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In this new world, people are born with elemental powers or abilities, known as 'Advents.' There are schools specifically set up for both kinds, and shows them how to control said powers.
In one of these schools, Rasiel Junior High, there are currently group projects centered around these Advents. Seven people are assigned to each group, and they have to find out the best way they can use them all in the project. This is where it ends for now, but I'm willing to add to the plot as we go.

Fill out this skeleton and PM it to me:
P.S You can have up to three characters.

Advent :
Likes :
Dislikes :

Name: Quinn "Fritz" Dominguez
Age: 14
Personality: Social and chatty, but also ambiverted
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes and light skin, wears a mint-colored hoodie and sweatpants
Sexuality: Straight
Advent: Can summon Hellflame Spirit from himself, which can be used to defend and attack. The hotter it is, the more out of control it gets.
Likes: staring into the Sun, indie games and garlic bread
Dislikes: plans gone wrong, petrification and spiders

Sf_Pappy's Character:
Name: Lia Reynolds
Age: 15
Personality: Shy and kept to herself
Appearance: Rainbow hoodie and black leggings blue eyes and hair dyed hot pink
Sexuality: Bisexual
Advent: She can read people's minds with almost no difficulties at all.
Likes: Music, Hoodies, alone time
Dislikes: Bullies, people, snakes

Sadlolita's Character:
Name- Charli Newman
Age- 14
Personality- Loves to talk and be part of conversations. She is very goofy and loving at the same time and she can be a real softie with you unless you push her buttons and make her angry.
Appearance- Very small. Fragile even. She has soft, tan skin, a bright smile and beautiful brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She wears an oversized hoodie with shorts and converse. Simple things like that.
Sexuality- Bisexual
Advent- Telekinesis
Likes- Reading, The beach and sushi rolls because their cute
Dislikes- Meanie heads, Brussel Sprouts and some cats

Character's Character:
Name: Blake Barfall
Age: 16
Personality: Kind, smart
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes,
Sexuality: Bi
Advent: Elemental Power
Likes: Video games, Cold food, Outdoor activities
Dislikes: Jerks, Reading, basketball

Deleteddonotcontact (Sklee's) Character:

Name: Likonla
Age: 15
Personality: Thoughtful and Strong, Takes her Time with Things.
Appearance: A tall girl, with brown skin, blue eyes, and grey hair.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Advent: She can create creatures known as abominations out of certain materials. The quality and abilities of the abomination depends on the materials.
Likes: Reading, Playing Stardew Valley-esc games, Figuring out what materials do what.
Dislikes: Interruptions, Rudeness, and Lack of Quality

hextheblackcat's Characters:

Name: Preston & Peyton

Age: 15
Personality: Together they are viewed by others as a pair of eccentric and shameless twins. They tend to mix and mingle their identities mischievously.

Appearance: Known for their androgynous appearances. The twins share the same short wavy blonde hair, teal eyes, and fair skin. They tend to wear color coordinated male & female clothing. It is not usual for them to crossdress either...

Sexuality: Straight
Advent :

Preston - manipulates paper/paper-like matter.

He limited to existing sources as he is unable to create paper on his own and he must focus to achieve desired effects.

Peyton - Any written word written by her transforms into the actual object, materializing solid form the more descriptive the better. She is able to use pre-written notes as a means for object summons.

She must spell/write with the correct spelling and intention. Major backfire will result if spelled incorrectly or with wrong intention.
She must have someway to write with in order to use her ability.

Likes : Origami, Music, Parkour -
Crossdressing - Chocolate, Rain, Reading.

Dislikes : The News, Dust, Being woken up -
Creepy crawlies - Paper cuts, Coffee, The Heat.


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She looked at them as she tried to think of the best way to use her advent in the project.
  Sf_Pappy / 1d 12h 57m 7s
"What in the actual hell are you doing?" Blake asked Charli looking at her. He smacked her hand away and sighed.
  Character / Character / 2d 13h 3m 10s
Charli looked over at Blake, tilting her head. "Why are we sleeping on the job?" She asked, crossing her arms and walking to him. She patted his head, humming.
  sadlolita / 2d 13h 5m 10s
Blake woke up and looked at everyone. "Okay, I had to have missed something, what was it?"
  Character / Character / 2d 13h 8m 22s
She nodded. [#7yrs0d “Alright, Oliver, get over here. These will make sure you will pretty much always have control over your advent”.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 2d 13h 10m 2s
"I can go get some?" She offered, tilting her head and standing. She ran out and went to the ice machine, walking back with two bags of ice floatin behind her. She dropped them in front of Likonia, smiling. "That good?"
  sadlolita / 2d 15h 58m 4s
[#7yrs0d “Hmm. I’m not entirely sure. Do you have any materials? Or any type of ice? Ice would be a big help, especially with the whole Hellfire advent thing”.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 2d 17h 12m 7s
Charlis' eyes widened and she smiled, leaning forward in interest. "Really? Wow! That's cool!" She said, giving Likonia her best smile. "How can I help you?"
  sadlolita / 2d 19h 5m 29s
[#7yrs0d “Oh! I’m Likonia! I can make abominations out of materials and they’ll have certain powers”!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 2d 19h 8m 21s
Charli looked at Oliver and nodded, levitating most of the things in the room to show that she was the one. "That's me. Charli Newman, at your service.." She said, dropping all the items with a thud. "And you are?" She asked, looking at Likonia
  sadlolita / 2d 20h 11m 3s
"If I remember correctly, you're the telekinesis girl, right?" Oliver guessed, closing his book and looking at Charli. Hopefully his guess wasn't wrong, or he would just look dumb.
  ARandomDarkener / 2d 21h 20m 5s
[#7yrs0d “Uh, yeah. What is your advent anyways? Actually, what’s your name. I’ve never met you before”.]
  Deleteddonotcontact / 3d 20h 31m 10s
Charli looked back at likonia, humming. "Hi!" She said, walking to her and sitting in front of her. "Need help?"
  sadlolita / 3d 21h 2m 33s
[#7yrs0d "Oh! Lia here was just focusing on reading my mind to find useful abomination formulas. Don't worry, heck, I haven't checked what a lot of materials can do"!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 4d 4h 13m 54s
Charli hummed, watching him and leaning her head on his shoulder as she watched him write on the paper. "Why are we struggling? I want to know how to help.." She said, climbing on the chair a little to try and balance before falling off with a small thud.
  sadlolita / 4d 13h 16m 4s

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