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[center [font "Candara" [i [b [size20 "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."]]]]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/93/89/d5/9389d5068869b7f76cb3f924717c94c4.jpg]]

[center [font "Candara" Set 5 years after the Dark War , it seemed all the realms and all the worlds found a moment of peace. The Clave Council appointed Alexander Lightwood-Bane as Inquisitor and Ezekiel Herondale appointed Consul. Together they've achieved great success in providing more hybrids more freedoms, only strengthening relations and the Accords themselves.

The only species specifically excluded and oppressed from the rest o the Shadow World were the Seelies, and they made it their mission to let the public know of their misfortunes. Once made public that their Queen had sided with the demonic Angel Jonathan during the apocalyptic Dark War, they were stripped of many basic rights. Due to the mysterious disappearance of the Seelie Queen; the realm turned dark and black; vines and flowers withering gray over time.

Without the stability of a ruler posed the risk of dimensional merge and shift. The Clave knew it was only a matter of time until it either dissipated into oblivion or rose out of ruin.

Thankfully in due time, the greenery re-birthed and bloomed under the reign of a new King: Meliorn. He helped win the Dark War alongside the Nephilim. Because of this alliance , Meliron assumed all would be forgiven. He thought this new Clave would wave the restrictions on how the Seelie Court would run and their rights revoked, overturned. The Council, composed of the older generation of Shadowhunters, did not see it that way.

Seelies are tricksters; they believe wholeheartedly in self-preservation. They possess equal angel blood and demon blood. With a flip of a coin, they could become the enemy. What would stop them from helping create another Apocalypse if a radical Nephilim intended to raise the Devil himself? Not knowing the answer to that question was solely the reason they kept the Cold Peace laws in affect until further notice.

After many failed attempts to create a new peace treaty, King Meliorn and the rest of the Seelie race vanished. Along with them, a plethora of disappearing Mundanes. Almost immediately Nephilim with Seelie blood and/or parentage were activated and put through severe undercover training. Once training was finished, they were sent into the public to infiltrate the new Court and inform the Clave on exactly what their plans were. King Meliorn was always a man of honor. Even though the Nephilim meant a great deal to him, he swore to his people that he would rebuild their race no matter the cost. If war was what they wanted, war is what they would get.

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/88/20/bb/8820bb8fb706f04e99eeeac1d5471518.jpg]

[font "Candara" [i [b Characters:]]

Alexander "Alec" Lightwood-Bane: Appointed Inquisitor; Clave Leader (M4)
Ezekiel Herondale: Appointed Consul; Clave Leader (NPC)
Magnus Lightwood Bane: High Warlock of Alicante (MS)
Killian Argent: High Warlock of Brooklyn (EOE)
Maia Roberts: Alpha of the NY Pack (NPC)
Simon Lewis: Leader of the NY Daylight Clan (NPC)
Meliorn: King of the Seelie Realm (NPC)
Keia (Keelie): Seelie subject (MS)
Isabelle Lightwood-Lewis: Head of the NY Institute (NPC)
Celeste Branwell: Leader at the NY Institute (M4)
Amariel Hope Everfall: Leader at the NY Institute (EOE)
Jonathan "Jace" Herondale: Leader at the NY Institute (EOE)
Aloysius: Greater Demon; King of Nivis [i ] (M4)]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/02/af/75/02af75abc51fc64ab4dbdd18c22097de.jpg]

[font "Candara" [i [b Skeleton:]]

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[font "Candara" The tense atmosphere was so thick you could take a Seraph blade to it. While Amara was a nice girl, a strong and capable Shadowhunter with an experienced background , he knew for sure this would be a successful mission if Jace simply joined him. He couldn't help but be biased. Jace was his first friend, his brother, his [i parabatai]. Sharing the field with him always made Alec calm. He assumed vise versa for Jace. They move as one; magnets. One moves and the other follow suit. When together, he didn't have to worry about if Jace was lost or lying in a ditch somewhere. The last few years were rough on their kinship. Jace losing Clary almost made Alec lose Jace too.

Izzy had given her recommendations, Amara made her sentiments known, and Celeste interjected with her own thoughts. It seemed regardless of Alec's title and feelings, Amara would be joining him. What was this new title good for if not to supersede command and follow through with his own plan?

In normal circumstances , he'd follow through like any other solider. Amara seemed like good company. First impressions were very important to Alec and if he was being honest with himself, she was alright. She reminded him of Magnus actually. There was a light about her. Just as irritatingly comedic and quirky as him, unmoving in her thoughts and actions. Before Alec could say anything else on the subject, Celeste rejected Izzy's nomination, replying that she had the Armory to attend to. He sighed and made one last attempt to sway any minds, [+red "Don't confuse my broad definition of this mission for lack of importance. Seems much more suited for a Leader from [b [i this]] Institute and myself. I commend your efforts but-"].

Izzy smiled nervously and passed judgement, quickly talking over him, [b "Not a bad idea Celeste. Big Brother, you've been hoping for some field work. Who better to do some recon for The Clave? You'll let them know personally what you've witnessed. Take Amara with you."] With a roundabout and a click of her heels she was moving down the hallways to her office, avoiding any other comments from Alec or otherwise.

He'd almost wished the siblings roles were reversed in that moment. He'd let Isabelle have the burden of dealing with The New Clave and let him have the his office back and control of the Conclave. Alec, realizing he put his foot in his mouth [i again], tired to hide his disappointment from Amara. He didn't want to offend her. That was the last thing he wanted to do with a new Shadowhunter. New York was his home and he should be welcoming. He should be happy she came all this way to stay. He should be happy to share his home with her. With all the loss that resulted after the Dark War, keeping new recruits happy and healthy was a part of his job.

Alec wasn't doing very well so far. He had his unique knack for offending people without realizing it. Alec tried his best to move away from her gaze but somehow he was frozen still, mesmerized to the point of paralysis. It was like she was looking right through him, he was unsure why. Once he'd been able to look away, he avoided her eye contact and said, [+red "Suit up and Rune up... It's gonna be a long night for us."] He walked away from her, being sure to keep his back toward her. He could still feel her eyes on him as he crossed the room.

At that moment, Alec felt a vibration from his rear pocket. He slid the screen of his phone open to a text from Magnus; this would be the first they've had any communication since he left him with a kiss in their bed. It read, [i [#62acde "Good Morning Mr. Inquisitor sir. I hope your meetings went well. Catarina and Madzie will be joining us for dinner."]] It had been a few weeks since he'd last seen the humanitarian witch and her sweet little girl. Through the years, the two families of two have gotten closer and closer. Alec had gained such a strong relationship with Mads that it almost felt like she was his own child. [i [#62acde "Alexander, I know you’re busy but I could use the support. I’m making my famous Grilled Chicken! Plus Madzie can’t stop asking for you. Will you come?"]]

Alec couldn't help but crack smile. He could almost hear Magnus saying it aloud. He typed his message out quickly. Once satisfied with his message, he pressed the send button, locked his smart phone, and slid it back into the pocket of his jeans. It read, [i [+red "Going on an important mission for the Clave. May take the whole night. Uncertain at this point but I will keep you posted and try my best to be there. Anything for you and Princess Pea."]]

The Ops center emptied quickly, each Shadowhunter finding their respective jobs and destinations for the day. Once there was only a few left, Alec made his way to a wall of private cases. He didn't want to give away where he'd secretly been stashing all his personal hunting attire and necessities. With a tap of his foot, a cabinet raised from the ground, revealing his supply.

His arrows were already hunt ready, he assumed Jace was to thank for that. Alec emptied the entire case. It was always better to be prepared. If this demon did want to pick a fight or try to infect Amara, himself or any nearby mundanes, they would need all the help they could get. He lifted the strap of his quiver over his head and on to his shoulders, setting the arrows and bow in their respective places. He felt for his hidden Seraph blade he leaves holstered around his left ankle. He holstered two extra blades on either hip and unhooked his stele from his belt.

He slowly and patiently waved his wand over each arrow one last time; an extra boost of final power. It was Alec's way of providing luck to himself and his party. He moved his stele over his right inner arm, over his right forearm, and on the lower part of his right side. His Soundless, Strength, and Stamina Runes would suit him well for his recon mission. Amara and himself needed to quiet, stay out of sight, and stay energized for the afternoon and evening to come. Once he finished collecting the remainder of his extra supplies, Alec made his way to the gates. He hoped he'd see Jace on his way. Hopefully Amara would be waiting there for him, ready to depart.]
  Alec Lightwood-Bane / M4chin4 / 5d 13h 19m 49s
Magnus woke that morning determined not to waste a single minute of daylight. Something about today made him hopeful, happy even. But every day since marrying the love of his life, Alexander Lightwood, was like that. Magnus had many loves in his immortal life and Alec meant more to him then he could put to words. Every breath he drew, every fabric of his being was in love with Alec and it just made him appreciate the life they had. Mortal lives can be over in the blink of an eye and Magnus didn’t want to miss anything. All time with him was precious. Although Magnus woke up many mornings to an empty bed he understood that Alec’s job as Inquisitor was a priority. His first mission of the morning was to dress himself and though he could do it by the snap of his fingers he and Alec agreed l to enjoy the finer things in life which meant appreciating the morning routine. The young shadow hunter had left their bed early that morning and all Magnus could remember was a comforting kiss on the forehead before slipping back into his deep slumber.

Magnus made himself a quick cocktail, nothing too strong it was 10:00 AM after all, then his usual morning chamomile. Just as he thought he’d get used to the “try not to use magic” rule it proved infuriating to appreciate the mundane way of getting ready. Needless to say he needed a bit of liquid courage just to get through it. He picked out his clothes laying them on the bed deciding what neutral color he was be going to wear that day. A faded mauve? Perhaps a subtle cerulean? As he came to a quick decision he slipped on his silk styled garments and trousers before making his way to the bathroom. He grabbed a small bag that read “man goo” on the side. He chuckled remembering when Alec bought it for him to store all the eyeliner he had. He sighed knowing full well that the transition from sleeplessness to fabulous was going to be challenging. He fiddled with his eyeliner and cursed many, many times not fathoming how anyone could do it in the morning without magic. He used more makeup wipes in the last 5 minutes than he’s used in his entire life. It was crazy how such a menial task could aggravate him to point of inflicting bodily harm on someone; anyone. Magnus was truly helpless without magic and he knew it all too well. He was determined to stay true to his word but this task was just infuriating enough to tempt him. So giving up on the mundane charade he snapped his fingers making every inch of his face perfect.

The morning consisted of salsa music and the making of a Spanish themed omelet. He sipped on his drink which he realized he became quickly bored of. He transformed his simple cocktail to a fruity delightful sangria to go along the theme of his morning. He danced around the kitchen moving his hips to the beat. This is was the only task he enjoyed doing without magic. Cooking and dancing could sooth his entire demeanor and he needed to redeem himself after the eyeliner incident. As his breakfast came to a close the next mission of this fine morning was a quick visit from Catarina and Madzie. He loved seeing that little girl more than he ever thought he would. He and Alec had never discussed the possibility of children but that was technically the next step of their relationship. He wondered how it would feel to be a father. He would love that bundle of joy and he absolutely needed them to call him “papa.” He was pulled from his wonderful imaginary family to a knock at his door. He flicked his wrist and the door swung open revealing the two warlocks.

He smiled as they came through the foyer and he knelt down, arms open, [#62ACDE “Sweet Pea!”] he said embracing her as she ran over in her knew light up sneakers. Every time he saw her there was something different. She would be taller or her face would subtlety change in some way. She was clearly growing up and part of him wanted her to stop. She would always be his little sweet pea. Not to mention she was a very powerful young warlock. He was always impressed to see what she had learned from Catarina between visits. She would come over with a new spell or bag of tricks that would impress Magnus. He laughed often thinking of how similar they were when Magnus was that age.

[#FF69B4 “Magnus! Look!”] She said letting go of his embrace and twirling around in a circle. Her white sneakers accented with pink and purple shoe laces lit up as she took each step. Magnus’ jaw dropped and he moved with her acting just as excited as her to see them. [#FF69B4 “Yeah, and I’m learning how to spell all on my own. Can I do one for you Magnus?”] Catarina gave him a look of warning and he could sense the worry on Catarina's face. Clearly the adults needed some alone time.

[#62ACDE “That’s amazing sweet pea! I would love to see your new spell, but why don’t you go play with the new dream castle I got you. It’s in the second bedroom just waiting to be played with. Go ahead and play while I talk to Ms. Catarina, okay?”] He said watching her run down the hall to the bedroom in question. [#62ACDE “Catarina, what can I do for you,”] Magnus said grabbing her hand and letting it rest in his. He pulled it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

[#C71585 “Magnus, you flirt. I’m sorry to bring this to you but I’m worried.”] She said taking a seat and looking at Magnus intently. [#C71585 “I’m here because of [i her], that ‘grandmother’ of hers is up to no good again. I thought she was trouble before but now she’s taking thing too far Magnus.”]

[i Iris.] That women caused so much grief and broke many accord rules. Madzie being the result of that and many other orphaned children. When she was finally captured Magnus returned to her estate only to find several orphaned children and a spelled pregnant Shadowhunter. He made it his personal mission to reunite each of those children with their biological families. It took weeks, months even, to find their mothers and even then with no memory of them even giving birth, many were reluctant to accept their children. Unfortunately, Magnus had to hand those orphans over to the Clave. To this day he still wonders about every unclaimed child. Alec assured him that each of them found a home, but he knew better than to trust the Clave.

[#C71585 “She’s claiming that she has parental rights to Madzie. She’s taken up her fight with the mundane courts. Is there anything you can do? Or Alec can do? I’ve fallen for that little one and I’m determined to bring her up right. [i She should be with me,”]] Catarina said getting emotional but speaking as low as she could knowing very well Madzie was spying on their conversation. Iris was many things but Magnus knew she cared for Madzie, but to take up her fight with the mundane courts was low, even for her. [#C71585 “She says she had Madzie’s birth certificate and that she is the paternal grandmother. She’s trying to revoke the adoption on the grounds that she didn’t relieve her parental rights.”]

Magnus grabbed a hold of Catarina’s hands. They were trembling with fear and his embrace seemed to calm her. [#62ACDE “Of course I agree with you. To think she would go as far as to involve the mundane. I will take it up with Alexander and I’m sure he will be able to stop her. She’s been on the run for several years from the Clave and she’s being pretty bold now revealing herself. I agree, I don’t want Madzie to be hurt by that women any more than she already has.”] Magnus was just as emotional as Catarina. Catarina sighed and as she did tears fell from her eyes. Magnus could see just how much she truly loved this little girl. [#62ACDE “Why don’t you leave her with me today? Relax, Catarina. You’ve been working doubles at the ER almost every night this week. Go home. I promise to keep her safe.”] Catarina was hesitant but nodded.

[#C71585 “Just please keep an eye on her. I don’t trust that women and she’ll take advantage of any opportunity she sees. Madzie stills loves her, still [i trusts her.] If given the choice she will go back to her. She’s all she knows.”] Magnus shook his head in reply.

[#62ACDE “She knows [i you]. She loves [i you]. You need to have faith in her. Madzie is brighter than you give her credit for. She knows who’ been there for her these many years.”] Magnus said rising to his feet while also pulling Catarina to hers.

[#C71585 “Thank you Magnus. I’ll say goodbye and I’ll be back to get her tonight-“]

[#62ACDE “Yes! For dinner. I’ll prepare your favorite! Oh please join us,”] Magnus said with a smile. She again was hesitant but nodded and her sad face grew into a smile. Magnus gave her one final hug and as they parted he lifted his hands to her face, [#62ACDE "Now, wipe those tears."]

[#C71585 "Dinner sounds lovely, Magnus.] As they parted from their embrace Magnus watched as the young woman said goodbye to her little ward. Happiness overcame him as well as excitement and he quickly pulled out his smart phone and searched for his husband’s number. He opened a new message and sent it off quickly to Alec.

[#62ACDE [i Good Morning Mr. Inquisitor sir, I hope your meetings went well. Catarina and Madzie will be joining us for dinner. Alexander, I know you’re busy but I could use the support. I’m making my famous grilled chicken! Plus Madzie can’t stop asking for you. Will you come?]] He sent off the message eager for a reply.

He said his goodbyes to Catarina before joining Madzie in his guest room. She pulled out princess costumes and looked Magnus up and down. [#FF69B4 “Dress up and Tea Time,”] He inhaled sharply as he bent down to her. He even put on the brightest smile he could muster, [#62ACDE “As you wish, Sweet Pea,”] he said as she set a blonde wing, clearly too small for him, a top his head.
[font "candara" Jace's eyes shot open. The damp, stone ground chilled his cheek, and the realization of his unknown surroundings had him on his feet in the next second. He strained his eyes to adjust to the darkness, but he couldn't make anything out through the black. He felt around his jacket pockets for his witchlight, but found that it and all his other supplies were gone. He took a few careful steps forward until he had a hand around an iron bar. He pulled against it, anger rather than panic setting in. [#63ba71 "LET ME OUT!"] he shouted to his unseen captors.

A growl caught his attention and he turned quickly, revealing an open field rather than a cramped cell, a field he thought was empty at first, but soon the surrounding darkness took grotesque shapes of demons. Jace lifted his seraph blade and lowered himself into a defensive stance… but the seraph blade refused to activate. Panic sent a rush of Adrenaline through him as he brought the weapon closer to examine it, but it began to burn his skin and he lost hold of it.

As the weapon clattered to the floor, his eyes wandered to his suddenly bare arms and chest. He frantically rubbed at the skin of his arms, finding no runes, no scars. Even his [i parabatai] rune was gone. He trembled at the crushing realization that he couldn't feel him anymore.

[#63ba71 "ALEC!"] he called out, looking around and only seeing white space. He turned quickly, running into something and hearing a low grunt. Jace froze. As the figure stumbled back, he immediately recognized the dark hair and hazel eyes, the block rune decorating the left side of his neck. [#63ba71 "Alec,"] Jace whispered, incredulously, watching the young man's body fall to the ground, and as his eyes followed him, they fell to his own hand, holding a seraph blade covered in blood. His vision was blurred by tears. He recognized his surroundings now. He was in his own bedroom back at the Institute, his floor, bed, and walls covered in the blood and bodies of Alec Lightwood-Bane. His brother. His [i parabatai]. He'd been stuck in this mental hell, doomed to kill the one he loved most in the world over and over again.

Suddenly, every corpse in the room shimmered and shifted into a smaller, female Shadowhunter, loose red curls flowing down her back. [#63ba71 "Clary?"] he asked. Before his eyes, every Alec corpse turned into Clary Fairchild.

[b "Do you even miss me?"] Jace turned toward the voice. The bodies were gone, and the lone Shadowhunter girl sat on the corner of his bed in a white gown, legs crossed, staring off into space. [b "Do you even miss me, Jace?"] she asked again without looking at him. [#63ba71 "Of course I do, Clary. Of course I do. We all do. You were one of us."] She lowered her head and the red curtain of silk waves cascaded over her shoulder, hiding her face. [b "Not like you should. It's wrong and you know it. You stopped fighting for me. You've forgotten me. You've moved on. "] Jace crossed his arms and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Clary stood up and crossed the room. Jace took a step back and uncrossed his arms just as she reached him, and she laid her palms against him, tracing the muscles of his chest and moving her hands upward to wrap them around his neck as she pushed up onto her toes to meet him in a kiss. His hands roamed her body before wrapping around her and deepening that kiss, a scowl distorting his features, illustrating his continued confusion.

Getting a hold of himself passed the lustful haze, he stopped the kiss and pulled her away from him.

The loose red curls had become straight brown locks, and instead of emerald green eyes, he peered into chocolate brown ones. [#63ba71 "Keia?"] She answered him by returning to the kiss, but Jace couldn't shake the multitude of different images. He gripped her by the shoulders and pushed her away from him to look into her eyes once more, finding them glowing and lavender in color. Jace smiled then, cupping her face before tracing the vines tattooed down her neck. [#63ba71 "Hey,"] he greeted. She returned the smile and continued the kiss. Jace hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them back toward the bed, dropping her there and climbing over her with a chuckle. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him into another deep kiss, which he broke to trail kisses across her jaw before nipping at her neck, taking in her sweet scent.

She smelled like… coffee.

Jace's eyes fluttered open, but he squeezed them shut again against the sunlight beaming through the window behind the bed. He turned away from it, taking a few moments to adjust to the light before his surroundings became familiar. He groaned in protest as he pulled himself out of the comfort of the silk red sheets, throwing his legs over the side of the bed. He stretched and rubbed his neck before the aroma of freshly brewed coffee greeted him once again. He smiled a little as he reached over to the coffee on the tray left for him beside the bed. He added milk to the navy blue NYU mug and brought the nectar to his lips, the diner sugar packs neglected. He shuffled down from the bedroom area of the large studio apartment, finding Keia admiring her paintings. The newest one drew his eye, and made his smile falter a bit before he reached the mug to his lips again.

[#63ba71 "Morning,"] he greeted before taking a sip. When she finally turned he said, [#63ba71 "Oh, don't look at me like that, Keia. I remember the rules. I just fell asleep,"] he said, shrugging with one shoulder. [#63ba71 "You know I like to nap after a workout."] Setting the mug down on an end table, Jace began retracing his steps, finding each article of clothing in the opposite order that he'd removed them the night before.
  Jace Herondale / EveOfExtinction / 12d 15h 6m 43s
[font "Candara" Even though she'd had a rocky, disgruntled past with Isabelle Lightwood , she couldn't help but smile and laugh gleeful when she'd reached out to her at the end of summer. Becoming the Head of an Institute was every Shadowhunters dream and Izzy had made it a reality. Her brothers promotion allowed her to battle it out for Head and she won by a landslide. The people loved her as much as they loved Alec. The fact that she wanted Celeste to be her Second-in-command was surreal.

They'd spent several months apart after Clary Fairchild arrived and their relationship only worsened after her sisters failed wedding to Alec. Being replaced and shadowed by another female in her life made the decision to leave Manhattan for London that much easier.

London was new and exotic. It was a little colder then she was used to but she loved the idea of being able to start over. Celeste was ready to gain knowledge, train in a new style, and hunt demons rural to the area. After a few failed attempts at bonding and friendships, Celeste met Amariel Everfall. She was a warrior for sure. Strong, smart, sophisticated.

Training with Amara was like training with the Iron Sisters. She was fierce, she could almost interpret every move coming her way. She was young but her heart had so many years on it, her hands so swift. There was only one crack in her stature: she was lonely. So was Celeste. Celeste couldn't help but introduce herself and the rest is history. Being around someone who would be willing to take a bullet for her was a new one for Celeste. She'd been replaced by other, better versions of herself her whole life and now she had someone who truly saw her as she was. [i Parabatai] seemed inevitable, however Amara declined.

[+blue [i Maybe it was for the best... Maybe this was a sign.]] Maybe being alone was her endgame. Regardless of her insecurities and their current differences, Celeste had to asked Amara to come with her. To be honest, New York could use more people like Amara. New York was a beacon for Downworlders and Nephilim alike. It was the epicenter of the Shadowworld. Demon activity was at an all time high and they needed more bodies. Isabelle agreed to allow Amara to transfer too . A part of Celeste wanted Isabelle to see her new found friendship. She'd hoped they'd be able to mend their relationship fully too. Leave the past where it should stay.

Once they'd landed, getting back into the bustle and routine of NY was a little harder then she thought. One top of the usual, she now had her new responsibilities as a leader. Jet lag had her exhausted and Amara even more so. Amariel's energy was like no others, always ready to spar, teach, hunt... Each mission successful when they'd go together. Even a few missions with Izzy would go well.

All these murders had Celeste scared for the public and her own kind. This demon or these demons were traveling all around the globe and they were inching their way closer to Manhattan. There was no way of knowing if they'd be immune or meet the same end. She almost let herself laugh at the fact that the victims were couples. She had no interest in anyone and she was firm in thinking no one had any interest in her. She was safe.

She'd got so lost in her thoughts she hadn't noticed Izzy's return. To her surprise, she brought Alec with her. It's be the first time she'd see him since the wedding. He'd noticed her in the crowd and she heard Izzy mention her name. Celeste hoped he'd be thinking how grown and strong she'd become in her absence. She'd almost forgotten how moody Alec could be. Celeste could read his face so clearly. He'd been screaming for some field time. Before she could be nominated she said, [+blue "Unfortunately I'm needed elsewhere but there is no one better then Amara and I'd say there's not one better then you Mister Inquisitor, sir."] She could sense some tension in the air hearing the pair of acquaintances exchange words and felt it was about that time to take leave. Izzy smiled nervously but happily at all parties and said, [b "Not a bad idea Celeste. Big Brother, you've been hoping for some field work. Who better to do some recon for The Clave? You'll let them know personally what you've witnessed. Take Amara with you."] With a click of her heels she was moving down the hallways to her office, avoiding a no from her brother. [i [+blue I think that was an order?]]

With that, Celeste grabbed her tablet from a near by station, waved awkwardly in Amara and Alec's direction and headed for the Armory. It was her job to ensure the Inventory was stocked in case this creature made an appearance. A task that would likely take all day.]
  Celeste Branwell / M4chin4 / 13d 14h 54m 11s
[font "candara" Amara didn't think it was a good idea, but Celeste was dead set on it. Isabelle Lightwood was someone Celeste grew up with. They'd been as close as Celeste and Amara were now, and when the Lightwood girl offered Celeste a job as her second-in-command at the New York Institute, Amara knew the woman was leaving with or without her, and without could mean irreparable consequences to their relationship. It was already strained by Amara's vague excuses for refusing to become her [i parabatai]. It wouldn't survive refusing her this favor of transferring to the New York Institute with her...

Celeste wanted to go. Needed to. There was history there, and Amara understood that better than most. She could respect it… but she had her own history with the New York Institute, however indirectly. She'd lived the majority of her life avoiding the direct company of Magnus Bane, and Amara knew she would be risking an encounter, especially given Magnus' husband was none other than Isabelle Lightwood's older brother, Inquisitor Alec Lightwood-Bane, the former head of the New York Institute. Inquisitor title or no, his ties to the Institute meant he'd be there, however occasionally, and it wasn't a guarantee that he would visit alone.

For a moment, Amara wished she hadn't gotten so close to Celeste. Mortal emotions were so… strong. Before she knew it, Amara couldn't imagine life without the girl. She wanted so badly to accept her offer and become her [i parabatai], but there was no telling what would happen to Celeste during that ceremony. Amara wasn't an ordinary Shadowhunter, and the effects of the [i parabatai] rune were unknown. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if anything happened to Celeste because of her…

So, she agreed to travel. She packed up her life and moved on as she often had. She was certainly used to that by now. The adjustment to the New York Institute was actually an easy one as her attachment to the London Institute traveled with her. In the last couple of months, Celeste had been quite busy in her duties as Isabelle's second-in-command, and Amara had been spending a lot of time on the field. If there was one thing in the world Amara was good at, it was killing demons. When not in the field, she spent her time in the training room, practicing her knife-throwing skills, and teaching a couple of the other female Shadowhunters her techniques with karambit blades, as they had a lot to do with using the strength of one's opponent against them.

Even today, she found herself in the training area. She sharpened and runed her blades in preparation for today's mission. They'd gotten word of demon attacks spread across the globe ending in countless mortal deaths, the most recent of which had been right here in New York. She had a bad feeling about it all and her thoughts surged with concern for her fellow Shadowhunters, Celeste especially.

She spun one of her curved blades in her palm by the retention ring, forward and backward over and over, as she often did when she was lost in thought, as her mind shifted to a matter of the Accords and the Cold Peace in place. She feared the tension building between the Shadowhunters and the Seelies, as well as the inevitable retribution. Amara hadn't seen more than one Seelie in the months she'd be in Manhattan, which was understandable. The safest place for them was in their home realm. Now that they were no longer protected by the Accords, they were scared. It was cruel and unusual punishment, especially given the new king's participation in the final battles of the Dark War. Seelies were dying out, being targetted by the other races, Shadowhunters included.

Amara was so deep in her own thoughts that she didn't notice Isabelle's return until her companion took the floor and addressed the group of Shadowhunters that formed in the Ops Center. This was him. Alec Lightwood-Bane. She'd heard of him, of course, mostly good things, but this was the first time she'd actually seen him. She gave him a once over, head tilted in contemplation. He seemed to fit Magnus' taste. The young warlock was always weak for a handsome young soldier... dark hair, light eyes. He was stern and authoritative. Everyone regarded him with the respect he commanded. There was something all-business about him, too. Something about that serious nature piqued her interest, as she'd seen a sliver of something softer only twice during her brief observation: the first in a proud, sidelong glance at his younger sister, and second at the mention of Jace Herondale, who Amara knew to be the man's [i parabatai]. She couldn't help but wonder what he must be like once he let someone in passed those walls…

After he finished his speech, the crowd thinned out. The inhabitants of the New York Institute went about their usual business. She hung back. She wanted in on this mission. Anything she could do to prevent more deaths. She watched Isabelle and Alec speak in hushed tones for a moment before his eyes cut to her. He seemed to size her up, and she felt a little anxious under his gaze. When his surveying eventually led to her face, his eyes held hers for several moments before he turned to Isabelle once again, and Amara let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

When the Lightwood siblings finally approached and addressed her and Celeste, Amara relaxed a little. She always felt most at ease when Celeste was by her side. The way Alec questioned Amara's abilities wasn't terribly insulting. He didn't know her. He didn't trust her. That was fine. She'd have to prove herself to him. It wouldn't be difficult. What would be difficult would be breaking down those walls he seemed to automatically build up around new people.

[#e0a416 "I've been 'handling it' here for the last couple of months in your absence, and for years before that in London, I assure you,"] she answered sweetly, crossing her arms over her chest as she angled her head up at him. [#e0a416 "And what about you, oh mighty Inquisitor? Has your title made it impossible to participate in a 'simple scouting mission,' as you so eloquently put it?"] she teased with a smile.
  Amariel Everfall / EveOfExtinction / 14d 18h 57m 0s
Keia was used to waking up from unusual dreams and wondered why her mind was so used to chaos. Her nightmares didn't affect her like mundanes. She wasn't overcome with emotion and stress. They didn't affect her. All she saw were images she knew were just a figment of her imagination. It was hard to describe but she knew what fear looked like and whatever her dreams were, they weren't [i her] fears. She knew that. She rolled over trying to hide her face from the sun that pierced through her window. For a moment she forgot that she had a companion in her bed. She smiled realizing his arm was draped around her comfortingly. She chuckled thinking how mundane she felt falling for a man who was supposed to be her way into the institute. Admittedly getting Jace Herondale into her bed was a direct order from her King but it was a nice perk for her. He was strong...And consistent. In the last few months he had spent more time in her bed than she could count. He was immaculate. She could stare at him forever and still be enamored. She admired his chiseled features, the muscularity of his arms and the smell of sandalwood that seemed to radiate off of him. She couldn't help but stare at the runes that littered his entire body. She found them incredibly fascinating. Who knew a little piece of artwork could be fueled with so much power? She moved his lifeless arm from around her and crawled out of bed as slowly as she possibly could. She hoped not to wake him as she was up so early in the morning. As she lifted herself from her red silk sheets she moved to the lower level of her loft and straight to her easel.

Some people had journals to illustrate the events of their dream world. Keia had her canvas. She could spend what seemed like minutes, that turned into hours in front of that easel. Seelie's were perfectionists and Keia was no different. She needed every brushstroke to capture the image that radiated from her mind. She lifted a recently finished painting from its pedestal and moved it to a corner of a room which featured the rest of her collection. There was only a few short weeks until her gallery opening and she needed as much artwork to be completed as she could possibly get done. The more art that covered the walls, the more money she would be able to make. She looked up at her graffiti walls and almost wished she could remove the plaster from it respected area to a blank canvas. She wanted to so badly to add it to her works.

She walked back to her station and pulled out several cases filled with supplies. Some were marked with randomly sized brushes, acrylic paint, water color, and more. She started to scavenge through her brushes. The perfect painting starts with the perfect tools. So needless to say she needed the perfect brush. After she was satisfied with her choice she prepared the rest of her supplies. She also prepared a cup of water to rinse her brushes between colors. Then she grabbed several bottles of various colored paint and squeezed each color on to her palette and began to prepare the different shades she would need for her master piece.

When all was prepared she paused for a moment admiring her work space. Like her usual ritual before painting she took a huge breath and exhaled slowly relaxing herself for the journey ahead of her. She closed her eyes picturing the face of man she had never met nor seen before. Last night she had a dream that was filled with undying love and overwhelming chaos; all surrounded by this handsome man. She started with the shape of his face, the size of his eyes, the curve of his lips, and the charm of his smile. Everything about him read a bachelor, a heartthrob. Everything except his eyes; his piercing pure red eyes. Had she dreamt of a demon? No. For all she knew nixies or pixies could have made their way into her dreams. Their marks came in all shapes and sizes. Pesky little creatures.

As she was satisfied with his facial features captured she focused on the surrounding colors. [i a navy blue suit] Something told her this man was dressed to impress. The first thing you notice about someone is the crook of their smile, the color of their eyes, and the clothes on their back. A man in a suit could make knees shake and bodies quiver. She was surprised by how accurate her painting skills had reflected her inner thoughts. But something was off. The background color of this portrait needed something; Something bold. Something different. She grabbed a scarlet red, much like the red of his eyes, and painted it around his face. She let the paint drip and for a moment it looked as though he was surrounded by a pool of blood. She grabbed the paint and slowly brushed it against her right palm. The last remaining part of this portrait. She let her hand rest on the canvas for a moment and then swept it in a downward motion. She grabbed a thin black brush and rushed to her paints once more and added her signature dark bow and arrow sigil to the bottom right hand corner: maneuvered to look like a curved letter “K.” She set down her palette and paints and inhaled softly. It was as perfect as she was going to make it.

Satisfied with the outcome of her artwork she made her way to the kitchen. She first got as much of the red acrylic paint off her hand before moving to the ground coffee container. She prepared her coffee maker assembling all the components into the machine. She pushed the button on the coffee maker to the left causing a green light to come on and the machine to do its work. As she waited for her coffee to be made she walked back to her makeshift closet and lifted a floral kimono from the wheeled rack. She threw it on her body and tied the kimono strings tightly around her before making her way back to the small kitchen. She pulled a coffee cup that read “Fuck The Clave,” a piece of ceramic that was of her own making, from her cupboard. She chuckled before pulling out another for her house guest. It was a blue colored mug she received from the administration when she became an adjunct professor. It read “N.Y.U." on its side. As the brewing process came to an end she filled both mugs and added them to a tray with both a cup of cream and several sugar packets she stole from the dinner up the street. She grabbed it and made her way back to the queen sized bed. She laid the tray on an end table beside the Shadow hunter hoping the aroma would wake the young man. She sighed grabbed her own mug and moved back to her painting, admiring it as she sipped on her hot beverage.
  Keia Attwood / MidnightSun / 7d 9h 12m 26s
[font "Candara" Passing through the barrier that protected Idris from the rest of the Mundane world, never ceased to amaze Alec. Much like a glamour or illusion, with a wave of Alec's stele, the urban array of buildings at the country lines of Germany and France found themselves turning into a lengthy and peaceful forest line oasis. Alec made sure to arrive at the Gard no later then sunrise. The Gard would be his first destination of the day. He'd hoped the day would give him another chance to overturn the verdicts passed against the Seelies and their King. It'd been one of his most tiring missions. Alec always made sure to reach out and hope his Inquisitorship would give him more power just once to create the change that all creatures needed. Those chances were few and far between.

Being appointed Inquisitor allowed him to produce new information, promote change, and endorse fellow Shadowhunters to positions of importance. Never entailed actual decision making. That was all left to the Council, composed of the older generation of elite and inactive Shadowhunters. Prejudice would not be easy to override, even for this species.

The Council deemed it time to discuss a different matter: the exponential and sporadic growth of deaths spread randomly throughout the world. All the deaths that have occurred were between (presumed) mundane lovers. Motive and cause of death all the same: Lovers so gripped with love they'd eventually attempt to hurt each other, ripping eachothers hearts out in the end.

This was an act of a Greater Demon; Alec was sure of it. He could feel his natural instinct to want to suit up and hunt. He'd been told to focus his attention on more important things like new recruits for Ascension and his Inquisitorship so, inevitably, he chose to step aside. Every now and then thought he'd always managed to find himself entangled on a mission in New York.

It'd only taken an hour for the Council to make their necessary decisions for the day. At meetings close, each member disapperated to their respective parts of the world. Before leaving, Alec made sure to meet with Ezekiel Herondale before his own journey home. Ezekiel's status had only recently become active. He'd been inactive, apart from the Shadow World, specifically for his own safety. When Jace and their parents were presumed dead, he'd gone under. Jace didn't even know he had a little brother until the New Clave began seeking such inactive bloodlines to refill the ranks after Jonathan abolished entire Institutes of populate. Even 5 years later they were struggling, their numbers were increasing, but not at the same speed as the demon's pouring in.

[+red "Meeting adjourned. What are our next steps?"] Alec said, keeping his tone professional and conversational at the same time. The answer was quite clear but Alec made sure to leave it up for discussion. This was a decision that should be left to the Inquisitor and Consul to decide on together.

Ezekiel was trying to keep an optimistic face but Alec could see straight through it. [b "I suppose a rally of forces need transported to the New York Institute. Have your sister, Ms. Lightwood, pick the best hunters. Make sure they're quiet though. It's mandatory to keep this mission surveillance and location ONLY. Do NOT confront. Do NOT attempt to capture. This Demon is dangerous and unpredictable. We don't want to lose any more lives, especially our own."] His Britsh accent rang loud and regal. Zeke was born to lead .

[+red "Agreed. My husband and I have permanent residence in New York. I'll send a fire message so they'll know of my arrival. Until next time, my friend."] Alec offered his hand and his shoulder. Zeke accepted the invitation willingly. They embraced tightly. Once parted Zeke turned on his heels, had his associate Killian Argent open a portal, and yelled, his back toward Alec, [b "See you in the game."]

[+red [i See you in the game.]] It was a little saying they liked to use with each other when they felt battle would be upon them. He couldn't help but laugh as the room emptied. With a wave of his stele the parchment he'd wrote up explaining his mission and arrival, caught fire and turned to ashes. It was on it's way to inform Isabelle of his next destinations for the day. He'd written up another letter to send to Magnus but before he could, behind him he'd heard the wave of a portal and what he knew to be Izzy's footfalls ascending toward him.

[b "I came just in time, didn't I Big Brother? Let's go home."] It seemed Izzy was free and already had a portal on stand by for him. She must have been in contact with Zeke on the days proceedings. Magnus was off the hook. Magnus had many responsibilities since his own promotion to High Warlock of Alicante, Alec thought best not to disrupt him with something as mindless as portal creation. He embraced her tightly, lifting her with little effort. Once at his height, her feet began to dangle ever so slightly. He noticed her discomfort so he set her down gently. He kept them close still, placing his left arm over her shoulders as they both laughed and walked through.

Once on the other side, they made their way to the Ops Center. Izzy had already gathered all the Shadowhunters available and started the run down of every victim, the unusual circumstances, crime scenes photos and more. Alec could see so much of himself in Izzy, the way she moved, carried herself, and the conviction with her every word. They loved her and they rallied behind her. He couldn't help but flash back to his own moments reciting new Demon information and mission details, assigning tasks and assembling teams. Alec was pulled from his personal thoughts and was given the floor.

[+red "This is a stake out mission ONLY. We have to assume this Demon is armed with powerful magic, hostile, and lethal. We must also assume that we may not be immune to this demon's charms. Those that are chosen for this mission need to remain cautious while tracking, do not attempt to interact nor capture. They've provided proof enough that it's suicide if you chose to approach. We need the best hunters. As a reminder, if you see a Seelie do not interact with them. They could be one of our own deep undercover. We get updates as much as we can. Seelies have never posed too much of a threat to our kind. Leave them be."] Alec could see the crowd nodding at his words. Some continued to their respective places for the day while the rest of the crowd of mission ready Shadowhunters began thinning out to produce the best soldiers. Izzy spoke just loud enough to promote [b [i and]] volunteer Amariel Everfall, a hunter Alec had yet to meet. Her family he'd heard of. Izzy made sure to state, [b "She's the best we got."]

She made sure to keep her voice low so only Alec could hear her. [b "Transfer from London. Flawless record so far, might even break yours. Girl hasn't missed a single kill."] He found her in the crowd and looked her up and down. Her blonde hair rested just bellow her shoulders, almost resting on her shoulder blades. He could tell from her large array of runes and her muscular build that she was mature and experienced, but he questioned if she could handle it above Jace. She had an innocence about her, also something else he couldn't put his finger on. Her eyes were a striking blue, reminded Alec of Jace's. Alec wasn't afraid to admit his bias when it came to sending familiar faces on important missions, especially one this important. Seemed much more suited for Jace and himself to carry out. [+red [i Speaking of Jace...]]

[+red "Jace? Not here? I'm surprised he's missing."] Alec said sarcastically. These days it was hard to find Jace in the morning. He'd assumed and witnessed him either preoccupied with killing to suppress his lingering thoughts of Clary Fairchild, or Book Club. He was an avid reader these days. [+red "Do we know where he is?".] Izzy responded almost immediately , [b "On mission! Expected to arrive... soon..."] She smiled coyly after her statement and continued on. [b "If Jace is indisposed then I can send Celeste Branwell with Amara?"] She'd purposefully chose to enunciate like it was a question, waiting for approval. Isabelle was leaving it up to Alec to decide.

Alec remembered Celeste from his childhood. Their families trained side by side. And how could he forget his sham of a wedding to her older sister eons ago? [i [+red What a time to come out of the closet...]] She was definitely stronger and more controlled since he'd seen her last. She looked determined, almost like she was going to volunteer. [i Damn, London must be training like the Iron Sisters these days... The both of them look ready for war...] [+red "Can you handle it?"] He made sure to speak emotionlessly stern, even though he knew the answer. The importance of this mission was his only thought. [i Well that, and where ever Jace was...]]
  Alec Lightwood-Bane / M4chin4 / 5d 14h 3m 20s

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