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bookstore to hide from paparazzi,
he has no intentions of coming across [b y],
a beautiful girl who captures everything he’s
looking for in his leading lady.
[b after] some convincing, he manages to
get her a role in his film.
who else would turn down a free trip to paris?
[b at first] things between the two are tense
she thinks hes a cocky and he finds her interesting,
but bookish. [b the] only thing keeping her staying
is the fact that the movie is an
adaptation of her favorite romance novel.
throughout filming the both of them come to
find there’s more to one another;
after all, it’s no fair to judge a book by its cover

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It was strange to be interviewed like she mattered. With the way she was she hadn't even ever made it into the school newspaper. It was strange, but also thrilling to do this. Riley wasn't sure what she would ever do with fame. She didn't want to change, be some grand Hollywood star, but maybe there was a way to still be humble her without everything around it. Well, for how she could only hope that she played Amelie well and that people would like it.
Riley arched a brow at Barry saying that they couldn't use her wild. "Me, wild? I think it's pretty well established that I am far too normal for wild. No weird half naked drunk photos of me, if that's what you are worried about," she assured him with a shake of her head before letting Felicity lead her away. The thought of frozen yogurt sounded amazing right now. She could use it after that craziness. It all happened so fast. Would a movie set be like that as well? Riley hoped not. She had always preferred it quiet and calm. The fast and furious would be something that she wasn't sure she could handle.
She had just buckled herself in when Felicity asked about Julian and her face grew incredibly hot. Of course, she had heard that. "It's not like that. I can't believe I said that," she muttered, clearly self conscious before realizing that Felicity was teasing, "I mean... What is it supposed to be like? I've only maybe spent a few hours with him since I met him. I'm not even sure we can be considered friends. It's weird since I do owe him a lot and all. We're just colleagues. Though, maybe we are friends? I mean we've traded a few texts..." Suddenly Riley wasn't so sure and she realized she hadn't even told anyone that she and Julian had been trading texts. Not that it was a secret or anything. Just... never came up.
Once they reached the yogurt place they walked inside and ordered. Only when they turned to take a seat did Riley realize that people were staring. Surely not because of her? Suddenly she felt very self conscious as she sat down to eat her yogurt. "Please tell me that they are looking at you," she said softly, not liking the idea of being stared at. Though she supposed she would have to get used to it. Especially once the interview and soon material for the movie dropped. "So are movie sets just as crazy?" she asked, brushing her hair out of her face. She had even made it wavy for the occasion, like Siobhan had suggested. Riley would admit she liked this look.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 2d 24m 56s
Felicity enjoyed seeing Riley happy sand she was pleased to see that she hadn’t even up on herself during the interview. This had to show her that with some work and confidence she was bound to do a great job portraying Amelie on screen.

“Frozen yogurt sounds good.” She said. She kissed her dad’s cheek.
‘I hope that isn’t some kind of slang for drinks. I don’t need this one being wild,” he said as he motioned toward Riley. Felicity rolled her eyes and took riley by the arm.
“Just frozen yogurt, promise.” They were soon heading out of the studio; which Felicity was glad for as the madness was a bit overwhelming. She much preferred spending her time in the office or at more calmer sets. Movies were a bit calmer in her opinion, though with their director it was sure to drive everyone a bit crazy every now and then as he was a bit meticulous. She’d once heard he made one of his cast say one word over fifty times until they got it right or at least right in is mind.

Once in the car, she had begun toward the frozen yogurt spot which at one point in time had been more of her spot. It was nice to share it with Riley though and she felt like they would be great friends.
“So how was it seeing Julia?” She teased Riley. She knew that it must’ve been a bit embarrassing for what was insinuated during the interview, but for now that’s all it was: an assumption. The rumors would always be there of course, but if she didn’t do anything to feed into them then Riley was sure to be okay. Besides, who would be mad at hooking up with Julian? Though, with his womanizer ways, it would see a bit discouraging to be considered just another notch on his belt. Still, she knew Julian wasn’t all too bad, he just never seemed to find [I the one].

Parking outside of the yogurt shop, she made sure to feed the meter before heading inside. There table where they first sat was still free as well which was nice, considering it was a bit busier. It wasn’t surprising to find that there were eyes on them, and Felicity knew not because she had walked in.
  kshahidx / 2d 1h 35m 39s
Riley knew that the interview was going well, but still it was embarrassing to have the insinuation that she had missed Julian like she was a love sick puppy or something. Though Melissa had warned her that it often happened that leads, especially if they were single, were often hinted at being together during the movie. Likely because it seemed natural when you spent so much time with someone and the audience fell in love with you on screen.
The revelation of not knowing Julian did seem to amuse the audience and surprisingly Julian was now the one blushing. It sure felt weird how he described her. Straight out of a book. She supposed that statement was sort of valid. It was still strange to think that soon she would be spending every day with this man. Likely that was even more time than she typically spent with Tyler. Still, the rest of the interview went well and soon Julian was biding her farewell. "See you soon," she replied and waved before the transmission ended. After a quick goodbye with the interviewer it was finally over.
Felicity was right though. It hadn't felt like two house. Seeing her when she walked out, Riley couldn't help smiling at the thumbs up and the grin. It did feel good to know that her first interview had gone well. Seeing that Barry was here did make her a little more nervous as she knew that he wasn't as easy to please, but he seemed happy. "Like I ran a marathon or something. That was crazy," she said, but smiled, "Thank you. You definitely have to thank Melissa. She was like a drill sargeant." She definitely felt like a lot of this going so well was because of Melissa who had beat her with interviews and acting for over a week. "I can't believe it's only a few more days. Though I'm sure that Melissa will find something to work on," she mused before thinking on it, "I think I need something sweet. Frozen yogurt?" She gave Felicity a grin,having a feeling she wouldn't be able to deny that. Only a few more days and she would be in Paris. That was crazy.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 2d 22h 21m 40s
Julian couldn’t help but smile at Riley’s cheeks, which he could see were getting a bid red. She was doing well, and, in some sense, she was a natural. He could t ell she was nervous, but there was no one out to get her for any reason. Not to mention the host actually remained on topic.
“You dint know who Julian was?” She asked with a shock. “Is this true?” Julian was the one blushing now as he nodded.
“I will say it did humble me, maybe that’s why I was attracted to her. . . for Amelie. She seemed so removed from the world of social media and film that it just seemed too good to be true. It was as though she had walked straight out of a book herself.” The interview went on a bit longer before finally they were due to end it. Julian had announced the move’s premier which was expected within the next year. It was exciting to think then about the time he would be spending with Riley. In just a few short days she would be here in Paris.
“See you soon,” he promised before his video transmission ended. Julian felt like that had gone exceptionally well.

Felicity was standing on the side of the stage, waiting for Riley to come out. She was grinning largely, giving her two thumbs up to let her know that she had done a great job. Barry was there as well, and he looked just as impressed. Felicity knew that interviews could be daunting, especially if you had never done one before, but Riley had certainly impressed him. Maybe Julian was on to something when he suggested her.
“So how do you feel?” Felicity asked her. “That went wonderful! You were terrific.”
“Melissa never fails us,” Barry said with a chuckle.
  julian / kshahidx / 2d 22h 40m 7s
The interview went fairly well. Riley couldn't say she was sassy or charismatic, but charming enough she supposed. The audience was nice, clapping occasionally. Though so far it was mostly simple questions that you couldn't really do anything wrong with. With only her and the interviewer it was easier to pretend that she was Melissa and that this was once again a practice interview.
Of course, it had to be with Julian that she messed up. Riley felt her face go bright red at the slip up. The crowd seemed to love it though. "Well, I have been rather busy, so it's hard to miss him," she clarified, though she had her doubts that it actually mattered. There was no correcting that. Seeing Julian on the screen was interesting. She was genuinely happy to see him and he did look good. Sure, they hadn't had that much time together, but the bit they did had been nice enough, when he was trying to persuade her to become an actress, but look at her now.
The reaction from the crowd was obvious. Julian as extremely popular, but she suppose that it wasn't surprising. The teasing about her missing Julian still made her feel awkward. "So Riley, you're a real life Cinderella story. Working in a bookstore only to have Julian swoop in to have you become leading lady in this year's most anticipated film," the interviewer said. "Yes, it's been quite the adventure and I can't say how lucky I am being able to work on the adaptation of my favorite novel," Riley agreed, "Though we didn't run into one another until the second time he visited."
"That must have been exciting. Having a star like Julian suddenly show up in your store," the interviewer went on.
"Julian is going to kill me, if I say it, but truthfully I didn't know who he was. In all of our defense, I never really followed celebrities and easily forget about them," Riley explained, though the interviewer chuckled as her face blushed slightly. The audience did seem to find that amusing. She risked a look to the screen where Julian was, hoping he wasn't too angry about spilling that, though she didn't think it was too bad to say. It was just a funny story.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 3d 7h 28m 12s
“Trust me, the time will go by quickly.” Felicity told her. “With commercial breaks and they’ll stop in between to do some touch ups on your makeup. I’ll be right back,” Felicity told Riley. She was already being whisked away which allowed her a chance to go check in with her father as well as the rest of the staff to make sure everything was still on track. When she returned, Riley was having her head talked off by one of the makeup artists and the producer was going over their schedule for the interview.
“No turning back,” she said with a smile. She handed Riley a bottle of water.

They had soon headed toward the stage and after a countdown, the interview had started. Felicity watched from the sidelines. Melissa had certainly done a good job, but she wasn’t surprised by that. Riley as certainly doing well and if she was nervous, she was doing a good job of hiding it.
“Excited? Must be hard being away from Julian for so long,” the interviewer said with a. smirk. That certainly riled the crowd up which earned some applause just as they were bringing up Julian on the big screen behind the couch they sat on.

Julian had spent most of his day getting ready for the interview. He had been briefed by Barry and Melissa had sent over the questions. Strangely enough, he found himself a bit excited at finally seeing Riley’s face. It had been weird not being able to see her and in just a few short day, they ere practically going to be stuck at the hip. Eventually he was seated and after a countdown, he entered the call which allowed him to be an apart of the interview. There were cheers once he came up on the screen, clearly a fan favorite.

“Julian it’s lovely for you to join us. Riley was just telling us how she missed you,’ she teased playfully. Julian knew these tricks though and only laughed.
“Well, I have that effect on women,” he joked. The interview didn’t seem to go too bad though and Julian did feel like Riley was doing well.
  julian / kshahidx / 3d 8h 22m 16s
The day was definitely wonderful and Riley did take it as a hopeful sign that things would turn out well. After all, what had she been preparing so hard for if not this? Melissa had seemed pleased with her interview skills so that she hoped that it would be fine today.
Felicity seemed completely shocked about the suggestion. Had that been a bad idea after all? "Yeah, I mean... I really don't want to have another lawyer slip up and like I said you are really good with contracts and I trust you," Riley assured her, "Though of corse only if you're okay with that and your dad allows it. I don't know how you settle these things." Hearing that Felicity would help her, she grinned back at her. "Thank you Felicity. You don't know how much this means to me. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think we're a good fit," she said and would have hugged her, but just then they arrived at the station.
"Two hours? That's pretty long," she pointed out, feeling a little overwhelmed and she was definitely nervous now. Riley nodded and followed after Felicity, trying to take it all in. It was so loud and so much hustle and bustle. Was this what it was like on set as well? This didn't seem like a normal world anymore. A lady came up to them. "You must be Riley. This way please," she said and guided her to a chair, sitting her down so she could do the makeup touch ups. As that was happening a man came up to them. "Okay, so introductions, some simple questions, then we'll connect Julian from Paris," he told her rapidly, making her head swim just as the lady shooed her from the chair again, proclaiming her makeup now perfect.
Riley turned to Felicity. "I guess there is no going back," she said nervously, as she took her seat in a nice plushy chair. A moment later a lady in her thirties showed up, the interviewer. "Riley, it's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for allowing us to interview you first," she said and they shook hands. "My pleasure," she replied, even though she had no part in that decision. Just then someone shouted places and they we're a go. It all happened so fast she didn't really have time to get nervous. Just like the man had said, there was an introduction and some simple questions, where she grew up, what she had done until now and so on. That was all simple enough to answer." Now, why don't we bring in Julian? I hear this will be the first time seeing each other in two weeks," the interviewer said, "Excited?" "Yes, he's been busy in Paris," Riley confirmed and she had to admit she was excited. After all, she hadn't seen him in so long, only received the occasional text. What would this be like? Riley hoped her nerves didn't show on film.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 3d 8h 50m 20s
Felicity was just as happy to be away from the crowd. That was one part she hated about fame, though luckily, she really didn’t have to deal with it too much Of course, she got the worse of it when she was younger and her parents were more in the spotlight, especially her mother. Fame as a young kid was hard to deal with, but if anything, her parents had always kept her grounded and humble. Maybe that was why she came off so [I normal]. Still, Felicity felt like she could turn her diva behavior off and on. She had reached for her up of coffee, flipping the mirror down to grab her sunglasses and help shield her from the sun. It seemed the day was getting brighter that had to be a sign for Riley that things were bound to go well. They had reached the entrance of the station then and felicity was searching her bag for her badge to allow her in.

“You want me to help you out?” She asked shocked. Most of her jobs and duties she got from her father and while he certainly trusted her, that didn’t mean that she always got the high-profile gigs. This would be her first actual client that she got on her own. Felicity was trying not to seem to eager, but she couldn’t hold the grin on her face. “I’d love to help you, whenever you need me just call or send a text.” She showed her badge t the security guard and soon drove in as the gate was opened. She parked int eh private carport and turned the car off.

“Alright, so the interview is just two hours. It should go by fairly quickly. There’s lunch on set as well. We’ll do a few touchups and then get started.” She was walking through the double doors that led into the studio to which there were groups of people walking around, yelling commands and getting things sorted. Thee audience members were being guided into their seats and lights were being adjusted. They were nearly in another world.
  felicity / kshahidx / 3d 9h 30m 44s
Riley gave a soft chuckle. "Excited, nervous and so much more. I didn't think you could feel so many emotions," she mused with a weak smile. With her suitcases as she had had so little time Riley had first had to get suitcases, two huge ones that she had borrowed from Siobhan, and had begun to fill them piece by piece, as she had little time to just pack. So she was in a constant half state of leaving for over a week now.
She shook her head, not sure she would ever understand these people. "I am? I'm just giving an interview. Why would they think I would give one to them, if I'm going to have an official one?" she asked, not understanding the logic, but likely she never would. Felicity mentioned that this was calm made Riley very anxious. How could it get any worse? The panic likely showed on her face.
Felicity pulling out her passport and handing it to her made Riley stare, holding the small booklet and turning it over in her hand several times. Like this suddenly made it all real. That it wasn't just some crazy dream. "Is it weird if I say that it only now seems real? Like it could have been a dream until now," she asked softly before looking to her, "Thank you. I hope it wasn't too much trouble."
Riley was more than thankful that Felicity was here to help her. She seemed a lot more fierce than she was and after she had placed the passport with her suitcases and locked the door, she allowed them to loop arms before heading out into the mob. It was just as terrible as before, worse actually considering that she had to go through it. Luckily Felicity got her through it in one piece and soon they were off to the station, leaving the paparazzi in front of her house. "I'm never going to get used to that," she muttered, placing her hand over her heart to calm it.
She smiled at the reassurance. "Thank you," she said, "I just really don't want to disappoint anyone." It felt like the list of people she could disappoint was getting longer and longer. The drive to the station wouldn't be long, though Riley remembered how Felicity had told her to ask if she ever had questions about contracts. "Remember how you told me if I needed help with contracts, I could ask you?" she inquired softly, "I've been thinking... After I so royally screwed up with my lawyer the first time, maybe you could do that for me when that happens again? I would pay you naturally. It's just... you know so much about these contracts and I trust you." Riley wasn't sure what Felicity would say to that, but to her it seemed like a good idea.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 3d 18h 8m 54s
“Hey, how’re you? I bet you’re excited,” Felicity said with a grin. She could already see that Riley had packed and was pretty much resift to get on the plane. Felicity knew that this had to be terrifying for Riley, but that she also had to be extremely excited for what was to come. She released her hug from Riley and fully stepped into the apartment. Riley’s home was nice and cozy and certainly suited her personality. There were books lying everywhere. She was like a real-life Belle and in some weird way, Julian as the beast. “Well they’ve got nothing better to do, plus I mean it’s right before the interview You’re a trending topic once more. Just think that this is them actually being calm. Who knows how they will react once the movie is out? Felicity wasn’t trying to scare Riley though or make her anymore nervous than she probably already was. “I’ve been great, dealing with dad of course. He’s been really on my back about your passport, which reminds me – “Felicity opened her black leather be g then to pull out a small blue booklet which she handed over to Riley. “Your official passport. Cost a bunch to get it expedited, but Barry was not going to leave me alone until we had it.” She said with a smile.

It was nice catching up, but time was dwindling, and it was best to arrive early. “Guess it’s time,” she told her with a chuckle as she reached out to loop their arms together. She exited the apartment, waiting for Riley to lock up before they were back out in the crowd. Cameras were flashing sand there were a bunch of questions being yelled out. felicity simply responded no comment as many times as possible until they reached her black SUV. It was a big var for such a small girl, but her Mercedes was in the shop and he was borrowing her father’s car. She started it once Riley was buckled in and eventually began toward the station.

“Just remember to relax. You got this!” Felicity said for reassurance.
  felicity / kshahidx / 3d 18h 55m 3s
True to Melissa's word, Barry had texted her all the information she needed for the interview. She was even more pleased to hear that Felicity would be joining her, as she had really grown to like the woman. Riley wondered on more than one occasion of it would be too forward to ask Felicity to help her with legal stuff. She trusted her and she knew a lot about these sort of things.
Time flew by for Riley. Working with Melissa and practicing acting and learning lines in the evening she had little time for anything else. Once or twice she dropped by the bookstore to talk to the couple and she had tried to contact Tyler, but still to no avail. If she had had more time, she would have gone to his place, but she barely found time to sleep. Then there was the texts from Julian. They were a nice surprise in her day and she did try to send some back if something interesting had happened. At least they wouldn't be complete strangers when she arrived in Paris, but friends would be a stretch too. Paris, in only a few days she was flying. Her affairs were in order and soon she would be filming a movie. Her stomach did a flip.
The night before the interview Riley had been studying the questions, trying to think of good answers. At some point, like so often exhaustion claimed her and her alarm woke her up the next day. She had just finished dressing, the outfit Siobhan had suggested, when she saw the crowd of paparazzi on the lawn in front of the house. If she wasn't nervous before, she was now. This was do or die, in a sense. Riley swallowed anxiously and tried to ignore the crowd, instead looking through her lines.
Only when Felicity was at the door did she open it, letting her in. "Hey," she said and gave her a hug, "It's been so quiet. Why are they suddenly back?" On the floor of her living room two large suitcases were mostly packed already, one almost half full with books. "How have you been?" she asked, genuinely happy to see her, "So... We have to brave the mob?" It made her anxious to think she would have to run through that mob, well even more anxious than she already was due to the interview.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 4d 4h 16m 24s
“I’m sure Barry will send over the details tomorrow.” She told Riley. Soon enough she was on her way heading home. The interview was at least a week away, but Barry had still texted all information. Riley was to show up at the local news station which would also broadcast Julian who was in Paris. Feeling as though riley would be a bit nervous, and because Felicity was his assistant, he had made sure his daughter would attend in case Riley needed any support. Felicity had told him of their chat at the yogurt shop and it seemed the both of them had gotten along well.

Soon enough as time passed on, the day of the interview came. Julian had to do quite the bit of preparation as he was on the other side and the hours were different. He made sure to be on his best behavior the night before, which meant no clubs or drinking and no women. Though, he had enjoyed his time with the ladies of France since arriving. He had made sure to get showered and cleaned up, his recording. Taking place in a spare room of the hotel he was staying at. It would be strange seeing Riley after so long. He made sure to reach out to her when he could, just to check in on her and see how she was doing. He knew she had to be nervous. He remembered that during his first interviews, he had always been so worried about making a fool out of himself. Many didn’t know that he hadn’t always been the confident lover boy that he was considered to be.

Felicity was to pick up Riley to take her to the station. She had arrived around 10 am, heading up toward the apartment and through a crowd of paparazzi. Of course, with her name back in the spotlight, they wanted apiece of her, especially before she left for Paris. It could be overwhelming, but Felicity was not bothered and had pushed through these kinds of crowds before. At least in Paris, for the first couple of months things would be a bit quieter, though there were enthusiastic fans all over the world and of course, it was to eb expected that some fans ad paparazzi would be hanging around the set every now and then.
  felicity / kshahidx / 4d 5h 4m 29s
Riley was aware that there were several intimate scenes between the leads in the book. It was obvious. After all, it was a romance novel. Still, she hadn't really thought about what it would be like or how they would be shot. Would it just be kissing, maybe some lead on with them undressing or perhaps even some sort of sex scene? All of them made her uncomfortable, especially the thought of undressing before a camera. Not that she considered herself ugly, just that it would be odd to know that millions of people would see that.
She gave a soft smile, glad that at least Melissa found it funny. "But it's a valid question. Surely that's part of the thing they ask," she pointed out, thoughtfully. After all, who wouldn't want to know what she was thinking about that? What would it be like kissing someone she didn't actually feel romantic about? It was an odd thought. Nodding, she replied, "I really don't want them in my business. I guess a white lie might be a good idea." At least that way she would be out of the heat.
The next suggestion made her arch a brow. Play into it. "A rebel?" she repeated with a laugh, "I don't think I can call myself a rebel. How would I even play into it?" It seemed weird to think about that. Play into kissing Julian, though likely it would give the film more of an audience. People wanting to know what if it was true would likely watch the movie to death.
Surprised Riley looked at the clock. "You're right. I feel okay. I guess we'll see how it goes once I'm in an actually interview," she replied as she began to gather her things, "Thanks again Melissa. So where do I have the interview?" Would an interview with some else be any different? She couldn't say. Once she had said good bye to Melissa she got into the car. It was still crazy how much was happening. Every night she practiced acting, while during the day Melissa worked with her. It was exhausting but strangely fun. Riley did feel like she was improving with her acting which was definitely a good feeling to have. It didn't leave much time for anything else, but she was okay with that. The thought of the interview did make her anxious, but she hoped that it would go well.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 4d 8h 10m 11s
Melissa couldn’t help the laugh that came out of her at Riley’s reaction. She playfully tapped her on the shoulder. “Only teasing,” she said though it was very likely her question would come up, especially once the filming took place and the trailer was released. Melissa had read the books and she did know there were a few love scenes. For someone who was just getting into acting., she didn’t doubt that it would seem a bit awkward and nerve-wracking at first. Julian was a nice guy though and while he was a bit of a playboy, he wasn’t disrespectful when it came to women.

“Well, honesty is always the best. Though if you don’t like the public in your business, I suppose a white lie wouldn’t hurt, just don’t disclose too much.” Not that it would matter, the walls had ears and there was often a fly on the wall or some assistant who wanted to get paid big bucks to spill. If the two were to eb involved, Melissa didn’t imagine it would remain a secret any longer. Julian as a nice guy, but she also knew his ways and she figured that it would be best for Riley to purely focus on the film, which she didn’t think would be a problem. From what she could tell it didn’t seem that Julian was Riley’s type.

She took hold of Willie who had crawled into her lap, petting him softly. “Or if you’re a rebel, play into it. She said with a shrug. Riley was still new to the game and something like a kiss or anything else a bit more . . . intimate wouldn’t ruin her career. Though it would call question as to why she was selected. Melissa believed though that as long as she did well in the role, no one would really question her talent. Checking the time then, she realized how much time had actually passed. “Well, looks like we are done for the day. How’re you feeling? Confident?” She asked. Riley had certainly improved it seemed.
  kshahidx / 4d 8h 30m 56s
"I guess maybe I'll find out the more I'm around him," she mused and since Barry was coming to Paris with them, if she understood it correctly, then she had some time to see that softy side. It was a little hard to imagine, but why not? Most of the people she had met so far were mostly normal, if only a little out there which did make her hope that most celebrities were like that. Though perhaps that was only what you saw when you were able to get close enough. When you were only far away, a fan, then you only saw the persona they wanted you to see. The illusion of them. Just like Julian was proclaimed a bad boy, but as of yet he hadn't done anything like that to her. In fact, he had been rather kind and supportive, though likely partially to get his was and have her be the leading lady.
Riley nodded as Melissa explained about the list keeping the questions on topic. "Makes sense," she agreed before chuckling, "The only illicit thing might be the amount of books I own. I think we're safe." Likely reporters would also snoop through her life via friends, but the only person who really knew anything about her was Tyler and she didn't think he would tell anyone anything about her. At least the normal Tyler wouldn't.
The practice interview went well enough. With it just being Melissa it felt more comfortable and she answered the questions well, maybe not charismatic or sassy like she had suggested, but perhaps a hint charming in her normal sort of way. Riley had just been taking a sip of water when Melissa asked about kissing Julian. She choked on the water and coughed slightly, trying to regain her composure. Once she had the coughing under control, she opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't even find words.
Finally she gave up. "What do I even say to that? Best kiss of my life? Weird cause we are just acting? I mean right now I have no idea since he hasn't done more than brush hands, " she asked, blushing at the thought of kissing Julian, which would no doubt happen, "Plus, he has his whole persona. Do I play into that or just be honest?" That threw up so many questions. What would it be like to kiss Julian? Awkward or nice? She couldn't really imagine it.
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