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[center [pic https://www.kolpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Wide-Screen-Cherry-Blossom-Wallpaper.jpg]

This is just a place to store my ideas. Please don't steal them. You are more than welcome to take a snoop around and if one catches your interest, PM me!!


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[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/d01efcbb46f523382ef67f6c493186bc/tumblr_pbofa1CGMh1xsqt1co1_400.gif]

Hey! Hope you are well. So, I'm searching for two new Rps! The lowest age that I will Rp with is 16, but, the plotlines are limited. I ask that you write in third person and are semi to advanced literate. Now, I have a lot of interests and I'm not that picky. I don't Rp in Fandoms, but, I'm cool with other things. If you want to create a plot together that's fine, if you want to share an idea you have been wanting to do that's fine as well or you can check out [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=154563 Blossoms] for my ideas.

If you are interested, title your PM Tulips!
  canadonewithursh-t / 20h 35m 21s
[https://youtu.be/XbDyv9uni50 Rp inspo]

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  canadonewithursh-t / 3d 13h 53m 13s
[b DISCLAIMER: You don't have to have played any of the Zelda games. Any information that you need to know I will provide. If you want to do further reading, I will happily send websites or you can search it up yourself. Otherwise, it will be provided.]

[center [pic https://hype.se/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/zelda-1-1110x394.jpg]

Before Hyrule was even a thought, there were three Golden Goddesses; Din, Goddess of Power, Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, Goddess of Courage. Together, they created Hyrule... [https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Din_(Goddess) Din], with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth.[https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Nayru_(Goddess) Nayru], poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. [https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Farore_(Goddess) Farore], with her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law. After they made their creation, the ascended back into the stars.

Over the years, the three Golden Goddesses had descendents that would watch and protect the land in the name of the Goddesses. However, one year, the three descendents are kidnapped by an unknown evil force. Without the descendents, Hyrule falls into chaos and the balance of life is lost...

It has been foretold that a group of heroes will band together and free the descendents before destroying the evil force.

[Center ~•~•~•~]

[b Rules]
• I am once again staring that you do not need to have prior knowledge or to have played the Legend of Zelda games. This Rp is only going to follow the lore and exist within the world.
• Preferably18+ but I will be allowing 16+, 3rd person writer
• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me for planning and letting each other know if we are going to be busy.
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• If you are interested, PM your title "Saving Hyrule" and send me a filled out skelly once completed.
• Have fun!

[b Skelly]
Before you fill out the skelly, if you have played the games you are free to fill it out. If you have not, then first express your interest to me in a message so them o can give you some help in making a character.

Race/where they are from:
Age: (18+)

[b Cast]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/7kFfO0r.jpg]
Name: Ifia
Gender: Female
Place of origin: Kakariko village
Personality: Playful, adventurous, Mischeavious, snobby
  canadonewithursh-t / 20h 39m 42s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FqH6ho1.jpg]

They say it takes a Monster to kill a Monster. That was why the Venandi's started. They were the monsters that society deemed safe to walk amongst them, the rest? Well, they were to be killed by the Venandi's or, in other words, Hunters. Of course, they do get paid for their efforts, but they will never be heroes. No matter who they save, or what they kill, the Venandi will forever and always be monsters...

Sounds great, right? Live a life being treated like scum and being expected to do humanities dirty work for them. But, there are no other jobs, no one would accept a monster and so they are forced into being a Venandi. It's either that, become a slave or starve on the streets. If I were you, I'd become a Venandi. As a monster, it's the best chance of survival... Even if you are risking your life by fighting more powerful and dangerous monsters...

So, what do you say? Will you join us?

[pic https://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2015/09/03/799022/c3df3e06b7c25efe3dfbe1d6a20eb464-700.jpg]

This Rp will include themes such as Action, Adventure, Death, Blood, Historical, Angst, Humour, ect....

[b Rules]
• 18+, 3rd person writer
• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me for planning and letting each other know if we are going to be busy.
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• If you are interested, PM your title 'Venandi' and send me a filled out skelly once completed.
• Have fun!

[b Skelly]
Age: (18+)

[b Cast]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/I9WeCl0.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name: Cecilia Delaney
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Power: Demonic Forms.
Weakness: Blessed and Holy objects. She can only hold a demon form for so long and grow increadibly tired, often going unconscious.
Backstory: Cecilia DeLaney was once sane, she was once a normal, human girl. But you would lose your mind too if you were host to a horde of demons. She used to live with her parents, they were quite the religious type. Violently religious. They would often be found preaching in the streets and harrassing passing strangers. They would also take it upon themselves to punish those who they thought had sinned. The village soon free to hate the couple, and those who had been tortured sort revenge. Cecilia was her parents pride and joy. She was never allowed off of the property and so had not been exposed to the evils of the world. However, one night, she had decided that she wanted to explore the village. She had heard the neighbours talk of festivities, and she so desperately wanted to see. So, she snuck out and began to wander around. She was so in awe of the village that she did not realise two men had been following he until something sharp hit the back of her head. She woke up, tied to a table. Surrounded by people in cloaks, candles and other objects she did not recognise. They spoke in an unfamiliar tongue. The people of the village decided that, as revenge, they would expose her to the living embodiments of the sins they had so called committed. Demons. But, things turned horribly wrong. Cecilia ended up losing consciousness again and upon waking up for the second time, she was surrounded by bloodied bodies and five voices in her head.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/1Qy14Ni.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Avatar: Princess Sariana Uhreli
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 100 years old
Power: Enhanced Combat and Hunting skills
Weakness: Cannot defend herself from magic attacks.
Backstory: Sariana is not if this world. She hails from a different realm named Terra and her mother and father are the King and Queen of this Elven realm. However, despite being brought up to have one purpose in life, she never wanted it and was not the Elven princess everyone wanted her to be. She loved the thrill and excitement of fighting and chaos. The Elves, in Terra, are seen as some of the most gracious and eloquent of species, yet Sariana always seemed to be covered in dirt, holes in her clothes and a sword in her hand. She trained with her brothers, to her mother's displeasure, and she became a master of combat. This status had not ever been achieved by a princess. After gaining this accomplishment, she had made plans to leave the monarchy and venture off into the great unknown. Her mother had other ideas. She wanted Sariana to marry and without telling her, arranged a suitor. It wasn't until the day of her wedding was she told anything. But, as soon as she had a moment alone, she escaped the Castle and transported to our realm.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/exAvTHI.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name: Quinn
Race: Witch
Age: Unknown
Power: Quinn is fairly talented in making all sorts of potions from various ingredients
Weakness: He cannot physically use magic without a wand and, even then, it is fairly weak.
Backstory: Quinn's mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned him when he learned that his mother was a witch. It was her coven that found him as a baby and they decided to raise the boy as their own, teaching him their ways rather than the ones of Warlocks. In the present day, he runs his own potions shop and offers discounts to Venandi's. However, as much as Quinn is happy running his shop he has always had a longing to join the hunters on their adventures.
  canadonewithursh-t / 3d 13h 52m 5s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/55/b3/dc/55b3dcec443a8a6d5f4251f0ef0ccb41.jpg]

Hey! So, I have an idea for an Rp but it needs developing. I like to give people creative freedom with their character, so here is the basic outline.

Essentially, Character A is a normal human and they move into a forest, very unaware that this forest is home to a God. Character B is the God of this forest, it's protector. It has never been outside of the forest and only knows of the life within. It senses a new life in their forest.

This could go one of two ways;
A) Very slice of life story, where the two meet and they learn about each other. .

B) The Forest is poisoned, and all its inhabitants blame Character A. This could be turned into like an adventure to prove A's innocence and save the forest!

[Center ~•~•~•~]

To apply, you have to be a 3rd person, literate writer. I'm making this 16+ as there aren't dark topics involved.
PM your title The Forest and tell me which role you wish to fill if you are interested.
  canadonewithursh-t / 5d 14h 16m 53s
[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/f1d4bc312632f82e4ed22b91e77ded34/tumblr_mw2cr0gXtV1snj4t4o1_500.gif]

Hey! So, recently, I've been in a dark mood and would love to do an American Horror Story themed Rp. What we actually do is up to us, but I don't want to Rp canon characters.

For this, you have to be over 18 and to show interest title your PM AHS!
  canadonewithursh-t / 6d 19h 48m 40s
[center [B DISCLAIMER:] This idea is not originally mine. I took inspiration from a picture I found on Pinterest and I have had help from Osiris. However, most of it is mine]

[center [pic https://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/mp/uABHwn8Ic9Pl.jpg]

In a little town, a quiet village, where every day is like the one before. This little town, is filled with little people; there is a baker with his usual tray, he has the same old bread and rolls to sell. Every moment is the same, since the day that they came, in this poor poor provincial town.

There is a girl. Her name is Belle and she is different from the rest of them, she is dazed and distracted, never part of any crowd for her head is always up on some cloud. This girl is so peculiar, the people wonder if she's feeling well. She has a dreamy far off look, with her nose stuck in a book. She is very much a puzzle to the rest of them is Belle. There isn't a wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have no other parallel. But behind her fair facade, I'm afraid she's rather odd. She is nothing like the rest of them, is Belle. It's both a pity and a sin, that she doesn't quite fit in for she is a beauty but a funny girl!

However, things [I are] changing in this little town. People are going missing in the dead of the night, wandering into the dark forest. It is said that a beast snatches them. Apparently, it is taller than any known man, it's strong body covered in fur. It's long, sharp teeth hang from snarled lips, claws that could pierce your heart and large horns. It shows no mercy, it takes men, women and children... Nobody is safe...

But, is everyone really who they say they are?

[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AmMwlYR.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/AmMwlYR.jpg]

Hey! Thank you for reading this far. As you can tell, this is a dark, twisted version of Beauty and the Beast. I cannot stress enough that this may not be what you think it is. Anyway, I will be taking on the role of Belle and several other side characters. You will be taking on the role of Gaston. This [b does not] mean that you have to Rp Gaston. You can Rp as him, put your own twist on him or just make your own character. It's up to you.

[b Rules]
• 18+, 3rd person writer
• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me for planning and letting each other know if we are going to be busy.
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• If you are interested, PM your title 'The Beauty is the Beast' and send me a filled out skelly once completed.
• Have fun!

[b Character Skelly]

Name of Character:

Age of character:


Basic personality:

  canadonewithursh-t / 23d 13h 21m 14s
[b DISCLAIMER:] This Rp will include descriptions of blood, gore and death. If you cannot handle this, do not apply. Major character death will be included, so, I suggest that you make multiple characters or at least enough to fall back on if your character dies. Each characters name will be placed into a randomised selector and the character it lands on will die.

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8b/ff/03/8bff0333e904c8e72e74a12786830897.jpg]

Survival Rp
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  canadonewithursh-t / 17d 13h 46m 19s
[center [pic https://c4.wallpaperflare.com/wallpaper/178/370/543/clouds-pirate-ship-sea-skull-and-bones-wallpaper-preview.jpg]

Many, many years ago Mermaids ruled the sea. They maintained peace and prosperity, they built relationships with humans and were the bridge between their two worlds. On one stormy night, a Mermaid was injured and separated from her pod. She washed up on the sandy beach of a small village where a sailor would find her. He took her to his home and nursed her back to health. By the time that she was ready to leave, she had fallen in love with the sailor and for weeks, she would meet with him by the docks. One day, she invited him to see her family and gave him directions to a cave. However, what the mermaid did not know was that the sailor was in fact a pirate. He led his crew to the cave and when the mermaids thought they were safe, they struck. Killing and capturing the Pod. The Mermaid felt so betrayed and filled with pain, that as she died her heart broke into seven, crystal pieces....

It has been said that the one who can collect all of the pieces will hold the Heart of the Sea in their palm and will gain the power to control the seven seas. If placed in the wrong hands, the world could be turned upside down...

However, that's just a silly old myth, a bedtime story to tell the children. Well, these pirates don't seem to think so. Will you join their crew on the journey to find the pieces or will you battle against them for the pieces?

Hey! I hope you are well and thank you for reading this far. To start off with I am only accepting 18+, 3rd person, descriptive writers who are willing to communicate with me.

So, as you may have guessed, this is a pirate Rp. It will entail themes such as Action, Adventure, Drama, Angst, Comedy, Fantasy and (Maybe) Romance.

If you are interested then title your PM Heart of the Sea and send me a filled out character skelly. If you want to ask questions, feel free to PM me without a skelly.
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 27m 50s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jDGMoo3.jpg]

There wasn't a single soul in Greenville high that didn't know Drew Anderson. That being said, there also wasn't a single soul in Greenville High that actually liked Drew Anderson.

Growing up, he was the weird kid in the back of the class. The 'freak' as his bullies would often taunt him. However, that all changed when they went to High school

After taking an online class in applications, Drew created an app called About That. At first, nobody paid attention to it and even mocked Drew. These taunts soon stopped as Drew began to write articles about the embarrassing stories and secrets of the students in Greenville high. He would describe in intricate detail of what he knew and these articles spread like wildfire. They caused destruction and chaos to the lives of both the innocent and the guilty, the old and the young, the students and the staff.

The only ounce of human decency that he showed was that he used the initials of his victims, never their full names. However, sometimes it would be very clear who the article was about and due to everyone, even members of the public, having access to the app, it meant that no one was safe.

4 very different teens get accused of murder and their secrets are revealed.
  canadonewithursh-t / 9d 2h 1m 23s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/YtZFOBQ.jpg]

Okay, to start off with, I'm looking for 18+, 3rd person writers who are willing to communicate and develop this plot with me. This Rp will entail action, adventure, (potentially) romance and some other mature themes like swearing, alcohol, drugs ect

So! This Rp will be set in a cyberpunk future where technology has taken over. Humans have invented everything they could possibly think of and yet their minds grow bored. This is when they bring back Gladiators. With nothing better to do and a burning desire to a see a fight, arenas are built and the fighters are wanted. Ten years later and everyone is obsessed. The arenas seats are filled, the fighters are glorified and romanticised, the owners are filthy rich.

Character A is a newbie gladiator, wanting to make it big in the arena. Character B is at the top of their game with the richest sponsor. What happens when A is recruited by special forces to get close to B so that they can unveil the evil deeds of B's sponsor who is the richest, most powerful and influential person in all of the city?

I would prefer the role of B, but, I am open to both. If you are interested, please title your PM The Return of the Gladiator
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 22m 41s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ovoH87K.jpg]

The Modern Day World is ruled by technology, it's influence and power captivating millions of people. It lures mortals through tiny screens that glare a blinding light and they trap them in their labyrinth. However, there was a time, when Mortals worshipped different kinds of Gods. They built grand, glorious temples, wrote thousands of words telling nail biting adventures, constructed statues, painted masterpieces. It was said the very ground that these Gods walked upon was blessed.

However, those are the days of old. A time forgotten and turned to myth. The Gods now work in the shadows, serving and protecting humanity, keeping the balance of the world without so much as a thank you. But, they have grown used to it, what they once took pride in doing is now a tedious task that are forced to complete.

That was until they started disappearing, only to be found in the depths of their Underworld. But, they cannot escape, the walk among the dead as if one of them. With the Gods of Old going missing, it is up to their children to find out who is responsible and stop them or it.
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 24m 6s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/v6gLDSd.jpg]

Okay, so, I am looking to do a simple Rp with slice of life, romance and, potentially dark themes. This can be as light or dark as we want it to be, but, I do require that you are 18+.

This idea is intentionally vague because I really would like to develop the plot, the relationships and our characters together.

Essentially, two people promise each other that if nothing good is happening to them by the time they are years old, then they will drop everything and run away together.

Fast forward to that time and, surprisingly, nothing good happend to either one of them. Remembering the promise, Character A reaches out to Character B about their promise and they both end up quitting their jobs, selling their homes for a camper van and running away together.
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 43m 0s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/HgXlUNv.jpg]

[center Character A enrolled themselves into working for the Police as soon as they left school. They started out as a simple Police officer, but, over the years they worked their way up to be a highly respected Detective.

Character B is a newly qualified detective and has been assigned to work with Character A. At first the two do not get along, Character A is still mourning the loss of their last partner and Character Bcannot stand the others attitude.

However, as time passes by, and as they work on more cases together, the two detectives find feelings beginning to develop for one another. They start to get along and flirty humour begins to worm its way into their conversation.

Unbeknownst to Character A, Character B is the Serial Killer that terrorises the neighbouring towns and cities.]
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 43m 11s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/B1zwPeU.jpg]

[center The life of a Demi-God never leaves a resting moment. With trying to balance a normal mortal life and then dealing with the impending threat of an attack, proved to be rather difficult. Of course, this did not bother the Ancient Gods themselves, they were too busy wrapped up in their own dramas to ever truly care about their children down on earth.

However, there was a place, a haven if you will, where Demi-God could eat, sleep and train under the protection the Gods themselves placed. It was called Camp Half-Blood, currently located on the north shore of Long Island. No mortal or monster could enter the camp and so a Demi-Gods safety was ensured. It was run by no other than Chiron, an immortal centaur. He has kept Camp Half-Blood running since Ancient Greece and has trained many great heroes.

There are, however, downsides to living at Camp Half-Blood. With the help of the Oracle and the Gods on Mount Olympus, Quests are given to Demi-Gods.

What happens when a group of Demi-Gods are given the task to look for Poseidon's trident?
The sea is at war with itself. Tides are rising higher, water is flooding the streets. The mortal world is in danger unless these four unlikely Demi-Gods find it before the Trident falls into the wrong hands....]
  canadonewithursh-t / 36d 14h 43m 23s

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