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Kyou hummed and hugged Yuki back, closing his eyes. They opened when Yuki talked, huffing and pulling back. [+Red "Still feel like shit..I don't like it.."] He mumbled sadly, rubbing his eyes before leading him up to the house. [+Red "I have to start dinner soon..the dog won't so I have to at some point.."] He grumbled, sneezing into his arm.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 18d 12h 52m 15s
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Yuki smiled a bit at the kind gesture, watching as Kyou slowly stood and made his way over to him. He was a bit taller than the rat was, but he didn't mind it, as it made it easier to get lost into his arms. He wasn't sure if he would admit it out loud but he enjoyed being held by Kyou and found warmth and security in it.

He leaned over a bit stiffly due to his side and hugged the cat, resting his head against his shoulder and his neck. [+purple "Perhaps I'll watch tonight, you don't want me to help because I'll probably catch the kitchen on fire. How are you feeling?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 18d 12h 54m 17s
Kyou looked back when Yuki spoke, smiling at him and motioning to the basket of strawberries. [+Red "Picking out strawberries for you to eat..what else does it look like? And I might try some myself.."] he said, looking through more strawberries and smiling. He wanted to help Yuki out. Maybe teach him how to cook tonight. [+Red "Want to help me cook tonight? I'm making mochi for dessert and ramen for dinner.."] he said, walking to Yuki.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 18d 14h 12m 21s
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Yuki quietly moved through the house, looking for the cat in all his usual places. He was nowhere to be found, forcing Yuki to think a bit outside of the box. Where could the cat possibly be? After a few minutes of thought he headed outside and checked Kyou's typical spots around the property. Nothing.

He moved through the tree line and down a familiar path, hoping to catch the cat in the woods. If he wasn't there, he figured he would have to give up and try his cell phone. He was about to turn around when he saw the bright orange hair of Kyou in his garden, moving slowly through it.

The rat approached him quietly, standing on the outline of the dirt plot and watched the male as he seemed to be sorting through the strawberries. [+purple "What are you doing out here?"] he asked quietly.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 18d 14h 40m 28s
Kyou was super bored the ENTIRE time Yuki was gone. The cat lounged around in the rats room before walking back to his room. Then he migrated to the kitchen where he ate seven cans of Tuna and completely left the cans on the counter because he wanted the stupid dog to suffer from the fish smell. Then he migrated outside. He was currently in Yukis' garden, looking through the good strawberries and picking them for Yuki. They did look good but the cat was picky about his food. He always was.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 19d 1h 21m 37s
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Yuki rolled his eyes a bit at the cat's comment and question, giving him a faint smile before leaning in and giving him a light kiss. The cat seemed somewhat satisfied with that, Yuki grabbing his bag and heading off to school.

The day was slow, school going by as usual. The rat returned a bit later than he promised he would, ignoring the dog as he removed his shoes and slowly headed up the stairs to his room. Once in, he quietly shut the door and headed over to his closet in order to change into more comfortable clothes. He wondered how Kyou had fared throughout the day, planning on checking him once he was finished.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 24d 12h 49m 30s
[+Red "Yeah yeah..stupid dog..blah blah.."] He mumbled, frowning down at the covers and curled up more, shivering. [+Red "Goodbye kiss?"] He asked softly, peeking up at Yuki from the covers and making kissy faces.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 27d 12h 24m 29s
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Yuki chose to skip a shower, preferring to get cleaned up at night, and slowly pulled himself out of bed. He disliked getting up early, a fact that was known throughout the zodiac, and was typically grumpy until he fully awoke. He quietly pulled his uniform pants on, looking down at his side as he did so, and frowned lightly. The area around the stitches was red and ached even when he didn't touch them. A nimble hand lightly prodded the red area, noticing it was warm, and ached as well. Great. He could be dealing with an infection. He made a mental note to clean it out thoroughly when he returned home, pulling off his pajama top and setting it down on the bed.

It was at this time that Kyou entered, curling back up in his bed. Yuki gave him a faint smile, picking up his uniform shirt and slipping it on over his shoulders.

[+purple "Just sleep for the day, I'm sure you'll feel better,"] he told him quietly, buttoning it up before pulling on the tie. [+purple "I have to get going now; make sure you go back to your room before Shigure comes back upstairs or he'll be asking a lot of questions."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 27d 12h 47m 27s
Kyou was out of the shower now, covering his body with the towel and shivering. He changed quickly and walked back out into Yukis' room, giving him sad eyes. [+Red "I hurt..everywhere.."] He mumbled, crawling back onto the bed and curling up.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 29d 14h 11m 49s
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Yuki had fallen asleep while resting against Kyou, his head against the male's shoulder and his frame against Kyou's chest. He was comfortable there, finding peace and warmth in the cat's arms. It was a feeling he hadn't felt before and he liked it, wanting to get as much of it as he could. He stayed asleep as Kyou moved out of the bed, Yuki curling up a little when he felt his pillow/blanket move. Slowly he pulled one of his own pillows into his arms, holding into it and remaining asleep until morning.

He slowly awoke when his alarm went off, groaning softly as he sat up and rubbed lightly at his side. It still hurt with certain movements, like sitting up, and the pain caused him to close his eyes for a minute. Once it finally dissipated, he let out a slow sigh and opened his eyes again. Time to get ready for school.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 29d 14h 42m 51s
Kyou had closed his eyes as well, smiling softly as he slowly got very sleepy suddenly. He slowly fell asleep in that position, his arms loosening a little as a small snore came from the cat. His purring slowly ceased but his snores were now replaced. But in the middle of the night, he felt very hot. So he snuck out of yukis bed and went to the bathroom, sweating at how hot he was. [+Red "Oh God..Why?"] He whispered, turning on the shower and putting it on cold.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 30d 13h 59m 50s
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Yuki rested against him a bit more, letting the strong arms encase him. He liked it there and wished he could stay there forever. Unfortunately his bed time was closing in and he would have to get some sleep soon.

[+purple "You had better be,"] he murmured quietly, letting his eyes close as he rested his head against Kyou's shoulder. [+purple "I'm not living here with Shigure alone again."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 31d 12h 12m 16s
Kyou hugged Yuki close and hid his face in Yukis neck softly, whimpering. [+Red "I don't want to..I guess I'll stay home..but I don't guarantee I'll be alive. My life support is leaving me for school.."] Kyou joked, kissing his neck softly and pulling back to look up at him with gentle eyes. [+Red "Kidding..I'll be here.."] He whispered.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 31d 12h 18m 22s
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Yuki returned his hug, adjusting himself in Kyou's lap afterwards to keep pressure off of his side. It ached most of the time but, when he moved wrong or put too much strain on it, the pain was almost crippling. Still, he wouldn't allow anyone else to see it and fought to keep it inside.

[+purple "I told you that I can't,"] he repeated quietly, leaning into Kyou's chest a little. He was warm, comforting. There was just something about being held against that broad chest that made him [+purple "If you really want to spend the day with me, then come to school."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 31d 12h 24m 36s
[+Red "But I'm sick..and the sick need to be healed. You are my healer, babaaaaayyyy! So stay with me.."] Kyou said, sitting up and hugging onto Yuki. He pulled the other man into his lap and pouted. [+Red "You're my healer..I swear...I'll be better in no time if you stay home with me.."]
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 31d 12h 37m 11s

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