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[center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap"][Bellota Juliette Hess has lived in Rockcreek, Michigan for most of her life. She’s been the good girl her parents always wanted; going to church, going to college, staying in when it got dark, never doing drugs. She was the perfect child in the eyes of her parents. She always felt like she needed something else, something more. She wanted to experience life and know what it was like to make mistakes.

Muse B is the new person that moves in next door to Juliette. They’ve been living there for awhile and she’s found them to be her muse. They did everything she’s always wanted to experience. They have parties, drink, smoke and are just the towns rebel. She can’t help but become drawn to them.

One night when her parents are gone and Muse B is having a party, she decides to take a leap and head on over. Little did she know how much of her life was going to change. For better or for worse?
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[center [size15 ┍━━━━━━━✿━━━━━━━┑]][center [size20 [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rajdhani&display=swap"][Rajdhani Juliette Hess]]][center [google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rajdhani&display=swap"][Rajdhani ecѕтaѕy oғ тнe нearт]][center [size15 ┕━━━━━━━✿━━━━━━━┙]]

[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rajdhani&display=swap"][Rajdhani [b [#F473BA AGE ::]] Twenty One
[b GENDER ::] Female
[b [#F473BA SEXUALITY ::]] Bisexual
[b SPECIES ::] Human
[b [#F473BA LOVE LIFE ::]] Single]

[size12 She was beautiful, even though her smile was so...nonexistent. There were rare occasions that she could see her beautiful, white teeth. Her smile was gorgeous and lucky for Julie, she captured a picture of it. She had several pictures of her. How could she not? She understood some might of thought it was creepy, perhaps she, too, would think it'd be creepy. She wasn't obsessed, she just...loved her from a distance.

The woman she is talking about is none other than her neighbor, Camryn Burtle. She's lived next to her for the past six years. She still remembers her family coming over to greet her and that is when Julie first saw her. They've made small talk when they both go out to get the mail or exchange a glance but that was it. Julie knew right away that Camryn liked girls. Unfortunately for her, she peeked out her window and saw her in the bedroom with a girl. She found herself blushing and couldn't talk or speak with Camryn what so ever.

It didn't help that Julie's parents didn't know she liked girls. They were completely oblivious and if they found out, she'd be kicked out and they'd disown her. They were heavy Christians.

Julie sat out on the back of her dad's truck. Her feet dangled off the side, swinging in opposite directions. Her camera by her side with the most recent picture of Camryn pulled up. Her drawing book was in her lap as she worked on the portrait of her. She knew that it was such a hopeless crush and she could tell that her and Camryn were so different. Yet, she couldn't help but find herself attracted to her and developed a crush over the years.

"Sweetheart," Her mothers voice rang out from around the truck and she quickly shut the drawing and pretended she was taking pictures. "There you are. Did you hear we were invited over to the neighbors house?"

"Like, Camryn's house?" She felt her throat swell up, the thought of being close enough to touch her.

"Yes, silly." Her mom jumped up next to her. "It's her brothers birthday. They decided to throw a party and I know just how much Luke likes you." She rubbed up against her, smiling.

Yes, Luke had a crush on her, she was well aware. She couldn't be more than uninterested. She liked guys but she hadn't dated in years. She was picky and if she dated Luke, she would never have a chance with Camryn. Not that she ever had one.

"Well, great. I guess I better wear my best clothes."

"Actually, they are having a pool party. Make sure you grab your sunscreen and your bikini." She jumped off the trunk and patted her on the leg. "You and Luke would make just a fine couple."

Julie felt herself growing nauseous at the thought of the party. She was confident with herself but not enough to wear her bikini in front of a crowd of people, let alone her secret crush.
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[center [b [size11 Face Claims]]]
[center [size10 [u Female]]][center [size10 - Maggie Lindemann
- Dove Cameron
- Loren Gray

[center [size10 [u Male]]][center [size10 - Jordy Bann
- Antonio Porowski
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[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rajdhani&display=swap"][Rajdhani [b [#281571 AGE ::]]
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[b [#281571 LOVE LIFE ::]] ]
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[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rajdhani&display=swap"][Rajdhani [b [#F473BA AGE ::]]
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