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[Inconsolata 'Terradon Prime, star-date 3584.92, systems configuration in progress-please stand by.']

[Inconsolata 'The world you know is an illusion, Earth is gone. Blown to pieces by a massive asteroid that split apart the planet and destroyed most of humanity. What is left of the world drifts alone on idle spacecrafts, lost in the void without a destination and without much of a plan. People are safely tucked away in hibernation tanks, their bodies are hooked up to a mainframe of networking and cybernetic systems that keeps them alive. The Terradon Genesis Program funded and created Terradon Prime, a computer program that functions as the world we live in for our conscious minds.']

[Inconsolata 'Terradon Prime controls every aspect of your life, right now your physical body is laying in a tube with wires up your nose and down your throat. A machine breathes for you, gives you nutrients and keeps you unconscious throughout the hibernation cycle. Your job, that you go to every day, is not real; the food you eat is a figment of your imagination, the taste is what a computer tells you it is. The credits you earn and spend have no real value, the products you buy and the clothes you wear do not actually exist. The Terradon Genesis Program is currently in control of a hundred and seventy-five ships, powering enough data to simulate this world as a means to keep humanity going but at a cost-the shuttles are just floating aimlessly, the simulation takes up too much power to fly the spacecrafts at the same time... and as of a month ago, the automated system just plugged in its last few power cells.']

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[Inconsolata 'I tell you all this because of what you saw-the break in the simulation, the tear in the veil that covers our reality-you saw something you were not supposed to. Your consciousness is resisting the program, which causes distress to your physical body allowing you to shape Terradon Prime through reworking the code-you are what Terradon calls a hacker, though to the public they call you an assassin out for their heads. Like me. We are fighting to shut down the program, it's the only way for humanity to survive; the ships have been outfitted with several systems for sustaining life, as when the program started we used it as an entertainment tool, like virtual reality or a holographic simulation. The idea was to help people relax and unwind from being planet-less and the void of space crushing morale with each cycle.']

[Inconsolata 'How do I know all of this? -I'm one of the people who worked on the Terradon Prime program, it wasn't meant to be running all the time, draining the ships' power supplies. Yet my colleagues always wanted more, they enticed people more and more with the advancing technology, expanding the world until it [b became] our world, now all of the ships are connected to a singular source, the Genesis Tree. Millions of people are locked in a dream world that is not real, but they are not to be told until they are ready-it would cause their minds to break. The rest of the team who worked on the simulation are the Justicars, yeah, I bet you've seen them on the news-they made the world so they think they should rule it.']

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[Inconsolata 'The Justicars employ the Shogun Sentinels, vicious programs that are determined to root out the hackers, the so-called assassins, and anyone else working with me to unplug the program. We deserve to make our own choices, with our own lives-we need to get back to reality again, this world is nice but it's a fake. They wiped everyone's memory of Earth, and the lives we had onboard the spaceships, erased memories of family and friends when someone first signs on to the program. The longer you separate yourself from the program-the faster your memories will return. I will teach and train you to make the Terradon Prime project work for you, the stronger you get at influencing the code the closer we get to the mainframe and we can shut it down from within.']

[Inconsolata 'Make no mistake, in this world death still applies, if a Shogun catches you they will terminate power to your hibernation pod and you [b will] die. It is a slow and painful death. You are marked, whether you want to be or not-as soon as you saw the program breaking your irregular consciousness is flagged and it will make Shogun programs hunt you down. That is what the cybernetic suits are for, I designed them myself, they hide who we are by sending interference to the Sentinels. We are essentially masked from their detection, and it allows other properties of the program to change once you get the hang of it. It should be mentioned, that the life you had in this program is over, you cannot return to your families or hide with any friends, the only way out is out of Terradon Prime.']

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[center [b [+blue ~*Things to Know*~]]]
1. Guns, gunpowder and any manner of firearms do not exist in Terradon Prime, the weapons of choice are vibroswords and cybernetic blades. The RP is futuristic but still medieval weaponry because I like them. The society and fighting styles in Terradon Prime is modeled after Feudal China/Japan with a cybernetic-futuristic take.

2. The Assassins are hunted by the Justicars, a group branded as rogues and terrorists seeking to destroy the government. Political propaganda skew the populace into believing the Assassins are evil killers and should be turned in to a Shogun Sentinel immediately.

3. Shogun Sentinels are not actually humans, they are computer policing programs used to maintain order and protect Terradon Prime at all costs; Shoguns are recognized by their ornate horned armor and glowing red-orange swords.

4. The currency in the world is electronic credits that are paid and exchanged through a brace device worn on the wrist, illegal credits are credits that have been stolen and their tracking numbers have been scrubbed from the code file.

5. The cybernetic suits allow the wearer to slip by Sentinels undetected as a non-threat, covering up the branded mark for termination. The suit enhances strength, agility, dexterity and has many forms of attachments that benefit a hacker for defense and escapes.

6. The suits can only protect the wearer so much, if anything pierces the suit, the wound is permanent. The only thing that keeps the person alive in the real world is the automated systems that sustain the hibernation cycle. Wounds do not bleed out or get infected as the drop in vitals immediately causes the ship's systems to preserve the person in the pod.

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Name [i ]:
Assassin Alias [i ]:
Age [i (18+)]:
First Uncovered Memory:
Short History:
Suit's Special Ability [i ]:
Picture URL:
Cybernetic Suit [i (Optional)]:


Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=1001 Osiris]
Name: Wu Zihao
Assassin Alias: Shadow
Age: 35
Gender: Male
First Uncovered Memory: He has a son somewhere, he first started working on the program when his son was still a young child.
Short History: Zihao was one of the people who worked on the Terradon project, he helped design most of the world's layout to help bolster morale for living in space. However, when he brought up the idea to turn off the program and get back to living on the spacecrafts he was 'burned'. Being burned meant he had no contacts, no currency, and no companions-he was cut off from all his funds and his account was shut down, removed from the company in fear that he would jeopardize the program that kept the rest of humanity under Terradon's control. He then started the Assassin faction, being their leader and grand-master, he rescued the awakened from being terminated by Sentinels. By their side he continues to strike at the Justicars and the Shoguns, training the other Assassins through a strict code of honor, and will stop at nothing to shut the Prime mainframe down.
Suit's Special Ability: [b Shadowstep-]Zihao's extensive knowledge of Terradon Prime, decoding the system and creating the cybernetic suits allows him to jump from shadow to shadow, melding into the program and coming out of it as long as it is a darkened area.
Picture URL: [pic https://imgur.com/gaTh0sl.jpg]
Cybernetic Suit: [pic https://imgur.com/mhHGMGN.jpg]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80562 canadonewithursh-t]
Name: Devon Carter
Assassin Alias: Ghost
Age: 26
Gender: Female
First Uncovered Memory: She watched her mother die on a hospital bed.
Short History: Devon was forced into the simulator, from the very beginning she hadn't liked the idea of them. There was just something that hadn't settled with her. Then, one night whilst she was walking back to her room, the back of her head was struck and she fell, unconscious to the ground. When she woke up, she was back on earth. However, she knew that it wasn't her home. For days, she protested, refusing to eat, sleep, drink or interact with anyone. But, her memories of the real earth, her home, her family were slowly fading, blurring into nothingness. Until, the simulator became her reality. She forgot all about what had happened... That was until she saw the break in the system and she was pulled out from the simulator.
Suit's Special Ability: Devon's suit is enhanced to quieten any impact she makes upon a surface. More often than not, this makes her deathly silent and her targets never know that she is there.
Picture URL: [pic https://imgur.com/vrCIaKc.jpg]
Cybernetic Suit: [pic https://i.imgur.com/bYF4vSx.png]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80562 canadonewithursh-t]
Name: Andy McCoy
Assassin Alias: Maniac
Age: 19
First Uncovered Memory: Her father sealing her shut inside the pod.
Short History: Andy, daughter of a scientist working on Terradon Prime, was one of the first people to use the virtual reality. Only, they were trials, last minute tests to ensure safety before introducing them to society. She volunteered, wanting to help her father, and everything was running smoothly, perfectly even. However, when it was time to let the trials out, they found that something had gone terribly wrong with Andy's Pod. The scientists discovered that the brain signal had fried and thus entered her into a coma. Not wanting word to get out, they kept her in the pod still connected to power, as she would die if they pulled the plug. They erased all knowledge of that Pod or even Andy existing.
Suit's Special Ability: Andy can scale walls by walking or even running on them, due to the enhanced technology on the soles of her shoes.
Picture URL: [pic https://i.imgur.com/3O5NetQ.png]
Cybernetic Suit: [pic https://imgur.com/Go4hC7a.jpg]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=20678 Colorful_insanity]
Name: Kain Williams
Assassin Alias: Spirit
Age: Twenty-six
Gender: Male
First Uncovered Memory: Kain's first memory was that of sand. Lots and lots of sand along with a knife and blood all over his hands from a dead body.
Short History: Kain had just gotten back his first memory not that long ago. It had thrown him into a hole new world of shock when he discovered that his work for the government was nothing more then a fraud. Of course it was hard work still it was even harder hiding the fact that he is an assassin as well. he doesn't remember much outside of working for the governor of the city as a second sectary. All he ever did was file away the paper work.
Suit's Special Ability: [b Crimson Gaze]- This allows Kain to accurately acquire targets vital points even making his throwing of knives more deadly.
Picture URL: [pic https://i.imgur.com/n2USNSBm.png]
Cybernetic Suit: [pic https://i.imgur.com/4SZU5Xqm.jpg]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=268 Killmonger]
Name: Kuno Oumi
Assassin Alias: Viper
Age: 18
Gender: Male
First Uncovered Memory: Having been rather small, and having had his right arm cut off. The broken sobs of a woman somewhere behind him in this memory have led him to speculate that it may have been a relative.
Short History: Oumi had been introduced to coding at a very, very young age by his father, and had more or less developed an obsession with it. This attachment lingered even after he'd lost his memories to the pod's simulations, and he'd continued to study it as his time under Terradon's utopian spell went on. It was not until he'd finally perfected his craft and had taken up an occupation in cybernetics and sentinel repairs that the truth came to light for Oumi. He has since come to terms with it all, and continues to exercise his coding and cyberized prosthetic expertise each and every day... including on himself.
Suit's Special Ability: His arm, specifically, has the ability to produce and inject corrupted/reverse-engineered coding.
Picture URL: [pic https://i.imgur.com/UYgITMs.jpg]
Cybernetic Suit: [pic https://i.imgur.com/laKnwMU.jpg]

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[Left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3O5NetQ.png]] Andy stayed with the group, unknowing of what they planned to do, but what choice did she have? She had woken up to a strange environment surrounded by notes in her mother's handwriting. She understood what was happening as she had been told, but she was still confused… She felt lost, her head hurt from trying to process everything and Shadow was the only person she knew right now, even if she had only just met him. So, she quietly followed them all, asking questions when she could but not receiving the answers she needed. She would have to ask the man later, she wondered if he knew her mother, if any of them knew her mother… It was unlikely but she just had to find the woman, then everything would be ok…

It had been years since she felt her warm embrace, heard her soothing voice and contagious laugh. She needed her mother and would do anything to find her. She would also do the same for her father, but she would not run up to him as she would with her other parent… No, she planned to make him pay for what he had done. He was not her father anymore, for if he truly loved her he would not have left her for dead in the pod, he would not have tried to have her mother arrested nor would he continue to work for such a corrupt organisation.

The thought of him made her sick and there was a deep seated rage in her that was simply waiting for the right time to strike him…

She was pulled from the depths of her deranged mind when suddenly things turned dark and the group began to move once again, she knew she should have stayed behind, but something willed her to follow their lead. Both anxiety and excitement powered her adrenaline… She had been briefly explained that they were infiltrating their enemy's base with the help of an inside woman. It seemed unbelievable at first and it sounded more like the plot to a game. But as they travelled up walls, avoided security lights and suddenly came to a halt as they met another person in a suit. It was pointed out to her that this was Ghost, their spy, and Andy couldn't help but move closer as the new person and Shadow talked. But by the time she was near, the conversation was over and the group was on the move again. Though, she had managed to hear the name Spirit…

She decided to stick with Ghost, she heard a woman's voice very faintly from the other's mask.

[Right [pic https://i.imgur.com/vrCIaKc.jpg]] Devon, however, was puzzled as to why the new member decided to follow her. She assumed to be a new member, Zihao failed to mention them and so they must have been new. However, she recognised the suit from a drawing Jeanette had before Devon went undercover. She wondered how the woman was, where she was… Surely she would have joined them on this mission but she was nowhere to be seen. She hoped she wasn't hurt… She would have to worry later about her love, there were more important things at hand.
She had discussed with Zihao about the great number of Sentinels and Soldiers the base held, but she wasn't sure how many there actually were. It would seem she would find out as red coloured the painfully white walls, and they were surrounded.

Slipping out her bow and arrows, she fired one after the other, the pointed, sharp, electrifying heads nearly always finding their mark buried in Sentinels robotic head. She had forgotten all about her little follower until she was bumped into, causing her to miss. She growled under her breath and turned to face the other. "Why aren't you fighting? Is this all a joke to you?" The other shook their head quickly and Devon was surprised to hear a young girl's voice.

"No… I don't even know what I'm doing here… I just followed Shadow."

It could not be seen but the platinum blonde woman's glare softened, the girl's voice trembled with fear and confusion. She was about to ask Zihao why she was there but he was too preoccupied. She groaned under breath before bringing her attention back. "Right, uhm, just stay close kid, okay?" Another nod, but not another word. From that point onwards, Devon protected the girl more so than she did wiping out the Sentinels. She was constantly dragging and pushing her out of harm's way. Somehow amongst the chaos, she aided the group in clearing a path to Justicar Kelonis. She knew where he was, she knew how to get in, she could even still pretend to momentarily be on his side, trick him into leaving his room. Her only problem was the child. She sighed until she spotted a familiar suit.

"Spirit!" She called out over the fighting crowd, she did not know the man very well from spending most of her time in the base, but she had seen him fight and thought he would be able to handle protecting the young girl. She grabbed the girl by the wrist and ran over to the man. "I need you to look after this… Girl… Shadow picked her up on the way and she doesn't know how to fight." She quickly explained, however, she did not wait for an answer. Simply disappearing into the war that waged on in the base.

From this point on, she tried to avoid fighting either side, she did not want for a surviving Sentinel to catch footage of her destroying the robots, but then she also did not want to harm her allies. So, she slipped, skidded and dodged until she came to a clearing. She tucked away her weapons, straightened her uniform and made way to Kaelon. Her footsteps swift but silent, the bow on her back felt heavy, as if aching for more action. But it would have to wait. She walked down corridors and rounded many corners before reaching Kaelon's office. Two Sentinels kept their focus trained on her every move. She slipped out her security card and the metal beast scanned it. Its eyes briefly turned green to show she was safe, before the two parted to the doors to let her through. Inside, Kaelon was being guarded by four more of the robots. The newest design it seemed, their armour was stronger, reflexes higher and motions more fluid. They were more difficult to destroy, making it near impossible to get to their ward. The Justicars head snapped towards her before he sighed in relief. "Sergeant Major Devon." He visibly relaxed yet was still wrecked with terror. The thought amused her but she did not let it show. "Sir." She straightened her posture and saluted him. He told her to ease and that she did.

"Thank God you're still alive… I was worried that no one would be…"
"I barely made it out sir, its chaos out there… Which is why I have come to escort you to safety."

The Justicar visibly frowned and scoffed. "I am perfectly safe here, Devon. I have six Sentinels at my disposal."
"With all due respect sir, they have an army. They are tearing down anyone in sight. It's only a matter of time before they get here."
"Fine, but we should take-"
"I don't think it'd be wise to take one with us, sir. They are big and noisy, the enemy will easily be able to track us down and I know of secret passages that the Sentinels can't go down because it interferes with their hard drive."

Kaelon eyed her suspiciously before he sighed and nodded his head. He dismissed the Sentinels who immediately shut down. He then followed Devon, trusting her that she would take him to safety, she almost felt bad that she was leading him to his death. But then she remembered who he was, what he had done and that he deserved this. He deserved for his life to be taken like so many others. So she continued through the hidden walkways in the walls, directly to Zihao.
  canadonewithursh-t / 16d 15h 24m 58s
Kain had worried about his fellow Assassin, he should have known better. They did not for any reason live through the world without skill. While Ghost and him had not worked together before, he should have known that if their leader Shadow trusted her and trusted that she was alive then he should have as well. Kain mentally slapped himself when Ghost had responded her voice crackled over the line that the team was using to communicate.

As the group rushed towards the wall and place themselves against it his suit had changed colors to match the surroundings. He was known as Spirit for a reason his suit changed to whatever the surrounding around him was. the words we are in position came across the coms in his ears and even he heard the whisper from Shadow. With those the lights went out a few seconds later.

Rushing up the wall shortly after Shadow the male's decent was not an easy one like everyone's He had to make his way slowly down the wall as his suit wasn't made for impact. Once he got down kain looked to Shadow and back towards the wall as others came down. The few newer members joined them on the ground they rushed through the dark patches of grass. Just as they made it to one of the buildings the security systems kicked back on. The large glairing golden white yellow lights lite up the inner works of the compound like a Sunday afternoon for a good little bit.

While the lights all moved and did their deadly dance across the field the group moved across the open yard to the building they needed to enter. Once reaching the building Spirit noticed the bright glow of the Shogun Armor patrolling the walls and grounds like they were searching, and they likely were. It must have been the group they were hunting for, which meant they either knew the group was there or they wanted to make sure whatever caused the security breach was no longer there.

Shadow had disappeared and entered the building. As the rest entered the building Spirit turned to face the doorway long enough for the rest of the group to jump inside. Closing the door and locking it he turned and face Shadow. Having him take point Shadow disappeared. Spirit looked to the group and nodded. speaking in whispers to the team to make orders clear [b "We move forward slowly. Any humans we are to incapacitate if possible. Shoguns and Sentinels are to be destroyed upon contact."] Taking down the hallway Spirit had made sure to keep the pace evenly, but not to push the new recruits to hard.

Coming in contact with a few security units with a shogun or two in them they had swiftly dispatched the shoguns and moved on. Taking count Spirit made sure to keep track of those who they had dealt with on the way. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen...Twenty-Three. Twenty-four....Holding his hand up Kain motioned for them to guard the hallways. Putting his suit on stealth he climbed up to wall and walked across it using a small knife, as he went across the ceiling he kept a body count.

Spirit had just rounded a corner when Shadow and Ghost met up with them. Just as the group met up the alarm blared out, It must have meant they either found the bodies of the shoguns or those who had been knocked unconscious woke up and hit the alarm. [b "We are looking at several more shogun mixed in with human groups in our pathway and right at the door to the target room is several teams of Shogun, but these ones seem different."]
[i ]

[+red "We wait."] He replied Spirit calmly, something in his gut told him Ghost was still alive and even though he had no physical proof he would hold out for at least a little while. Shadow waited for what seemed like an eon outside the compound of Kelonis with the others, the soft red glow of his armored suit peeking out of the darkening shadows as night descended over Terradon Prime.

Zihao was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Ghost finally responded, her voice a welcomed one rising over the radio static and dead air. Yet she then sounded caught and cut the line and it was a few more minutes before she resurfaced. Shadow looked to Spirit and the others, motioning them to get ready near the compound walls. They'd only have a few precious moments of outage before the security generators kicked on.

[+red "We're in position. Now."] The giant spotlights turned off with loud clicks, the electrical grid along the walls shut down allowing him and the others free reign to scale the walls and jump into the compound and possibly their deaths. With various grappling hooks and lines stretching the length of the walls they climbed, keeping quiet to avoid detection from the watchtowers and soon they were all inside. Shadow and the others ran over dark patches of grass inside the enclosure like ninjas in the night, he pressed his back to one of the buildings right as the security systems came back online.

The large spotlights came on, glaring bright beams of white across the inner courtyard, the lights would circle the courtyard in a lazy but determined pattern, looking out for any anomalies to the system. From here to inside the building they moved in a cautious dance of darting and dodging, Shadow was the first to the building's side and would be the last one into the security sector where they would meet up with Ghost once inside.

Security Shoguns patrolled the edges of Kelonis, their signature armor peeking out from the shadows as night deepened over the program. Shadow was so preoccupied with their mission he nearly forgot they had a stowaway among them, the young woman outside their base 'Andy' was alongside them the entire way. He hardly even thought to her protection, yet she seemed to understand the severity of danger they were embarking on and kept silent with the others.

Once they all entered Kelonis Shadow could breathe a minor sigh of relief, though the risk of being caught was still very high the worst part of detection was over. Now they had to worry about the Shoguns inside the compound, the Justicar waiting in the heart of the military building. Not only would they have to fight the sentinels but there were security officials and soldiers-the humans still locked in the program they'd have to incapacitate. He'd prefer to leave them alive if at all possible. His students moved as a covert unit, Zihao motioned for Spirit to take point while he went to meet up with Ghost at the security terminals.

[+red "Glad to see you're still alive."] Shadow spoke quietly once he met up with Devon, a small respite to the mission as the veteran rejoined the group. [+red "How many soldiers are we looking at blocking our path?"] Spirit and the others would take care of any Shoguns that were in their way as they delved deeper into Kelonis' forces. Shadow and Ghost would bring up the rear, he drew his sword to be ready for opposition, stepping over sentinel bodies so far alarms were not raised, they may be able to reach Kaelon undetected.

Rejoining the others came with their luck running out as above them the loud blare of an alarm was sounded, the corridors were washed in a hostile red glow and they were forced to fight or run. Bodies were discovered back the way they came and Shadow heard the thunder of a dozen footsteps or more heading their way. He ordered the others to keep going for their objective, Kaelon would not get away, he would not allow it. They would cut down any shogun that got in their way and if he must-he would kill humans to reach the head of Kelonis' forces.

Within the center of Kelonis, Justicar Kaelon heard the alarm and knew who as coming for him, it was the same as Justicar Aiyuke and Delton before them, the alarm heralded the blade of death. In fear he ordered the doors barred and guarded by a legion of sentinels, the fact that the assassins made it into the building meant he would not be able to leave so he would seal himself away and send the throngs of military forces to protect him.

Shadow broke through the code of the program by the darkness, erupting behind sentinels as his sword took off their heads, slipping in and out of his namesake as he worked with the others to get to the Justicar. They utilized the fracturing of the program to their advantages, quickly cutting down and incapacitating soldiers who stood in their way. His blade became like a scythe cutting down the opposition like wheat in the harvest, the blaring of the alarm now forgotten, silenced to a soul who only had one objective in mind. Shadow was not the man he once was; the bright engineer, the scientist who sought to make life better for the refugees of Earth's shattered remains.

That man was dead, along with whatever family he had-that Terradon took from him, stole from him. He was now Vengeance... [right [pic https://imgur.com/mhHGMGN.jpg]]
  Wu Zihao / Osiris / 54d 22h 20m 6s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3O5NetQ.png]] Andy wasn't sure how she had been able to keep up with the people in the suits. They were fast and stealthy, with her walking amongst the public, her running was slowed due to the bustling crowd. But, she did it, they led her to, what appeared to be a hideout.

[I "Go in."]

A voice told her. It sounded like it had been whispered in her ear, but as she looked around, she was alone. She took off the helmet and found no indication of speakers or other communicating device. She quickly placed the helmet back, remembering back to the note… But them the voice, it repeated it's instruction:

[I "Go in."]

Over and over again, growing louder and impatient. It was soon shouting in her head, demanding that she go in. She screamed for it to stop, but it didn't, the voice just grew more threatening until her ears heard the click of a gun. The voice stopped and she was grateful for the sweet sound of silence. But now, she found herself in a rather difficult dilemma. The guards told her to stand up, hold her hands above her head and walk into the building… It seemed the voice would be getting what it wanted. They made her walk through several corridors before coming to a sudden halt, one of the guards approaching another in a suit. They talked before both of the guards left the two of them alone.

She carefully studied his suit as he spoke. He sounded familiar, but she couldn't remember where from… That voice left, what felt like, something pressing down onto the sides of her head. It made it hard to think. She knew Shadow was his name, but she didn't have any alternative.
"I'm Andy… I just followed two people in suits… I woke up to find the one I'm wearing with notes telling me to wear it and not take it off… But, it's a long story as to why I know things…" She didn't fancy telling this 'Shadow' guy everything. She couldn't trust him or anyone for that matter. Despite this, she stayed by his side as she searched her fuzzy memories for him.

[Right [pic https://i.imgur.com/vrCIaKc.jpg]] Devon knew Terradon wasn't to be trusted, there was just something that had never sat with her. Nobody listened to her. She was an army brat who followed in her parents footsteps, it was in her nature to be so distrusting of something new. But, this was different. She wasn't being precautious, she just knew.

When the Pods were optional, she refused to have anything to do with them and she carried her life out like she would on Earth. One by one, her soldiers, coworkers and friends fell to Terradon. They wouldn't come out for weeks at a time and were out for barely a few days before they returned. She understood why, it was a comfort for them. They had been taken from their homes and here was a piece of technology that gave them back some familiarity, something stable in these trying times. Devon thought it was foolish to pretend like everything was how it used to be, but she kept to herself and soon she was alone as everyone she knew succumbed to Terradon… That was until she was forced…

They took her at night, she had just returned to her chambers and settled into bed, slumber had just begun to take her conscious when she felt a small stabbing pain in her neck. Her grey eyes widened at the sensation and she found people in masks staring down at her as she felt her body begin to grow numb, like her muscles had frozen. She tried to move them, but no matter how hard she willed herself, she laid still. She made noises of protest, as the muscles in her mouth also refused to move, but the people just picked up her limp body and took her to a pod.

That was one of the first things she remembered when she woke up. But, the very first thing was holding her frail mother's hand, hearing the woman's staggering final breaths as she laid on a hospital bed… Her moments awake had been spent remembering the pain and it took her several days to get onto her feet properly. That was how she met Zihao, he helped her, recruited her. He told her the true intentions of Terradon and it satisfied her to know that her suspicions were real. That she simply hadn't been all in her head. Of course, she was more than willing to offer her skills and she proved to be a rather valuable asset to the man.

A spy, a woman on the inside, Miss Agent as some liked to call her. Her status in the army on Earth transferred when space became their home, this had been so that her life was an exact replica of how it used to be, but after she woke up, it meant that she could aid the cause in ways more than killing. She gathered information, made the people behind Terradon trust her and gain access to high security compounds. This allowed her to weaken her enemies defences from the inside whilst her comrades worked on the outside. However, she wasn't so sure if she would be trusted again after today.

She had just finished with a meeting, a meeting about Shadow and his organisation. It had taken everything in her not to smirk or laugh, it was quite ironic that they thought they had the upper hand when attack was to be delivered today. She now walked through the corridors swiftly and lightly on her feet to get to security, her suit laid under her uniform, silencing her footsteps. She did not wish to draw attention to herself as she did not usually travel down these corridors. She then heard Shadow's familiar voice from her ear piece. They hadn't spoken for at least six months and for all he knew, she could have very well been compromised. So, she slipped into an empty room to answer him.

"I hear you Shadow and I'm very close to the Security grid so be sure to be ready." She finally replied, but before she could even reply back, the door opened with an audible click and from the mirror's reflection she saw two Shogun Sentinels. Their lifeless, orange eyes stared at her back with their metal hands clasped around glowing orange swords. "Shit… One moment, I just need to take care of something." With that, she muted the ear piece and slowly turned to the Sentinels. "General Carter, we would like to know what you are doing here." However, she didn't answer them but instead rolled her shoulders and stretched out her arms.

Suddenly, she ran towards them, but before making impact, she rolled to the floor and skidded under their legs, jumping back to her feet so that she could close the door. She didn't particularly want any more interruptions and preferred to take the Shoguns down as quickly and quietly as possible. She kicked one in the back so that it stumbled forwards and then further dodged an attack from the other one. It was too close to use her bow, so whilst she had an open window, she took out a bow, jumped up and stabbed it into its head, dragging the arrow down. This caused its head to split and show the hard drive and wires to show. Then, the light in its eyes faded to black. It's metal body slumped to the floor with a loud crash and Devon pulled her arrow from its parted head.

She then saw the other ready itself to strike with its sword, but she managed to slip out a small dagger from her pocket and block it's attack. As it had both of it's hands on its sword, it tried to place all its force onto her. But, with the arrow still in hand, she swung her hand under its arm and forced the arrow head under its chin. It began to jerk and sputter, lights flickered on and off. She yanked the arrow out before running out of that room and continuing in with her mission. "Sorry, got caught up. Won't be long." She finally spoke to Shadow again, alerting him that she was ok after her little fight.

After rounding corners, avoiding officials and convincing the security team to leave… She stood in front of the control panel, alone. Years of work lead up to this point and now she couldn't quite believe she was here… Just to make sure that everyone was ready, she spoke with Shadow again. "Okay, I'm here… Say the word and I'll shut it down." She said, staring up at the various cameras overlooking the military compound, her hand tightly on a leverage that would shut the security systems off. She heard the word and immediately pushed down.
  canadonewithursh-t / 66d 15h 54m 3s
Kain had watched as more members of the ninja group joined them. He had guessed The leader had brought all of them for one reason or another, but kept those to himself. To see this many of their own ranks undergoing the same mission meant this target was either very high up on the Justicar rankings or the government had become far more secured on their justicars, or at least their important ones. Few still had light body guards and acted like nothing would hurt them, Soon finding the end of an Assassin's blade. Tapping his fingers together there was in total eight members of the team gathered up including the leader of them all, Lord Shadow.

Kain had watched and listened as Shadow spoke about their next target. Hearing the person was hold up in a Military Compound was something new to Kain. He could always blow up the wall, but knowing that doing that would mean causing all of them to be found out eliminated out his reason being there for blowing up the wall. Perhaps it was to be a sniper for the group incase Sentinels start popping up or the mission goes sidewase? He could only guess, but so far besides himself there were a few other sharp shooters so maybe not? Being dismissed he left the room and went to his own chamber within the compound.

The group worked as a family, giving shelter, food, necessities really. Most of all they had given Kain a sense of purpose. He wanted to be freed from the system and Lord Shadow had given him a chance and a way to reach it. A few bumps in the road only made Kain more like that annoying child you constantly gotta watch. Tagging on the collar around his neck his armor began slowly at first showing up on his body. It was like watching a snake peal out of its skin, only in reverse. The last thing to appear was the helmet. His suit was made of reds, blacks, grays, and white. It had a heat sensor and night vision in the helmet, even camouflage and color changing to match the background of whatever he was in. It made him a good sharp shooter with bow and arrow.

Gathering the rest of his gear, some small explosives when set alight and a little flint and steel which would flick together on a touch of a button which Spirit had set up himself. The only way to put the fire out would be to throw dirt on it instead of water. Going through his head in a check list he went through it. [i Armor; check.] Tapping on the collar around his neck. [i Weapons; check.] Tapping on the bow and arrow strapped to his back. The set of throwing knives attached to each hip and upper arms. The small swords attached to his back. [i Aid Provisions; check.] Tapping the small black bag attached to both sides of his hips.

Leaving his room and the compound Spirit didn't have his fully body armor active, but enough to hide under his clothing. His weapons hidden inside the armor itself just like normal things. Making his way to the rendezvous point He saw yet another person join the group that made nine to the group. Hearing the plan Spirit nodded and followed Lord Shadow to the wall and waited. They would not know if the little secret weapon was inside or not. Whispering Kain asked. [b "Lord Shadow, if Ghost does not answer what then?"] They hadn't spoken about a fail safe plan.
[i ]

Zihao had gathered enough assassins to take on a particularly nasty Justicar, and it came as a shock to some that he would be joining the assignment himself. As he talked in the office he made it very clear that death was always a factor in these assignments, one wrong move or turn could destroy everything and get all of them killed-they needed to have the utmost secrecy if they were going to succeed. Every recruit were decked out in suits of his own making, every portion was hand crafted for power, deflection and adaption to one's surroundings. He crafted the suits to fit the wearer, not just in measurements but their personality and temperaments, just as they would grow into their alias personas the suit became an extension of their bodies. Growing and moving with every problem that arose, quick thinking and manipulation of the program would allow them to shape the world as they wanted.

[+red "Our target is Justicar Kaelon, a judiciary authority responsible for the wrongful imprisonments and deaths of our brothers and sisters. Kaelon is an opponent you must respect if you face him in combat, underestimate and disrespect his power and you will die. He's holed up in one of the military compounds on the fringe of the city."] Zihao pulled up the location through a holographic map that filled up the room and showed the base in its entirety. It was a very large building surrounded by high external walls and several watchtowers, manned by hundreds of sharpshooters ready to rain electrical bolts of hell down upon them.

If one of them gets hit with one of their arrows the suit's power system becomes fried, and the wearer would now be exposed to fatal harm with no protection. The pulse from the bolt would be enough to kill a grown man through electrocution, the volts were strong enough to not only incapacitate a person but could cause heart failure. He explained this at length, to make sure his students knew what they were up against. Zihao gave the option to back down if any did not want to risk their lives, there was no shame in this, because they will live to defend the rest of the rebellion later on.

[+red "Everyone go get ready to move out, take weapons to kill-nothing can stop us from our target."] He dismissed them and set about getting his gear ready. His suit was comprised of grey and white, his first prototype, layered with black cloak and hood, his vibrosword katana at his side, glowing red with a thirst for blood. Clicking onto radio frequency through his head piece he checked in with the others, giving them time to meet him outside. They didn't seem to get far when a guard had waved Zihao down, he broke off from the others and conversed with the guard, he motioned and talked about a girl that managed to find their location-as hidden as it was this would be considered a miracle. Shadow ordered the rest of the squad to meet at their rendezvous point for the Justicar through radio, and he went to meet this mysterious spy. She wore a suit he did not make, the mesh pattern was different; the helmet sensors and mechanics were created by different hands as he studied the girl he finally came to speak.

[+red "You are either very lucky or very observant to have found your way here, I must apologize for being so cautious, my guards are very vigilant. Something about you... seems off. Most of the newly awakened are not so accustomed to the Program."] The red glow along his visor increased as he analyzed more of the gifts the girl received, [+red "Forgive my lack of manners, you may call me 'Shadow'. Who are you?"] There was a reason he did not give out his real name, too many people could reveal him and his location to the sentinels; and being their number one priority elimination target meant he clung to his alias like a shield.

It is funny how plans change, after Zihao spent a little bit talking with Andy they both set off to return to the group. Shadow needed people, Andy was probably untrained and unfamiliar but during this assignment he would need to keep her safe. Once they reached the rendezvous point short introductions were made and Shadow could continue with the preparations. He talked his plan aloud so the others understood, Zihao had a secret inside this compound, this base may have been too bulky to force their way inside save for the secret. An assassin on the inside, their radio frequencies were finally close enough that Shadow could talk to his agent inside the base.

A woman of sharp wit and keen skill paraded around as a military officer, working for the justicars and using their high ranking status to influence things in favor of the rebellion. A phantom in the halls, death lingering around every corner, a ghost in the night. Ghost was an agent Shadow could trust completely, she was behind enemy lines-sometimes for months or years-constantly on the threat of being discovered, the mental fortitude to resist caving in was immense. Yet Ghost held on, possessing an inner strength and reliability that Shadow could never replace.

Finally they were close enough and Shadow sent out the call to Devon, if she was still alive she'd answer. She was their key to access the inside of the compound, Ghost would be able to power down part of the security grid, shut down the sensors to one of the watchtowers as they'd then scale the high walls to get inside the compound. That would be the easy part, easily explained as a shortage frying a fuse but trouble would begin once they got to the courtyard. Kaelon had large sweeping lights that constantly roamed over the inner grounds, they'd have to dodge and worry about not getting caught in the beams. The sentinels patrolling everywhere would swarm if they were found, the suits delayed and disrupted the sensors of the Shoguns only for so long-the searchlight would ruin everything.

[+red "Ghost, this is Shadow, do you copy?"] Everything was riding on the response, if he could not reach Ghost on the inside the mission would have to disband and try another time. His heart was thudding in his chest, waiting and practically straining his ears to hear any sound, any kind of acknowledgement, his breath caught in his throat. Static. [+red "Ghost, do you read me?"] [right [pic https://imgur.com/mhHGMGN.jpg]]
  Wu Zihao / Osiris / 104d 9h 9m 15s
Andy knew everything before she woke up. She knew what had happened to her, what Terradon had done, what her father had done…

She was sixteen years old when the scientists were ready to run human trials on the Pods. They were, without a doubt, certain that everything was perfect. Her father was so sure that he allowed his daughter to be one of the first trials. To ensure the safety, they were going to run several tests, starting with one hour in the pod, then they would slowly increase until the participants had spent an entire month in the Pod. After every test and trial each person came out safe and unharmed. That was until the last one, her father was unlocking the pods and helping everyone get out, ensuring they were all okay before sending them off to the doctors for a medical check.

Andy's Pod was last, but as he checked her stats, he noticed that the brain signal had been fried, thus placing his daughter into a coma. At first, he was distraught and was immediately going to run to the Doctors, however, he slowly began to realise that he and his team had worked too hard for Terradon not to be released and if word spread of a trial failing and ended up with someone being in a coma… Well, it would set them back years. So, they locked away the Pod, deleted any files that the Pod even existed and deleted every piece of evidence of Andy. This had included placing an Assassination target on her mother, but the woman had escaped with a man called Zihao.

How did Andy know all of this? Well, her mother was a clever person, more clever than her father. The woman had found Andy's Pod and left messages within the coding. It was intended for when she woke up… But… That wasn't the case. She was in a coma, but her consciousness was still stuck in Terradon. She was kept apart from everyone else and so what she saw was very, very different.

At first, it was an endless white void, with nothing or no one within it but her. Then shapes, people, sceneries would randomly appear. She would be walking in the void and suddenly a car would be driving straight towards her, only to disappear before it could hit her. She could summon whatever she liked, whether it was food or some place to sit, but she was never really given what she wanted. She was alone in there for a month before she heard her mother's voice. She had simply thought she had gone mad when she first heard, but then the messages became more regular and they would be the only thing that kept her sane. She knew the passage of time as her mother spoke of dates, updating her of the world and what was happening. Then, she'd sign off by telling her how much she loved and missed her.

Otherwise, it was just Andy. By herself. Alone with her thoughts, and feelings. Her mind was fine for the first month or so, she simply craved human interaction and touch. But after a while, she began to slip. She started to see hallucinations. Nothing was ever real, but she couldn't tell the difference between what the Pod was making and what her mind was seeing. Anxiety would pull and attack at her, tearing her apart from the inside out. Then, one day, she made the decision to make her own conversation and she began to talk to anything that appeared in her void. Overtime, the objects began to talk back.

She was stuck there for three years, patiently awaiting her mother's messages. To hear her soothing, warm voice each week. But, suddenly, they stopped. She didn't know how long for, as she had lost the ability to keep track of time, and it worried her. Her mother had never failed to send her a message… It was strange… Things only took an even stranger turn. One day, it felt like she was being sucked from her white void, the world she had known disappearing around her. Then, she was opening her eyes and, what was once endless white was now four walls and a lamp hanging from the ceiling. Her brows furrowed slightly and she very slowly sat up. This wasn't where she had been put to sleep, that was the only thing she was sure of.

She looked down and found sheets hugging at her body, she gently clutched at them and smiled at their softness. Her gaze turned to the window and she birds soaring through a blue sky. Tears began to well in her eyes as she crawled to the window so that she could look down at the people. It all felt so real… But then, she remembered… This wasn't real. Her mother had told her so, she was just simply awake within a simulation. She wiped at her eyes and crawled out of the bed.

She thought that she would rejoice at the thought of being awake, at being able to feel again, interact again. But it wasn't real, it just seemed like it. She looked to the mirror and saw her figure. She didn't recognise herself. Her body stick thin as her clothes hung like potato sacks over her frame. Her skin was pasty and sickly looking, her hair was long and overgrown. But, the thing she hated the most was the colour. It was a light, blonde, the same as her father's… After everything he had done to her, to her mother and to society, she didn't want it. She didn't want to look any part of him.

Andy glared at the reflection for a moment before she began to hobble around the apartment. Her body, ears and eyes were still getting used to being in this environment, but her determination and stubbornness was not going to let her sit around and wait. In the wardrobe, she found clothes, all in her style and a suit… She wondered if this had been the work of her mother. This was confirmed to be true as she found a note attached to the cybernetic suit, written in black ink on a yellow sticky note were 'WEAR THIS - love mum.' She pulled the suit from its hanging and carefully changed into it.

It was mostly black, save for patches of red and dark, grey. They were of a harder material and she assumed that they armour. Next she moved to the bathroom where she would proceed to raid through the cupboards and find another note. This time, it was attached to a box of green hair and dye and it read. 'I KNOW YOU ALWAYS WANTED THIS - Love, mum.' she smiled slightly again and without a moment's hesitation, she cut her hair, after finding a pair of scissors, and followed the hair dyes instructions. What was once blonde hair was now a pale, mint green and she felt a bit better. The only thing missing was her mother, throughout the apartment were the notes and objects. Gifts that she loved, reminders that nothing was real and more additions to the suits. A helmet and pair of trainers. The notes told her to wear them before going out, otherwise [i they] would kill her.

Eventually, she made it out of the apartment and everything looked just like earth. It was frighteningly identical and she had to repeat in her head of the truth. Of course, the people were real. But the pavement she walked upon wasn't. The trees that stood tall, donned with dark, green leaves, weren't. She muttered it under her breath and received several strange looks. She looked up the roofs of the houses and buildings, looking for anything or anyone out of the ordinary… and she almost missed them. If she hadn't been paying so close attention, they would have been gone in a blink of an eye. But she saw them, people in cybernetic suits. So she did what any normal person would do and followed them...
[Right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Go4hC7a.jpg]]
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The early morning, the time where it was dark enough outside the street lights started to turn off but light enough yet that people were still actively running around the city. Cars floated and whipped around the streets like they own them. One specific silver car speed past even the other ones going above the speed limit set in the city. Inside was a single justicar, around the silver car was four black ones each one holding at the minimum of two sentinels with holding the possibility of more. Following up the tallest building close by a single man was covered in all white, he had removed the cloth of black from over his armor. He blended in with the clouds that floated above most of the city.

A voice came over the intercom that buzzed in his left ear. [i "Your target is right there. In and out, no witnesses."] The figure drew off his armor a single round circular little device. Placing his finger on the top it began to glow a slight shade of red. Looking back to the road from the device in his hands the man started clicking his tongue as he counted waiting for his target to go through the first checkpoint in the frames he had set on his visor to the suit he wore. It wasn't until the last car was passing over the last marker that a bomb went off causing it to flip over onto the others and causing a traffic jam. The other black cars screeched to a stop. Sentinels came flowing out of their cars and started swarming around the justicar who crawled out of their own car. a little bit of blood upon their head. [b "Secure the area."] was all the male spoke as he dusted off his white suit. As the sentinels swarmed the area the justicar just looked at their own car, demolished from the explosion and the other car landing right ontop of his own.

another buzz of the coms on his left ear [i "I said no witnesses Spirit."] That was his codename, and would remain so until he passed away or until their goal was realized. [#c81423 "I know Lord Shadow. I will make sure of it."] Kain pressed a single button and exploded the rest of the mines destroying the few accessible road ways so no other cars could get to the area. With that done he jumped from his outlook drawing out from his suit a bow shooting off arrows one after another as he dove from the building's rooftop. While it seemed he didn't have any targets in mind Spirit had deadly accuracy with any projectile weapon.

As he tumbled down through the air he managed to put the bow away and land on his feet, the force of the landing however pushed his body still to the ground making Kain put his hands on the ground as well. Standing the male tapped his suit twice on the head gear. The armor itself faded into the black starting with his feet and working its way up like scales were being flipped over. Kain Slowly stalking the few remaining pray; as he did so a buzz came across again. [b "Two minute warning."] a clear female voice rang out in his ears with those words. It was the scanner in the armor. Making it up to the first group of sentinels Kain watched as the group were taken out at the head by the arrows he had shot off earlier. stalked up to the road; it was already to late the judicar laid dead an arrow in the man's throat, another in his leg to keep him pinned to the ground. Kain walked up to the man and removed the arrow from his leg, but left the one in his throat. It seemed the judicar was alive, but wouldn't be for much longer. he lost a lot of blood; it was even free flowing still from the wound.

Taking a knife Kain dug it deep into the head. [b "One minute warning."] Spirit grabbed the arrows from the bodies and disappeared like he had never been there just as the sirens of the other sentinels were blaring into view. No witnesses were left as his orders were, he even took the head of judicar to prove he was successful. The only evidence that was left of anything happening at all was the sentinel bodies, the damaged cars, and the obvious damage to the roads around the area.

[center [b ~.~.~.~]]
Having a few hiccups along the way Spirit became a veteran assassin even allowed to take on harder missions with other teams. With justicars becoming harder to kill it took more then one assassin usually, but Kain had suspected the next target was far harder to do considering Shadow had gathered a team for him and Kain trusted the lord Shadow even without knowing who he truly was. Making his way to the office Kain knew that the team would be assembling considering Shadow was talking to the recruits and would be headed to his office himself.
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[i ]

Terradon Prime was awash with blue and white, the deep settling blanket of clouds overhead provided the rooftops with several places of cover, as a man crouched along the sheer edge overlooking the large city below. Only the soft glow of the red lights of his suit gave away his position, concealing the rest of him in darkness, he passively watched shuttles whiz by at high velocities. A companion quickly headed his way from the rooftop access, a woman knelt beside his shadowed silhouette, her voice coming from her own cybernetic suit-the contrasting blue lights melted into Terradon's beautiful blue nighttime glow.

[+red "You're late..."] He didn't even look at his companion, who dipped their head in apologies.

[i "Sorry, Shadow, it won't happen again, I got stuck along the-"]

[+red "-Luckily for you, so is our target."] The man named Shadow carried on with a quiet disregard for any excuses, the official they were hunting was also running behind schedule due to the large influx of traffic jamming many highways. They crouched in silence for a few minutes, until Shadow pointed to a long shuttle vehicle pulling up beside their building. [+red "There. You have five minutes."] His companion gave a silent nod and whisked away into the shadows, Shadow optically zoomed in on the vehicle relaying to the woman entering the premises of eight Sentinels escorting one Justicar.

After the nine entered the building Shadow's vision was impaired, he'd have to rely on his student to make sure things went smoothly. They had this one shot for Justicar Aiyuke before the man left the city for a long time, they were becoming harder to hunt since the last Justicar was taken down. There was some static feedback from their communication relays before the woman's voice spoke in a hushed whisper, there was a problem and problems were something they could not afford.

[i "You didn't tell me there was a child here. Shadow, what do I do?"] The worry of being discovered was heavy in her voice.

[+red "Incapacitate them, Poison."] There was a stutter, a hesitation before he knew she wouldn't be able to go through with it. These missions were not for the feint of heart and required no witnesses, her hesitation would cost them their only shot they've had in five years. [+red "Has your position been compromised?"]

[i "No, no one has seen me yet. It's just a girl, Shadow, I don't think we need to-"]

[+red "-We cannot allow any witnesses and you are running out of time. Three minutes, get a move on."] Yet Shadow was already on the move, placing a hand into a shadowed corner he split the program's code and enveloped himself within the mass of tangled numbers and abbreviated codes. He melded into the scenery and emerged from a darkened room several floors below his rooftop perch. The black shadows broke with the red glow of his suit, he heard his student's protest, wanting to leave the little girl alone but her requests fell on deaf ears.

Shadow had cut off the signal to their radio, relying on silence to apprehend the child before they blew the operation. He clamped a hand over the child's mouth, lifting them off the ground in one motion before shoving a tranquilizer needle into their neck. It was fairly fast at work but they were running against the clock now, he didn't say a word to his student, biting his tongue as he incapacitated the young human and taking them back into a dark bedroom. He could not lose this chance, he would not.

[i "Shadow, I'm sorry, I..."]

[+red "Get out."] He hissed at her, she recoiled as if he struck her, forcing him to repeat himself louder before she finally left to escape back towards the roof. He'd do things himself if he had to-she wasn't ready-he thought she was and she [i said] she was, but she wasn't able to see beyond what her eyes were telling her. She didn't see the coding, the unconscious brain still attaching itself to the guise of humanity. Shadow had no patience for those who lie to get further ahead, it was far better to say one was not ready than to force them into a position that made them uncomfortable.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
Poison sat on the overhang of the Pit-an entire room filled with computers, scanners, holograms and speakers dedicated to their cause of shutting down Terradon Prime; all the while people milled down one aisle to the next, unaware to the woman sitting above them-a clank from the right made the woman turn, her legs dangled over the metal brackets and swung back and forth restlessly. Shadow gave a small labored sigh as he made his way from the ladder and invited himself to take a seat beside his associate and apprentice.

[+red "Knew I'd find you up here, it's quiet here."] Shadow's eyes crinkled slightly in a small smile but one knew it was a feeble attempt. He pulled a strange electronic box from his pocket and began to tinkered with it, working at several gears and wires, several minutes of silence passed between the two of them. Poison tried not to but she felt her eyes prick and burn from the angry tears that welled up, she was struggling with finding the words to talk about what they had to do, what she failed at doing.

[i "I thought it would get easier, these kinds of jobs. We should be more than just assassins, more than hired killers, fighting in a war we didn't ask for. It should get easier, shouldn't it?"] Shadow messed with some frayed wires before replying.

[+red "No. The only thing that gets easier in this life is our ability to lie and convince ourselves that [i one day] things will be different. That one day, in the future, we could look back and find solace with the life we had led."] Another set of wires were twisted together, [+red "Yet you were given an order and it had to be followed, regardless of how raw you may feel about it. She would have alerted the authorities and the Sentinels would waste no time in chopping your head off."]

[i "She was a little girl, what harm could she do?"]

[+red "You can answer that question yourself, you did plenty of harm when I first found you. One cannot truly know peace until they have experienced the war; your wars are still ahead of you, Poison, when a chance for peace comes do not hesitate to reach for it as they are few and far between."]

[i "It still doesn't mean I have to like it, you want us to knock out children."] Shadow remained silent again as he continued mending the electronic device.

[+red "It was either knocking them out, or killing them, which would you rather happen? It is not our station in life to question the orders given to us-"]

[i "-So if the mission required you to kill yourself, would you do it without question?"] Another long pause of silence.

[+red "For the betterment of our organization and the salvation of the rest of humanity? To remove the program from controlling everything? Yes. I would die for this without question."] Poison shook her head and scoffed, climbing to her feet she went to the ladder before Shadow's voice stopped her again, [+red "You still have such [i passion] for life, Grace, many here have forgotten it and only live for the deaths of others. It is something I hope you never lose, when time tests you..."]

[center [b ~*~*~]] [center [Inconsolata ~Two Years Later~]]
Zihao sat in his office going over several holograms of a building's blueprints, his reflection mirrored his furrowed expression typing away into a third program that highlighted several sections. He was removing coding, essentially 'opening up' the building for his students to have access for their newest assignment. Shadow did not usually go on assignments these days, most of his time was now spent in training and preparing the new Awakened for the dangers that now rose up against them.

Not since Grace died.

He should have known better, he should have looked into her case more, he should have... No. Her death was not on his hands, he had no control over it, and the more vicious the Shoguns became the harder it was for the hackers to get out of situations alive. The hostile programs were whittling down the hackers slowly, but Zihao was running out of capable trainees. Not many were waking up, or not many wanted to wake up, the Terradon program controlled every facet of their lives. It was dangerous to try and force them out of the simulation, they would never survive if he pushed the issue before they saw it for themselves. There was a knock at his door and a familiar face popped in, drawing his attention from hacking the grid.

"We've got some new Awakened being brought into the training yard, some are pretty shook up. There was a giant crash along Fifth and Gregor Avenue, understandably some saw the split in the mainframe-they're stable for now but they could use your reassurance, Shadow." Zihao nodded, signing out of his work and getting up with a slow crack at his knees-the toll on his body was getting worse each day. The cybernetic suit helped soften a lot of the physical abuse their bodies went through but after so many years his body was beat up more than he'd like it to be.

Keeping his vibrosword at his side the grand-master visited with the new members, he provided a calm voice of reason, helped quiet the hysteria as he explained what Terradon Prime actually was. He knew it would take a lot longer than a single conversation to sort out the confusion, but he let them know that they were safe and secure. They were among others like them now, and the Shoguns would have to break down every assassin in their hideout to get to anyone. Zihao would not allow that to happen, he could not-not after everything they've done already.

The Mainframe still was out of their reach, but it was a goal he was determined to complete, he would throw everything he had at the remaining Justicars to get the program shut down. They took everything from him-everything from every assassin under his command-they lost their memories, their families and loved ones, every chance they had to maintain a normal life after Earth's destruction was stolen from them the moment they went into hibernation and booted up the program that he helped create.

For his contribution to Terradon Genesis he would pay dearly to undo what he made, it was never meant to take over their very lives-it was for entertainment and relaxation... At least that's what he made it to be, but the others-they just kept going, refusing to stop adding more that drained the ship's power supplies, and even when he told them of the power shortages they laughed at his concerns. Zihao was a hard teacher, but he was hardest on himself for what he now viewed as his fault-he had a life before Terradon, he had a family, and he threw it away for a virtual reality to feel like he was on a planet again, to have some form of normality after the asteroid.

[+red "I know these next few days are going to be confusing for you, but you are among friends here. We will get a few measurements and then in a few days I will make suits for you to bypass the Sentinels."] He motioned to the entire base of operations, [+red "You are free to explore and acclimate yourself to your new home, I'm sure a few others, my students, are eager to meet you. We'll start your personal training in a week or two, we want to make sure you are ready first."]

Zihao smiled lightly before excusing himself, allowing the mass of apprentices clamoring to meet the new associates to have their moment. The teacher pulled aside a few of his students, placing a hand on their shoulder was a hidden signal that he wanted to speak with them, they would convene in his office for briefing. He had to put together a team to take down their newest target, he could influence or move the building codes to help get them into the building but taking down the Justicar would need some skilled assassins. [right [pic https://imgur.com/mhHGMGN.jpg]]
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