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She looked in the doors again. "Dude. Wait. Wasn't one eye the symbol on the bombs"?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 23h 41m 15s
"Um, maybe Im crazy or if its you" Karter said looking at her.
  Character / Character / 1d 10h 30m 21s
(Ok.) “You know, I’m a cyclops? When did you think to tell me that”?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 1d 10h 32m 6s
(No) "um, what" Karter looked at her slightly confused.
  Character / Character / 1d 10h 33m 51s
“When were you going to tell me I had one eye? Or white hair? I mean, do humans just look like this from where you are”?

  Deleteddonotcontact / 1d 10h 36m 3s
Karter ran over in a panic as he caught up to her. "Whats wrong?" He asked.
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 42m 25s
She finally reached the building. She looked at the reflective doors, and almost screamed. When was he going to tell her this?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 1d 12h 43m 11s
Karter sighed as he sat down on the ground and watched her.
  Character / Character / 1d 14h 8m 19s
She shrugged and kept hearing for the building. She frankly didn't care.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 6d 10h 4m 23s
"HELL NO" Karter shouted sitting on his rat which was the size of a horse.
  Character / Character / 6d 10h 53m 0s
"No I'm not. I know what that place is, and I get the feeling that it's more dangerous in there then this. So, coming or not"?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 6d 11h 49s
"You're gonna get injured doing that" Karter called out.
  Character / Character / 6d 11h 6m 15s
She nodded, and continued jumping towards the building.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 9d 15h 5m 56s
"Nope, I can't tell who that is at all" Karter shook his head no.
  Character / Character / 9d 17h 34m 54s
"Uh, the dead mutated human that just attacked you. Do you remember them"?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 9d 17h 49m 54s

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