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[font "times new roman" [size10 [size20 [center ╔════════════════════╗
[i The Girl From Outer Space]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/YsNiJhv.jpg]][center [size12 [i We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle.]]][right [size12 [i -Marilyn Monroe]]]

[center [size12 [b You] were minding your business when you noticed it crash into the lake near your home. A spaceship. An actual spaceship. Curiosity gets the better of as you run to explore the crash. That's when you see [b her] emerging from the water, from the wreckage. Her pale skin, her silver hair, everything about her seems out of this world. Alien.]]

[center [size12 [b She's] from the planet Lora, a planet that was recently threatened by another species. She fleed in hopes to escape the hostile species and find anyone that could possibly help her save her planet. But in her travels, her ship went through asteroids and was knocked off course where she crash landed on a planet called Earth. This is when she meets [b you].]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6rJuxC.jpg]]

[center [size10 Looking for a semi lit to lit writer to play the person that finds her. Must be 21+. Real pictures only. Message me if interested.]]


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[size12 Christopher leaned over the wooden table, his fingers pressing lightly into the green tabletop as he slowly pulled back the pool cue. He steadied himself, holding his breath as he pushed the cue forward, hitting the white ball into the triangle causing the balls to go their own separate way. Some hit each other, some hit the edges of the wall and a few went straight into their perfect little cubbies, earning Christopher a score. He straightened himself up, putting the butt of the pool cue on the floor and leaning against it slightly. He picked the cigar out of his mouth and blew a puff of smoke towards his opponent on the sidelines. [b "Like to see you do better, amigo."]

Hermes gawked over at him, clearly fuming from his nearly perfect first shot. He followed the same actions as Chris except for right before he was going to shoot, Christopher bumped the table. Hermes missed his shot and he didn't earn anything. They'd played a couple of games prior and he'd done the same thing. He'd watched Hermes boil under his white beater while Chris remained cool in his loose grey t-shirt. Every game he won, Hermes was required to buy him a few nice glasses of the finest whiskey in the bar. Needless to say, he was running low on funds to fuel Christopher's wins.

He threw his pool cue across the table and charged towards Christopher. He held his hands up in defense and backed away from the man. "You cheating bastard! You're such a fucking fraud, [i amigo]!" He shouted at him, the smell of stale cigarettes spitting into his face.

Chris couldn't help but wrinkle his nose in disgust. He slipped his fingers into his back pocket and pulled out a stick wrapped in light blue foil. [b "I think you need this,"] He unwrapped the stick from the blue foil and popped it into Hermes' mouth. [b "Perhaps you need more than one piece."] He held a sarcastic look on his face.

The next thing he knew, he was getting tossed out of the bar. The half-filled whiskey bottle being tossed at him as well as the piece of gum he'd offered Hermes. "If I see you again in here, Walker, I'll beat your ass." Chris stood up on his feet, picking his bottle off the ground. He was surprised it didn't break from the collision of the concrete.

[b "Is that a promise?"] Hermes shot him a look over his shoulder that just dared him to say another word before he headed back inside. Chris shrugged his shoulders, sticking his middle finger up behind his back. He spun off the cap of his whiskey and slugged it back.

He was banned from most bars. What could he say? He was a cocky bastard that absolutely bathed in the idea of taunting and pushing others buttons. He hardly took anything seriously, even relationships. He never really settled as he found it completely wasteful. Why settle down and spend time with one woman when you can spend it with ten? His mother always told him he'd regret it but for now, he enjoyed his whiskey filled nights under the stars.

Speaking of the stars, he found himself more enthralled than usual. They seemed to shine a bit more this night and, wow. There were just so many. Hold on, was that one...moving? [b "What...the...hell?"] He questioned, cocking his head to the side. His eyes widened as it seemed to get closer and closer. It shot right over his head and he followed the direction. From what he could tell, it headed right towards the muddy lake just a few miles out. Could it of been a meteor? There hadn't been any news of possible showers. [b "Fuck it, lets explore."] He said aloud, speed walking into the direction, continuing to swig from his whiskey.

It took him what seemed like forever to reach the lake. He almost forgot why he was even walking this way and then he remembered the flying ball of...metoer? He was beginning to think it was just a satellite dish that was knocked out of orbit until he came upon just what was flying through the sky.

He stood there in astonishment. Was he fucking dreaming? Had he actually gone home and went to sleep? This had to be fake. He rubbed his eyes with his wrist, even taking another swig of his Whiskey. Yes, yes. He was drunk! Hallucinating! [b "Man, Chris, you gotta lay off the whiskey."] He chuckled to himself as he drew closer to the edge of the water. He was about to slip his phone out and capture a picture when he heard some sort of banging. It seemed to be coming from the ship. Then the door popped open and...no way. He blinked several times, trying to clear the fog. A girl jumped out of it, landing in the water. She clearly hadn't noticed him as she made her way out of the water. His mouth fell open as he looked her up and down.

Yep. He was drunk. Had to be.

She wore a silver dress and her hair was so extremely light. She seemed unbelievably beautiful and it was almost inhuman. How-What? Was she part of the government and had an incident or failure to launch? Either way, his whiskey bottle dropped out of his hand as he made his way over to her. [b "Hey, hey you!"] He called out, approaching her cautiously. If she was part of the Government, he definitely was not supposed to see the ship or her. He knew the Government was no one to fuck with.

[b "You, uh, you okay? I saw you, out of the sky. Do you need medical attention or, or something?"] He scratched his head, wanting to bombard her with questions. He only had a few minutes before the police would probably arrive. There was no way he was the only one to see this bizarre incident. [b "I never thought I'd see a lady fall out of the sky. Are you part of some Government test or experiment?"]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/u8jWDIP.jpg]] [center [size12 [font "times new roman" "Prog Losal," Sitara looked between her father and the general, the ruler from Tarsiss IX. The Rwaddian growled in response, his eyes never drifting from it's gaze on the princess. She could feel her father tense from how the reptilian was staring at his daughter. "Why are you and your men are here?" The king asked as he moved Sitara even further behind his back. "You know why we're here, Aytaç." The general chuckled as his men slowly began to gather around the royal family.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" The Rwaddians had appeared out of no where. No announcement, nothing. They just showed up with multiple battle ships and landed. There were still some ships in the sky but when Prog Losal's ship landed, her family grabbed her from her breakfast and began to rush to their own ships.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Sitara couldn't understand what was going on or why her family was so tense. Her family had created a barrier around her, they all stood in a circle, their backs to the princess. Her mother held her hand tightly as a Rwaddi solider got closer. "You will not have her, General." Sitara's attention now perked up her mother moved herself into the circle while her father and brothers moved into a battle position. "Sitara," her mother gripped her face into her daughter's face into her hands. "You must run to the ships. Set a course for Vulrn, they'll be able to protect you."]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" [#e54ed0 "No, I will not leave you,"] Sitara tried to pull free from her mother's grip as she heard things crash from beneath her. She looked down to see her mother had lifted them into the air, away from the battle that was now taking place beneath them. Loirian guards had appeared and were battling the reptiles along side her family. "You must! The General is here for you, if he claims you our planet will be lost to his rule. But as long as you are safe, our people will stand and fight."]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Sitara began to shake her head, her long white curls bounced with each shake. "We love you, Sitara." With that, her mother let her go, but she did not fall. Instead her body continued to float over the battle at a great speed, her mother slowly disappearing in the distance. She couldn't fight against her mother's power until she was too far out of reach. Once she had control, she slowly brought herself back down to the ground, her silver dress pooled around her feet. Grabbing the hem, she began to run back towards her family when a pair of arms grabbed ahold of her and pulled her back. [#e54ed0 "Ritvik! Release me at once."]]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" She fought against his grip, trying to return to her family. She had to help her family and Ritvik was keeping her from doing her part. She couldn't let her family continue with this battle, especially if it was because of her. She began to hit Ritvik in the arm, hoping to hit some nerve that would make him loosen up just enough for her to escape.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Ritvik had been her best companion since they were young. Now that they were older, her father made him head of her personal guard. "I'm sorry, Sitara." She gasped as she felt the prick in the back of her neck as he injected her with a sedative. She turned to him, prepared to hit him when he body went limp. Her vision became blurry, the last thing she saw was Ritvik's apologetic face as he lifted her into his arms.]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6rJuxC.jpg]]
[center [size12 [font "times new roman" It was hours later when Sitara finally came to, extremely groggy. She rubbed at her eyes, trying to figure out where she was and everything hit her like a brick wall. She was in a ship, set on auto pilot. [#e54ed0 "No, no, no, no."] She began to press buttons to make any attempt to get the ship out of auto pilot. Why didn't she pay attention when Ritvik tried to teach her how to work the ships?]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" She needed to get back to her family. She needed to help them. She needed to---a long bang pulled her out of her inner monologue and into a full panic. A meteor field, they sent her through a meteor field! Another bang filled her ears as meteor slammed into the side of her ship. She sprung into action to once again, randomly pressed buttons with no apparent outcome. She pressed another button and almost screamed with joy when the ship told her that autopilot was off. But her joy was shortly lived when she was hit with another meteor.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" This meteor slammed the ship forward, out of the field, but loud alarms began to go off. She grabbed the controls, attempting to stop the ship but alerts told her she had no control. The ship was now off of autopilot only to now be heading to a totally different planet and Sitara still having no control. She had no control when the ship slammed through the planet's outer atmosphere. She was was able to turn the ship's protective shield on so that it wouldn't burn up as it entered. Though she had no control on where the ship was about to crash nor slow it down enough to stop the extremely bumpy ride.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Her body was slammed forward as the ship found a "nice" body of water to crash into. She groaned at the sharp pain in her head from it bashing against the control panel. [#e54ed0 "When I return home, I will be sure to kill Ritvik if..."] She couldn't even bring herself to finish the sentence. She had to keep positive thoughts that her family and friend were safe. That when she returned home, she had a home to return to.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" First thing first, getting out of the ship and learning what planet she crashed on. It took some budging but she was able to get the door open and sighed when she realized she would have to jump down into the water, but it was thankfully only knee length when she did. She trudged through the murky water, missing the crystal blue water of her planet, as she slowly made her way to the shore. Not at all aware of the male standing at the water's edge, having seen the whole thing.]]]
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