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[center [font "Serif" Our story starts in a small town that has darkness lurking in the shadows. The whole town is aware of what is going on and yet, nothing is ever done to solve it or put the criminal behind bars. That is until [b your character] moves back into town and with their parents. It isn't too long after the move that they are brutally murdered. With the help of [b my character], tt is now their job to shed light on the darkness this town is covering up.]]


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Pete smiled, he was happy and overjoyed she felt the same. Not that there weren't clear hints that she was into him. Perhaps he was a bit too cocky about her. Still, it was pleasant to hear she thought something could actually be. [b "I'm glad you think so. I'm sure we will be able to bring justice to our families. I, uh, I want you to know if anything happens or things get to dangerous, you should leave town. I can't promise that people won't retaliate...I'm not sure how many are covering for this guy."]

Honestly, if push came to shove, he'd drive her himself out of town. People seemed kind, sweet, possibly a bit judgemental in this town, but they were capable of some terrible things. His parents had told him stories and he didn't want Catherine to get hurt.

The waitress brought the food out and he quieted down after that. He enjoyed his meal and the rest of the wine. Usually, the silence would kill him but it was a comforting feeling. Especially when he was with her. She was really beautiful and he couldn't remember the last time he was attracted to someone this much.

He slid the card at the end of the table for the waitress to come and pick it up. He folded his arms in front of him, wiping his mouth free of any residue. [b "Shall we see if Jake stuck to his word and that key is in my box?"]
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Catherines' eyes looked up and met Petes' softly. Make a step forward? He actually maybe wanted to? Her eyes searched his for a moment, smiling softly. [+Red "Me too..this is all just so complicated. But..I honestly think we could work this out.."] She murmured, taking a sip of her wine and watching his movements. [+Red "It's clear I'm an emotional mess, yeah, but you've helped me through most of it. And just think..when we bring justice to our families. It's going to feel wonderful and I'll still be by your side.."]

Was she actually being genuine? Yes. She liked Pete. A lot. He has helped her with so much the past few days and now she thinks they could maybe take a small step forward. That was only if he wanted to of course.
  Catherine Winters / sadlolita / 8d 15h 11m 26s
[size12 Pete found himself taken aback by her words. He was aware that asking her how she was doing was completely dumb. He knew how she was doing and she didn't need to explain. Yet, he was happy to hear the end part. That he could make her feel somewhat...better. He just wasn't expecting her to say he felt like [i home].

They'd hardly known each other yet, have been through so much together the past few days. He'd also found himself quite fond of her company. He thought she was beautiful and held one of the more interesting personalities he's encountered, especially in this town. He felt like he truly liked her and could see something happening but how far was he willing to push when she was so fragile now?

[b "I'm really happy you feel that way with me, Catherine. I'm glad I can comfort you in some...some way."] He took a sip of the wine, sitting it back down. He cleared his throat, [b "I've really enjoyed the time we've shared, you know? You're a cool girl. I just, I just wish things were different right now. Where it didn't feel wrong to make a step forward?"] He did his best to explain how he was feeling but wasn't sure if it was coming out right. Either way, he left it at that.
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How was she doing? Catherine took a few moments to respond, looking down at the white tablecloth with soft eyes. She wasn't doing great. But she wasn't doing bad either. Pete was making her feel so much better. If she didn't have him, she would probably be in a dark hole in her room. But Pete stayed with her through this whole thing. Even offered to take care of everything. She couldn't do that to a man she just met. But what a man Pete was. [+Green "I'm doing..okay? I guess? But you're making me feel like it was all a horrible nightmare and now I'm in the happy ending. Soon I'll wake up and this will all be over. But I know that isn't going to happen but you make me feel..at home?"] She murmured, messing with the cloth.

She could feel some tears daring to spill from her eyes but she couldn't cry. Not again in front of Pete. It would hurt him and he would want to comfort her. Wrap her in his arms and tell her it was going to be okay. That was what Catherine wanted. But she didn't know if Pete would even comply. Was he interested in her? Or was he only here to comfort her at her weakest time?
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[size12 Pete perked up a bit, feeling a bit more confident in his decision to bring her here. The waitress came by and dropped off the bottle and two glasses. She popped it open for the two of them. He picked the bottle up and poured the sweet, darker red wine into the glasses. He slid one over towards her and grabbed one himself. He sipped on it lightly and sat it down. [b "I'm glad I picked a sweet wine then."]

The waitress had left for a second and came back with two glasses of water. She flipped open her pad and looked towards Catherine. "What can I get you two tonight?" She took down Catherines order and then shifted towards him. "And you sir?"

He skimmed over the menu once more, making sure he knew exactly what he wanted. [b "Can I do your Wood grilled salmon with the vegetable medley and a baked potato, please."] He closed his menu and handed it to the waitress. He crossed his arms over the table, leaning into it a bit. [b "I was wondering how you are holding up?"]
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Catherine was amazed that Pete would even bring her here. And wine? Are you kidding? She loved wine. It's like he secretly knew a lot about her. [+Green "Well, I do love wine..I'm more of a sweet wine girl so this may be the wine for me.."] She said, smiling up at Pete.

Her eyes skimmed the menu, tilting her head at how expensive a salad was. Twenty bucks to add whatever you want? Damn. She looked at the pastas, finding a simple alfredo which was thankfully 15 dollars. She folded the menu up and slid it out a little towards Pete [+Green "The alfredo intrigued me.."] She said, smiling at him.
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[size12 Pete was takenaback. [b "Are you serious? I'm not about to let a girl that I brought here pay for her meal, geez. What do you think I am? Not a gentleman?"] He rolled his eyes, sliding a menu towards her. [b "Truly, buy whatever you would like, Catherine. I don't mind. We deserve it after all."]

The waitress came into the picture with a smile plastered on her lightly caked face. "Welcome you two. Shall I start you off with something to drink?"

[b "Can we actually have a bottle of Stella Rosa Black with two wine glasses, please?"] He asked and she nodded.

"Of course, sir. I'll get it right away, as well as two water glasses." He smiled in acknowledgment. He continued to skim through the pages. [b "I'm not even sure if you're a wine girl but this wine, its really good. It's a bit sweet. If you don't like it, I'd be more than happy to let you order something different."]
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Catherine nodded at the mention of food, her eyes smiling for themselves. She loved food. She was quiet on the drive, tired from everything that has happened in a few days. She looked up when they arrived at a fancy restaurant. Oh my god. It was fancy. Her eyes widened when they walked in, sitting across from Pete.

[+Green "Oh wow..this place is amazing, Pete.."] She said, looking down at the menu then at him. [+Green "I will pay for my own meal..this place seems very expensive.."] She said softly.
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[size12 As much as he was enjoying the moment of embrace, he pulled away from her gently. He clicked his tongue, putting his hand on her shoulders. [b "I know, me too, Catherine. That is dark but, gosh, girl. Haven't you learned this town is dark?"] He let out a gentle laugh, trying to break the somber mood. [b "I think we should go get a bite to eat before we see if ol' Jake sticks to his guns and gets us that key."]

He took a quick drive out of the town. He wanted a bit of privacy with her, some alone time. So he took her to a fancier and some would consider a romantic restaurant. It had dim lighting with plush booth seats. He slid into one and sat across from Catherine. The mood of the place was definitely more luxurious than the two were dressed to be.

[b "I felt like we needed a break from the town. Especially you, with what happened. I still can't explain how sorry I am to whats happened. I wish your first few days here would have been better."]
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Catherine listened to Pete carefully, nodding softly and her expression turning soft. She nuzzled her face into his chest now, letting him hug her and try to calm down. She liked his arms around her. It made her feel..safe. She closed her eyes, nodding. [+Green "I want to kill him.."] She whispered, looking up at him. [+Green "He deserves to die after what he's done..I want to see him die.."] Her eyes saddened a little and she shook her head, hiding her face back in his chest.

[+Green "I know that sounds very dark..but he does deserve it, Pete.."]
  Catherine Winters / sadlolita / 13d 11h 36m 57s
[size12 Pete jumped a little when he felt the arms wrap around his torso. He looked down to see the slender arms of Catherine and he breathed out. He nodded, turning around and returning the embrace. [b "Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. He's just so damn dumb. I don't understand this town sometimes. The people in it, how they are so blind. I use to get it, ya know? I ignored it but now, I can't."]

He huffed out, resting his chin on her head. [b "What are we even going to do when we find this guy? Turning him in is pointless. They won't do anything...I think the punishment is up to us, Catherine."]
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Catherine could tell this was getting really heated. She was grateful that Jacob had let them in and Pete was fighting for this. But now they might actually fight. She went to say something but Pete walked out after that whole conversation, looking at Jacob. [+Green "He has a point..if we don't do something now..it may be a friend of yours you'll lose next. He just wants you to be smart about this.."] She explained, walking out to go try and calm down Pete.

She smiled when she saw the man standing out on the porch, slowly walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around him. [+Green "Hi.."] She whispered, nuzzling her face into his back. [+Green "You okay? Things got a little heated in there but you were speaking your mind..that's good.."] Her eyes looked up at him when he turned a little, smiling.
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[size12 Pete took a step back and let Catherine say her peace. He could see the conflict within Jacobs eyes and just the way his face contorted into [i pain]. He was one of his best friends and knew what he went through with is own family. Yet, here he was. Breaking for someone other than him. He was happy but disappointed in his friend.

"God, okay. Come on." Jacob wrapped his arms around his torso and ushered the two inside. He lead them up to his bedroom and shut the door. "My dad is going to be home soon so this needs to be quick. What do you need to know or..what can I do?"

[b "Get us into the police station, Jake."] He could see the shock and hesitation spread across his face. [b "I'm serious. Just I don't know. Put the key under the plant or something. There are like...how many keys?"] He cocked a brow, plopping into the computer chair Jake had.

"My dad is going to kill me, Pete! Kill ME!"

His nostrils flared, he was getting angry with the excuses. [b "Let him kill you then, Jake. There are people dying in town and all you care about is yourself. This girl lost her parents and you, you just sit there all 'can't do it pete'"] His voice mocked his as he stood up quickly from the computer chair. He stepped towards Jacob quickly, backing him into the wall. [b "Give me the damn key or I will break into that station and get the information I need. So help me God, Jacob, When I come out, you better be out of town if I found out your dad was hiding shit."]

This seemed to push him a bit. He put his hands up in defense, backing as far back as he could away from Pete. "I-I'll get you the key, okay. It'll be, it'll be in your mailbox tonight...i, i swear, Pete."

Pete took a deep breath, stepping back. [b "It better, Jake."] He turned away from him and opened his bedroom door. He needed to step outside, he was getting heated. So many emotions being dug up and stirred around. Emotions he thought had been long gone.
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Catherine was feeling something with Pete. He was a silly, cute and independent individual. But when it came down to it, Pete was perfect for Catherine. But she didn't want to push him into anything over this. She got out of the car with Pete, watching Jacob talk then looked over at Pete.

[+green "Look, I get that helping a girl you don't know can be stressful. But I promise I won't say anything and that this time in my life sucks. I just lost my parents yesterday and you want to tell me no because you're scared? Or are you actually incapable?"] She asked, her eyebrows raising.
  Catherine Winters / sadlolita / 13d 12h 50m 5s
[size12 Pete chuckled a bit, shaking his head. [b "I won't beat him up, I promise."] He glanced down at their hands and then back at the road. Honestly, he wasn't sure what was going on between them. He was really fond of Catherine. She was beautiful, interesting and fresh. He enjoyed her company but...she just lost her parents. He wasn't sure he wanted to push any boundaries.

They arrived shortly after at Jacobs. He pulled into the driveway and stepped out. Jacob was already standing outside, his arms crossed. "Pete," He stepped off the porch and began walking towards the two. "I can't help you, really. I-I'm sorry." He looked between Pete and Catherine.

Pete looked towards Catherine and then back at Jacob. [b "Okay, then you tell her that she won't find out who murdered her parents. She hasn't even been in this town for more than a week, Jake. So, you tell her."]
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