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Emma looked up when she heard Trudy talking, walking out of her room with the book in her hands. She looked at Trudy as she talked and slowly made her way into the kitchen and sitting up on the counter. [+Red "It told me exactly where Carson was.."] She whispered, worried still. [+Red "But I don't know how the book knew. It's like it has eyes everywhere and is hunting us down.."] Her eyes met Trudys' and she shivered, walking over to where Carson was laying two hours ago. She got into his spot and got under the blanket, closing her eyes.

The book was now laying beside the couch, Emma entirely exhausted and needing a goodnights sleep. This whole situation was ridiculous. And Emma was still scared of what could happen. [+Red "What if the book knows and that lets Demetrius know and that thing that was after me is now after Carson is? Like I need him to text me back as soon as possible because I'm freaking out over this small thing.."] Her eyes opened and she grabbed her phone, looking down at it.
  Emma / sadlolita / 38d 2h 54m 16s
Carson had gotten into his car and was heading downtown to meet Viktor. It seemed he was getting more and more confused with the more information he was receiving. Yet, he couldn’t stop himself from attempting to learn more about a past he had been cut off from. Besides, Viktor wasn’t a friend, but he certainly wasn’t an enemy and Carson didn’t think he had to be worried. He received a message then from Emma. How surprising that at first, they hated one another and now they were both checking in on the other. It surely proved that they were in this together whether they liked it or not.

Trudy had exited the bedroom then, already sensing a shift in energy and she wasn’t surprised to find Carson gone, no Emma looking like a basket case barely able to hold herself up.
“It’s not polite to think I’ll of another witch,” she commented. It was late, but she honestly would still be at the club by now. And of course, with everything going on, there was too much excitement for her to sleep. “So, Carson tells me you too got the news you’re a witch?” She figured that she didn’t know that Carson was of magic if he himself had no clue. Trudy headed down the hall and toward her kitchen to grab a slice of pizza, figuring that would help with keeping her busy. She was of course keeping an [I eye] on Carson, not trusting him out alone with all that was going on.

Still, the book was here with Emma and her apartment was protected, but Demetrius was strong. How safe were they really? “So, what’s the book been preaching to you?”
  carson / kshahidx / 38d 9h 58m 14s
Emma went back into the room after she put a blanket on Carson, walking back out to put the glass in the dishwasher. But something was missing. Carson. Her eyes moved around the room and he was in fact gone. She couldn't help getting a bit worried, jumping when the book came flying out of her room and hitting the wall. It opened as it fell, stopping on a page. Oh God. Not this bullshit again. She slowly walked over to the book, noticing words bleeding out onto the page. [+Blue "Safe."] It simply read. Was the book talking about Carson? And why did it seem to know what was happening at all times. She slowly kneeled down in front of the book, her curiousness getting the best of her. [+Red "Where did Carson go?"] She whispered, watching as the words before her sank back into the paper and then bleed out again. But now this was interesting. She was talking with a book. Now if this wasn't weird she didn't know what was. [+blue "Viktor"] It showed, the black ink getting a bit darker. [+Red "Viktor? Who's Viktor.."] She whispered to herself, pulling out her phone and texting Carson to see if that was where he went. Her eyes were away for one second before they went back to the page. It was now blank.

A small breath came from her as she leaned back against the wall, closing her eyes. Of course he would leave her with some random witch. Who honestly looked like she got a lot of hookups a day. But she couldn't judge. Should she go back home while she had the chance? Leave all this nonsense behind? But why did she feel so attached to the book. It was becoming unreasonable. Before she knew it she closed the book and took it with her back into the room, climbing into bed and curling up. Just get some sleep? And she didn't. She was worried about Carson. A little too worried.
  Emma / sadlolita / 40d 7h 38m 26s
Soon enough Trudy went on her way to head to her bedroom. Carson had passed out very quickly, not realizing just how tired he was. It wasn’t until he felt the buzzing from his phone that he shot up awake. It was still dark out, his phone announcing that it was just a little after two. [I really? Only an hour?]. He groaned as the phone continued to vibrate in his hands though he knew he couldn’t not answer the call.

“Do you mind telling me exactly where you were?” Viktor asked. Carson sighed, coming to a stand and waling to the outside balcony so as not to disturb anyone.
“I’m sorry I got caught up in some other mess – “
“Oh, is that so? Look, I promised your mother I would look out for you as long as you continued to do as I asked. What’s so goddamn important?’
"Oh, you know, me finding out that my father was magick?” Carson said, agitated ten. Viktor was a dangerous guy and it certainly wasn’t smart to be getting angry with him. Though as he was still tired, his crankiness was warranted, and it seemed by the silence that his reasoning for not showing up when Viktor requested would be accepted.
"How long until you can be down here?” Viktor asked after the silence then. His tone was different, and Caron had a feeling then that this was shifting direction as far as conversation went.
“About an hour,” he simply said then.
“Good. Hurry.” Viktor said and hung up. This night was just getting weirder and weirder. Carson figured leaving Emma in the care of Trudy would be the safest and after grabbing his keys, he headed out of the apartment to meet Viktor. He wondered then, what more secrets would come to light about a part of him he knew nothing of?
  carson / kshahidx / 40d 22h 1m 26s
Emma watched them talk more and she sipped her tea when Trudy recommended it, nodding when they said they all needed rest. Oh God. She had to stay in a dark room by herself. There was no way she was going to sleep tonight. Even if Trudy was telling the truth about this place being protected. She noticed the tension in the room when Trudy and Carson locked eyes. Oh yeah. Something had definitely happened between them romantically. Emma stood after she finished her tea and put her cup in the small sink before walking to the guest room. It was small but Emma could manage. A small bed laid in the corner with a nightstand beside it and a small lamp sitting on the nightstand. Emma slowly slipped her feet out of her shoes and sat on the bed, calling her moms phone. A few rings went by before her mothers voicemail was cued. So she left a message. [+Red "Hi mom..it's me. Uhm I'm staying at Heathers house tonight and I'll hopefully be home tomorrow if Heather can let me go ha! But anyways...I-I love you and I hope you sleep well.."] She said, ending the voicemail and coughing.

Her throat has to get better here soon. She just needs to limit how much she talks and stop trying to clear her throat. Her eyes went to the window and she felt shivers go down her spine. Like someone was watching her. She closed the curtains quickly, rubbing her eyes. She needed water. And a Tylenol. Her eyes went to the clock and it read 1 in the morning. And they just got to trudys'. Fuck. But she still sneaked out of the room and went into the kitchen, grabbing a glass and getting some cold water from the sink. Her eyes trailed over to Carter on the couch, humming. [+Red "I can't sleep..I already know I won't be able to.."] She said softly, her grip tightening on the glass. [+Red "So I think you could take the bed..I won't need it tonight.."]
  Emma / sadlolita / 42d 9h 30m 11s
Emma was clearly disturbed which Trudy could understand. What had happened to her was tragic. Carson had soon walked over and took a seat on the couch opposite of the women. Trudy gave him a look then and he realized maybe he had been a bit hard on Emma.
“A shadow?” He had repeated then. He leaned against the chair, throwing his leg over the arm of the chair. He was an actually exhausted. Carson felt bad for Emma, but he was glad to know that they had escaped the demon. Still, he wondered if Trudy would have been of use then. Mae even him> Carson thought then about his being a witch. How could that have been? Why hadn’t his mother ever said anything to him and was his father actually dead? There were so many questions he had and all because of this book. Carson was wondering then if it was such a bad thing that they had come into contact with it. It was dangerous, of course, but was giving him a lot of clues to his past. If they survived this, Carson believed that it was very much likely he would have the book to thank for finding out about a side of him he didn’t know exist. He thought then about talking to Trudy about this later. He figured it would be safest for them to stick around with her at least for the night.

“Sounds like a dark spirit that was more than likely sent by someone who think you’re getting in the way of Demetrius.”
‘Well for course we are. Why would anyone want this man to come back? Will this creature come back for us?”
“It is more than likely searching for us as we speak, but there’s no way it can get in here. My apartment is protected.” Trudy turned to Emma then. “You should drink the tea; trust me it will help, and we should all get some rest. There’s a guest room,” she said. Carson met Trudy’s eyes.
“I’m fine on the couch, you can take it Emma.” He suggested. “You should probably call your mother too, I’m sure she’s worried. We can talk more in the morning.” He figured that if she had talked to her aunt like she said she did, maybe she had some useful information. For now, though, it seemed no good to try to get too much into this while they were all clearly exhausted.
  carson / kshahidx / 42d 10h 16m 51s
Emma had no words. Her neck was in so much pain and every time she tried to speak, her throat would tense up and it would hurt her. So she decided to do what was best. Stay silent. Its not like Carson was very fond of her. This new Trudy chick seemed to know him fairly well. They talked for a while and Emma stayed silent as they entered the apartment. It was nice. Small and all home comforting. Emma would love to live by herself. But her mother would laugh and tell her she wouldn't be out of there until at least twenty. Emma would beg to differ.

The thought of eating made Emmas' stomach turn. Not after what she just witnessed. Her stomach was in knots and her body was so tense from being thrown around like a rag doll. Her eyes met Trudys' when she walked over, shaking her head. [+Red "It didn't really say anything..it just k-kept howling. And it didn't r-really look like a person. More like a shadow but it had some sort of figure. If that makes a-any sense?"] Her voice was very weak and it would crack at times. Pretty embarrassing but they should understand she was just choked nearly to death. [+Red "The book..when the figure appeared it told me to run.."] She said finally, looking down at the book. [+Red "It flipped open to the page and the w-words bled through. Those three words that warned me to get out of the c-car. I don't wanna know what would happen if I h-hadn't gotten out of the car.."] She said finally, grabbing onto her throat and closing her eyes. She begged for the pain to stop but her throat was incredibly swollen and it hurt to talk. But she had to tell them what she saw. Fight past the pain.
  Emma / sadlolita / 42d 12h 10m 57s
“Well that’s [I so] useful.” Carson muttered under his breath, earning a disapproving look from Trudy. He realized his sarcastic tone was not going to help the situation or make Emma feel better. He was just unhappy that they were pushed into this point of danger that he just couldn’t get away from. There was so much going on and so much he was figuring out. He wished he could talk to his mother and get more understanding. How was it a stranger knew more about him and his father than he knew about himself? Carson knew there was no possible way for them to run away from these problems. As much as he wanted to distance himself from the. book as well as Emma, they were tied to it and it was up to them to make sure that it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

They finally pulled up to the ‘art lane’ which was basically a part of the city where you found a lot of artists: musicians, actors, models, etc. Most of the time they shared lofts in order to afford rent, though he figured that wasn’t a problem for Trudy. After parking on the street, they all had gotten out and walked into the brownstone building, taking the stairs considering the elevator was broken.
“Oh no magic?’ Carson teased to which Trudy rolled her eyes at his comment. Emma was slowly trailing between them, clinging to herself as though trying to protect her from an invisible harm.

They’d finally reached the inside of Trudy’s apartment which had something of a boho feel. She drew the curtains closed
“I have a protective spell on my home, no one or thing should be able to come in here.” The book had been left on the table then, so far, no disturbance, but Emma still dint look like she was in any good condition.
‘So, what’s the plan?” Trudy asked then. She was starting to make herself a pizza which Carson as glad for because he was starving.
“You mean you’re going to help us?” Carson asked in shock. Trudy snorted.
“As though you guys could do this yourself. You look confused and she looks . . . like she needs a blood transfusion.”
“Hardee har, very funny.” Carson jested back.
“We need to read to find who else Demetrius is calling to. That beast that attacked Emma was by no coincidence.” After popping the pizza in the over, Trudy walked over toward her sitting area; black velvet couches that had been passed down generation after generation. “Emma, what happened din the forest? What did you see or smell? Did [I it] say anything?”
  carson / kshahidx / 44d 15h 7m 7s
Emma was quiet the whole walk back, her throat killing her without her even talking. So she didn't want to talk a lot. Once in the car, she looked out the window as Carson drove. She felt goosebumps forming as she got chills up her spine and hugged herself. Then Carson asked what happened. Did she want to talk about it? No. But Carson needed to know. [+Red "S-Shadow figure..chased me and almost g-got the book..."] She whispered, wincing after and grabbing at her throat. That fucking thing was strong as hell. At least Emma was stronger to get away. Before she knew it, she leaned her head back and tried to relax, her mind everywhere. Carson and Trudy found her. She was safe. For now. Her eyes looked at Trudy when she mentioned her place, nodding.

She tugged her knees up to her chest, staying quiet for the whole ride and leaning her head against the window. She was drained. Each tree passed by slowly, her eyes going from the sky down to the road itself. At Trudys', Emma still decided to stay quiet, sitting on Trudys' couch and nursing some tea that Trudy said would help with the swelling. So here she was. With a vampire and a witch to talk about the book on her lap.
  Emma / sadlolita / 45d 8h 37m 45s
She was alive, she looked weak, but it seemed that she was [I okay] for the most part.
“My name is Trudy, I’m a witch.” She said. Carson figured with everything that happened today, this wouldn’t be shocking to Emma. He looked around, feeling as though they were being watched and it was making him uneasy.
“We should save the introductions for when we are out of here.” He suggested. He watched as Trudy took Emma’s arm gently, in case she didn’t feel well enough to walk. It was a bit work, but they had finally exited the woods and Carson led them to his car. He figured they could get Emma’s jeep in the morning unless she had GPS attached and it would be picked up by road assistance. All he wanted to worry about was getting the hell out of here. Once everyone was settled in the car, he started it, glad that he didn’t suffer from the bad luck of it breaking down. He was careful as he pulled back onto the road, though there wasn’t much need for caution as they were the only ones on the road. He hadn’t realized how much time had passed.

“So, what happened out there?’ Carson asked Emma. They’d gotten there too late, but it was clear that she was traumatized from whatever had attacked her. She didn’t seem to have any bad marks, though he could notice the slight red marks around her neck. Carson couldn’t help but shiver from fear. He wasn’t sure if it were safe for wither of them to be apart, especially Emma as which or not she was still susceptible to danger considering she didn’t even know how to use her powers. Carson could at least depend on his speed and strength.

“We can go to my place,” Trudy had suggested as though reading his mind. “We can rest up and get things cleared up.
  carson / kshahidx / 45d 23h 6m 1s
Emma let out a shaky sigh, looking around to make sure the figure was gone. She grasped at her throat and when she tried to talk, it sounded very strained and weak. Great. Now what? How was she going to explain this? Her eyes finally looked down at the book and she gripped onto i, standing up stubbornly until she heard Carson. [+Red "Carson?"] her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes looked back at Trudy then her eyes found Carson. Oh God. She needed to sleep. She slowly walked over, holding her hands out to indicate it was okay before making her way over. Then her hands went to her throat and opened her mouth to speak but everything she said was so quiet. [+Red "You found me..how?"] She asked, her body shaking as her eyes looked at Trudy.

[+Red "W-Who is thi-"] A coughing fit interrupted her, making her wince and she felt tears stinging her eyes. Damn that creature. She was pissed that the thing did this to her. She didn't know what else to do but scream.
  Emma / sadlolita / 46d 14h 8m 4s
Trudy had stopped running then, the sound of an ear-piercing scream being heard before finally there was silence. Carson had come to her side then, looking around in the darkness.
“What’s going on?” He asked, shushed then by Trudy.
‘She’s safe,” she said. Carson was glad to hear that, sighing out with relief. He was worried then to find that them being apart didn’t sound like a good idea. It didn’t seem safe at all, though he couldn’t eb with her twenty-four seven and her mother certainly didn’t like the idea of him hanging around her. Carson wasn’t even sure if she was still planning to go back home. “This way, follow me.” Trudy said. Carson realized then that was kind of picking up on Emma’s scent. Though, it seemed much stronger now and it had nothing to do with her blood. He thought about what Trudy said in the car; was he able to locate Emma because of the magic in their blood?

They’d finally reached a clearing, where a crumpled figure was near the log. “Emma?” Carson called out, not sure if this were possibly some kind of trick. There was a putrid smell in the air and eh could tell someone or [I something] had been around but was gone now. Whatever had given chase was certainly dangerous. This worried Carson as he thought that this meant someone was not going to stop until they got their hands on the book. This had to be someone that was loyal to Demetrius ad unlike Carson and Emma, had every intention of setting the man free.

Together, the two of them walked slowly toward the figure which hadn’t made a sound as of yet. “Emma is that you?” Carson asked again. Though, he figured if it had been someone dangerous, they would have come after them already. He just hoped that she wasn’t harmed.
  carson / kshahidx / 46d 18h 39m 25s
Emma was flipping out right now. What was that thing chasing her? She was currently hiding behind a huge log. The log looked like it was very old and it seemed to be pretty huge. Whoever cut it down must've had a reason. She waited quietly, hugging the book close to her chest and hearing out for anything. Anything possible. A stick snapped in the distance, her eyes closing as she covered her mouth. She was so scared. And the thing seemed to know where she was. But what she wasn't expecting was that thing to grab her by her hair and throw her like a rag doll. It did. She let out a small scream, holding the book to her chest still as she scrambled to her feet.

The thing let out a howl again, making her let out a shaky breath and try to run but her ankle was now sprained. Fucking fantastic. She watched as the shadow limped toward her, whining out when it grabbed her by her neck and she let out a hiss, lifting the book from her hands and smacking it in the head. Of course it did nothing. But it soon growled, leaning in close to her face and she let out an uncomfortable sound. [+Red "Go away! What do you want!"] She screamed, the ground beginning to rumble as she did so. The shadow immediately covered its ears when she screamed, letting her fall to the ground as he ran away. What was that all about? The ground quit rumbling and now it was like nothing happened. But small bruises appeared around her neck as she slowly stood, panting.
  Emma / sadlolita / 47d 12h 53m 31s
“So, what is this about my father?” Carson asked as he got on the highway, leading away from the city and more toward the mountains. He wasn’t surprised this was an area that Emma’s aunt lived in. A lot of witches and wolves tended to live closer to the woods and away from society – at least the more traditional of the species did Carson was partially beating himself up for letting her go by herself, but honestly hadn’t suspected anything bad could happen to her. He was wrong to assume the worse, but that’s all it was right now: an assumption. Carson looked over to Trudy who was gazing out the window. She seemed kind of in and out of consciousness, as though having a mental GPS which she occasionally gave directions from.

“I’m not surprised you don’t know about him; he isn’t exactly someone to be revered.” Carson frowned at that. Already people weren’t a fa of him or his mother because of his relationship to the human world, but now he had to find out there would be another reason as for someone to dislike him. “Haven’t you ever felt certain things Carson? Like when you’re really angry you feel like you could light. a room on fire, or when you’re happy your body seems to shake with energy coursing through?” He thought about this. There had been times when he felt this way and especially so when he was younger, ostracized from the other children because of what he was.

“Well yeah, but I mean anyone can feel that way, like being buzzed or drugs or alcohol.”

“That’s different, this is more than a buzz and you know it.” She was looking to him then, he could feel her gaze and as though not worried, he found himself staring back into her eyes, watching as the green was overtook with black. I was so shiny, it felt like staring at his reflection through a black marble. In her reflection he saw his mother and Marcus, together. What surprised him most though was Marcus producing a flame in the palm of his hand, it slowly disappearing to then be replaced with a rose. He soon saw a symbol, tattooed on his father’s neck, a mark he had recognized from the spine of the book from the library.

The news was enough to make Carson snap out of attention and bring the car to a jolting halt. He was breathing hard then, trying to wrap his head around the news. “My father’s a witch?”
“Was a witch,” Trudy said, her too trying to calm down from the sudden stop. It was a good thing they were on the road by themselves.
“That’s impossible!”
“As are many things. Look, you and your mother weren’t put out because of her getting involved with a human. Sure, that’d taboo, but only the snooty think about that as something important. Your father was incredibly devoted to Demetrius – so much so he was killed trying to allow him freedom into the human world. And that’s why Demetrius is calling to you.” Carson leaned back in the seat, his head throbbing then. He didn’t have, much time to even begin to process the information before Trudy gripped his arm tight. In the distance there was the sound of a scream.
“She’s not safe.” Trudy soon opened the door of the car and hopped out, Carson struggling to follow after her as she ran straight into the woods.
  carson / kshahidx / 47d 17h 12m 39s
Just when the night couldn't get any worse, it got hell of a lot worse than what Emma was expecting. Right after she tried to call Carson, her service suddenly got cut off. Did she not pay the bill last month or was she now about toe experience something horrific. She looked all around her, making sure nothing was in view. Hopefully nothing would decide to show itself and chew up Emma like a fucking chew toy! What was she supposed to do? She knew why the book called out to them and why Demetrius was deciding to pick on Emma. Her grandmother had some sort of association with this freak. Her aunt knew about the book because Emmas' Grandmother warned not to let anyone in their bloodline get ahold of this book. This is what her Grandmother was afraid of. And now Emma seemed like a horrible Granddaughter running around with a vampire who she is slowly starting to somewhat worry about? How did this make any sense?

As she was thinking about everything that was happening, she jumped when she heard a loud thunk in the back of the car. Where. The. Book. Was. She slowly looked back at it and it just seemed like a book sitting there. Her mind was screaming at her to get out of the car but it seemed the book had other plans. It stayed still, it bursting open and flipping through pages after pages. Her eyes widened and she quickly moved to grab it and shut the damn thing. As soon as she did, a loud ringing noise filled her ears, making her scream.

[+Red "What the hell do you want from me? I have nothing you want!"] She yelled, covering her ears and slowly beginning to panic. The book forced itself open again and a blank page was revealed in front of her. The letters slowly appeared before her and she opened her eyes when the ringing suddenly stopped.


When she looked over, the black figure was there. Standing outside of the car on the passengers side. The one she swore she ran over? Yeah, it's fucking alive! She let out a small yelp and quickly grabbed the book, forcing it shut and getting out of the car. She ran straight for the woods, the figure limping its way after her and letting out a loud howl.
  Emma / sadlolita / 48d 12h 15m 32s

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