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Emma was all ear for what Carson was saying, her eyes only on him as he explained everything to her. Felicity? Sounded familiar. Yet, Lafayatte sounded foreign to her. She's never heard of the name until Carson said those things. [+Red "Felicity? No one has seen her at all? And the unborn baby..What? When was all of this?"] She asked, her curiosity peaking a little. Her eyes went down to the book a bit and she hummed, leaning back against the old, rugged wall. A loud creak was heard throughout the woods and Emma sighed, sitting back up.

Now her fingers were on her temples as she thought and tried to process on what was being told to her. How was she supposed to take this? Of course she's heard of the Salem Witch Trials. But she hasn't looked that far into it since it was all her mother believed. But now she was starting to believe. This book called out to her for a reason. And she was determined to find out why it did such a thing. She could feel herself going deep into thought, nibbling onto her bottom lip nervously.[+Red "The book..what does this have to do with us? I mean, I'm not a witch for sure..I know that because I don't know anything about magic and shit like that. While my mother does, I don't. And if she believed I was a witch then we wouldn't be in this situation. She would've taught me everything. But because I didn't believe her, this is what I get?"]

So, this was great. While she did enjoy the story and the little bits of history, she still had a bunch of questions. What happened to Felicity? What happened to the baby? Is she still alive and thriving? Is the baby? What does the book have to relate to all of this madness? Emma felt the questions rambling in her head, rubbing her temples more.
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They reached her home then. It seemed like a nice enough place in a quiet neighborhood. Surrounded by woods could be both exciting and terrifying he suspected if you imagined what lied within the woods. After parking he followed her up the steps to the front door. He was trying his hardest not to be obvious as there was no way he was allowed to go in without an invitation. Though, fortunate for him Emma’s mother was a kind woman and took his pause as a means of fear.
“I guess come in, she said, still in some sense of shock at the fact that he was there. He wanted to offer her some kind of explanation, but what could he really say. He knew she wouldn’t think him crazy, but if Emma’s mother was a witch or at least came from a line of witches, he knew that she definitely would have a clue as to who Demetrius was and how much of a bad guy he was.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Carson.” He told her. He watched as she eyed him carefully but didn’t stick around for much longer as Emma had basically run through the house and was already heading to this special place.

He eyed the treehouse, raising a brow at Emma as though to ask her if she were serious.
“Is this even up to code?” He jested as he began to follow her up the stairs. He wasn’t worrying about dying, he was immortal, but that didn’t mean that he was resilient to pain or getting injured. It was somewhat rewarding though, to know there was some softness to the girl. He took a seat, it was a tight fit as he suspected it had been built for her when she was younger, but he would manage and truthfully, he had no intentions on staying too long. He had things to do and it didn’t involve Lafayette.

“Well then, guess I can’t put off the inevitable.” H grumbled. He placed the book in the middle of the floor between the two of them. “I’m sure you’re familiar with the Salem Witch Trials right? Well, during that time there was a man who led a coven, as you may guess his name was Demetrius Lafayette. He was originally from New Orleans, where he and his wife Melinda had started taking in witches that were fleeing after the trials.” He paused to gage her reaction before continuing. “At this time, he lived in this large mansion on a hill. In that mansion he resided with his wife as well as three other witches: Vienna Potter, Justine Grant, and Felicity Campbell.” Carson stretched his legs some, he was a bit tall and he was finding the sitting position uncomfortable but there was no way he was going to eb able to stand in the small enclosure.

“For the most part, things were going well. They lived at peace with the townspeople, completely undetected. However, that all changed once Felicity fell in love with the governor’s son, Charlie. Of course, it was unbeknownst to them that Felicity was a witch. However, after she had become with child, Charlie had become terribly sick and eventually died from a plague no man had ever known or seen before. Rumors began to spread and their past from Salem had started to catch up to them. The whole coven had been persecuted. The people, led by the governor, had stormed the home. They broke windows and had set it on fire. Demetrius had been away on a personal matter, and had returned to find his home burned down, Melinda’s body swarmed with flames amongst the others. The only one who had survived was Felicity and her unborn baby. Demetrius had released hell then, promising to curse the town. He’d barely gotten the words out of his mouth before they grabbed him and tied him up, burning him at the stake. He vowed to return and unleash a hell lie none before. Felicity, it was said, had run into the woods to never be seen again.”
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Emma got into her Jeep and started it up, backing out of her parking spot slowly and beginning to drive back to her house. She made sure Carson was following her, her eyes focused on his car when she would look up. She led him to her house, parking in her normal spot and getting out. Her eyes looked back at Carsons' car, waiting for him to get out as she led him into the house. [+Red "Hi mom, Bye mom.."] She said, passing by her mom in the kitchen. Not only did her mothers eyes widen at the boy in her house, but her daughter was a disrespectful little brat when she wanted to be. [+Green "Emma-"] She called out and Emma closed the door as she tried to talk, growing aggravated.

[+Red "This way..hope you don't mind tree houses.."] She said, leading him into the woods and to the old tree house. She climbed up into it, the old wood creaking under her weight as she settled in. She sat down on the blanket she kept in there all the time, watching Carson look around. [+Red "I know it's childish...but this is a pretty private place.."] She said.
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“Not only have you proved to not be my type, you’re still wrong about these so called [notches] on my belt.” Carson was a bit disappointed that she had decided not to just leave the book alone, but he was not going to stop her and even if he tried, he was sure she would do everything in her power to stop him. “Besides, if this book has anything to do with you, I don’t think I want it anywhere near my apartment. My roommates and I actually like being [I alive]. Carson headed toward the driver’s side then, waiting for her to get into the car before he started off toward the university. Once they reached where she had parked her jeep, he waited for her to get out. He rolled the window down; it was nearing sunset and he didn’t want to be out late should nothing good come of this.

“I’ll follow you,” he said. He waited until she reached her vehicle. He had two decisions, to follow the girl and let her decide if she wanted to be involved in this mess. Or, Carson could leave Emma and head to his place to destroy the book. Though with how much she claimed to know about him, he wouldn’t be surprised if she was some crazy stalker and somehow knew where he lived. He mostly kept to himself, other than when he wasn’t dealing so he wasn’t sure where she was getting her made up facts from.

He’d dated maybe two human girls and that didn’t ever last. Maybe it had something to do with lunatics like Emma drawing their own conclusions and putting lies in their heads. Either way, he ultimately knew it was best he kept to himself. Being a vampire, he would have to eventually disclose to a human partner why he seemed not to age over years. That was complicated.

[I Demetrius Lafayette]

He shook his head. His mother had taught him better than to get involved with anything to deal with that monster. If Emma wanted to go through with this, she was on her own.
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Emma was trying not to take Carsons' words the wrong way but she was about to with the way he was talking to her. Her eyes narrowed and she clenched her fists a little at what he was about to say about her mother until he didn't. He gave in. Finally, Jesus. [+Red "Okay, I'm fine with that. I trust you, considering we just met but you apparently know a lot more about this book and author than me. Just don't bail on this last minute.."]

Her eyes flicked down to the book and she hummed, knowing the perfect place for him to show her this. Though it was a little childish, she didn't care. It was private and in the woods. A treehouse her dad and herself built when she was six. Emma still goes there to read and let out stress because it's quiet and all you can hear is the wind and birds. It was peaceful. [+Red "I know the perfect place. Unless of course you have a better place? Hopefully not where you live because then I would look like another girl under your little belt. So my place or no place.."]
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“You also have a right to live,” Carson said. He wasn’t one for ghost stories, the boogeyman and all those monsters in the closet. He lived in a world where he knew such being existed, they didn’t trouble him. This wasn’t just some fantasy and she had no clue about that, honestly, he was trying to do her a favor by saving her life. Demetrius Lafayette was not someone or something to mess around with. Honestly, it had been centuries since his name was spoken. “I’m backing out because I’m trying to protect you!” That had obviously hit a nerve. Of course, he didn’t believe in the whole damsel in distress ting and neither did Emma, but this was different. If she got involved with this book, she would be biting off more than she could chew. “A couple of minutes ago you made it seem like you didn’t believe anything your mother told you and now – “Carson stopped himself, he did know he was judging her which was something he was earlier preaching wasn’t right. Carson looked around then, a bit paranoid.

“Look, fine. You want to get involved in this you can. You want to know who this guy is I’ll tell you, but we are not speaking about this in public, we don’t know what danger this could bring.” Carson just knew that if he was going to leave her with this book, he would like to give her a chance to know what see was getting into. He was going to be as much help as possible, if she wanted it. If she were smart, after knowing what she did, she would leave this book alone.

“That’s the only way you’ll get this book from me and whatever you decide to do then, I’m fine with.”
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Emma's eyes widened when the ink began to appear. Her eyes skimmed over the words as she lightly whispered them to herself. [+Red "This book belongs to Demetrius Lafayette..Who's that?"] She asked herself, her mind running through a lot of names at that current moment. Her eyes looked up when Carson stood, her eyes narrowing a little. [+Red "What? That's it? You get to keep the book and I have to get thrown into the darkness? This book called both of us and I have the right to know what is inside."] She argued, standing with him.

What has gotten into him? First he wanted to see what was in the book as well. And now he was backing out? Why? [+Red "Do you know the keeper of this book? Why are you all of a sudden backing out? I need to see what's in the book and why it called out to me.."] She said, her eyes searching is. [+Red "And if it's some keeping you safe bullshit keep it to yourself. You obviously wouldn't be talking to me if this book brought us together so why try and keep me safe? I'm willing to take a risk if this has something to do with my family's legacy.."]
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Carson raised a brow at Emma, “I have no idea what you mean by that.” He figured whatever experience Emma had with girls and guys was often not pleasant. Either way, it didn’t seem they were going to be best friends which he was perfectly fine with. The waitress had come over to check on them and buss their table. Carson was distracted for a moment by his phone going off. He looked down at his phone to see a message from Viktor, asking if he was still planning to pick up. Carson cursed under is breath, he’d forgotten he was supposed to come by for another drop. He still had to finish his assignments and this moment with Emma was sucking away his time. He knew he didn’t have much time to waste. He opened up the book then, the first few pages blank which concerned him, but as Emma leaned forward, it was almost as though a combination of their energies had been some kind of key to unlocking the words that were hidden. Slowly dark black ink had begun to surface against the yellow parchment paper.

The words that had finally been revealed had turned his blood cold.

[I [center [font “times” [size15 This book belongs to Demetrius Lafayette]]]]

“This is a big nope,” Carson said closing the book. He knew where this was going, particularly thrown into a fire. He came to a stand, eager to get him and that book out of there. It was best that Emma not get herself involved, especially considering she didn’t even seem like she believed this stuff existed. Maybe that was the only way to keep her safe.
“Look I can drop you off at the school, but this is staying with me.”
  carson / kshahidx / 56d 10h 34m 47s
Emma was intrigued on what Carson had to say. Why did she not believe in something she doesn't know about. I mean, her mom and her butt heads sometimes and Emma can get yelled at over stupid things. But she hadn't really gone into detail with her mother about that. Like her being a witch or that she can cast spells left and right. Emmas' eyes went down to the book when Carson was about to open it, her eyes slowly looking back up into his. [+Red "I agree sometimes..but then there's the rich girls that drag every boy away into her little cave and then the boy comes out with a whole bunch of money. Oh? How can that be? He's going to help her cheat on the next test they have. How sweet.."] She said, her expression annoyed.

Carson was a cute guy, She had to give him that. But the reputation the people claim he has is hard to look past. But she might be willing to in this situation. Was Emma stubborn at times and did she aggravate anyone when she didn't put up with their shit. She looked back down at the book with curious eyes, her stubbornness slowly fading.

[+Red "Are you going to open it? I'm really curious on why it called out to me and you. Like what do you have that this book felt that we needed to know its' presence?"] She said softly, leaning forward a little to get a better look.
  Emma / sadlolita / 56d 13h 40m 14s
She was starting to give him a headache with her stubbornness, but Carson was trying to get through it. He didn’t blame Emma for her attitude considering she didn’t know him, their conversation had at least improved, but it was clear the two of them were not on the same page. He’d shrugged, in a [I suit yourself] manner and finished the wrap. He figured this had to do with [I a lot] of rumors that spread about the boy. He figured that with them being in college, they would drop the silly he said, she said plot discussion. Yet, door someone with his looks and charisma, it wasn’t surprising that people got a bit wild or outright outlandish with their tales about him. He wasn’t a party guy; he liked to enjoy himself with a drink or two, but he didn’t participate really in the human party scene. It was much too chaotic for him; he’d show up, drop off some weed and after a drink leave. Though, there would be a girl ho caught his eye and on occasion he would take them home. That was a different story though; truthfully Carson didn’t party with humans because eventually the blood lust became too much to ignore and for him, if he expected to live in this city without issue, it would mean not going fang crazy.

As she spoke, he could pick up on her disbelief of their being anything fantastical about the world she lived in. It was a bit callous how she spoke about her mother, but who was he to judge if he didn’t know their actual relationship.
He furrowed his brows, wondering if it was his place to push further into her knowledge of magic, though it was clear she would be pretty useless in that area. Still, if her mother was truly a witch, then it would make sense for her to be called by the book. Though, what it contained was important. It could have been something sinister or a book that was tied to her family somehow and even worse, it could possibly be both.

“So, I take it you don’t believe in magic? Why such a strong disbelief in something you don’t know about?” He placed the book up. “Odd enough that’s what this book is about, and you just confessed to hearing voices; so then, who’s the real nut?” He placed the book down and was just about to open it. “By the way, if I were you, I would actually confirm things with someone before accosting them with falsified facts. Everyone knows the real important people in the university are the frat boys; wealthy and handsome, willing to bed anything that moves.” Carson was rich, but he didn’t have an influx of money coming to him. Had he been a pureblood vampire he would’ve truly been set for life. Though, part of that was on him considering he had walked away from his mother’s offer to stay from humans the world of vampires was much too cult-ish for him. He liked diversity.
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Emma looked down at the wrap he pushed over, her stomach growling at the sight of it. She couldn't take that. She pushed the tray back towards him, shaking her head. [+Red "That's your meal..and thanks for teaching me how to talk to another human being..wow I feel so smart now.."] She said sarcastically.

Here's another weird thing she found about Carson. He was very popular, yes, but he seemed very calm as a dude who is known to go to parties. She picked at her water bottle, the thin plastic coming off with no damage. Her eyes met with Carson's when he asked where she was from, tilting her head to the side. Her family has been around this area for decades. Mom used to always tell her ancient tales of their people roaming around here. Even now as ghosts. Emma never believed that of course but her mom was making it a real hit when she was younger. [+Red "My family has lived in this town for God knows how long..My mom used to tell me that the ghosts of our ancestors still wander. Weird. I never believed it but I have a decent history I guess with that.."] She explained, tucking some of her hair behind her ear. [+Red "I know it sounds crazy but my mom can be a real nut..like telling me she used to do magic and still does.."]

Emma's eyes were now focused on the plastic wrapping in her hands, folding it neatly and then unfolding it just to do it again. Carson probably thought this was all a joke and would laugh in her face. Why even reveal that much? It's because of the book. [+Red "I wasn't searching for that book in particular..I was looking for books that aged back to World War One. I went upstairs because they told me it was up there and I passed the aisle the book was in. Then it began to whisper my name and then loud thumping was heard and that's when I bumped into the prince of our University.."]
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He took a bite of the wrap he was eating, pausing to look up at her, cringing at her forced smile. He could tell she was growing impatient, but Carson also felt like he was wearing her down a bit. “Of course, I find it weird that it called out to us both, which is why I asked who you were. You know my name and I don’t even know. Yours, that’s a bit odd by itself. Besides, maybe knowing your name can give me a clue. Not to judge, but you don’t look like the type of girl who is even into this kind of stuff.” Carson had grown up in a world of supernatural. Finding. A book that called out to him wasn’t really scary, but it was surprising. It was clear the book had some kind of hex on it, which meant it dealt with magic. His reasoning had seemed to convince her to let her guard down and Emma seemed to finally open up.

He smirked in her direction, “Save your tinder bio for someone who cares.” He jested. “Nice to meet you Emma, I’m Carson. See that’s how people talk to one another.” He leaned back a little, at least n longer trapping the book beneath his palm. He figured showing that he trusted her would make this conversation easier and a lot less painful than it had been for the both of them. He pushed over his tray. “You should eat something; it’ll help with the headache.” Water wasn’t going to suffice, and he figured if she was like any normal student, she had more than likely skipped breakfast. He recited her name in his mind. It had clicked then. Campbell, as in the [I Campbells]; which once had the surname Cromwell. They had a name change after the Salem Witch Trials. She couldn’t be related to them though; despite the persecution many women, innocent ones at that, had faced the witches had never stopped practicing magic. So, “Where are you from?” He asked, more curious then. “Other than the call, were you actually searching for this?”
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Emma had ordered a small water for herself, walking to take a seat across from him. She was surprised at what he had asked her at first then he asked about the book. She leaned her chin on her hand and put on a small smile . [+Red "Well anything about me is irrelevant to the book. I want the book because it called out to me. Nothing else. Why do you want the book?"] She threw back, tilting her head to the side. Why did he want the book? Did he hear the same things she did or was he just trying to annoy her. Her hazel eyes looked down at the book before her, then met his. [+Red "Look, I know we started out on the wrong foot for sure..but don't you find this a little odd? We both get drawn to the same book, what, coincidentally? Like that's rare.."]

Her nerved began to settle in, playing with her fingers a little as she talked. [+Red "My name is Emma Campbell. I am twenty two and I am studying history. My favorite animal is a red panda and my favorite color is purple"] She said, giving some background to the man before her. If he knew a little bit more about her, he may hand over the book. Hopefully. She looked up when Carsons' meal came and her water, watching as the lady walked away. Her hand went for her water bottle, opening it and taking a small sip. Her head was pounding at this point. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before her eyes landed back on Carson.
  Emma / sadlolita / 58d 11h 49m 24s
“Loud and clear, trust me.” He told her with a roll of his eyes. He unlocked the door and got into the car. He tossed the book in the back and soon started the car. She seemed exhausted, out at least she was quiet which was helping the headache her shrieking in the library had caused. He wasn’t sure of what to say to her, as she was a stranger to him really and it was clear they both had got off to a bit of a rough start. She didn’t seem to like him, and he was finding it hard to not share the same sentiment. He could only hope that she would be willing to open up to him. If she had anything to tell him, he wanted it to be the truth. He needed to know why she wanted the book so badly, but most importantly what was it about this book that led it call out to both of them? He looked over to her briefly while she was distracted by the view; she was a pretty girl. She was a bit feisty which in some other circumstance might have turned him on, but the spark between them was nowhere near romantic. His eyes traveled toward her neck. He knew he was close to starving and feeding on her would have solved his problems; he could have gotten rid of her and kept the book to himself.

Finally, they had reached the café, a favorite of many of the students that went to the university. He parked the car and got out, following her with the book gripped in his hand as they entered the small building. The room was pretty full, but everyone was much in their own world, sipping some kind of fancy coffee or tea. He headed toward the counter. He needed to eat soon. He ordered some kind of chicken wrap and an iced tea. It had been a while since he last fed, he thought about going to Catalina tonight and not on business. Which reminded him that he had to get out of here quick and pick up some new dime bags.
“You want anything?” He asked her, she looked a bit worse for wear and he figured maybe a drink would soothe her headache. Once orders were placed, he headed to a table in the far back. Carson took a seat, his hand on the book the whole time in case she decided to try something sneaky.

“So, tell me about you and why’s this book so important?”
  carson / kshahidx / 58d 13h 31m 15s

Emma listened to what he had to say. Why? Because she needed that book and honestly he didn't look bad himself. She had heard those rumors, yes. But she of course would find him really attractive as would any girl on this campus. She rolled her eyes when he said he didn't believe her crazy story, rubbing her temples when he turned away from her and began to go back to his car. But he turned around, making Emma have some hope in her eyes.

[+red "Of course I want to get away from the ringing..it's making me dizzy and I'm scared if you drive even five feet away from me with that book..I'm definitely going to pass out..so let's go.."] She said, walking to the passengers side of his car and tugging on the handle. [+Red "But I'm only in this for the book..don't even think for one second I'm here because of you.."] Her eyes glared into his soul, tilting her head to the side. [+Red "Clear?] Once he started the car and began to drive, Emma became silent, staring out the window and watching the trees go by. Not that much of a talker when herself and a stranger got brought together by a dumb book. What even is this? A soon to be love story? Like what the hell is happening? She watched as he quickly pulled into a cafe, getting out of the car and sighing. [+red "Get information..and get him to take you back to your car that is still on campus.."] She whispered to herself, walking to the door with Carson.
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