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bookstore to hide from paparazzi,
he has no intentions of coming across [b y],
a beautiful girl who captures everything he’s
looking for in his leading lady.
[b after] some convincing, he manages to
get her a role in his film.
who else would turn down a free trip to paris?
[b at first] things between the two are tense
she thinks hes a cocky and he finds her interesting,
but bookish. [b the] only thing keeping her staying
is the fact that the movie is an
adaptation of her favorite romance novel.
throughout filming the both of them come to
find there’s more to one another;
after all, it’s no fair to judge a book by its cover

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It had been a while since she had made smores, but Riley was thrilled to be able to make them with Julian. With the fire warming her from the front and having Julian behind her she felt perfectly warm and content. She preferred her marshmallows a hint burnt, to give it a more interesting flavor, but either way they were delicious.
Riley arched a brow at hearing that Julian had only gone out there alone so far. She couldn't help wondering if he had never asked anyone before her to join him or if the other girls he had asked had simply declined. Either way, she smiled. "Definitely the perfect amount of peace," she agreed softly, relaxing into him as their eyes met. This felt incredibly romantic right now, even if she still didn't understand what they were doing or even where this might lead. Would they simply part ways after the movie or would they stay together? Even if they stayed together, what happened then? Riley pushed those thoughts away, not wanting to ruin this evening with these thoughts.
Julian's words made Riley look up, excitement clear in her eyes. "You did," she replied and was about to take his hand before sawing some of her fingers still covered in chocolate. Quickly licking them, she made them clean before letting him pull her up. Dancing with Julian, being close to him. That sounded perfect right about now. Placing her arms in the right position, she waited for Julian to choose how to start, once more matching him, nudging where she saw improvements. It started slow, sensual, with their bodies closely entwined. It was very romantic with the bonfire close by and the stars shining down on them. It was perfect. They could continue going slower or pick up the pace, leaving that option up to Julian.
Being this close, their bodies brushing and their hands touching each other, definitely made her more excited and she felt that desire for Julian rise. To want to kiss him and even the sight of the ocean reminded her of how he had once propositioned to go skinny dipping with her. Right now, she wouldn't say no.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 3d 9h 11m 24s
Julian embraced Riley, drawing her in close and returning her kiss. He felt this moment had bene perfect and as she expressed, something about the warmth from the bonfire and the starlit sky only increased that feeling. They parted partially to prepare their sweet treats. Julian melting his marshmallow until perfectly crispy on the outside, but quick to melt in-between the folds of the graham cracker.

“Something like this,” he mentioned to her. “Everything like this. The perfect amount of peace, though I’ve only gone alone. I’d like to imagine this is what it’s like to share such a special night with someone.” Julian looked toward Riley then. He was unsure what would happen between the both of them should they part ways after the filming was done. The days seemed to be flying by quickly as well. Would he blink and soon Riley wouldn’t be there? Or worse, would he find her on the arm of Tyler. He wrestled with this thought. Since his divorce the idea of committing to someone completely had seemed daunting to him. He didn’t want to make a mistake and he didn’t want Riley to be forced into something she wasn’t ready for.

Still, he knew that he did like her. he cared of her greatly and maybe, just maybe, things would become clear in their relationship on its own. He licked at the small drip of chocolate that had fallen onto his finger.
“I did promise you a dance,” he whispered, yearning to feel her close to him. He didn’t want to spend the whole night worrying about things they couldn’t answer for so soon into their [I relationship]. Careful, he came to a stand and reached for her hand.
  julian / kshahidx / 3d 9h 35m 43s
While Julian went outside to take care of the bonfire, Riley began to prepare the smores. It wasn't too hard and soon she began with some cookies. God, how she had missed proper baking. She really would have to ask if she could use a kitchen in the hotel. They were simple chocolate chip cookies and with the fancy oven here she could program it so that it would turn off on its own so that she didn't have to do it herself and her cookies would still be perfect.
That and while she baked, she could think. Was she scared of marriage? Riley didn't think so, but she didn't really know how to act in one as she had never had the chance to witness one. Though did she what she expect in a marriage find in Tyler? He was her best friend, but the more she thought about it that didn't need to mean that he was the best partner. Still, he still had a lot of qualities that she liked.
Then there was Julian. He was exciting and fun and so nice. Riley felt something she had never felt before with him. Julian saw all of her and still liked her. Still, they were causal and she wasn't sure if this all wasn't just easy fun for him. Plus what would happen once the movie ended? When he found the next movie? And she... what would happen with her? Back to her old life or would she continue with a film career? Did she want to? Then they would never see each other, wouldn't they?
Putting the cookies in the oven and making sure the oven was set she grabbed the prepared smores and headed outside. At the moment Julian put on some music, very romantic music and she smiled, placing the smores beside him before looking over to him. Seeing him hold his hand out, Riley took it and moved to curl against him. "A very great night," she agreed, looking up at the star filled sky, "Wow, so many stars. And great music." Doing this, this moment of being just the two of them, felt so intimate and wonderful. She held out the smores to him. "Smores?" she asked with a smile before grabbing her own and putting it above the fire, "Is this what it's like when you go out to that island you mentioned? Bonfires, star filled skies? Cause this right now is simply magical." Looking to him, the fire gave him an enchanting glow and she couldn't help leaning up to kiss his lips softly before concentrating on her smore.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 6d 8h 29m 1s
“I do remember saying that,” Julian said with a smirk. Once everything was cleaned up, he headed outside. He rifled through the small bin near the pit where ethe owner of the home kept the fire wood and soon started to get one lit. it was nice, the dark starlit sky and the smell of burning wood soon surrounding him. Julian thought a lot about Riley and after this weekend he wasn’t sure if they should move froward in their relationship or still keep things casual. When he had got engaged with his ex, It was a bit of an impulsive decision and he had expected it to be a fairytale. What occurred was months of affairs and plenty of arguments and not the kind that ended well with them in each other’s arms and allowing themselves to just feel their emotions apologetically. No, there was yelling and tears – love had left their relationship long before. Becoming committed again was a scary thought. Was riley even ready for that? He figured most women knew what they wanted and Riley was smart – why stick around dealing with Tyler’s indecisiveness if she could find someone else? Was he that someone?

He noticed Riley was soon returning with the ingredients for the smores and took a seat on the cushioned chair that surrounded the put. What would happen when the movie was over he wondered. He knew that Riley’s life for the most part had been pretty simple before he made his way in. He feared if he didn’t make a move soon, would he lose out on her in general?

Julian pulled out his phone then, scrounging through his playlist until he found the perfect one, a balance of very chill and also romantic – classic songs through the past few years he was a fan of. He’d always been a ballad guy thanks to his mother and of course there was a show tune in there every now and then.
“It’s a great night,” he said as he looked to her, his hands out wanting to draw her in. being close to Riley was a different level of intimacy to him.
  julian / kshahidx / 6d 9h 43m 14s
Riley gave a soft nod. She wondered why he had chosen to marry, that seeming like a fairly drastic step, but it didn't seem like something she could just ask, even in such a loose and familiar setting. "We learn from our past. That's all we can do and try not to repeat the same mistakes again," she told him, growing thoughtful, "Like... I always thought that your best friend had to make the best partner... and ultimately ended up in a spiral because there was no going forward or back. I feel like going to Paris is definitely giving me time to think about a lot of things."
"Cheers," Riley replied and happily drank from her own glass. Dinner was done soon enough and they brought it over to the table. This was so nice. An intimate dinner, no waiter buzzing around, no take out, a home cooked meal that they enjoyed while talking freely. It was nice to talk like this. Just whatever came to mind, stories of the past. The food was amazing. "A very good job. We should cook together more often," Riley agreed, feeling more than full, but also so very happy.
Still, the night was still fairly young and they did have the ingredients for smores. Plus he had mentioned the jacuzzi, which sounded incredible as well. "So... The night is still young. Shall we go outside and make a bonfire?" Riley suggested, "I distinctly remember you mentioning smores and a dance under the stars." Honestly, between the two she wasn't sure what she was more excited about. "And maybe afterwards we could warm up in the jacuzzi?" she went on, stepping over to him, "You start the fire, I prepare the smores?" She flashed him a happy smile, leaning up to peck his cheek. It was still fairly early, but due to the late time of year already dark.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 7d 9h 39m 12s
“I married pretty young, guess that’s why I didn’t really hold the qualities one would expect of a married man.” Julian should’ve been exploring his options and dating during that time, not fully committing to the responsibilities of monogamy. Still, he did love his ex at the time and the idea of marriage just seemed like what everyone did when they were in love. Though soon he realized that maybe he had jumped into things out of fear he would find the perfect one that would heal his wounds from watching his parents’ toxic marriage. Admittedly, Julian was a bit jealous that Tyler had so much time with Riley; he should know everything about her and that included the bad. The fact that they didn’t seem to be able to keep their relationship together seemed to prove that maybe, like him and his ex, they were better off as friends. Though, he wondered if possibly that would change. Riley was a great girl, was she happy going through this endless cycle with Tyler? Would she finally just settle?

Julian took a hold of his class, clinking it against Riley's with a smile. “Cheers,” he said before taking a sip. Soon enough dinner was ready. And it smelled heavenly. It was different not eating takeout or being amongst other people, an intimate dinner at the house was the perfect way to end their little trip away. Though, he hoped the night wouldn’t end too quickly as he was enjoying this alone time with Riley. Dinner was pleasant, sharing stories from their youth and enjoying the meal they had made together. Come the end of it Julian was way pass satisfied.
“I think we did a good job,” he commented as he had started to bring the dishes to the kitchen. He figured they could relax by the bon fire before working on the smores or they could even check out the jacuzzi.
  julian / kshahidx / 7d 10h 49m 50s
"Who else do you think made that lemon cookie you ate when you first stumbled into the bookstore?" Riley reminded him with a grin before flushing slightly, "A terrible one. I love sweet. Guess it's a good thing my mom made me dance or I would be huge." She couldn't help laughing at the thought. As she continued to work Riley was acutely aware of how Julian watched her. There was something so very passionate and strong about it. She remembered how he would look at her with that gaze as they coupled, their faces so close to one another then.
Riley was surprised when Julian began to speak about marriage and a little thankful he didn't give her the look that she was crazy or too nosy. "I have a feeling TV does that a lot, cut out the dark bits, I mean," she said, checking on the vegetables, a wonderful smell wafting out of the oven when she opened it. Not much longer. Leaning against the counter, it was her turn to listen and look at him as he worked. She knew all that about Tyler, but did she feel like that would save her from a terrible marriage if she married him? Not really. Still, it made sense what he said. "Is anyone really ready? I feel like you can be sure, but there is no guarantee, is there?" Riley asked softly, "How old were you when you got married?" He was just about as old as her and single for a bit so it must have been pretty early.
She was checking on the rice when Julian said that and she felt him wrap around her from behind. "I'm glad," she mused softly, breathing in his now so familiar scent. It was intoxicating. Julian's question pulled her from those thoughts. How to explain her and Tyler? It seemed impossible to. "I mean, we've known one another for years. We met in kindergarten where I got him fixated on books," Riley began slowly, "Though you mean as well... More... It started when we were in our junior year in high school. We got into a debate on if you could tell you were meant to be together by kissing someone. We ended up... kissing. We stayed together throughout high school, but crumbled afterwards. That's when it became more... fluctuating... " She couldn't really look at Julian, wondering what he thought about that.
Seeing the wine glasses, she uncorked the wine bottle, pouring them a glass each, holding his out for him to take. "To our messed up past, the wonderful present and whatever the future holds." She took a small sip. It was fantastic wine.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 8d 9h 29m 31s
“Ah a baker,” Julian said as he looked to Riley. “So you do have a sweet tooth.” Julian leaned against the kitchen counter, the fish on low so as not to overcook it. Yet, h did like a crispy skin. He watched Riley as she went about her duties, his eyes catching little moments; like the way she would look to him, just for a second and that glimmer of attraction in her eyes. Or the way her hands gripped the knife, a slight flex of muscle with each cut, but h knew she was soft. How many times had those arms wrapped around him, or those hands pressed against his chest? He turned back to the fish. Turning the heat off and closing the pan with the top to preserve the heat. Marriage life was interesting. That was really the only way that he felt he could explain it.

“Marriage life was . . . well I guess everything you see on tv. Though they left out a lot of the dark bits.” He mentioned. Of course there had been fights, arguments to which he was the cause of. Though that had been a different time for him, Julian as young and just stepping into the limelight. The fame was unusual for him and yes, he did have a wandering eye. that said he did love his wife, but he wasn’t in love with her. There were a lot of things in his past that he had yet to face. Even when his father passed it didn’t make the relationship any better and eventually they learned that maybe it best they just split for good. “You have to really know someone when you marry them: the good, the bad and the terrible. Through every season, whether it be the ups or downs. Suppose I just wasn’t ready.” He said, offering just a hint of a smile. Though he knew how he had heard his wife. There were countless times he looked in a mirror and saw his father and it had scared him, perhaps being the reason why Julian tried his hardest not to commit.

“I am also having a good time,” Julian said with a smile. He walked over toward Riley, his hands wrapping around her race as he watched her carefully checking on the rice. He kissed her cheek and reached for the cabinet at her side to start gathering their plates. “So you and Tyler have always had a thing or just recently?” Julian realized then that he was prying in some sense, maybe poking holes to see if this guy was a threat. But that would mean to him he was ushing more past casual.
  julian / kshahidx / 8d 10h 33m 22s
This day with Julian had been so much fun. With Tyler they would end up in some discussion over a book or if they did go somewhere, it was typically museums or some other learning destination. Typically there was a structure to the day that they adhered to. Not that she didn't like that, but it was nice to do something so relaxed, not forced and just let it flow. Seeing Julian into culture and admiring everything like her was nice and it was so much fun.
Even more so when he put on an apron like her. It looked surprisingly sexy on him. His teasing made her chuckle, not minding anymore that he had snapshots of her. "Oh, and what are you going to do with that? Post them on your Instagram? Hashtag, date day," she mused, though realized that it was something that couples did, right? Post pictures of them or their significant other? Still, when Julian kissed her she forgot her train of thought, kissing him back as her arms wrapped around him. They hadn't done much of anything, except for holding hands or the occasional hug. The strange part was that she didn't miss them nor doubt that he had enjoyed himself in spite of that.
Grabbing the knife, she began to chop up the vegetables, trying to decide on what to do with them. Ultimately, she thought oven vegetables would be delicious, all mixed together with a nice oil and seasoning on top. Riley nodded. "Quite a bit. I try to cook at least. I love baking and cooking, because I think there is just something soothing about it, but also that you can make people smile with it. I like that," she told him, though left out the part where she had had to learn how to as her mother was fairly incapable of it, "Do you cook a lot when you aren't shooting? You certainly seemed skilled. And the apron looks really good on you." At least he more than looked like he knew what he was doing.
Turning on the oven, she got the pot ready for the rice. Oh, she imagined this would be delicious. She had just put the vegetables in the oven when Julian spoke about his ex wife. Riley couldn't help wondering about her. What she was like and whatnot? Of course, she had read that it was because of Julian's inability to stay faithful, but surely you didn't go into a marriage expecting to cheat. What had happened? "What was it like? The marriage and all that?" she found herself asking softly, not looking to him. Riley couldn't hide her curiosity. As she had never had parents to watch a marriage she was always trying to understand the dynamic of a marriage. Though she also found herself wondering if she actually wanted to know. Know how Julian had felt or possibly still felt about this other women. The thought that he might still have feelings for her left her feeling odd and unsure.
"I never really cooked with anyone before. Tyler wasn't much of a cook and his skills ended at cooking pasta," Riley went on, unsure if Julian would even answer her previous question, "So I'm very happy to be doing this with you." She smiled over to him before checking on the rice. It had always irked her slightly that Tyler never even tried to learn how to cook, saying she was far better.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 9d 9h 18m 29s
“Well I know you were just dying to get back in the water,” Julian had teased with a smile. Though he was happy that Riley was willing to get into things he liked. He too found himself exploring a whole new side of him as usually his dates with woman would concern more so shopping or fancy eateries, which he wasn’t opposed to. But, getting out in the city and seeing the different sights with Riley filled him with a difference sense of joy and excitement. What more would she bring to his life? It seemed Riley too felt the same. They had just got back to the house, after a quick washup, they were both putting on aprons and starting to gather what they would need for their dinner dish.
“I had a great time as well. Think I got a great shot of how wide your eyes got as soon as we were in the tunnel,” he teased. Julian had leaned in to kiss her, realizing then how badly he had been thinking about kissing her as for the most part their display of affections were them just holding hands or occasionally Julian hugging her from the back as they navigated the path when at the aquarium.

“So, do you cook a lot?” He asked her as he started working with the fish. Fortunately most of the work, such as deboning and dealing with the scales had already been dealt with. Julian figured pan frying it would be best with the assortment of vegetables they had grabbed. A nice tangy or citrusy flavor would work well he figured with the wine they had picked up and truly bring out the essence of good seafood; to which you did have to do much to manipulate the already delicious flavor.

After getting it well seasoned, he started setting the pan and getting the oil temperature right. “I’ll say it’s been a long time since I’ve done this with another person. Possibly since my ex-wife,” he said . he wondered then was it weird for him to bring up old relationships. Though Riley had to know something about them and he already knew of Tyler.
  julian / kshahidx / 9d 10h 14m 32s
Her comment about Julian being her boyfriend had left Irene thoughtful. It didn't feel casual. Honestly, wasn't this dating? Yes, they slept together, but they did other things together, had deep conversations. It confused Riley and she knew that Julian likely didn't want to talk about it. While she didn't believe all those articles she read about his dating life, it was clear that he didn't want to be tied down. He was doing this for the movie and making the best out of a situation. Riley knew that at some point they would have to talk about what they were doing, but this relaxing weekend hardly seemed like the time. Besides, they hadn't exactly been causal that long and she wasn't sure she could live a life in the public eye.
Nodding, Riley was excited to see the sights, and she even got behind the wheel without too much worry as she assumed that Biarritz didn't have any 6 lane turnabouts. Luckily, it didn't and so the drive to the aquarium was uneventful. The aquarium was amazing. It had a huge variety of sealife and seeing the seals being fed was spectacular. Though the most impressive thing was a tunnel that went directly underneath a huge aquarium so that when you looked to the sides and up you could see the universe of fish and other sea life. Riley couldn't even describe the beauty of it as she leaned against Julian, taking it in, trading kisses.
Then came the city with its wonderful architecture, another thing that Riley found splendid. They took a few pictures alone and together, some silly, some serious. Sure, the beach was nice, but this was culture. She had even forgotten about going surfing until Julian mentioned it. The sun was already setting. Riley gave him an apologetic look. "I'm sorry. I know how you looked forward to that. Maybe we could go tomorrow before we head back to Paris?" she suggested, hoping that would make up for it.
Still, Riley was excited to cook dinner together with Julian. "Shall we go back to the house and start with dinner?" she asked and once he agreed they headed back to the car to drive back. Once there she headed to the kitchen. "So, you make the fish and I the veggies?" she asked with a smile, though didn't really care what she did. Still, Riley slipped on an apron to not accidentally ruin her clothes. Somehow, even if they didn't go surfing, she was excited for the quiet evening and it just being the two of them. "I had a lot of fun today. I really like the tunnel in the aquarium," she told him with a smile.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 10d 5h 7m 13s
If he was her boyfriend. That had stuck in Julian’s mind no matter how their conversation shifted and what was so bad about just telling er right then and there that maybe at this point he was her boyfriend. They’d done plenty of couple-like things and they both were attracted to one another. So, what was stopping them? Julian of course. he knew riley probably had some reservations about him when it came to dating. Hadn’t that been why she so boldly asked him what was going on that night they spent together? There was more to them then sex it seemed at this point and yet Julian still for some reason was just a bit resistant to the idea of pushing forward toward the idea of them being together in a monogamous relationship. he didn’t want things to get too serious, considering there was more in play then them just dating – they would be dating in the public eye, whether Riley continued in the industry or not. Was that something she wanted? Something that she could handle? Especially with this whole stalker business. He didn’t want to ruin the carefree day though contemplating on such serious topic, but how long could they go before they had to face the reality of their decisions. Eventually they would have to come to an understanding. Were they going through with this relationship even after they started filming and went back to what they considered to be their normal lives?

“How about we check out the sights?” He suggested. They soon left the house and ere back in the car, though this time Julian had assured Riley her driving was up to par and to get behind the wheel. He suggested they take head to the aquarium, where they would get an up close and personal view of the wide range of amazing sea species. They’d even get a chance to see the feeding of the seals if they left just at this moment. He wanted what he would consider a typical date for them, something that evoked the same intimacy as their dinner the night they first kissed and yet something still very casual. Simply just walking around the city was more than he could ask for and after viewing the large aquarium and walking around, he didn’t mind they had surpassed what would be such good surfing time. The sun was setting and all Julian could think of was how he wanted to dance with Riley under the stars, the fire from the bonfire keeping them warm, and them full from dinner.

“I guess we missed the primes beach hours,” he mentioned, though he hadn’t minded honestly. They could still go back to the house, enjoy dinner and a quiet night with nothing but the sound of the waves as their music and enjoy time together before having to think about the drive back and getting back into work.
  julian / kshahidx / 10d 6h 50m 41s
Was she a coward? Shouldn't she be insisting that her mother tell her? Or at least ask the clinic? How often had Riley had this internal debate with herself? It felt like there was no right answer to this. Of course, her and her mother's relationship was complicated as it was. She would have hated her, if she had known that she had gone behind her back and against her expressed wishes to know how her actual state was. Riley did believe that Tyler would tell her the truth about her mother's condition, but so far he had been silent about it so that she assumed that nothing had changed. Her mother's not so great parenting skills had definitely triggered her to grow up early, but her illness had only intensified that.
Still, listening to what Julian said about his mom made Riley smile, happy for him that he had such a great relationship to her. "Sounds like she is very lucky and proud of you," she mused softly, a small smile on her lips, "Though I get it. I would totally brag about you too if you were my boyfriend or something." She realized that she meant it. That she would be very much proud to be the girlfriend at his side.
Riley chuckled. "It's going to take more than a surfboard gunning for me to take me down," she assured him. Of course, with the number of injuries that dancers incurred, she knew how to best treat them and with the movie she didn't think it would hinder the healing process much, if at all.
As they unpacked their food, she once more noticed how orderly Julian was. Tyler himself was always a bit of a slob which had irked her. Why did he always leave things on the counter and such. Julian's teasing made her flush. "I wish. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I mean, yes, I do try to eat healthy, but dancing sure as hell helps," she admitted with a sheepish grin, "You didn't think I baked all those cookies for the bookstore just for the customers did you?" Though with her baking she did try to go for more healthy sweets, but in general she loved to try all kinds of things. It took a lot of determination to not eat all the sweets she could, but once she got going it was hard to stop.
Nodding, she helped Julian prepare everything before taking a seat. It was nice to have these moments. The normalcy and the completely normal conversation that showed the other person who they were. How they were raised and what they feared. Finishing breakfast soon after Riley helped clean up the dishes before looking to him. "I'm ready when you are. Can't wait," she said with a nod. She didn't really plan on buying anything. Sure, with the money from the movie she had quite the payday, but it seemed better to save as much of it as she could and not live much differently than before. Though she had a bit more spending money as she didn't have to pay for the hotel and most of her meals were paid for as well. "So where shall we start? Anything in particular you want to look at?" she asked curiously, wondering if he preferred to simply look at anything or something in particular.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 10d 7h 12m 26s
Julian could see where Riley came from in the case of her mother. He imagined she already had to grow up pretty young and to now have to deal with the stress of her mother’s disease was certainly too much to bear. Maybe playing naïve to it was the only way to cope and still be able to live her life. Though, Julian wouldn’t doubt if there was that inkling of wondering as Riley mentioned, her waiting for [I that] call and already knowing she couldn’t handle if it was the worse news. He wondered then if Tyler told her everything about her mother’s condition or did he spare her certain details that would make her feel badly? That had to say something about how he felt for Riley; that he loved her. Julian had grown. Bit jealous then. Tyler knew Riley more than he did and they had a longer history with one another. Maybe being with him was the fun she needed to get out of her system or to even see if exploring relationships with other men were worth it. Maybe he was some kind of test for Riley before she ultimately chose to give herself to Tyler and live that stable and predictable life.

“She’s grown accustomed to me being gone. Besides, when I do see her I give her all of my attention and she loves being able to brag about me to her friends. Plus, sometimes she’ll come with me to the awards and she gets to see all of her favorites. I think she figures she’s happy with that.” Though Julian couldn’t imagine if his mother was sick as Riley’s what he would do. With their relationship though, he imagined the likelihood that he would decide to take some time off from work if he happened to eb working on a film or any project. He didn’t want to think too much into it though, a firm believer of manifestation.

“Well in that case, maybe you’ve got more fight in you than people are eld to believe. “ He told her. he hated she had been injured but Riley was getting through it fine. If she continued to ice it and look after it, she would be fine of course. fortunately there weren’t any stunts that needed to be done in the movie, so she shouldn’t be straining herself too hard enough for the healing to take longer. Back at the those they had begun to unpack, placing everything respectively away in the ridge, or in the case of the smores ingredients, laid but neatly on the counter.
He looked to Riley with a chuckle. “Of curse that’s how you maintain such a fabulous figure.” He told her. considering they still had some time until lunch, they could have a small breakfast now and see how they felt before they left for town and then eventually the beach.
“Oatmeal and fruit sound good,” he told her. After preparing everything they’d taken a seat. Julian found it nice that they had interests or at least moments of conversation hat weren’t awkward and didn’t come after a romp in the sheets. In fact, they had been a little more restricted when it came to their affections.

It was unlike Julian and yet like him, Riley tapping away every day more and more at his celebrity image to get to the real him. With breakfast finished, he found that he had just the right meal to get him energized for the day.
“Did you want to change at all or ready to go?” He was sure if they actually ended up buying some things they could come back to the house and drop everything off. Though, they did have access to a more reserved side of the beach and wondered if she preferred to stay home and keep to themselves this time. Maybe there would be a less likely chance of her nearly colliding into anyone.
  julian / kshahidx / 10d 11h 51m 36s
"A veggie medley?" Riley repeated amused, but still nodded, "Sounds good." Everything here looked so delicious and perhaps she would even bake some cookies. She hadn't baked in forever and she missed it, being a bit of a sweet tooth. Of course, they could still make smores. Quickly their basket filled with all kinds of things and Riley simply loved how colorful the ingredients in the basket were. Though she couldn't help smiling slightly at how Julian had her hand in his. It was a bit crowded, but like this there was no way they were getting separated.
Did she want to know? It made her pause. "I mean... I asked Tyler to keep an eye on her so I suppose so...," Riley told him unsure, "But isn't either option a form of torture. If she told me every day how she was, I would have highs and hope when she's doing better, but crash when it gets worse. Like this... I might not know, but ultimately I either get the call where she tells me she's cured or... the one I've been dreading for years..." Truth was that she was terrified. That one day she would get that call. Riley didn't know what she would do then. It felt like there were so many things to tell her, and yet nothing that could be said. Her mom was her only family. She had no one else. She subconsciously squeezed his hand hard.
She listened to Julian talk about his family. "I'm sorry," she found herself saying when he mentioned his father had died. His words did make her furrow her brow though. Sure it wasn't uncommon to have a better relationship with one parent, but still... The way he said it made her pause. "Well, I'm glad you have sich a good relationship. She doesn't mind you being gone so often?" Then again, was it any different if Julian had simply lived in a different state. There he wouldn't have seen her much more either.
Soon they had everything they needed and began heading back to the car. "Black like I went around with Apollo Creed and lost terribly," she mused, "Hurts when I move it, but not too bad. I've had worse. Once did a dance competition with a badly sprained ankle and no pain killers. Trust me, dancing is a lot more brutal than one might think." Dancers were also a heck of a lot tougher than one would ever give them credit for.
Arriving back at the house, they carried in all the food and put it away. Leaning against the counter, Riley looked to Julian. "So, what shall we make for breakfast? I typically eat porridge or a smoothie, but I'm up for anything," she told him. Looking at him, she realized that they had actually spent two whole days together and not slept together. In a way it was good to know he wasn't just after easy sex, not that she doubted that, considering all the other things they did together. Shopping, surfing, going out. It was just fun to hang out with him.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 11d 8h 39m 39s

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