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"It is not nothing, tell me whats up" Charcter said.
  Character / Character / 7d 5h 57m 52s
"I-it's nothing," he said, trying to stop himself and continuing to break down even more.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 7d 5h 58m 46s
"Hey, what's wrong" Character asked Random looking at him.
  Character / Character / 8d 16h 3m 53s
Random just sat there for about another few minutes before he started breaking down in tears.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 8d 15h 15m 12s
"Eh, none of your business" Character said not knowing why Random was acting weird.
  Character / Character / 9d 21h 57m 52s
"So, how was your day?" Random interrupted him, keeping the blank look on his face.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 9d 22h 1m 52s
"Okay, well if you are just gonna sit there get the hell out" Character said.
  Character / Character / 12d 11h 14m 38s
"Do not ask," he said, his face suddenly blank, blanker than Character had seen before.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 12d 11h 19m 25s
"Um, hi" Character said looking at Random really confused.
  Character / Character / 12d 11h 26m 11s
Random walked straight into Character's room, not saying a word as he sat down next to him.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 12d 11h 27m 48s
  Character / Character / 17d 16h 12m 36s

  Random / ARandomDarkener / 17d 17h 27m 30s

  Character / Character / 17d 17h 31m 50s
"Fine, fine," he said, getting out of his bed.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 17d 21h 41m 22s
“Now” it said “you’ve spent almost no time talking to your brother for a while”
  HydreigonMaste / 18d 35m 16s

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