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"Well, your goal was to destroy the town. Anyone could see that you did that. Unless they were blind. But they could probably still tell".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 9d 14h 8m 48s
The Dragonborn smiled. ''I thought we had done it all wrong but I'm glad we didn't do it wrong.''
  Sf_Pappy / 9d 16h 11m 15s
The scientist looked happy, but there was something else there. [#sc14nc "You did perfectly. Just as we expected. That proves some stuff about you there too".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 10d 9h 18m 44s
They made it up to the bay doors. ''So how did we do?..'' The human asked the scientist
  Sf_Pappy / 10d 9h 32m 31s
The scientist was waiting to close the bay doors as they approached it. She waved to them frantically.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 10d 20h 59m 49s
''I think we did good..'' The human said as he turned the horse around to head back.
  Sf_Pappy / 10d 23h 41m 27s
The village was completely destroyed within seconds, the villagers dead from the shrapnel. The agents turned around and started heading back to the base in the distance.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 11d 7h 32m 14s
''That can't be good!!'' The Dragonborn yelled out as he grabbed more explosives. ''Rember no survivers!!'' The human called out.
  Sf_Pappy / 11d 9h 3m 40s
Most of the buildings exploded, as the villagers yelled in fright. The other agents all started throwing explosives too.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 11d 9h 5m 21s
''Oh shoot..'' The Dragonborn said. The elf had thrown the explosion into the town.
  Sf_Pappy / 11d 13h 22m 5s
[#191aza "Trust me, we are completely serious. In fact. I'm pretty sure that was a word".] They drew weapons.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 11d 14h 19s
The Dragonborn glared at them. ''You can't be serious can you?'' He asked them. The Elf was grabbing the explosions and got ready to throw it.
  Sf_Pappy / 11d 19h 23m 38s
The villagers slowly approached them. [#496why "One word out of your mouths and we will kill you".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 12d 3h 24m 35s
The Dragonborn sighed slightly as the came into the town. The elf looked around as they came upon it.
  Sf_Pappy / 12d 8h 1m 18s
She smiled, and waved a flag. The horses started trotting towards the village, as some of the people from the village looked on in supposed hatred.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 14d 15h 54m 17s

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