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"I just need to get the needle in his arm... right doc?" Hope asked Dr. Mario.
  Shulk (Anime Style) / Catlover33 / 58d 9h 51m 50s
"Yep, he has" Dr. Mario nodded to Hope before handing him some fresh spare blood bags.
  Dr. Mario / Character / 58d 9h 56m 38s
"He's lost a lot of blood and that's not good." Hope said.
  Shulk (Anime Style) / Catlover33 / 58d 9h 59m 2s
Dr. Mario looked around before holding the patient down.
  Dr. Mario / Character / 58d 10h 4m 10s
"Shulk where are you..." Mirai muttered to himself. "DOC HOLD HIM STILL!" Hope yelled at Dr. Mario.
  Shulk (Anime Style) / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 10m 0s
Shulk ran to a large bush which was empty inside as he crawled in and cried.
  Shulk / Character / 58d 10h 21m 59s
"Wait... don't go there..." Mirai said before going after Shulk.
  Shulk (Anime Style) / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 22m 45s
Shulk actually started to cry as he ran off away from everyone.
  Shulk / Character / 58d 10h 35m 27s
"Unfortunately yes and I found out why Ramza didn't return." Zidane said.
  Zidane / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 36m 13s
Shulk looked at Zidane. "Noctis and Firion?" he asked.
  Shulk / Character / 58d 10h 36m 45s
  Zidane / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 38m 17s
"If they did then I'll be sad" Shulk said looking down.
  Shulk / Character / 58d 10h 44m 15s
"HEY DOC WAKE UP!" Hope yelled out. "The demons probably got them." Noel said.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 48m 1s
"Noctis and Firion" Shulk said as he stood up and handed Mirai to the village doctor.
  Shulk / Character / 58d 10h 49m 29s
"Who else was in your group?" Noel asked Shulk before sighing.
  Noel / Catlover33 / 58d 10h 52m 7s

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