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Carla had always had an eye for fashion and her job as a bartender allowed her to get as creative as she wanted when it came to her work attire. That said, Carson was still thrown off by her latest outfit: a black leather corset with fringe and handcuffs on her wrist as repurposed bracelets. She’d painted faux freckles on her face and the smoky eye she had illuminated her eyes perfectly even in the dim red light. Carla poured his drink and pushed it over the sticky counter.
“So, I’ve heard you’ve got yourself in a bit of mess?” Carla asked as she poured herself a drink as well. They both met each other’s eyes before downing it in one shot. “Why am I hearing you’ve been fraternizing with a witch? That’s not Carson behavior, I should know.” Carla and Carson at one point in their life had attempted a relationship. Or more like, it was a friends with befit situation that kind of got too serious. They were both two different people though, Carson wanting to stay low key and Carla being wild and free – a relationship was not going to work. That said, they were still really great friends.

“And who told you that?” Carson asked as he indicated for another drink.
“Gertrude,” she said. He rose a brow at her, looking over the brim of the glass before it started to click.
“The old hag at the library? She’s gossiping about me?”
“Hey! She just plays that bit for laughs, if you saw her now, you’d certainly change your tune.”
“Is that right?” He asked. Carla nodded for him to turn around, watching as the male looked over his shoulder to then find a woman walking in his direction. She wore a short black silk dress that shimmered with silver flecks that seemed to [I spark] as she walked. The wrinkly skin and grey hair had been replaced. Gertrude was a redhead, with a smile that seemed sinister enough to kill someone alone. Carson was certainly shocked.
“Call me Trudy,” she said as she took a seat beside him, taking the drink Carla had already poured for him. “So, you’re not dead yet.” Trudy said to Carson who was still transfixed by her transformation. He soon came out those thoughts though.
“Well, I guess not by our standards.” He said. He knew his initial thoughts on the book had been true. This. Wasn’t something that he or Emma should involve themselves in. “So, Donovan Perry, the book claims he’s coming back.”

“Oh, it’s not some rumor Carson. Demetrius is intent on returning. He’s been trying to contact a witch to do his bidding for years, but everyone knows it’s a crime punishable by death. The hell he can unleash . . .” he watched as Trudy shuddered at the thought.
“So why me? Why Emma?”
“Because you were idiots and you actually took possession of the book. In some sense, you [I owe] him.” Carson shifted in his seat then, not really a fan of knowing that he possibly had not chance of getting away with this. “And obviously that girly you were with is kin to his coven. I recognized her immediately, she resembles her grandmother.” Carson sighed out, taking another shot. “And you resemble Marcus.” Carson was confused then, not many people spoke of his father, not even him as he knew very little. Trudy had caught on to his look of surprise then though. She paused in her drink.
“Oh, you don’t know. . .”

Carson was just about to inquire what more there was about his father when his phone vibrated. He hadn’t realized it’d rang, going straight to voicemail. He listened in, the coverage spotty and it was hard to make much of anything out, but he knew that Emma seemed to have been stuck somewhere. He sighed out, barely a few hours out of each other’s presence and they were already in the line of danger.
“You’re coming with me,” he told her as he came to a stand. He paid for the drinks and took Trudy’s hand. Outside of the club, her attire certainly looked out of place had they not been in the club district.
“What’s going on?” Trudy asked as she got into the front seat.
“I need you to tell me about my father.” He wasn’t going to get this opportunity pass him up, especially if there was the chance that it would prepare him for whatever Demetrius had planned. He was unable to reach Emma by phone, figuring it had something to do with service. At least he could only hope that was the only reasoning for her not answering. How was he even supposed to find her if she was stopped on some abandoned road or highway; was she still on the way to her aunt’s or barely getting back?
“Turn left”, Trudy had said. She gave him a smile. “A witch always knows how to find another.” He could only hope that Emma would be safe.
  carson / kshahidx / 48d 13h 20m 49s
Emma continued to drive, deciding not to worry about anything happening. She shouldn't because she had Carters' phone number and her moms just in case something happened. She looked down at her phone when she got a text from one of her friends, her eyes flicking up to make sure she was on the road until a black figure came running into the road. Emma screamed and hit the brakes, hitting the figure and stopping a few feet where she hit. She quickly got out of the car, going to see what it was but it was gone. Like that? She just hit a literal figure and now it was gone? Oh shit. What was that? Her hands began to shake as she went to go look at the damage of her car. There was a full on fucking dent! So she wasn't going insane! She pulled out her phone and called Carsons' number, her hands shaking. [+Red "C-Carson? I just hit some black figure in the road..I-I need assistance. But the thing is, that figure f-fucking disappeared!"]

She ran a hand through her hair, walking back to her car and getting into the drivers seat. She bit her lip nervously, starting up her car but it turned back off after a few seconds. [+Red "And now my car won't fucking start..Carson what do I do? I'm literally in the middle of nowhere and I hit a black looking figure! I thought I killed someone!"] Now she was beginning to panic. Did she kill something? And why was it not there anymore?
  Emma / sadlolita / 50d 3h 58m 18s
“Right, be safe.” Carson said before starting to head to his car. He sat behind the wheel for a while, as though determining if it was right for him to let her go, but he knew that this would be important for her to go through alone. He wasn’t sure how her aunt would react to him. Carson had started his car then and headed back toward the city. He met up with Viktor just to cop a few more baggies before he headed to his apartment. Today had been quite the day and now he felt like he was in a lot of danger. He was curious then; why had he been called by Demetrius. It was unusual considering he had no witch blood in him, at least that’s what he thought. Of course, he didn’t know much about his father, but it had always been speculation surrounding him considering how he met his mother. It wasn’t usual for supernatural to crossbreed, or even become romantically involved with humans and yet his mother had. He’d never tried to learn much about his father, all he knew was it had changed his mother’s life and she had to choose between staying with someone she loved and cared about or making sure that arson was protected. He often wondered if she had regretted her decision. Carson didn’t think that he would’ve been able to choose at all.

Once at his apartment, he rushed to shower and change. He sent a text to his friend Carla, who was a witch he often dealt to. He figured maybe she could give him some more information on what to expect with this book in their lives. After changing, he left the apartment. He enjoyed his roommates as for the most part they stayed out of sight, though they had been with him for so long that they had all grown to have a routine. That wasn’t to say they were unfriendly with one another. Carson thought then, maybe he did really have friends.

He’d left the apartment and started heading downtown to a local club that Carla worked at. He knew he could sell to anyone looking to score as well as chat her up and get some information on Demetrius. Carson had pulled up to the building, the door practically swarming with rich young adults that liked good music and getting high. It was going to be a goodnight. He passed through the crowd, gaining a nod from Richard, the security guard, who recognized him. As he entered, eh was absorbed by the thrumming bass of techno music, the lights dimmed with flashes of red light bouncing off the walls every now and the. He headed toward the bar where the familiar pale blonde hair caught his eye.

“Double shot of vodka, neat.” He said as he leaned against the sticky counter. Carla turned around, bright green eyes with flecks of gold staring into his as a smile crossed her face.

“You’re going to need more than that,” she said. Did she already know the mess he got himself into?
  carson / kshahidx / 50d 11h 54m 43s
Carson was being really nice to her. What took a turn here? What did he now all of a sudden think differently of her. [+Red "That sounds good..just text me where you want to meet up and I'll tell you what I know if I get anything out of her. I hope I can.."] She murmured, nibbling on her bottom lip and searching his eyes. [+Red "You need to be careful as well..we don't know what Demetrius is doing so he could be out there.."] Who was she kidding? Carson was a vampire. He could take care of himself. She could to but not as well.

[+Red "I'll text you when I get to my aunts. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do? Okay?"] She asked, backing her car away from him and beginning to drive down the street.

It was about an hour drive up to her Aunts house, pulling into her driveway at exactly 8:37 PM. She shot Carson an updated text that she was there before getting out of the car and walking up the steps with the book. The ringing had stopped, thank god, but she still wanted Carson to be there. She had no idea what would happen or what was waiting for them. She was actually scared. [+Blue "Hello-Emma?"] Her aunt asked, opening the door which made Emma smile up at her. [+Blue "Long time, no see, my dear. What brings you here?"] She asked, welcoming Emma inside and taking her coat off for her. [+Red "Uhm..Aunt Shelly..do you know anything about this book?"] She asked, immediately taking a swing with it. Her aunt reacted the same way her mom did. But she was willing to give her some information on it. Now she had to tell Carson.

She left there around 10 ish, driving on a dark road and literally searching for any potential danger. This was a bad fucking idea. To drive home this late? Great.
  Emma / sadlolita / 51d 10h 56m 35s
Carson couldn’t say why Emma’s mother had suddenly lost interest in helping her through her journey as a witch, especially when now seemed like a time where it made sense for her to impart her knowledge on her daughter. Though, he couldn’t say anything against their relationship as he was an outsider looking in; the woman had certainly changed her attitude toward him in the span of thirty minutes.
“I have things to do,” he said to her. Now that his secret of being a vampire was s exposed, he didn’t consider that being a drug dealer would tarnish his reputation anymore. Though, he dint know what Emma really thought of him. She wasn’t as agitated when talking to him anymore, but all she knew of him was what people told her and what she picked up on within their few hours together.

“Look witchcraft is scared. I don’t think your aunt would take too kindly to me being there.” He said, noticing then that he was trying his hardest to uplift her after noticing how upset she was. Carson took the hone and input his number, sending him a text so he saved hers. He wanted nothing to do with this mess, but who was he kidding? He was already involved. “I know a place downtown where a lot of us hang out.” Us being supernatural, fairies, witches, vampires – you name it. “Maybe I can get some more information on what's going on and we can meet up tomorrow and share notes,” he suggested.

Carson handed the phone ack over to her. He was worried about her and some part of him wanted to watch over her, but she hadn’t taken kindly to him trying to protect her earlier. This was a journey that Emma had to go on, on her own. Being informed and prepared was all they could do for now. But how much time did they have?
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Emma looked up at Carson from inside her car, slowly rolling down the window to see what he had to say. Go inside? Hell no. Not with her mother who seems to not give a shit anymore. [+Red "I'm not going back inside..I'm heading over to my Aunts' house instead. If my mother won't tell me, my Aunt should. You're leaving, right?"] She asked, her tone soft and kind of sad at the end. Did she want Carson to leave. Why did she care? Why did he? This made no sense. Her eyes flicked down to the steering wheel and she became quiet for a few seconds. She took out her phone and unlocked it before handing it to Carson. [+Red "If you're so concerned about me later, text me and I'll reply. Simple as that. I see you have somewhere else to be so text message should suit well for us.."]

She waited for Carson to put in his number, looking up at the sky as it slowly started to become dark. She looked over when Carson handed her phone back, taking it and shooting Carson a hey so he had her number. [+Red "I'll text when I get to my aunts. I might stay over there or I might come back home. If you want an update both times, let me know.."] She said, starting her car.
  Emma / sadlolita / 52d 13h 56m 26s
Carson knew he had to make a drop or else Viktor was not going to be happy, but something about leaving her behind while she was dealing with some very harrowing news didn’t sit well with him. Why did he care so much? Maybe it was the panicked look in her eyes, or the fact that despite all the madness, Emma was still willing to put herself in danger regarding this book. Her mother didn’t seem like she was going to be of help either. He knew that she probably had issue with him being a vampire and hanging around her daughter especially with the book of Demetrius with her. Though, he wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to actually stop Emma from leaving. It didn’t seem like she had much authority over her own daughter and Carson figured that stemmed somewhat from her father maybe.

“Emma,” Carson said but she had left already. Carson looked to her mother who certainly was conflicted it seemed. “Shouldn’t you go after her?” He’d asked. Despite tension, he would think her mother would at least even attempt to explain what was going on with Emma. Though it didn’t seem like Emma had given he much of a chance. Carson felt his phone go off again. He looked down at the phone and realized he didn’t have a choice. He needed to head out. “’Shit.” He soon left, walking pass Emma’s jeep to see her still in her car. He tapped on the window, softly so as o to alarm her.

“Look, learning about this all in one day is stupid. Take a breather and go back inside.” He suggested. It only made sense she actually know more about what she was before going off on some crazy quest she was completely unprepared for.
  carson / kshahidx / 52d 17h 24m 15s
This was all too much for her to handle right now. She was a witch. Carson was a vampire. And now her mother was giving her one hell of a headache and she didn't want to deal with this right now. Slowly standing, Emma gave a nod, her eyes going over to Carson. [+Red "I am now needing time to think..I don't know how to take all of this calmly but you can leave if you want..."] She said, knowing her mother knew something about this book but wasn't willing to speak up. So, why not go to Aunt Hilary for some help. And Carson could come or they can go separate ways. That was a win for Carson. She knew he wasn't very fond of her in the first place. She made her way to the door and unlocked her car with her keys, throwing the book in the passengers seat.

Now she was pacing back and forth, trying to word on how she got the book because Carson might not even be going. She ran her hands through her hair and sighed, getting into her car. God how was this going to work if she was in pain driving away from Carson? This damn book was a curse. She leaned her head against the steering wheel, just wanting to cry and wanting to mentally kick her past self for not knowing this. She was a witch.
  Emma / sadlolita / 53d 6h 36m 6s
He walked inside the home, soon accosted by Emma’s mother who certainly didn’t have the same warm personality she had when she let him in. He was curious then why it took her so long to understand what he was and react to it. There wasn’t a war between species; no such things evil vs good, it was smore so both vs the truth. That said, it didn’t mean that some species didn’t harbor certain feelings against another kind for one reason or another. Carson had never surrounded himself with their kind of purpose, but he wasn’t unfamiliar with witches. In fact, he had a friend who was one, the only person he could consider a friends and she was more like a longtime client that he just fancied being around.
“I do believe I introduced myself when I arrived,” Carson said with a roll of his eyes. The way her mother was reacting was only further causing him to believe that it was wrong for them to pursue this. He kept his mouth shut though, figuring it time Emma and her mother sort whatever they had going on out. Though that would take more than a conversation especially with the information she had been given.

“Guilty,” he said in admittance of him being a vampire. She wasn’t taking it well, but of course not when everything she knew about her life and the world around her was coming undone. For someone who didn’t believe in these sort of things, Carson suspected Emma was feeling like she was going mad.

Carson could hear her mother explaining what was going on, finally or maybe for the millionth time telling her daughter she was a witch. Of course, they both were at fault for not preparing her for something that was clearly inevitable. All Carson knew was he wasn’t going to stand around and wait for her mother to make up her mind on giving them more information. Either she spoke up or he was leaving. He was sure someone else could be of use, but as she was of the Campbell bloodline, maybe she had some valuable information.
  carson / kshahidx / 53d 7h 4m 43s
Emma rolled her eyes when he expressed this was the stupidest thing he's ever done. Yeah, right. [+Red "I seriously doubt that..but come come..let's talk to her.."] She said, leading him inside but held the book close to her. Was she scared? Yes. She may be a witch! That's fucking insane to think right now but here they are about to find that out. Emma walked to her mother in the living room and put the book down on the table, standing in front of the TV her mom was watching. [+Blue "Emma..and boy that came in here with her..what do you want?"] She asked, clearly not interested in what they had to say. Well that was before her eyes flicked down to the book, her eyes widening. [+Blue "Holy Mother-Get that thing out of here!"]

Emma hummed, watching her mothers reaction with gentle eyes. [+Red "So you know what this is..Good. Because I-I mean we need as much information you know about this book as soon as possible.."] She said, slowly sitting down at the small coffee table where the book rested. [+Blue "How did you get ahold of this? I mean I could understand how the vampire got ahold of it, but you?"]

What was that supposed to mean? And Vampire? She knew? [+Red "Vampire? Are you fucking kidding me? And what the hell is that supposed to mean? It called out to me and then somehow I get tangled in this mess with a vampire? Hah. I might as well be on drugs right now.."] She said, running a hand through her hair and trying to calm down. [+Blue "You're a witch, Em! I've been telling you this for two years and you just laugh. Serves you right to get tangled up in this business and with a vampire. Well, A handsome vampire."] Emma cringed at that, sighing. [+Red "So I am a witch..why didn't you try and teach me anything instead of proving yourself wrong? You know what, nevermind. We aren't here to know about me. We already know. So now tell us what you know about the book.."]
  Emma / sadlolita / 53d 9h 10m 29s
She was right he knew; they both would only continue to suffer until they figured out how to ed this curse and make sure that Demetrius remained wherever he was. If he was strong enough to call them to the book, he’d be strong enough to call to anyone and if they didn’t do his bidding, that didn’t mean it would stop him from getting someone else to do the job and the first thing they would come after would be his spell book. This would mean Emma was in danger. Up until this point she had been nothing more than a headache, now he was battling with whether or not it was right to leave her defenseless to fend for her and her mother. He’d paused, just a short way from the back door. He was willing himself to keep walking, but her pleas sounded sincere and it did seem as though she were scared. Who wouldn’t be?

Friends? Carson was not the type of guy to really get along with anyone seriously enough to consider them friends. Sure, he was a fun guy but with his kind, making friends with anyone unlike him was a waste of time. Eventually you outlived them. It wasn’t as lonely, when you made sure to have fun along the way, but he always knew there was no reason to tie himself down into anything with anyone. He sighed out, turning to face her. Emma was clutching the book tightly, eyes wide and she did seem to appear sincere in. He was willing himself to say no. It was the only right thing to do. He could just as easily leave the town, the country and start over anew somewhere or maybe hide out in some cave and leave everyone to be at the merciless hand of Demetrius.

That wouldn’t have been fair though and Carson wasn’t that kind of person. He did have [I some] feelings.
“Fine,” he said, finally acquiescing. “Fine, this is stupid – I mean the stupidest thing I will ever have done in all of my life. I’m willing to help you out. We’re going to need to talk to your mother.”
  carson / kshahidx / 53d 9h 52m 38s
He wasn't human. She repeated that for the forty seventh time in her head as Carson spoke calmly to her. She watched as he talked. But then he was up and gone. Like that. Her eyes landed on the book and she nibbled on her bottom lip as she felt pain starting to settle in as Carson walked farther and farther from the treehouse. Oh god. She felt like she was on fire. [+Red "Carson? Wait!"] She yelled, struggling to get out of the treehouse and holding the book close to herself. [+Red "If you walk away from this..it'll only cause pain for me and maybe for you. I don't know what the hell you are but I need help. If I'm a witch and this psycho bitch is calling out to us, don't you think we need to stop him with whatever he is planning? Like we don't know how dangerous this is going to be and what he is plotting."] She explained, walking to him and hoping he would stop and at least hear her out. And the more he walked away, the more pain she felt.

Her eyes went back down to the book as the fire and burning slowly stopped as she neared Carson. She let out a shaky sigh, looking back up at him. [+Red "Again, I know we had a rough start but I'm willing to start over. I'll forget all the rumors and I'll try to maybe become friends? Acquaintances? Something other than absolutely not wanting to put up with each other."] Now, Emma hasn't been open much since her father past when she was seven. She had Heather, yes, but that was about it. Emma preferred to keep to herself and stay in the dark about most things. That's why her and her mother don't have much of a relationship.
  Emma / sadlolita / 54d 9h 11m 21s
Carson knew he had slipped up. He could hear her heart beating quicker and he knew she was getting a bit anxious. He expected this reaction but had hoped it would settle in once he was gone. He was o therapist and he certainly didn’t have the skill in giving her any information on having to come to terms with this. Most people who were of his world simply existed, he had never met someone who didn’t know who they were though, as the years changed so did certain traditions and may were lost if not forgotten. He suspected her mother had very feint knowledge of her family and was trying to help her daughter with what she could, though she had done her a huge disservice for not telling her who she was. He didn’t want to get ahead of himself though.

“I can’t answer for that.” She hadn’t even seemed like she displayed any powers, he knew nothing about her or her past or any experience that would come off as [I magical.] “I’m not some kind seeker. I can’t tell you what you are. That’s not my responsibility.” Things were only starting to get worse as she was starting to question him. “In fact, I should be leaving. You wanted the book; you wanted the story and I fulfilled my part of the deal. I can only say I tried to warn you.” He came to a stand, leaving the book in her possession and trying to exit the treehouse as soon as possible.

He could feel himself being torn, a slight ringing in his mind and his earns burning, he felt like his body was on fire and yet still, he ignored the call. He was not going to be a part of a bloodshed if he could help it.
  carson / kshahidx / 54d 9h 32m 57s
Emma definitely caught the little remark he spoke in the sentence before. 'What do they teach you humans in school'. Us humans? Then what the hell was he? [+Red "Whoa whoa whoa..hold on? Us humans? You're telling me that you're not a human?"] She asked, raising her eyebrows and tilting her head to the side. Then what the fuck was he? A demon? Hold yourself together, Emma. He hasn't hurt you yet so I seriously doubt he will.

A spell book. Of course. That made a lot of sense but what did she have in relation with Demetrius? [+Red "So if I have some relation with Demetrius..possibly bloodline then what the fuck. Am I a witch?"] She asked, her eyes widening. Now she was curious. What if she was a witch. Her mom claimed she was so that would mean. She had to be a witch as well. Damnit. [+Red "I need to know if I am..because if I am, I'm pretty sure I'll probably pass out..or think I'm going crazy.."] She murmured, looking up at Carson. Her eyes met his and she narrowed them a little. [+Red "If you aren't human, then what are you? Like some shapeshifter shit?"]
  Emma / sadlolita / 54d 14h 2m 28s
Carson tapped his hand on the book then, as though testing if it existed and this whole moment as real. “Well considering the Salem Witch Trials was years ago, it’s obvious that child has grown up to have children who have children – I mean what do they teach you humans in school?” Carson paused then, a slip of the tongue. He hoped that Emma would ignore it. “Witches can live forever, just because no one has heard of her doesn’t means he is dead I suppose. She’s probably hiding out somewhere.”

Carson figured though that if this book presented itself and Felicity was alive there was the chance that Demetrius had tried to reach out to her too. Everyone knew that most spells didn’t work without having more than three powerful witches to conduct them depending on their power.
“If I’m not mistaken, this is his spell book. It only presents itself to a few people that gave some connection to him.” That made Carson think. If that was the case, then why was he involved. He certainly had no relation to witches as far as he knew. Emma was clearly sure that she was not a witch, but there was no other explanation. He’d seen the look on her mother’s face and from what she had told him, he was sure she did come from a line of witches.

“I mean you do share her last name,” he said as though that should’ve made it obvious in the first place That said, there were lots of people who had that last name he was sure that quite possibly had no relation whatsoever to the witch. “Maybe she has been telling you, but you haven’t been listening,” he suggested. It was clear she had been quite dismissive of the situation in general when it came to her mother. That was none of his business, however. “I highly doubt this is some way to get back to you. I think Demetrius is finally making his comeback and he needs you and me for some reason to help him. That however is not going to happen.” Carson said. “I want no parts of this, I can tell you that and you shouldn’t either.” A man of Demetrius’ power who held such hatred and a desire for revenge was someone not to mess with.
  carson / kshahidx / 54d 17h 14m 41s

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