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Al fell asleep next to Ed and didn't bother to wake up. Ramza smiled and watched over the two as they slept.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 19h 49m 31s
Jack went back to his safe place in his tree house away from anything else.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 19h 52m 33s
"What the heck... there's a stab wound on his arm." Al muttered to himself.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 19h 53m 36s
Jack went back into his demon form as he sighed and walked off.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 19h 55m 28s
"Thank you for caring for my brother. I know that he can be a handful sometimes." Al said.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 19h 58m 28s
Jack was happy he could have actual eyes he could see from in his human form.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 19h 59m 39s
Al walked into the village and found Ed next to Ramza. He ran up to them before he hugged Ed.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 20h 1m 18s
"I have not sorry" Jack said sighing as he shook his head.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 20h 2m 33s
"Have you seen my brother at all?" Al asked Jack before sighing.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 20h 4m 8s
"Hello" Jack said making himself look human to not scare Al.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 20h 5m 30s
"Where's my brother... He went through here earlier..." Al muttered to himself.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 20h 8m 53s
Jack appeared behind Al and since he was much nicer than BP he didn't scare Al.
  Eyeless Jack / Character / 56d 20h 12m 5s
Al was at the outskirts of the village and was looking for Ed. He didn't notice Ramza or any of the other demons yet.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 20h 12m 58s
BP looked around at tons of blood vials on the wall as he put Eds blood in an empty vial and placed it on the wall.
  Bloody Painter / Character / 56d 20h 18m 37s
Ramza helped Ed get to a safe spot within the village before letting him rest.
  Bartz / Catlover33 / 56d 20h 42m 34s

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