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[size11 [Kurale Muse A is a police officer who doesn’t exactly go by the book, in fact they probably spend more time cavorting with criminals than capturing them. When Muse A finds themself romantically entangled with Muse B, a criminal, it’s easy for them to turn a blind eye to Muse B’s illicit activities . Over time, Muse A is welcomed into Muse B’s crime family, so long as they leave their badge at home.

This year, Muse A is up for a promotion - it’s so close that they can taste it. If they can arrest a notorious boss, they’re certain that the promotion is theirs. No problem. Muse A can simply hand over one of their lover’s enemies, right? As Muse A is scheming, the police chief calls a meeting. The chief unveils the newest person-of-interest, expressing in no uncertain terms that this is the perpetrator they want brought down next. Muse A is conflicted when they immediately recognize the person-of-interest as Muse B’s relative/boss, someone whom they’ve sat across from at the dinner table on several occasions, someone very dear to their lover, someone who will go after everyone in Muse A’s family if there’s even a suspicion of betrayal.

Optional: Give Muse A a suspicious partner, Muse C, for extra drama.


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Chloe looked over when Oskar opened the door, raising an eyebrow. No no no NO. This was what she was trying to prevent. And a hot criminal comes on the same night. [+red "Okay? I'll help you? This isn't really my first rodeo, sir.."] She said, looking at the gun with bored eyes. [+red "I'll get your toy gun out of my face before I make you sorry.."] She said, raising her eyebrows at him.

She couldn't give in. She wouldn't. But now she was very intrigued. What would she get out of this? [+red "What's in it for me?"] The question came out before she could stop herself from talking. She sighed, rubbing her temples. [+red "I'll accept any pay..really..."] She said, looking at him.
  Chloe Michaels / sadlolita / 17d 15h 53m 16s
[size12 [font roman Oskar Williams was quite the unlikely criminal, a man who could've been quite honest if his criminal family hadn't of pressured him into the [i family business], a conspicuous codeword for their criminal organization. They were quite the usual mafia mob you'd see on black-and-white TV, mostly specializing in thievery and the drug cartel business, and they most certainly tangoed with the local law enforcement, all in favor of the Williams' patriarch. He had all the connections, managed to worm his way into the system, and all the crimes of his family business were forgotten about, turned a blind eye to all illicit activities. But that relationship was waning, the Williams' were becoming far too ambitious and the law couldn't ignore them anymore.

Of course, Oskar wanted to do something that kept them above water. He didn't particularly fancy living the outlaw life for this long, but his family was important to him, and surely they wouldn't just let him escape this easily without some form of punishment or consequence. Oskar had to do something.

It was another night, like any other, and Oskar was on the hunt for the men in the blue, just for a little chat. One cop was enough to assist in his own little plan to keep his family business intact and out of the jail cells, they just needed some persuading. How hard would that be? It wasn't his first rodeo, but Oskar wasn't quite sure what to expect in this life anymore, that was the beauty of living the criminal lifestyle. He had himself tucked within quite the conspicuous alleyway, the blaring lights of an obvious police car very closeby. Held in his hands was his trusty pistol used only for intimidation, but you never know these days.

Gun at the ready, face twisted into a cocky smirk, and a demeanor of slimy confidence, Oskar approached the car door and opened it. He had the women inside held at gunpoint before any movement could be made. [b "Well. I guess you're shit out of luck then."] He just casually shrugged with a 'brow smugly raised, staring at his own nails rather than the cop's face as if this was quite unimportant and boring to him. [b "Listen, lady. I need to ask for a favor, but any sudden movements and you can bid your life adieu."]
  Stripper / 17d 17h 50m 59s
[+Red "Hi! I'm Police Officer, Chloe Michaels. I was just hired and I'm proud to help try and make this city a better place!"] She said into the microphone at the ceremony they were having for people who were retiring this year. She got hired two weeks ago and it's already been rough. She's caught some robbers, thrown them in jail but others..oh shit. She would let them inter her house and tear her apart. It just depended though. She wouldn't tell if she either got the money or got some pleasure out of it. What? She was a sucker for tension and hot robbers. She wasn't worried about getting fired really. But most robbers she encountered would have her in the back of their car immediately. But she was trying to stop that now.

She was currently in her car in a dark alleyway, listening to her radio and sipping on some coffee. It was only 9 at night. But she knew some things were most likely to happen at night. So she was here. But no more rendezvous anywhere. No. She had to stop that or else she would lose her job. She sighed, sitting back and looking up at the sky. [+red "I need a boyfriend...I swear to fucking god.."] She whispered to herself, tilting her head when some cops began to speak over the radio.
  sadlolita / 21d 3h 18m 53s

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