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Kyou looked up when Yuki said that, shaking his head and biting his lip harshly. [+Red "No..I'm stop.."] He said, becoming quiet and staring down at the blanket. He picked at it, rubbing his eyes tiredly and looking up at Yukis stitches. [+Red "I don't want you getting hurt.."] He whispered, laying down now and curling up under the covers.
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Yuki swallowed hard again, letting his gaze drop to the floor. He always knew that some zodiac were cursed far more than others but, aside from Kyou, he felt he was the worst. Others may have seen his high rank in the family as a blessing but he didn't. Being Akito's favorite and having to listen to every order that was given him wasn't a blessing. Being mentally and physically abused wasn't a blessing. What did help him a bit was the hope that he was making the lives of the other zodiac at least a bit better by taking most of Akito's focus.

[+purple "It's my the God's favorite to protect the others,"] he responded quietly, his hand lightly rubbing at the sore stitches again. [+purple "If something happens to Akito...we may never break this curse. Promise me won't attack him in that form...please..."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 7h 18m 57s
[+Red "No..let him hurt d-don't deserve this.."] Kyou said, tears filling his eyes as he watched Yuki with sad eyes. He let out a small sob, gripping onto his hand and sniffling. He became shy and let go of his hand, backing away and sighing as he hugged onto his pillow. He hid his face in it, hiccuping and clenching his fists. [+Red "I want you to take me with you everytime..I can't stand by and watch this unfold..I'll teach him a lesson..with you know.."] He murmured, playing with his bracelet and biting his lip.

He would use that side of himself for Yuki if he had to. And he would. As soon as he saw Akito, he would release it.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 7h 28m 7s
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Yuki's grip tightened a little, keeping his eyes averted from Kyou. It was hard to talk about Akito and what really happened when they were alone but with Kyou, it was so much harder. He never wanted the cat to know how weak he really was, at least at the main house, and how much abuse he really took. He was supposed to be the strong one, the one the rest of the zodiac looked up to. How much would this change the way that Kyou saw him?

[+purple "I...I have to do what he tells know that,"] he told him quietly, his voice beginning to tremble a bit. Yuki closed his eyes, swallowing a forming lump in his throat while keeping his grip on Kyou's hand. [+purple "But I...I don't want him to hurt you."]
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[+Red "That fucking bastard..I'm going to beat his ass.."] He hissed, his eyes slightly softening when Yuki laced their fingers together. That was the first gesture he made besides the kiss. But Yuki looked afraid. And that made Kyou even more pissed. [+Red "I'm so sorry..please take me with you when you go back?"] He asked, leaning in and kissing Yukis cheek. [+Red "Please? I-I don't want him hurting you.."]

He was practically begging. And it looked lame coming from Yuki. His eyes searched Yukis, blushing. [+Red "Please..? God..I can't let you go back.."]
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He didn't have to look at Kyou to know how he felt, he could hear the mix of anger and concern in his voice. If this small line of stitches caused so much anger then he'd hate to see how the cat would react to some of the more concerning injuries he'd had. His hand moved from his shirt to lightly take Kyou's hand, lacing their fingers and holding onto him more tightly than he normally would. It was clear that it hurt the rat to think about it, let alone speak of it, and even frightened him a little.

[+purple "Akito did it the other day,"] he told him, the volume of his voice dropping. He dropped his gaze a bit, not able to look at Kyou as he told him. [+purple "He became angry with me...I took my eyes off of him for a minute..."]
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Kyou watched Yuki explain, looking down when he moved his shirt. His eyes immediately went wide, narrowing his eyes down at the stitches. [+Red "Who did this? And Yuki..don't fucking lie to me.."] He whispered, looking back up at him and gulping to try and control his anger. Who did this to him? And this wasn't an accident. Accident his ass.

He began to tug at Yukis shirt, wanting to see if he had anymore injuries. [+Red "What else did they do? Huh? I've been suspicious when you would go see Akito and come back limping sometimes. What the hell is happening when you go over there?!"]
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 8h 6m 0s
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Yuki closed his eyes, waiting for the painful stinging to subside, staying that way until he felt Kyou's hand just above his own. It was warm...comforting. He opened them to see the cat's concerned eyes watching him, wanting to know what was wrong. Yuki didn't want to tell him, not because he didn't trust Kyou to keep his secrets or because he wasn't deserving of it, but because it was painful to the rat's pride. Kyou and the others had their suspicions of what went on behind closed doors with Akito but now there would be undeniable proof.

[+purple "It's just sore,"] he answered quietly after a long minute of silence. His hand moved from his side to pull up the tail of his shirt and reveal a small line of five stitches. The area around the first few were red, clearly irritated, and had a small bit of heat coming from them. [+purple "I had the school nurse fix some that had broken; that was why I left in the middle of the day. It hurts when I move certain ways."]
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Kyou took the tea, smiling a little and nursing the cup of tea in his hands. He drank a small sip, handing it back to Yuki and looking down at his side when he winced. Concern filled the cats eyes and he sat up quickly, whimpering. [+Red "Yuki? What's wrong? What happened?"] He asked quickly, his eyes looking down at Yukis stomach. He tilted his head and slowly reached out, placing a hand on his side softly. [+Red "What is it? Please tell me.."] he whispered.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 8h 23m 53s
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Yuki watched quietly as Kyou dropped back onto the bed, leaning back some. This position was more comfortable than sitting up straight and caused him the least amount of discomfort. He nodded lightly at Kyou's request, handing him the tea.

[+purple "Be careful, it's still hot,"] he warned quietly, letting his hand rest back into his lap. As he did so he could feel another pull to his side which caused him to wince faintly. Lightly he rubbed at it, letting out a quiet sigh.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 8h 26m 36s
Kyou finished his food rather quickly, getting some sauce on his cheek and humming as he cleaned his dishes. He wiped his face and stretched a little before making his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He made sure his breath was minty fresh before walking into his room and seeing Yuki. Oh he loved this. He smiled softly, closing his door and slowly crawling back into his bed with a sigh. [+Red "Can I have a small sip of your tea?"] With curious eyes, he looked at Yuki, curling up into a small ball.

He didn't plan on getting back into Yukis lap. No way. No. He was going to hurt him again.
  Kyo Sohma / sadlolita / 8h 32m 52s
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Yuki shook his head faintly, moving to the cabinet and pulling down a can of instant tea. Since he ate not long ago he wasn't that hungry but some tea sounded nice. He also didn't feel like heating up a kettle for a single cup so this was the next best solution. He twisted the plastic bottom attached to the can until he heard a satisfying crack, then set it down on the counter to heat. It didn't take long, the rat able to enjoy steaming hot tea within five minutes.

He continued to keep an eye on the doorway for their guardian, quite grateful he didn't burst through it. The last thing he wanted was to deal with a needy child in an adult's body. Yuki waited until Kyou had almost finished his dinner, grabbing his tea on the way and heading back upstairs. This would give the male time to clean up his dishes while giving the rat a head start upstairs to keep suspicion from Shigure down. He entered Kyou's room, quietly closing the door behind him, and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed again.
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Kyou let out a small muffle when Yuki pressed the paper towel to his face. [+Red "Hey! Hey! Okay..damn.."] he said, taking the paper towel and wiping his nose. [+Red "I'm sorry I got a nosebleed..they are quite normal now a days.."] he teased, wiggling his eyebrows. His eyes went back to his food when the microwave beepes, taking it out and wincing. The plate was burning hot. Kyou grabbed a fork and began to dig in immediately, smiling. [+Red "Good.."] he said, shaking his butt and bending over onto the counter to rest his elbows on it.
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Just as he promised, the rat began his trek down to the first floor a few minutes later and listening for Shigure as he did so. He could hear the older male in the sitting room, his soft breathing telling the rat he was close to the door. He looked into the room briefly to confirm his thoughts before moving into the kitchen where he found Kyou. The cat was preparing his dinner, a bit of blood dripping down his chin. Yuki let out a quiet sigh at this, ripping off a paper towel and pressing it to the cat's face.

[+purple "Don't get blood on the counter,"] he told him in his normal tone, glancing at the doorway every couple of minutes. [+purple "I'm not about to clean it up. Stupid cat."]
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Kyou smiled when Yuki agreed, pulling him close and kissing his cheek. [+Red "My cutie..mine mine mine.."] He whispered, pulling back and winking. [+Red "Until later.."] He said, walking out and walking into the kitchen. No sign of shigure but he knew that if anyone else talked to him besides Yuki, he would probably snap. He's had a bad day but Yuki was the only one making it better. The kissing and what they might do later on. Oh help him. He got a small nosebleed, not noticing it as he put his food in the microwave.
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