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Kyou slowly pushed his blanket away from his face and looked at Yuki with soft eyes, shrugging. [+Red "I don't think so. Hopefully not but my stomach isn't feeling the greatest..] He explained, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Why was he feeling this way? The cat was always hungry. Something was off. Very off.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 38d 13h 38m 52s
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Quietly he pushed his door open, setting the items down on his desk and letting out a sigh afterwards. Some of his family was certainly becoming a pain in the ass. He wasn't ready to be anywhere near Akito for the time being which meant that even if his wound had become severely infected, he wouldn't go. He'd rather lose intestines.

He set the notebook into his school bag to be used later then put the box of gauze on his bedside table. The stitches would need cleaned and patched up again after his bath so it didn't make sense to take them too far. Once he finished, he quietly left his room and went down the hall to Kyou's.

[+purple "You didn't eat dinner,"] he observed quietly, shutting the door softly behind him. [+purple "You're not getting sick, are you?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 38d 13h 57m 22s
Kyou was a mess in his room, his stomach in knots for whatever reason. But today his body hated him. He shut off his lights and closed the curtains, letting it get very dark in his room and humming. He plopped back into his bed, curling up. God why was his stomach killing him? And why did he not want dinner. He was starving.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 12h 10m 31s
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Yuki picked up his bowl, glancing at the doorway as when he saw Kyou leave through it. Was he still that upset with the dog that he didn't even want to deal with him? It wouldn't be abnormal, he had seen it before. Quietly Yuki sat at the table, doing his best to ignore the adult's incessant prattling as he ate his dinner. It was amazing in every way, even if it was just ramen. How he could make something taste so good with such simple ingredients was beyond the rat.

His plan to ignore Shigure was working until he mentioned a few words that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, violet eyes immediately looking over.

[+purple "I'm not going to the main house, even if it is for a checkup. If Hatori's that set on it, then he can come here."]

Shigure sighed, eating a few noodles before looking at his charge. [+blue "He said he's rather busy with work and can't spare the time. He wants to look at your injury again."]

Yuki finished the last of his ramen, setting the chopsticks down on top of the bowl before getting up and taking them both to the sink. [+purple "That's not my concern. Either he does it here or he doesn't do it at all."] He didn't wait for the dog's answer, grabbing the items he picked up at the store and taking them up to his room.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 12h 13m 39s
Kyou finally plated Yuki and Shigures' bowl, putting them on the table as he ate at the strawberry. [+Red "Dinners ready, dog!"] He yelled, aggravated that he had to yell for the dog to come out. He didn't want to make a bowl. His stomach had hurt when he woke up and now he wasn't hungry at all. He disappeared into his room and groaned when he got a small cramp, getting into bed and curling up.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 12h 20m 39s
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It needed sugar? The rat didn't think so, they were perfect! If Kyou wasn't in the process of making dinner he would probably eat the entire box. He watched quietly as Kyou began to strain the noodles which meant dinner would probably be finished soon. Good, he was hungry. He could feel his stomach rumbling a bit, complaining about being neglected, and let out a quiet sigh.

He looked back at the doorway, listening to Shigure's movements, before turning back to Kyou and holding up the strawberry. Once he ate it, Yuki went back to the sink and ate the last one before putting them away in the fridge.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 12h 26m 16s
Kyou just finished his tuna, chucking the empty can into the recycle bin and looking down when Yuki handed out two strawberries to him. The cat tilted his head and he slowly took one, taking a small nibble and humming. His nose scrunched up when it was a little sour, humming. [+Red "Need sugar.."] He said, biting it again and tasting a little sweetness. Just a little. [+Red "I dunno how I feel about that.."] He explained, eating the rest of that strawberry and looking down at the next one. He noticed the noodles were done, wiggling his eyebrows as he stood.

[+Red "Feed me the last one?"] he asked softly, straining the noodles and giving Yuki a curious look.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 12h 35m 1s
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Yuki wasn't sure how to respond to that statement as it wasn't one he remembered hearing before. No one before the cat had promised him anything like that, it certainly wasn't something Akito would have said to him and Shigure couldn't even take care of himself. It made him feel wanted, loved even.

He unpacked the strawberries as Kyou busied himself making dinner. Shigure was in his office downstairs, the rat able to hear the quiet hum of the radio. Yuki carefully cleaned a package of the berries, making sure they were perfect, before taking a handful and cutting the green tops from them. Once he was satisfied he popped one in his mouth and let out a content sigh.

In that moment, Yuki was happy.

Once he finished eating it he picked up two more, going over to Kyou and holding it out.

[+purple "Try it."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 12h 40m 41s
[+Red "No problem. Anything you want I'll try and provide.."] he explained, walking next to Yuki. Once home, he started on dinner, putting on his apron and getting to work. He began to cut the pork belly and cook it as well as start the broth. He did his magic in the kitchen, now sitting on the counter and waiting for the noodles to cook as he ate some tuna.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 12h 55m 47s
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A light smile touched his lips as Kyou agreed, taking his hand and leading him over. He was a bit surprised to hear that the cat hadn't had one before, especially since he brought them in every year. When it was strawberry season they could always be found around the house and in almost everything Yuki ate. He looked through the packages, glancing back at Kyou as he did so.

[+purple "They're good...sweet. They've been my favorite for as long as I can remember,"] he told him, carefully choosing the boxes he wanted that had the best ones. [+purple "I can't get enough."]

He picked up three boxes, holding them carefully. They certainly weren't going to go bad, not in Shigure's house. If the other two didn't eat them, Yuki could have them all finished by the end of the week. He carried them to the check out, setting them down on the counter and watched quietly as the cat unloaded his basket and paid for their groceries. Once it was all bagged, he grabbed a couple and headed out with him back into the bustling sidewalk.

[+purple "Thank you..."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 13h 4m 2s
Kyou paused when Yuki stopped, looking back at him then at the strawberries. He chuckled softly, nodding. [+Red "Of course. Go grab a few bags and go get some. As many as you want and I'll buy, okay?"] He assured, taking Yukis' hand and leading him over with soft eyes. [+Red "They do look delicious..and you may laugh but I've never had a strawberry. Too scared to try one from your garden and not like it. I didn't want to hurt your feelings so I've been laying off of eating one.."]
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 13h 16m 17s
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A glance at Kyou was taken as he moved to up the rat and took the items from him. He seemed happy to be spending time with Yuki, something he was still getting used to seeing. He wasn't complaining, he quite liked having him in a good mood. Yuki thought carefully about anything else he may possibly need, biting his lip in thought. He was pretty well stocked up on school supplies, the notebook being the only thing he needed at the moment. For food he relied on whatever was around the house or what he could grow in the garden. He shook his head after a moment, giving Kyou a small smile.

[+purple "I can't think of anything else. Let's check out and head home."]

He began to make his way to the front of the store, passing through the produce on the way. Something red caught his eye and caused him to stop. purple eyes widening a bit as they fell on a display of strawberries. They had always been Yuki's favorite, the male able to eat an entire basket in one sitting, and they had just come into season. He was hoping some of his own would have appeared in the garden but, sadly, they weren't ripe yet.

[+purple "Can we....get a box?"] he asked Kyou quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 13h 21m 28s
Kyou smiled when Yuki asked what he was making, humming. [+Red "Ramen tonight..hope you don't mind.."] he said, walking into the store and grabbing a basket. He walked to the food section and grabbed noodles, seaweed and carrots. He walked to the cold section and grabbed eggs as well as some soda and chips for the cat himself. He ate a lot of junk food. The cat lived off of it when he wouldn't cook that night. So he was now restocking before walking to Yuki.

[+red "Ready?"] He asked, taking the gauze and notebook from him and putting it in the basket. [+Red "Grab anything you want..I'm buying anyways, take advantage.."]
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 13h 29m 5s
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Yuki gave a light shrug, moving up beside Kyou. [+purple "I don't have anything else planned for today,"] he informed him, shoving his hands into his pockets. [+purple "And you should have known he would ditch you, he has an excuse for almost everything."] It was pretty convenient that the cat was headed to the store as he needed a few things for himself. Not much of it was food related as he could barely boil water, he could only imagine what kind of disaster he would make in the kitchen. It was best to let Kyou do it.

[+purple "What are you going to make for dinner tonight?"] he asked, squinting at the bright sun as they finally broke from the woods and slowly into civilization. The town was bustling with people as many of them enjoyed their day off with friends or did their errands for the week. Yuki remained with Kyou as they reached the store, watching as the teen grabbed a basket to begin their shopping experience. Yuki broke away from him after that, going to grab a box of gauze pads and an extra notebook for school.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 39d 13h 35m 19s
Kyou looked back at Yuki and his eyes softened, smiling. [+Red "Yeah..the dog wants me to go to the store and he told me him and I were going and then he ditches last minute. Fucking lazy bastard. You don't have to come along though..but I would enjoy the company.."] He said softly, looking forward and rubbing his eyes. He was exhausted. The dog really made him mad with this last errand but this should be okay. If Yuki chose to still come. Kyou would run to the moon and back if Yuki wanted him to. That's just what you would do for love.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 39d 14h 53s

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