming.” He was about to get into his car and head out when he thought about what she had said. He would hate if she were telling the truth and he was making things worse for her by having the book in his possession. It clearly called to them for a reason. Sighing, he faced her.
“Alight, fine. I’m not giving you this and honestly, I don’t believe your crazy story, but I’m willing to at least look into it with you. So, we can head to a café and check it out together or you can stand here forever traumatized by this [I ringing].” Carson knew just enough about the supernatural to know that these type of signs could be good or bad. He was curious though, just what did this mean about the girl. He’d never seen her in the crowds he ran with and he couldn’t pick up on her scent.
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Emma groaned when Carson didn't budge, putting her hair up into a high ponytail. But the ringing came back when he walked past her, wincing and closing her eyes. [+red "Wait! Please..that book...it's making me hear things.."] She said, walking towards his car quickly to make the ringing stop. She was getting really dizzy from the force of the rings, leaning against his car as she let out a frustrated sigh. [+Red "It said my name and began to make weird fucking sounds when I didn't go near it. And now that you have it, it's making this annoying ass ringing sound the farther you go from me. Now, why do you need that book? Hm? Some sex ritual you wanna perform? Yeah, I've heard about you. Carson."] She said, her name coming from her mouth like poison.

She knew Carson from rumors, his popularity at school and how many ladies he's hooked up with and left. Her best friend was one of those ladies. He was a stone cold player. And Emma would call him out on it if needed. She just needed the freaking book. She narrowed her eyes up at him, crossing her arms. [+red "Heather Willows..remember her? You slipped out that night without another word? Yeah..that's my best friend.."] She snapped, going a little dizzy again.
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Carson was pleased to see that she had given up.
“Do you know what this is young man,” the old woman said. Her hand had pressed onto of his as he was sliding the books back. He wanted to pull away, but she had a tight grip; it felt like his hand was bolted down. He looked up at her. “Not so bold, now are you?” She said. He knew he had to stay calm, if he freaked out it would just look like a crazed student yelling at an old woman.

“It’s a book?” He said in a flat tone. “Look, if you let me go that would be great. I have things to do, classes to get assignments done for.”
“Answer the question; who sent you?”
“No one sent me. It called to me and so I grabbed it.” She quickly retracted her hand then, her eyes looking around. She looked spooked, the wrinkles on her face cracking as she grimaced at his words. Carson was curious now, wanting to know more. “What’s going on?” He asked her. He was a bit worried, but he wasn’t going to say that. The woman didn’t answer though, just tapping the temple of her head. She let him go. Whatever was going on with this book he was going to find out he was sure.

Carson saw the woman from earlier walking toward him, though she did look a bit different She’d played around with her appearance. That was she trying to do, seduce him into handing over the book? She really must have wanted it badly and he was curious now what her connection was to it.

“So what? Are you going to follow me, sleep with me or both for this?” He waved the book at her and had snorted before beginning his walk away from the library. He was heading to his car. If anyone knew about this weird stuff, he knew he could depend on his friend Vienna.
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Emma rolled her eyes at his comments, ignoring them and following him to the counter. She looked at the lady then at Carson, narrowing her eyes a little. [+red "Fine..jerk.."] She mumbled, taking out her phone and going to look up the book. As she was walking out of the door, a loud ringing came to her ears. It made her wince, pausing in her steps. God what was that? She looked around but no one was reacting like she was. The book. She groaned, trying to walk more but it became louder. The results on the internet said that there was no book in existence. And if she kept walking away, the noises would just get louder. [+Red "I need that book.."] She whispered, looking back at Carson when he walked out.

The ringing slowly came to a stop as he walked near her, groaning. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she did look a little nerdy. Fuck. She bit her lip, taking her hair down and pretending to fix it as Carson neared. Her arms were up as she tried to put her hair up again, some skin on her stomach becoming exposed. 'This probably isn't gonna work but he did seem to get distracted easily..' She thought, eyeing Carson a little then turning away.
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Carson could tell the girl was uneasy and that only further implicated there could be something wrong with her and her desire for the book. Though he wasn’t a fool, she had looked surprised when he reached the bookshelf and either that was because of the book or the fact that he was there and obviously after himself; almost as though she were the only one who could know it existed. Carson didn’t want to dare look through it in the library in case it was dangerous to do so. He tucked the book carefully against his side as he headed down the stairs, looking over his shoulder at the female who was silently, but in a stern tone, demanding he turn the book over to her. He could’ve ignored her and yet the more she persisted to have the book, the curiouser he became. He turned sharply on his heels to face her. He had some height on her, and he was definitely stronger, but he knew that judging her based on looks would be naïve. She had no problem with judging him, however.

“And please tell me why you so desperately need this book? I mean, you seem to know everything if you’re assuming you need it more than me.” The librarian was eyeing them again and Carson made sure to keep moving then, he needed to get out of there. He couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him. “You really are a piece of work you know that?” He waved the other two books he had picked up in his hand. “Do you even go to this school since we’re making rude judgements about people.” He started to head toward the counter to meet the librarian and check the book out, ignoring her outstretched hands.

Carson placed them on the counter and reached for his wallet to pull out his student id. The woman was curious as to both of them as she began to add them to his account.
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There was something strange about Carson. He seemed distracted easily. She watched as he thought, tilting her head to the side. Slowly growing impatient, she reached for the book, gasping when Carson swiftly took it. She went to say something before getting cut off by the old woman, her eyes apologetic as she walked out with Carson. [+Red "I need that book."] She said, looking over at him as he walked. [+Red "I don't know what you need it for but I need it way more than you do.."]

Emma was never really agitated easily but she was starting to be with this guy. She was just about to take the book and he legit snatched it as her fingers grazed it. The douche. She walked down the stairs, hot on Carsons' feet as they got on the bottom floor. [+Red "Can I just have the book? You really don't seem like the kind of person who likes to read. So if you don't mind, I'd like that book.."] She said, her hand going for the book.
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Carson was briefly distracted by the presence of a female. He snapped out of the trance that the film had caused. He tried to think back knowing she had asked him. Question, but his memory was a bit delayed for a moment. There was something interesting about the fact that she was reaching for the book. The books that were on this floor weren’t used in any lasses, so she had to be here of personal reasons. Though, he couldn’t get a read on the female. He certainly hadn’t seen her downtown or anything.

“Hm?” He said finally breaking out of his thoughts. “Uh, yes actually.” There was something about the book that called to him and Carson wanted to know why. He was also curious as to why she was interested in it. “Are you doing research for a class?” He was fishing for some information from her. He had already pulled out the book, probably quicker than her eyes could perceive but now that it was in his hands, he had no intentions of letting it go.

“Excuse me,” a voice said. Carson looked over his shoulder to find the old woman. How had she managed to drag her bones up here? “This part of the library is forbidden.” Her eyes had landed on the book in his hands then. Carson could tell by the look that the book was of grave importance which only further proved that he should keep it in his possession, even though he had no clue of its importance.
‘Sorry, we’ll be on our way.” He said. Carson could tell here was some kind of power or energy coming from the book, whether it was good or bad was up for questioning though. He had no intentions of finding out about it in public though.
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Emma eventually found a book of her taste. Full on history like back in the ancient days. Just what she was looking for. She looked a where the book was located, it being upstairs somewhere in the clutter of old dusty books. She grabbed her bag and put her keys in her pocket, going up the long stairs. Man these stairs were high up. She looked down from where she was and felt a little dizzy, shaking it off and finally making it to the second floor. [+red "Z 209...Z 209.."] She found herself repeating, walking past aisles of books until something made her stop. Whispering? [+grey "Emma.."] It whispered, making her turn around with urgency. She looked up and around, clearly confused. What the hell was that? [+grey "Emma.."] There it was again! She walked aisle after aisle, trying to find the source of the whispering. This was freaking her out yet she walked towards the voice? That made no sense. She paused, shaking her head and deciding to stop this madness.

She couldn't possibly be this stupid. It was her mind playing tricks on her and absolutely nothing else. Emma turned around and ignored what just happened a moment before, going to the section she needed to go to. She saw the book, quickly snatching it and wanting to book it out of there as soon as possible. [+grey "Emma"] It said more loudly now, making her heart drop. What did it want? She neared the aisle Carson was in and thumping began to start. Her movements came to a stop at the aisle he was in, the noises shushing into silence. What the fuck? She slowly walked down the aisle, pretending she was interested in one of the books here as she held the book close to her chest.

Emma made her way past Carson slowly, her eyes falling on a book that practically began to glow as she neared it. Her eyes widened as she stopped, walking closer to the book. Curiousness filled her eyes and she looked over at Carson. [+red "Hi..are you planning on checking this book out"] She asked, wondering if he was hearing the same sounds she was. Impossible. Why was she hearing noises in the first place? Magic wasn't real.

She took in Carsons' appearance as she walked past him. He was a pretty pale guy, not the palest she's seen but he was sort of attractive. That's the first. Emma shook her head, focusing on the book now. Not the point, Emma.
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Being a half blood came with perks, which meant Carson could walk around during the daylight and he could still sustain himself off human food. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t risk his life by going out into extreme sunny conditions. This being why Catalina was a perfect city; it was rarely sunny and when it was, it lasted for but a day before the overcast rolled in. The weather was to his liking and being pale didn’t really stand out too much. That said, he was still something of an outcast and his mother had gotten the worse of it after falling in love with a human and eventually becoming pregnant with him. The only good thing was that as they were in modern times, he was accepted a bit easier, but the elders certainly had a distaste for his kind. Being both human and vampire, Carson was exposed to a world that humans were practically oblivious to.

Entering the library, he soon checked his phone for the online syllabus. He was actually taking school seriously. He could’ve easily accepted his mother’s money and spent his life travelling and getting women in bed. Carson felt there was more to him than his good looks and charm though; something most vampires found came easy to them. After locating a few of the texts he would need for the research paper, he put the phone away and tried to navigate the large library. The school itself was over a hundred years old and other than a few changes for safety reasons, most of the original architecture remained. The bookshelves were tall, nearly reaching the ceiling which had a mural painted of a beautiful country landscape.

He was walking pass the librarian who had a nasty look on her face. He wasn’t surprised, considering that he wasn’t fooled by her human appearance. He instantly could tell she was of gremlin blood by the bright red ruby ring she wore. He knew by her look that she could tell exactly what he was. He offered a smile; hi fang slowly being unveiled. He watched as her brows furrowed at his presence and yet, she knew better than to say anything.

Carson was walking the aisles, his arms now full of two of the books he needed. It was then when he heard something of a whisper. Yet, when he turned, he saw no one but a few students peacefully studying. Carson was no fool though and knew that he needed to be on guard. Yet, curiosity got the best of him and he found himself following the directions of the mysterious voice. He was now upstairs, farther back where most of the books were old and outdated. The whispers had ceased, now replaced with what he could only consider a rhythmic thumping: a beating. Carson had followed it all the way to a book on the third shelf. He looked around, wondering if maybe this was some kind of trap.
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Emma was all over the place. So let's go back a week ago when her roommate dragged her into a bunch of shit she didn't want to be in. But what did her roommate do to make Emma feel bad and immediately want to help? She cried. And Emma was a softie so she would immediately help if it meant that much to you. So she helps her roommate throw her 'Birthday Party' per say, it being at their house. Emma made sure the music wasn't so loud for the neighbors and watching as all the college kids came into the house. Tonight was going to be fun! Right? Wrong. Emma hated parties. The things she really enjoyed was binge watching movies until 2 in the morning and eating candy. But she was here, drinking shit beer and pretending she was having fun. So the night went on, all going fine and dandy until the party began to get too crazy. People jumping from the roof to the pool. Sex began to get involved and drugs. Fucking Drugs. Emma was monitoring people but didn't know about any drugs! And soon enough the cops showed up, getting complaints more and more as the night went on. And let's just say nothing went well for Emma or her roommate. They were arrested for having drugs on the premises. So Emma had to call her mom to bail her out. Now she was forced to move back to her moms place, the thought of it making her sick. She didn't want to go back with her mom. She was a freak. Believed in magic and such. She believed in a lot. Emma never understood it.

Ever since that night and getting arrested, it's never been the same. Her mom filling her in on more voodoo stories and it was honestly getting worse. What did she expect this was? A Disney movie? Magic was not real and she would never ever forget that. If magic was real, her life would be so much easier. She was a nerd, yes. Harry Potter, Star Wars and such. But she was also a badass in some people's eyes. Calling people out on their shit and fighting for whatever she needed to. She didn't take no for an answer when she needed a yes and she certaintly did not let any boy walk all over her. Well there hasn't been a chance for another boy. She's been single her whole life. Hasn't let anyone in and plans to keep it that way. No one has every really attracted her and she doesn't need a boy to do anything. She has herself and her friends. Why would she mix in a boy who would probably cause problems? That's right, she wouldn't.

[+Blue "Emma? Breakfast, honey!"] She called from downstairs, Emma just finishing up with straightening her hair. [+red "Coming!"] She yelled back, putting a few bobby pins in her hair to hold some of her hairs in place. She grabbed her backpack and books, running downstairs. Emma was not a breakfast person at all. She walked to her plate, grabbing the toast and making her way to the door. [+blue "Uh? Honey? You have no time to eat? What about breakfast?"] She asked and Emma shook her head simply. [+red "Just a quick breakfast this morning..I have to go to the library and retrieve the book you asked me to look at..?"] She said, waving and walking out. She walked to her black jeep, backing out and going to the University. She walked into the library, going to look around for any books that stuck out to her. More likely history or any adventure seeking books made her not wanna leave her room for hours. She walked around, humming when nothing was really catching her eye. She walked over to a computer and began to search up random history books, trying to lay out her options better. But she of course began to take in the decor of the place. It gave her the chills at how old this University was in particular. She put her glasses more up on her nose and looked over at the old lady checking people out. Golly she looked older than the University and the library combined. Emma scrunched up her nose, letting out a small giggle at what she thought in her head.
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[I This is starting to get old], Carson thought to himself. He was being shaken down, for the second time this week, by a man he [I may . . . okay absolutely] borrowed money from. Well more liked owed, seeing as he'd half a bag of product on him that hadn't been sold, the other half flushed out of his system this morning in his toilet. Dark brown eyes stared up at the tall lanky figure before him. The man's eyes burned red, hot like fire and most likely from a recent feeding.
"How many more chances am I to give you Carson? Hm?" the man inquired; his tongue so keen to end on the 's'. The consonant slithered past Carson's ear, a sound that made him shiver. He knew Viktor was not keen to second chances and already had given Carson two. Had it not been the fact Carson's mother was one of the few members of the Order organization, he was sure he would've already been split into two. His pale body taking up space in the dark alley behind the bar.
"Viktor," he breathed out, a short and pensive chuckle falling off his lips with the hope to ease the tension. "You know, you know I'm good for it. I just got a little . . . off base." He'd spent a good chunk of the money on what most of his age and stature did: booze, girls, and drugs. Ah yes and of course the nasty gambling habit he had. "Trust me, I'll have it all in full tomorrow night. I'm heading downtown now, easy targets." He stood a little taller, no longer leaning against the sleek black car, probably the one thing in his life he actually bothered to care for. Though standing a strong six foot, he still barely managed to reach the chin of Viktor, who at that moment looked as if he were debating on sinking his fangs into Carson's neck on the spot. That was a fight he was unsure he'd be able to win in his state; not only was he hungover but hadn't had a proper feeding in hours. Human food sustained him fine, but there was nothing like the power of blood. All of that energy igniting inside him made him shiver at the thought.
Viktor smiled, tossing a loose strand of the straight platinum blonde locks from his face. His fangs gleamed, sharp and big, they looked wild - primal and contrasted the small ones Carson had been endowed with at birth. "My dear Carson, had I not personally known your mother" - he paused and looked at Carson, basking in the grimace just at the mention of his mother, "I would be more inclined as to not believe you. Alas, you are in luck. Third time is the charm." He stepped away, no longer dangerously encroaching Carson's space. "But do please remember, soon that name of yours will be nothing. There aren't many people like me who still bother to have some sort of respect for Adeline. Midnight, tomorrow, and don't make me wait."
Viktor was gone in a flash, a streak of gold barely lighting up the alley, illuminating the sleeping homeless man and the rats that crawled over and around him. It soon became clear to Carson who Viktor had fed on in the shadowed corner before stopping Carson from getting into his car. He heaved out a great sigh, glad to know he had escaped a pretty crucial beating. He knew when to pick his battles and maybe it was because the liquor had started to wear off, while sometimes reckless with his smart mouth, Carson could tell he wouldn't have been able to beat Viktor. Shrugging into the car with little effort, he pulled out of the alley. His throat itched with desire, his heart beating - he needed to feed. He needed money. He knew exactly where he was heading.
[center [b _]]
Carson felt better in Catalina at night, comfortable with his presence as he drove down busy streets. During the day hybrids like him liked to hide in their homes, some too afraid and unable to control the side of them that thirsted only for human blood. Weaklings, fledglings that never successfully managed to change, void of any thought. Not to say there were as many half-blood vampyres as pureblood. It had always been frowned upon in their society. Humans, while to some degree were to live amongst, that wasn't to say they were above to being food.

That’s said, Carson had comfortably lived amongst them and that included tying to live a normal human life which meant going to school. He was hungover and he wanted to go home and sleep, but he knew Viktor was not someone you wanted to disappoint. Finally making an all too familiar turn off the freeway, Carson began into the world of the Lost. The who's who of vampyres and even the scoundrels could be found here. Catalina was filled with supernatural of all kind. The streets rattled with the sounds of music playing loudly from bars and clubs, pale and flashy dressed bodies lining the streets.
While it was hard for someone like him to get by without an issue down here, he knew it was the prime spot to target people. Easy selling, smug purebloods who didn't mind spending a little too much on so little. After parking, he walked toward the Prime, an exclusive club he'd been thrown out of plenty of times. But, Minx, an old pal still had a thing for him after countless hookups. He could see her working the bar through the crowd of people, dancing to high pitched music, unaffected by the bright lights that inconsistently strobed along. Pushing his sleeves up, he headed there first. A drink - a drink and then to work. Obviously tonight was a younger crowd night, even better, but in the corner, he could peek the black door. A room for no riff raff, still lots of fun, but unofficially for purebloods only.

He'd fortunately managed to make enough to pay Viktor back, but he knew it would only last so long before he was in debt again. He had refused help from his mother – thinking he could make it in the world on his own. After feeding, he headed back to his apartment, trying to stay quiet so as not to disturb his roommates.

When his alarm went off in the morning, he early tossed his phone against the wall, that had happened a few too many times when he first moved in and he was tired of finding new roommates. Carson knew he couldn’t sleep in though, he had to head to the library to pick up a book needed for a paper he was writing. After hitting the snooze button three times, he finally got out of bed and headed toward the bathroom for a shower. He felt somewhat better afterwards, changing into a white short sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans which covered a body full of tattoos. He styled the dark black strands, at least managing to get the wavy tresses out of his face. After grabbing his bag, he headed out and toward his university.

Carson had pared and walked into the library, a place he often didn’t spend much time in. School for the most part came easy to him, as he had lived through countless decades and important points in history. Still, he world w ever changing, and he felt like he was constantly learning something new. Carson felt different this time around though, the air was chillier, and he couldn’t help feeling like he was being watched.
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