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[center Pierre made a mental note to be extra diligent about Rosabelle taking necessary work breaks as she spoke. He certainly noticed how the woman spoke about her other jobs, but Pierre honestly felt confused about having more than just one just. Maybe he could understand two in America. But three? Pierre did not know why, or how, Rosabelle could do that to herself. But he quickly wrote it off as benign Swiss ignorance. [#2e1256 “Relaxing and unwinding is usually for downtime and vacations, but if that’s how you choose to look at this then I support that.”] Pierre nodded. He then had to wonder if giving Dawson his contact information was a mistake because of the other’s smirk, but this was a purely professional circumstance. Pierre just did not want Rosabelle to panic and think she would lose the job before even getting a legitimate start.]

[center But when Dawson left, Pierre looked over to Rosabelle, slightly confused. [#2e1256 “I know you warned me beforehand… But is he always like that?”] the male inquired, shaking his head. Pierre then reoriented himself to focus on work so he could get Rosabelle acclimated to her new job. But then the woman began to apologize for her brother, but Pierre only waved a hand in response. [#2e1256 “Honestly, he reminds me of people that I know back home, which is quite funny. Aesthetically, behaviorally, all that. [i Men], I tell you. There’s definitely a fair share of love-hate there.”] he chuckled. The man then went on to listen to her explanation about this being her third job. She didn’t have to explain her motives, but Pierre felt great sympathy for her situation. [#2e1256 “I get that. Sometimes we might fall on hard times, but there is strength in admitting that you need assistance and asking for it. Although I would wager that he doesn’t feel like you’re a burden if he felt the need to come in here and scope it out for himself.”] Pierre calmly responded.]

[center [#2e1256 “Just take a deep breath, though. You will be fine. We’ll have a good day.”] Pierre tried to reassure her before motioning for her to follow him to the massage room where he had sheets and towels to fold. He liked to keep everything and neat and clean as possible at all times. And Pierre figured the best place to start was showing her how to ‘spa fold’ the necessary linens before setting up the massage table so she knew what it should look like. [#2e1256 “And if it helps if you want a massage like once a week or so we can do that. I feel it can help you out with relaxing outside of yoga sessions.”] he offered. Pierre wanted Rosabelle to feel as comfortable as possible during her time at the studio. So, and extra appointment or two didn’t bother him in the slightest.]

[center The day wore on and overall it felt routine. While he was in massage appointments Pierre had tasked Rosabelle to keep an eye on social media messages and the studio phone. He did need to show her more how to use the electronic appointment calendar, but in the meantime he allowed her to jot new appointment information on paper for later. And after the last client was checked out, Pierre tossed the soiled linens into the wash before going back up to the front desk. [#2e1256 “Hey, Rosabelle, random question. You wouldn’t happen to know of decent local bars around here, would you? I’ve been wanting to go out a little bit more in my free time if I’m not squirreled away in the forest. I have heard about a few places in passing. But I don’t know what’s good around here.”] he asked, leaning against the high counter. [#2e1256 “Because I have been having a hell of a time finding good beer around here, let alone quality liquors. But if you don’t know, that’s fine.”] Pierre added, musing on the subject within his own little thought bubble. [#2e1256 “I don’t want to spend my entire time here being a woodland hermit, you know?...”]]
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[font "times new roman" Rosabelle wanted nothing more than to strangle her brother. She was pissed that he had spilled the beans about her other two jobs, and now she was starting to worry about losing this one. The only job she knew she could relax at, and deal with adults instead of children and teenagers. When Pierre told her to take her breaks like she needed too, she nodded lightly. [#C4788E "I promise you I will take them when I need too. I won't over do it. My other two are somewhat slow anyway, since I teach piano for only a couple hours a day, and then my art classes on the weekends, so this one if pretty much my so called relaxing and unwinding job"] she said with a small smile. She meant it too. She wasn't about to disappoint either one of the men.]

[font "times new roman" Dawson watched his youngest sister and the way she lit up talking about her other two jobs. She was a really passionate woman, and he loved her for it. He knew the real reason as to why she took on this third job, but he didn't like it. He would talk to her later about it. When the other male told him to take a gift bag, he was slightly surprised. He raised a 'brow slightly and Rosabelle shot him a look. [#C4788E "Don't be an asshole, I know where your mind is going"] she hissed. The male looked at his sister an smiled sheepishly. She did know him a little too well. [#E67E22 "Thank you for the gift bag, and I'll make sure to program your number into my phone"] he said with a small smirk.]

[font "times new roman" The comment about bed partners seemed to capture his interest though. He wasn't about to let that one slip. He kept his mouth shut though as the other two started to walk off. He stopped Rosabelle real quick. [#E67E22 "I'll see you at home, and we will talk later."] he said lightly The woman looked towards her brother and nodded lightly [#C4788E "Yes, we will need to have a long ass talk when I get home"] she said back. The male nodded and then slipped out the door. He knew that the woman was in good hands too. He worried about her though, because of everything else going on.]

[font "times new roman" He walked to the car and unlocked it, and slid in behind the wheel. He put the bag beside him on the seat, and then looked towards the building. He knew that Rosabelle was in good hands, but he wanted nothing more than to stick around. He didn't though. He started the car and pulled out of the parking stall and headed back towards the house. Meanwhile back inside Rosabelle was taking notes on what Pierre was talking about. She knew what he wanted, and she was more than willing to make sure everything ran smoothly. [#C4788E "I'll be more than willing to do whatever you need. Paperwork, making sure everything is cleaned up, I'll do my best"] she said lightly.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E "I am sorry about my brother though.. He's stubborn, and I just.. I don't know.. I'm also going to apologize for not telling you about my other jobs as well. I promise you I won't work myself to the bone, that's why I'm only working a couple of days for you. If I don't have classes for piano or art, I'll most likely pick up the extra slack here, because I'm trying to get back onto my feet. I'm staying with Dawson, and I guess I feel like I'm being a burden to him. So please understand why I didn't tell you.."] she breathed out. She wasn't meaning to sound like a pity party, because that's not what she was looking for. She just needed some sort of understanding.]

[font "times new roman" She bit the inside of her cheek as she wrapped her arms around herself. [#C4788E "What do you want me to do first?"] she asked the male. She couldn't wait to throw herself into her work, and just forget everything that had happened ten minutes ago.]
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[center Pierre felt like he was lightly dozing before he heard the entrance doorbell go off, signaling that somebody was walking in. He straightened up in the chair he was previously leaning back in to see who it was, and he was happy to see Rosabelle walking in. And he assumed that the man that was with her was her brother that she had been talking about. Pierre had to stifle laughter because the stark contrast between them was initially hilarious as hell. Rosabelle looked like she’d give you the stars and then some if you simply asked. Whereas her brother looked like he’d eat your soul if you remotely breathed in his direction the wrong way. [#2e1256 “I appreciate you coming in early rather than late. And don’t even sweat it, I could use the help honestly.”] Pierre noted before his gaze shifted over to Dawson. [#2e1256 “Of course. The pleasure is all mine.”] he responded with a kind smile. [#2e1256 “Please do take the gift bag. It has a few different items in there for you since Rosabelle told me about you yesterday.”] Pierre gently insisted as he stood from the desk.]

[center Dawson’s follow-up question caught Pierre slightly off guard, though. It definitely wasn’t the other man’s business what his visa time was, but the Swiss male really didn’t care much in all honesty. [#2e1256 “I’m due to go back to Switzerland in 6 months if I don’t renew my work visa.”] But then Pierre processed the fact that Rosabelle had two other jobs to contend with at the same time. This made him stop mid-thought with a furrowed brow. He then looked over at Rosabelle, feeling more concerned than anything. [#2e1256 “Why would you want a third job? That’s an awful lot to take on at the same time.”] Pierre inquired, second guessing his decision. Yes, he could certainly use all of the help, but he didn’t want to be partly responsible for running an innocent young woman into the ground! It really felt like a bit of a clusterfuck in that moment, though, because Pierre hadn’t known about the two other jobs, but clearly Rosabelle didn’t want Dawson to say anything about it.]

[center Pierre then watched the interaction between the woman and her brother with a bit of chagrin given the circumstances despite the instancing from the two. Although, he found Dawson’s positioning intriguing due to his choice of words. [#2e1256 “The only vague threats I accept are from bed partners, sir. So, unless you’re trying to actualize that, I believe we’ll be just fine as long as work gets done as necessary.”] Pierre crossed his arms before looking over at Rosabelle. He knew that having this position had significant meaning to her. And Pierre didn’t want to be the asshole to actually take that away from her. [#2e1256 “A stipulation is that you must take regular breaks as necessary because I’m not going to have you actually exhaust yourself here.”] he said. While his expression was light, Pierre was entirely serious. This wasn’t some slave labor type of job. And he didn’t want Rosabelle to act irrationally about anything. [#2e1256 “As for you,”] Pierre began as he tucked a business card into the gift bag, [#2e1256 “If you have any questions for me, feel free to call or text if I don’t answer. Otherwise, I need to show Rosabelle around and introduce her to her new duties before my appointments today.”]]

[center [#2e1256 “And speaking of appointments, Rosabelle, today are just massage sessions. So, we have to make sure everything is clean and made up in advance, so we aren’t scattering for supplies and wasting time. We can see the schedule here on the laptop if you’d like to take a look for yourself. I try to keep everything in one spot as much as I can because I dislike clutter with a passion. And because of that it’s imperative that we are organized as much as possible for the sake of our sanity and the clients who visit.”] Pierre went on, figuring that the best way to learn was being hands on as early as possible…]
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[font "times new roman" As the lesson's went on, Rosabelle was getting more and more antsy to tell Dawson about her new job. She honestly didn't want him having a cow over her taking on a third job. She was trying to make ends meet after all. As soon as both of her lessons were over and done with for the day, she checked her phone and noticed that Pierre replied back. He was perfectly okay with her working three days a week. She made a mental note to talk to him tomorrow morning about it, since she didn't know what time he would be home, or if he was still at the studio he now owned. As she was cleaning up the kitchen a bit, she heard Dawson pull into the driveway, and her heart skipped a beat. She was really nervous to tell him.]

[font "times new roman" When she heard the male's car door open and close, she was getting more and more nervous. She couldn't let something like this bother her though. She looked up when he entered through the side door, and a small smile spread across her face. [#C4788E "Welcome home, I haven't gotten anything for dinner yet, let alone figured out what to make. How was your day?"] she asked him cocking her head to the side. The male shrugged a bit and put his things down. [#E67E22 "It was alright to say the least. Kind of busy, but not at the same time"] he admitted.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E "That's good to hear. So I kinda did a thing today while I was at yoga class"] she said lightly rubbing her arms a bit. Dawson cocked his head to the side and looked her up and down. [#E67E22 "What did you do now Belle?"] he asked her. She bit her lip lightly trying to figure out the right words to say. She knew that Pierre was working on making her brother a goody bag, but it wouldn't help her now. She shifted her weight from one foot to the next before speaking once more. [#C4788E "I kind of got a third job. I'll be working three days a week for Pierre, my yoga instructor"] there, she finally got the words out. Dawson on the other hand narrowed his eyes at his sister.]

[font "times new roman" [#E67E22 "Are you fucking kidding me Belle?! Are you trying to kill yourself? Because that's how I feel you are going to end up. With the piano lessons, along with your art classes, I feel like you are taking on too much"] he said. Rosabelle shook her head lightly and wrapped her arms around herself. [#C4788E "Honestly I need this job Dawson.. I really do. It's not going to be forever, but once my art fully takes off I'll drop the new job, hell I might not even have it for six months anyway. I'm just trying to make ends meet"] she said lightly. The male sighed and rubbed his temples lightly. This wasn't what he was expecting at all.]

[font "times new roman" [#E67E22 "Alright fine. You can keep this third and final job, but I want to see where you are working, and make sure I know you will get there safely, and meet your new boss. I wanna make sure he'll take care of you as well if and when you need someone to walk you to your car"] he said. That made Rosabelle grin. She threw her arms around her brother's neck and hugged him tightly. The male wrapped his arms around her waist, wondering if he had made a huge mistake letting her take on this third job as well. When they finally parted, they ordered pizza, and called it a night.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u The Next Morning.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" When the alarm went off the next morning both Whitlock siblings were already awake and ready to go. Rosabelle was in some pretty comfortable clothes, while Dawson was in a pair of black jeans, light blue t-shirt and his leather jacket. When it was time they left, the two piled into Dawson's car, and he headed into town. He took the right turns and pretty soon the building was in sight. He parked in a parking stall, and then climbed out. Rosabelle was close behind. She was excited to be starting, and to have her brother meet Pierre.]

[font "times new roman" The two siblings walked inside and Rosabelle was the first to speak up. [#C4788E "I know I'm early, but I'd rather be early than late. Also this is my brother Dawson, the one I was telling you about yesterday. I'm honestly super stoked to be working for you, and I was thinking maybe later today we can talk about the days I can work?"] she asked. Dawson shot his sister a look and rolled his eyes a bit. [#E67E22 "I'm sorry about her, she's a chatter box when she wants to be. It's a pleasure meeting you"] he said lightly looking around the small place. He felt slightly comfortable here already.]

[font "times new roman" As the male was looking around, he left his sister to talk to her new boss for a couple of minutes, before making his way back over to the two. [#E67E22 "I know this is none of my business, but how long are you planning on staying? Because honestly I don't want my sister working herself to death, with her other two jobs on top of this one"] he said lightly. That's when Rosabelle shot him the death look and he knew he spilled the beans a little too soon. He looked towards his sister, shrugged his shoulders as if to say he was sorry, and then rubbed the back of his head. He knew he would hear about this later tonight. He sure made a mess of things just now.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E "Just because I have two other jobs, which by the way aren't keeping me that busy, I'm more than willing to stay here. Please don't take this away from me now.."] she breathed out. She was kind of nervous, and wanted to kill her brother. Dawson walked over and slung his arm over her shoulders. [#E67E22 "Don't let the fact I let her little secret slip, just keep her on, make sure she's safe, and I'll be right as rain. I'll get out of your hair soon enough as well"] he said with a warm smile. He did feel like he could leave his sister with this strange man. This place was small, and it was the perfect place for her. He turned his eyes to the male, hoping he didn't blow this chance for Rosabelle.]

[right [pic]]
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[center Pierre thought that Rosabelle had an incredibly bright and sincere smile. He knew that it was a small detail, but he was always of the belief that it was the small details that truly mattered. He didn’t mind the idea of taking the time to teach a person whether it be for yoga and meditation to actual work. Plus, Pierre figured that Rosabelle needed the opportunity if she was inquiring like she had. As long as she put in genuine effort then Pierre was more than open to the idea of making a team with her for the studio. But time would tell if he made the right decision. But the man was confident in the choice he made.]

[center After tinkering away on the computer to get through business messages, booking requests, and product ordering Pierre noticed his phone’s notification light blinking away on the desk. Checking the message, he could not help but smile. Rosabelle really seemed kind enough. In general, that was the type of impression he had of a lot of people in the area. Of course, there were certainly a share of bad apples, but Pierre didn’t care all that much to associate with them anyway.]

[center [#2e1256 [i ‘Three days a week would be just fine. Were there any specific days you were looking for? And you definitely can attend classes if you are interested. Consider them an employment perk. And I’ll make a gift bag for your brother so he’s distracted from worrying too much. I will see you tomorrow at 10am then since I want to show you how to go about handling things before my appointments tomorrow afternoon.’]]

[center After sending that message out Pierre leaned back in his chair, setting his phone back on the desk. He thought about going foraging in the nearby wilderness. But the weather did not look too agreeable outside, and Pierre did not want to have to endure wet forest survival time. Any soggy article of clothing was the devil in his opinion. So, Pierre decided he would settle for sifting through his pantry collection of herbs and other goods he made to curate a special gift bag for Rosabelle’s brother. Perhaps a jar of some sweet berry jam, teas, and even a candle? For a second Pierre tried to consider if it was overkill, but if Rosabelle’s brother didn’t like a particular item then it would be up to him to figure out who to rehome it to if he didn’t just throw it away. The Swiss man figured that if Rosabelle’s brother was anything like her then he would accept the bag regardless of what was in it.]

[center ~~~]

[center The rest of the previous afternoon had been spent collecting and packing a respectable gift bag full of hand crafted goods. Pierre decided to carefully wrap and pack both a jar of jam and a jar of lavender infused honey. He couldn’t decide on just one and decided to include both for Rosabelle’s brother. Additionally, the bag contained a small gift set of aromatherapy oils specifically for calming and clarity. There was also an assortment of samplers for dried herbs and tea to try. Pierre hoped that it would be enough to assist in lessening the woman’s brother’s alleged heart attack. If not, Pierre would think that it would hurt a little bit less at the very least. But the bag was carefully perched on the studio’s desk counter the next morning next to a cannister of tea leaves he mixed for Rosabelle as an official welcoming gift.]

[center So, at the desk Pierre sat. He was sipping tea from a thermos he brought from home as he waited for Rosabelle to arrive for her first official day. He was quite excited to have an extra person around on some of the days he was in the studio. Between classes it sometimes got a little too quiet, although he’d typically kill time by doing his own yoga, cleaning, or anything else that he needed to do his work. Deeply inhaling, Pierre reveled in the aromatherapy scents the diffusers offered as he listened to the soft tones of the meditation music he had playing lowly throughout the establishment. He could feel it in his bones; today was going to be a good day. Pierre just knew it…]
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[font "times new roman" When she had gotten the male's attention she finally asked him about a job. She wasn't going to get her hopes up, but if he would agree to hiring her, then she would at least have something to cushion her while she's working her other two jobs as well. When he mentioned about crunching the numbers, and gave her his personal cell phone number, her heart raced. [#C4788E "Thank you so much!"] she said with a bright smile. She would think about it, and if it would be too much on the male to work with him full time, she would only work a couple days a week for him. That would be just enough for her.]

[font "times new roman" She pocketed the card, and then gathered up her things and took her leave. Her heart was beating against her chest, and she was already trying to figure out how to work for the male, when she had her students, and art as well. Then again she didn't do her art very much, so that would open up a bit more for her. She bit the inside of her cheek as she went about putting her things into the truck and then climbed inside. She started it up, rolled the windows down, and headed back towards her home. She had stopped long enough to grab something to eat, and add Pierre's number to her phone, before making it home.]

[font "times new roman" Right when she pulled into the driveway was when her phone went off. She read the first message, and a smile grew on her face. She kind of forgot that he had her cellphone already, and she didn't mind it at all. Then the second one came in talking about the goody bag, and that he makes everything by hand. She shut the truck off, and sat there a while longer reading over the messages. She had the job for sure. The pay would be perfect, and she wondered how he would feel about three times a week, and still taking his yoga class as well. It had helped her clear her head anyway. She then hit the reply button and started typing.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E [i The pay is perfect! I'm just glad you are taking a chance on me, and letting me help you out the best I can. Would it be too much if I worked three days a week, and still took your class as well on one of my day's off? Also I will for sure keep you in mind for the teas, soaps, and oils. My brother might need some calming ones when I tell him about my new job, he will freak because of how young I am, but that's not important. I'm willing to start tomorrow for you if you'd like, or a trial run, whichever you prefer. Thank you again for taking this chance on me.]] She read over the message and sent it.]

[font "times new roman" She then grabbed her bag, and climbed out. Dawson's car wasn't in the driveway, so she would have to tell him at dinner. She had the rest of the day to herself pretty much. She called a couple of her clients, and asked if their children wanted to come over and do some lessons. When they agreed, she hurried and took a shower to wash off the smell of the oils, but wished she hadn't. She changed into a pair of leggings and a black dress. She slid her feet into a pair of comfortable shoes, and was ready for her first student. She walked into the kitchen and pulled out some lemonade and poured it into a glass.]

[font "times new roman" The doorbell rang a couple minutes later, and Juliet was her first student for the next couple of hours. She smiled lightly at the child, and let her inside. [#C4788E "How are you doing today sweetheart?"] she asked her. [b "I'm doing good. I'm so glad you called momma! I was pretty much begging her to get a hold of you and see if we could get a lesson in today!"] the child said slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet. Rosabelle smiled at the child and led her to the piano. The two sat down, and pulled out the workbook she had been using.]

[font "times new roman" For the next two hours the house was filled with the beautiful sound of the piano, and Rosabelle felt so much better. She landed a new job, she was taking up yoga again, and her life couldn't be more perfect. She just had to let Dawson know, and hoped he wouldn't be too upset with her. At least she would have a little bit extra cash to pay her brother for letting her stay with him, until she could afford a place of her own. She let herself get wrapped up in her two students, and time seemed to fly by. She made a mental note to check her phone later to see if Pierre messaged her back. Right now the piano lessons were more important at the time being.]
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[center Pierre was already thinking about his next couple of appointments now that his intro to yoga class was over. There were two massage appointments back to back, but the man felt there was plenty of time before the first one. He needed to clean up the yoga space and set up the massage room to make sure everything was prepped accordingly. He really had the operations down to a science so appointments flowed as smoothly as they could. But Pierre also had a very high standard for himself. His clients usually had certain expectations as well and he prided himself on doing right by his clientele. As his students filed out of the studio Pierre went around to gather the mats so they could be sanitized and stored away for upcoming classes. But as he did so, the man saw someone in his periphery standing nearby, inquiring.]

[center He carefully set the mats down, straightening himself out as he looked over at the woman speaking to him. She was one of the quieter ladies in the class that day. [i Rosabelle.] The name had stuck out to him when he went through his online calendar bookings when she had registered for the class. Pierre thought it was a beautiful name, honestly. And like his other students, he was happy that she showed up to class today. [#2e1256 “You can ask me anything, Rosabelle. What’s up?”] he asked, a grin having bloomed on his face. People sometimes told him that he was like a walking ray of sunshine because he was always so upbeat and smiling. Pierre found that to be a humorous idea. But it turns out that what Rosabelle had wanted to ask about was if he had work available! Admittedly, Pierre had not actively been searching for another employee since he was used to running his studio spa by himself. However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t use extra assistance.]

[center Pierre had toyed with the thought of getting a receptionist/assistant so he could focus more on his classes and appointments. It would certainly take a load off his shoulders. The only thing that was holding him back was that the man knew it would only be temporary since he was only living in the area on a visa. Soon, Pierre would have to go back to Switzerland. Yes, he loved the town for its quaint atmosphere. But the mountainous Swiss valleys were really his home. [#2e1256 “I mean, I could certainly use an extra set of hands to keep things tidy and prepared for clients. I will not be here forever, though. But I can guarantee you at least a good six months if that works for you.”] he explained. [#2e1256 “I would have to sit down and review the financials so I could work out a fair wage for you, though.”] He then walked over to the little receptionist desk he kept his work computer and other supplies at. Swiping a business card from its respective holder, Pierre took a pen and wrote his personal cellphone number on the back. Handing the card over to Rosabelle, he nodded. [#2e1256 “The front has all the business contact information should you need it. But give the prospect some thought and reach out to me with my number on the back and we can discuss it further if you’re interested.”]]

[center After going back to cleaning up and straightening to yoga area back out, Pierre set himself to making up the massage table and setting up the room for his next client. This next one wanted an extensive two-hour deep tissue massage with a variety of add-ons and Pierre was already mentally preparing himself for the venture. [#2e1256 [i ‘I should probably find myself a massage therapist. I know my legs and back could use it.’]] he thought while methodically going about his routine. Thankfully, the second client after the deep tissue massage session was due in for only a Swedish massage with aromatherapy. It was a simple schedule, but it was a matter of getting over the hump of an intensive two-hour session. But this was not Pierre’s first rodeo. It would done and over with before he knew it.]

[center And by the time Pierre was finished and used linens were going through the wash he had to stop to take a breath. His next task was to crunch numbers and figure out what exactly he could offer Rosabelle hourly. Sitting down at his little computer at the reception desk he basked in the fresh aromatherapy scents that lingered from the oil diffusers. Pierre felt that he should have had this possibility already accounted for, but he just scribbled away on some notebook paper until he came to an amount he felt was respectable. He then pulled up Rosabelle’s contact information that she registered and shot her a quick text with the proposed wage amount to get her thoughts on it. After sending the message he hummed for a moment. During class, he noticed just how slight in stature she was, and while he knew it was not really his place to pry Pierre couldn’t help but send a follow-up message.]

[center [#2e1256 [i ‘I know the gift bag has samples and such in it, but if you take a liking to any particular product, just let me know. I make all of the snacks, teas, soaps, and oils by hand and there’s always extra.’]]]

[center The village he grew up in was a tightknit community where residents took care of one another. And if there was anything that his grandparents had taught Pierre, it was to always be on the lookout for people who may need help. He didn’t really know how different it was here locally, but Pierre figured there was no harm in being caring…]
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[font "times new roman" Watching as the sun rose over the mountains brightened the young woman's mood a little bit. She was staying with her brother Dawson for a couple of weeks, trying to get herself back on her feet. The man she had up and left treated her like total shit. He yelled at her, and sometimes he would raise a hand to her. It wasn't like she hadn't know what was happening, she just didn't want to walk away from the man she [i thought] she was in love with. Until a couple of weeks ago she walked in on him cheating on her, with her so called best friend and roommate. That was the last straw and she packed up her shit, and left.]

[font "times new roman" She was glad that Dawson offered to let her stay with him for a couple of weeks. She did have a couple jobs lined up, but those interviews weren't till later on in the week. She had heard about a yoga class in town, and she signed up right then and there. She had loved doing yoga back in New York City, until Carter walked into her life. That was when the male turned her whole world upside down. he was a smooth talker, and she had fallen head over heels for the male in an instant. Something she never thought would happen. Her older siblings did warn the young woman, but she didn't listen. Within a month of dating, they had moved in together. A huge mistake on her part.]

[font "times new roman" Her split personality had come out more and more when she was with Carter. She felt like she was losing herself the more that Cassandra was out, and she didn't like it. So when she finally left, she felt like she had full control over herself once more. Something she didn't think would happen again. She sighed lightly and shook her head a bit. [#C4788E "Stop thinking about the past Rosabelle... You have a whole new future to look forward too"] she breathed out. She pushed herself up from the window seat and went to the dresser, and opened the drawers. Dawson was still sleeping, and would be for a while yet. He worked overnights, and slept during the day.]

[font "times new roman" She pulled out a pair of her old yoga pants, and an off the shoulder t-shirt. She changed and piled her hair up onto her head. She looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed a bit. She looked slimmer than normal, and the dark circles under her eyes were slowly fading. Along with the bruises on her neck and shoulder. She reached up and ran her fingers lightly over her skin. She had been through so much, but she fought so hard to be where she was now. She shook the thoughts out of her head, grabbed her wallet, phone, and keys Dawson lent her and made her way out.]

[font "times new roman" The morning air felt amazing, and she made a mental note to text Dawson when she was done with her class. She walked over to her beat up truck, unlocked it and climbed in behind the wheel. She started it up, put her things beside her and headed into town. It took less than twenty minutes to get there, and the moment she pulled into the parking lot, she knew she was in the right place. She grabbed her things, turned the truck off, and climbed out. She made her way into the building and heard the people talking. She was one of the last to finally arrive. She found a place for her things and set them down.]

[font "times new roman" As the class started, she took in the sights around her. Everything was set in place, the smells hitting her nose were calming and relaxing. The music put her mind at ease, and she felt like she could let herself get lost in this whole new world she was in. As the class wore on, everyone around her were talking, and cracking jokes. She kept to herself listening to the other's. It was a nice feeling being here, even though she didn't talk much. When someone mentioned the male at the front was Swiss her mind raced. This was something different, that's for sure. She made a note to talk to him after class.]

[font "times new roman" When the class finally finished, and he told his students to take a goody bag, she walked over and picked one up. She then went over and grabbed her things and made her way to the male before her. [#C4788E "Excuse me, but can I ask you something?"] she asked him. She looked him up and down, and knew that Dawson would like what she was looking at. She made a mental note to get the other's phone number for her brother. Right now though she was going to ask a couple questions for herself, before she became too chicken to do so.]
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[center The cottage-esque Air BnB that was Pierre’s temporary home was quite cozy in his opinion. It was not too large, so there wasn’t space to needlessly waste. And being an individual living alone made it the perfect retreat after a busy day running errands or teaching classes. But Pierre’s favorite thing to do at home was sit out on the porch swing and quietly enjoy a hot mug of tea in the mornings before going about the rest of his morning ritual. It was all fairly simple, but Pierre thrived on routine. It made life so much easier in his opinion. And he was excited for the day that lay ahead too. The first class he had that morning was an introductory yoga class and Pierre had prepped the personally curated goodie bags the night before. He made it a habit to make goodie bags filled with sachets of tea leaves, hand crafted soaps, and bath salt mixes to thank his new students for visiting with him. This time he even put in a discount coupon for either a Swedish or deep tissue message during their next visit if they decided to return for his services! Pierre truly loved his work and only hoped to help those he encountered through his trade.]

[center And after having his tea and light breakfast out on the porch, Pierre showered then dressed comfortably for a day at his studio. Pierre’s work studio was roughly a twenty-minute bike ride from the house, so he soon found himself outside again to pack his box of client gift bags into the bike basket before zipping off. The weather was not too bad at all, although it did feel a tad muggier than usual. Perhaps it would rain later that day? [#2e1256 [i ‘Hopefully not before I get home, though.’]] Pierre thought as he casually rode along on the sidewalk, enjoying the breeze that wafted by his face. Other than maybe trying to beat the rain, today really was not set up to be all that difficult. Often, Pierre swore that his work did not actually feel like work. He enjoyed assisting others in feeling good about themselves that much. Not all new students kept up with going to his classes or doing yoga. But if even one person left his class feeling more educated and empowered then Pierre knew he had done his job correctly.]

[center Upon his arrival at the studio Pierre immediately began setting up the yoga space for his new students. He placed the gift bags near the entrance so when his students went to leave, they could grab one on the way out. Pierre then went about filling the oil diffusers, turning on suitable music, and laying out the necessary mats so class could start when his students rolled in. He kept his class sizes small on purposes so those who did attend got an adequate amount of personal attention since everybody’s physical abilities tended to be different. Pierre was conscientious about adapting his teaching methods when needed so nobody felt excluded. His vision for his spa studio was to make an inclusive, therapeutic environment that people could trust without fail.]

[center Soon his students began to trickle on in as he was stretching out himself. And thankfully everyone had made it in on time so there wouldn’t be any real delays. Throughout the class Pierre was happy to see his students laughing and enjoying themselves. Some classes were more “zen” than others. And this one seemed to be more on the light-hearted and chatty side than anything. Pierre could appreciate a good sense of humor, so he just rolled with it as the class wore on. They all conversed with each other, so they were not so much strangers to one another which Pierre felt was conducive to relaxation. So, by the end of the class, they all knew each other a bit better. And to top it all off Pierre had heard a couple of clever jokes about him being Swiss. Usually jokes people shared with him were pretty corny, but he really couldn’t complain.]

[center By the end Pierre was satisfied with the progress of his students, although they did get a little sidetracked in the middle by the wisecracking jokes. He chuckled as he stood back up on his feet. [#2e1256 “I appreciate you all coming here today as it has been my pleasure to guide you all through class. If you have any questions, I am more than willing to give answers. Otherwise, I hope to see you all again, but feel free to grab a gift bag at the door before you leave…”]]
  [Pierre] / EtherealEquinox / 22d 7h 13m 6s

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